White Genocide: The Catholic Dimension

Two very important events were meant to be unknown to the public.  The organized attack on women in front of the Cathedral of Cologne on New Year’s Eve 2016, which happened along with hundreds of other attacks on women by Muslims coordinated via IPhone at the same time all over Europe.  Then we’ll compare notes of that event with the other one, Benghazi, Libya on 9/11/2012, an incident that should have resulted in Hillary Clinton being charged with treason, but hasn’t, yet.  There is a Catholic dimension to both events and it will take a few days to publish this all in parts.

These two events, more than any other I think, could bring the people of Europe, Russia, America and Africa together in mutual defense.  If we don’t, then China has already moved in, is working with Russia and is enjoying the benefits of all the land that our soldiers won in the Middle East in a war that future generations of Americans will still be paying for.  Thank you American Generals for selling us down the river.  Their military strategy has guaranteed that we’ll have Chinese overlords eventually, whoever is left after the Arabs are done with us.  Or such is the dream of our enemies.

The key to winning is union under the banner of the Roman Catholic Orthodox Church, not the post-Vatican protestant sect that occupies the Vatican right now.  Orthodox Catholicism is the only banner that includes all races of like mind-minded people worldwide, and we don’t need anyone but ourselves to raise this banner.  It is the banner of all true Christendom, not just of Europe or just white people or only those Jews who control Catholic buildings and bank accounts.  The Catholic Orthodox Church, true to its traditions, is the body of people of faith, because there are many good Catholics in Africa, and we need to think of Africa, and ally ourselves with the like-minded there, minus the race mixing agenda.

You will find the Jews promoting anti-black sentiment because they fear a union of black and white people.  The Catholic Church has been established in Africa for a long time. Archbishop LeFebvre was one of our greatest prelates, and he pastored the African flock his whole life.

I grew up in the American South, and we lived side by side with blacks in small towns.  We did live peacefully until the Jews gained control of the media.  After that, the blacks in America learned the error of pride and it’s been downhill for them ever since.  Before that, American blacks had been noted for their conservatism, cleanliness and upward mobility.

We must, however, follow the instruction of our Lady of Fatima and consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  This will give us not only one banner, but also the supernatural power to rid our hearts of the Jewish stain of competition and historical lies that trouble our relations with one another.  Mary’s Immaculate Heart is pure love, free of stain, so by placing ourselves within her heart, we empower ourselves to work in harmony to get the job done as it is described in Deuteronomy.  Each of us can make this consecration of ourselves to her within our own hearts.  There’s no formal way to go about it, you just do it.  The greatest army ever assembled, the Christian Army of old, always fought under the banner of Our Lady.

The most famous apparitions of the Virgin Mary appeared at a place in Spain named after Mohammad’s only child, a girl named Fatima.  Interesting detail, is it not?

Our generation, the past 100 years, is the generation in which white youth were raised with absolutely no racial self-identification.  A blank slate was created in which was taught no animosity toward any race but our own.  School teachers don’t even know true history and therefore don’t teach it. Most of us don’t speak the same language that was spoken two generations before by our own relatives, especially if their language was French.  Ancient enemies are forgotten, ancient religions forgotten, it should have been the liberal dream.  The Liberal Package that was forced on everyone dictated that we not differentiate between Jew and Christian, white and black.  Even good and bad were not to be differentiated.

They don’t need for us to actually buy this Package, they just need to make it appear that we have, for Mossad purposes.  This is what the Jews like Arnon Milchan have done with our trusting friendship and support. Here was an opportunity for our Jewish brethren worldwide to enjoy peace with their fellows, and instead they have turned our trust into a weapon against us.  Is the tendency for betrayal a genetically imprinted trait of theirs, or is it a result of their religion?

I suppose it was God’s mercy on this last generation of Jews to give them the opportunity to join the world in mutual accord.   Here was their chance to leave off hate, Jewish superiority and separatism, but they blew it.  To show how incorrigible some people can be, this clip (beginning at :40) demonstrates their latest and most irritating game in which they insist that since the rest of us are not of the tribe of Judah and therefore not Jews, that we therefore can never be a real tribal Christian like Jesus the Jew was.  Under this scenario, even if a Christian army were to win Jerusalem for Christian worship, it would still be for the Jews only.  Only the tribe of Judah can live in Israel, even after they convert to Christianity, according to this interpretation of scripture and they laugh at us because they know good and well they’ve changed the scripture precisely on the subject of Jesus’ genealogy.

They have a talent for provoking people to anger, that much is certain.  They do not really hear the voice of the Saviour.


Like the Muslims, the Jews have been nourished on hatred of those who aren’t like themselves.  This is the complete opposite of the equally false Jewish Vatican II lessons in which Christians are supposed to allow ourselves to be abused by all.  Yes I know it’s a manipulation, but we are all free individuals, and we accept new things from Mossad Media everyday so why not a new thought about those you’ve always been told are your enemies, or why not a new thought about those you’ve always  been told are your friends.  We are free to choose right or wrong, free to pretend that there is no such thing as right and wrong, free to burn in hell or go to heaven when it’s all said and done.  We have a choice, and we’ll have to answer for that choice, I do not doubt.


Academia is the weapon of Jewish cowards, just as Mosques are the weapon of Islamic cowards, government is the weapon of Atheist cowards.  I refer to the people who encourage others to kill each either, while they intend to remain in safety themselves.  Even the so-called moderate mosques teach the Mossad cartoon version of history.  I heard Putin repeating it also and I was very disappointed in that.  I wish he knew the truth.

The main lie is that evil and arrogant white Christian people showed up all together in America one day and immediately killed all the really sweet, nice Indians.   Every school teacher will have to answer for continuing to spread these lies in schools and universities. This is a most sinful endeavor, much worse than beating school child for speaking their native language.  Every teacher who teaches this lie is leading a child to slaughter.

If you want to know the non-Jewish, non-Protestant version of American history, the truth that is, then learn Catholic history.  Learn where the first Catholic fortresses, churches, schools, hospitals, seminaries and orphanages were built, who paid for them, who built them.  Learn which families in history were Catholics, which Protestant and which Jew.  You won’t find a single Catholic in any modern history book, so read the really old ones.  Learn which Catholic European regiments arrived on the shores of the Louisiana Territory in the 1600 and 1700’s.  Learn where they originated, why did they leave Europe, who paid their way, who led them, where did they settle, on whose side were they on and if they switched.

Learn how much effort was expended by Catholics and their Indian allies in protecting these Catholic settlements against the non-stop incursions of English speaking pirates.  Realize that pirates were not nice and they  were one and the same with the Protestant colonial Governors based on the Northern Atlantic seaboard. Read the real journals of real explorers and learn about the cannibals in America and how many people and priests were eaten by them.

Learn how the 16th century explorers discovered forts and cities in North America that had been destroyed by Indian tribal raiders and drought during the previous 100 years, long before Cortez arrived.  Read how much effort these first soldiers and priests expended to introduce the natives to Catholicism, giving them an option to their horrendous religious practices.  Those of you who call yourselves Pagan, learn that Paganism is another word for cannibalism, child sacrifice and necrophilia.  Use your brains.

Learn about the earliest Catholic missions that were set up to help the survivors of these pagan religions and the devastation of Iriquois Indian raids.  Read how the Franciscan monks taught the Indians skills, planted food and formed defensive forces.  Witness how many Indians sought refuge within the walls of the early Franciscan missions.  Learn about the pagan Mithraic practices of the Pirate havens along the Atlantic coast, and the terrible English pirate raids on beautiful Catholic settlements throughout America in the 1500’s.

Learn about the slave trade from independent sources.  Realize that ship owners and slave runners all lived around New York City and that they were all Jewish and that many white Catholics were enslaved long before the blacks were.  Learn that Jewish responsibility for the Slave Trade has always, throughout history, been a commonly acknowledged fact and that white slaves were sought as the most valuable, most intelligent and hard working.  It was common knowledge that Jews owned the ships, purchased the slaves and commissioned the pirates.

Instead of repeating Jewish lies, do your own research and find out where did the white slaves go after purchase, how many white slaves were sent to the Ukraine to work the Khazarian plantations there, which black families were allied with them.  Do Jews hope to re-establish white slave plantations in Ukraine like the ones that have been there during most of history?  It was Catholic armies and priests who freed those slaves, but does anyone know this?

All of this information has been left out, and replaced with childish melodrama designed to enrage people against The West. This is what our Jewish friends have done with the trust that we’ve put in them.  This trust in Jewish scholarship, government and creativity has caused the last two or three generations of people worldwide to be drilled in violent Anti-Americanism.  These religions require and prescribe our total destruction. They consider it holy and good to rape and plunder, to stone and behead, to torture and kill Christians. They relish it and look forward to it as a religious duty for which they will receive reward.

So do you still believe that all religions are the same? Do you still believe that only Catholicism is bad?  The Chastisment will continue until we correct his error.

The last century of apparitions of the Virgin Mary have repeated the message that  it is the duty of the Catholic Church, of the priests, nuns and lay people, to teach the truth about our history and our religion, but instead they defend Jewish lies and thereby sentence all Christians to death.  The best records of events are Catholic records.  But the priests have not taught us the truth, even those of us inside the Church who paid for our educations and sought instruction were exposed to actual Jews inside the schools teaching us about opening checking accounts in their banks, bringing us to visit synagogues, hiding from us our own Catholic literature and history.  This is why Our Lady of La Sallette has her head in her hands crying.  She warned that there would be a terrible chastisement for those who are charged with our religious instruction but who teach error instead.

Do take some time to listen to even the most moderate of Muslim preachers and you’ll see that after a good beginning they eventually get to the point in their sermon that a good Muslim is one who hates Christians and who acts on that hatred and this is all righteousness in the minds of our apostate priests and even in Pope Francis’s mind.

Then listen to a good Catholic priest give a sermon, and compare the teachings to see which is right and which is wrong or if they are both the same.  The contrast is amazing.  Only the Catholic priests speak with the firm and gentle voice of Christ. Listening to the other religions, you’ll hear the screeches and growls of Satan.

I wonder how many of those young beheaders are the children of Muslim sex slaves?

Anyone who still wants to be a race traitor, you’ll find yourself at their mercy from now on.

This excerpt from Vanity Fair magazine contains a partial list of people who cooperated with the Arnon Milchan/CAA Mossad operation to use Hollywood movies to portray Americans as degenerates.  From one of my previous blogs on the subject:

“Packaging” is a CAA byword. It means, in short, making a top CAA actor client available for a movie project not only but especially if the writer, director, producer, and co-stars are also CAA clients. Viz.  Indecent Proposal. Stars Demi Moore, Robert Redford, and Woody Harrelson are CAA clients. So is director Adrian Lyne. Viz. Forrest Gump. CAA represents Tom Hanks, Robin Wright, Gary Sinise, and Sally Field, as well as director Robert Zemeckis, as well as producer Wendy Finerman, as well as screenwriter Eric Roth. Viz. the just-completed-filming Mission: Impossible. The producer is Paula Wagner, a former CAA agent who is married to Rick Nicita. The star is CAA power client Tom Cruise, whose production company is run by Wagner and who also gets a producer’s credit and fee. The director is Brian DePalma. The screenwriters are Willard Huyck, Gloria Katz, and David Koepp. All the above-the-line talent except Koepp is represented by CAA.

The night of the Cathedral of Cologne is important because it can be called the day that Christian Europe begins to cast off its Post-Catholic Jewish bondage.   Cologne Cathedral is one of Christendom’s oldest Cathedral.  It took the German people 250 years to build it.  Think about that, you people who worship at the altar of Change.

I hope that Germans wake up to their rich and beautiful Catholic heritage.  When we all do, we will finally be able to join together.  We first have to rid our minds of the Jewish propaganda that has told us the lie that Russia and America are enemies.  We are obviously all similar in appearance and culture because we all descend from the same Romans and Greeks and we still constitute the Roman Empire which Jews wish would have actually fallen in the year 400AD.  Our unity and strength was and is with the Church established by Christ.  There is no substantial difference between Russian Orthodox and Roman Catholicism as it was defined at the Council of Trent.  There is no reason why we should be enemies once you remove the Jew from the picture.

Now for something completely different.  This is the story of the aviation company responsible for building the fighter planes being used in Syria.

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