Syria, China, Transhumanism and Inbreeding

  All major supply routes in Syria have been opened thanks to a combination of Syrian ground troops and Russian air cover.  Hundreds of ammunition depots have been bombed.  A week long ceasefire has been in place since Saturday. Whoever gets control of Syria, controls the Middle East, but it looks like Syria could be divided.  ISIS militants have been funded by Israeli,Turkish and Saudi … Continue reading Syria, China, Transhumanism and Inbreeding

Fear of Our Lady of Fatima

  Father Nicholas Gruner died about one year ago, way too young of course, after a life devoted to the Consecration of Russia to the Sacred Heart of Mary, as requested by Our Lady of Fatima.  What Father Gruner realized after the event described here, is how much the Vatican occupiers fear the Consecration of Russia.  Without a doubt, Our Lady has promised that the Consecration … Continue reading Fear of Our Lady of Fatima

I-Phones and Cannibalism

  The massacre in San Bernardino was the real thing, unfortunately.  Long story short: Apple is owned by Saudi Princes. Every Jihadi has an I Phone. No IPhone is manufactured in the United States. Apple ‘markets’ I Phone at such a high price, in part for having the advantage of allowing the owner to commit crimes and yet be immune from search warrants.  Without this … Continue reading I-Phones and Cannibalism

Official Report From Syria in English, German and Spanish Translation

Spanish translation to share with others: Aviso militar internacional: Luchas militares pesados sigue en varios puntos en al camino entre Allepo y Khanasser y el Camino de Sheik Hilal Eritrea, incluso el pueblo de Khanasser que fue capturado por el ISIS en los dias recientes. En este momento, los dos vias de entrega de suministros siguen cerrados. A pesar del optimismo de los fuentes pro-gubernatales, … Continue reading Official Report From Syria in English, German and Spanish Translation

Who Controls America’s Media

This is a reprint and consolidation of two previous articles., which makes it a very long report, but it includes all the information that I’ve been able to gather concerning ‘the media’.  There were at one time laws against monopoly or foreign ownership of media in America. This was eliminated while no one was paying attention, back in the 1990’s through ‘Deregulation’.  The present day owners … Continue reading Who Controls America’s Media

Flat Earth and the USS Liberty

I just listened to a speech made by Putin where he scolds journalists for reporting lies and half truths, asking them to speak to the ‘relevant people’ in American government and to lead them away from  the wrongness of  an ‘Imperialist attitude’. Interesting how Putin uses the term ‘relevant people’. Am I the only one feeling like the majority of Americans are not ‘relevant people’ in the … Continue reading Flat Earth and the USS Liberty

Obama Admits Assad Protected Christians in Syria

“Christians have no greater ally than Israel,” Cruz said, drawing a sharp response from the audience who started booing. “Those who hate Israel hate America. Those who hate Jews hate Christians,” he continued. At that point, the booing got louder. “If you will not stand with Israel and the Jews, then I will not stand with you. Thank you and God bless you,” Cruz said … Continue reading Obama Admits Assad Protected Christians in Syria