Treason: Obama and Hillary’s Jihad on America

Can an 80 year old person who became a US citizens at the age of 21 hold the office of president?  Answer: Yes.

Must national elections be help in November?  No.

Can someone who publicly urges others to overthrow the government be convicted of treason for that position? No.

Can a person who gives secret information about the US military plans to a foreign government be convicted of treason?  Yes

 Can the president pardon someone convicted of treason? Yes.

Can a president be convicted of bribery and remain in office? No.

  • Pardons for military offenses must be sent directly to the secretary of the military department that had original jurisdiction in the individual’s case.

What Went Right at Benghazi

After Hillary’s Benghazi staged attack on her warehouse of stolen American arms something unexpected occurred.

A ‘renegade’ general appeared on the scene and captured the ringleader of the ‘planned attack’ and delivered him to the real Americans.  This was not part of Hillary’s ‘planned attack’ on the fake embassy.  The media continues to portray the Benghazi ‘compound’ as if it were an official government property, but it isn’t anything but an illegal arms warehouse. This is where the cover-up is, this is the lie that they serve up just for us, because if we knew the truth then Hillary would be a known traitor.  The lie that Hillary tells the Muslims about us can be seen on the provocative edited video that was so essential to Hillary’s plan.  I couldn’t watch it more than 20 seconds its so vulgar.

A reporter from Cairo reports that the captured ‘ringleader’, named Abu Khattala was always open about his animosity toward the United States.  How the reporter would know this, I’m not sure.  The Cairo reporter for the New York Times seems to know a great deal.

Khattala is still here in the United States and the Judge is not letting him go. Abu Khattala is complaining because he wasn’t read his Miranda Rights when he was captured.  He is contemptuous of America.

“He also said he opposed democracy as contrary to Islamic law.”

Not only are the Israelis stealing American weapons to arm our enemies, they are also showing provocative videos in Egypt and Libya to incite hatred of America.  Abu Khattala stated that the video motivated him to attack what he called an arms warehouse in his territory.  However he also reports that all of the weapons that they used were found inside the compound gates.

 The New York Times reported that Khattala was later captured by a local Benghazi General.

“A renegade general has been waging a local campaign against Islamist militants such as those in Ansar al-Shariah and Mr. Abu Khattala.”

Two Benghazi residents said they had last seen Mr. Abu Khattala on Sunday leaving his house alone in an Afghan-style jallabiya, with a Kalashnikov rifle slung over one shoulder and a Belgian FN rifle over the other.

“Then he walked deep into el-Leithi,” the neighbor said. “We haven’t seen him since.”

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