True Catholics Exterminated

True Catholics take the stance that Francis and his followers are a post-Vatican II Protestant Sect.

The Catholic religion, by definition, cannot be changed ever.  It is the Mother Church from whom all religions have gone astray, and that includes even the most moderate form of Islam which once existed.

Did you know that the Encyclopedia Britanica is the only encyclopedia that presently can be used as court evidence, and since the earliest editions it has defined the Catholic Church as that instituted by Jesus Christ himself?  No sect can call itself Catholic.  Protestant sects have always been the enemy of Catholics, even mortal enemies.  If the Muslims and the Jews don’t kill us, the Protestants will.  And there’s always the atheists for backup in the media.

Therefore, Francis and his people are illegally occupying Catholic church buildings.  True Catholics, the few that remain, are in mortal danger.  Every single one of us are marked for extermination.  Francis can be linked to a worldwide crime syndicate which is run by the historic enemies of Catholics, namely Jews and Turks.

When the Catholic church has an army again, this problem can be solved.  Meanwhile all the records, artwork, libraries etc. are in grave danger of being burnt, and the small number of staunch Catholics are being exterminated daily.  I’ve even heard independent Jewish commentators express alarm at the fact that no one cares, no one is stopping it, least of all the American military establishment.  In fact, our soldiers in foreign countries may be duped into targeting innocent Catholics, as part of the strategy of our new Muslim ‘owners’ of the bankrupt shell corporation known as USA.  Once we all pay our taxes this April, their coffers will be full.

Melkite Greek Catholic Archbishop to West: “Why are your bishops silent on a threat that is yours today as well?”

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