Fatima: Jihad Defense

The final appearance of Our Lady at Fatima, Portugal had more than 70,000 witnesses, many of whom were there to debunk it.  They ended up reporting it as a miracle even in the New York Times in 1917.  The Catholic population in America was still very large and it was still growing until 1960.  The most popular television show in the 1950’s was Venerable Bishop Fulton J. Sheen.  No one could believe the words of Our Lady in those days, but we can now understand them completely.

Known as the Miracle of the Sun in Fatima, she became the Lady Clothed With the Sun in this miracle.

The second appearance:

She promised to take the children Jacinta and Francesco to heaven soon, which they very much wanted.  They both died young.

She gave the mission of remaining in the world to Lucia.  She promised Lucia:  “My Immaculate Heart will be your refuge and the way that will lead you to God.”

This is the first time the vision of the heart was seen surrounded by thorns, outraged by the sins of humanity, and seeking reparation for them.

Third apparition of Our Lady at Fatima:

On July 13th, a secret in three parts was given which the children guarded ‘zealously’.  This is the subject of Father Gruner’s talk to leaders of the Catholic Church, linked at the end of this article.

The warning that we should live pure lives or else a punishment will manifest itself as war, famine, persecution of The Catholic Church and of the Holy Father.

“To prevent this, I ask that Russia be consecrated to My Immaculate Heart.”

If the people do as I ask and really take heed of my words, Russia will be converted and there will be peace.  If this does not occur, Russia will spread her false teaching [false Christian charity towards Jews and enmity towards Catholics?] throughout the world.  War and persecution of the Catholic Church would be inevitable.  The good shall suffer martyrdom. The Holy Father shall suffer much, different nations will be annihilated, but in the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph.  The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me and it will be converted and some time of peace will be granted to humanity.  In Portugal the people will keep their faith.  When you pray the rosary, say after each decade:  “Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, take all souls to heaven, especially those most in need of Your mercy.”

To illustrate the corruption of the church and society, even in 1917, by August 13th these three young children were actually in prison, and Lucie suffered physical abuse from her Mother and from priests who had set the bad example, all who believed she was telling lies.  How sad, but the children were firm.


Father Gruner has put together enough evidence to make it quite clear that the message had to do with Jewish-Turkish infiltration of the Vatican, otherwise why would there even be such a thing as a ‘Vatican bank’ in the first place, which is anti-Catholic and heretical in its essence.  This alone is proof that the Vatican is an occupied enemy stronghold.

This is the abomination of desolation that funds other corruption.  By sitting by and allowing Jews to occupy the Vatican, we all say yes to allowing shame and disgrace to fall on faithful Catholics all over the world who are completely innocent of wrongdoing.  Catholics are taunted with this corruption by people around us daily, especially on-line.  It’s humiliating and unjust. No one corrects the Jews, no one chides them, and in fact they are so admired that Chinese universities offer courses so that Asians can copy the Jewish techniques of corruption and infiltration of other people’s religions and nations and cultures.  This Vatican Bank and the Vatican Secretary is never criticized because people in the Vatican are more afraid of the Jews than they are of God.  This also is a blasphemy.

Why would we even expect Jews to tell us the instructions that would save us when they have made it politically correct to kill Catholics worldwide.  Since I don’t believe that God will let that happen, I conclude that events will turn out differently than the Jews and Arabs expect, and in fact, already are.

Since the Jews took over the Vatican, and even published a detailed article in the widely distributed LOOK magazine in 1966 describing how they did it, not one word of condemnation has been heard from any Jews, not one peep of self-policing in their own community, not a word.   Evil subversions were winked at and ever since then, no matter how sinful their crimes, the media lets them off without blame and instead condemns “Catholics”, because so few people care about the truth anymore.  The demonizing of Catholics allows those in error to bask in the smugness of their false superiority, blind to the trick being played on them, and blind to the coming disaster.

Look up some pictures of tortured, crucified, mutilated and burned Christians, and even children in the Middle East that Jews are happy about because they cover it up in their media so that no one can rescue them.  If they felt as much outrage for Catholics as they do for animal rights, we’d have some way to get the word out. But they clearly don’t care, and we have no other wide coverage media option, other than ourselves sharing from person to person.

Prophetic words cannot be replaced with a guessing game, which is what has been done.  This is to blaspheme God and his hammer is raised now in the form of a horde of maniac muslims, ready to come down smashing on those who occupy the Vatican and who have shown such disrespect for the words of Our Lady.  There are prophecies that predict soldiers entering the Vatican and putting to death everyone in there.  I can promise that none of the dead will be Catholics. The real Catholics that were once in the Vatican have all been assassinated, poisoned, exiled and maybe there are some in prison and in dire need of help now.  Who goes to the aid of Bishop Williamson, who they want to put in prison for telling the truth, like so many others who’ve opposed their lies.  Bishop Williamson has tried to phrase his sentences carefully so as not to offend the sensitivities of these genocidal maniacs, but that only gives them more encouragement to attack him.

Every day, in every school around the world the blasphemy of God occurs when we tell children that they are the descendants of apes.  It is the first step toward their slaughter.  All other blasphemies stem from that one, including the lie that we live on a sphere in space.  We have a description of our world handed down to us from the ancients.  It’s a comforting and loving description of a dome overhead and hell below, with a potential paradise in between.  It has a benevolent Father looking down on us and seeing everything.  It means bad people don’t get away with their crimes.  Bad people don’t like God’s design so they made up a new one whereby they imagine that sinners get away with their crimes.  Dream on.

By keeping the information in the third prophecy secret, Catholics have been abandoned by their own priests.  They haven’t told us about the prophecies of La Sallette either, which are very similar to Fatima.  They’ve added to that sin by giving us a false history even in our own Catholic schools, and denying us access and knowledge of the Saints, the ancient rituals, the true prayers and the history of Catholicism, especially as it existed in the Louisiana Territory.   This is the result of false teachings spread within the seminaries, and a generation of priests who didn’t do their due diligence.

Certain seminaries are correcting the errors and reporting the need for expanding their facilities to handle the large number of young people wanting to enter the Catholic priesthood in recent years.  St. Pius X is a good example of a seminary in expansion, with large numbers of graduating seminarians, thank the Good Lord.

When Jewish gay priests and nuns infiltrated the church, the effects were not nearly so devastating as the on-going media campaign that sets Catholics up for genocide by spreading outrageous historical lies about us and promotes ridicule of us.   The media always blames the good guy because it’s pirate media. I’ll take the Ship of St. Peter, and leave others to continue their ride on the Red Dragon Pirate ship.


A vision given of how to vanquish the Sword of Islam:

“At the left of Our Lady and a little above, we saw an Angel with a flaming sword in his hand, but the flames died when Our Lady approached.”  The sword has always been the symbol of the Arab Muslims.  They know that their own ‘end time’ prophecy tells of their own destruction.  My interpretation is that God made Arabs, descendants of Esau, specifically to be his punishment mechanism for those Israelites who blaspheme His name.  This is a clear message that the way to fight the Jihadis is under the banner and direction of Our Lady, and Catholic history tells us that this has been effective in the past.  The rest of this vision is of a group of soldiers assassinating the entire gay mafia that now occupies the Vatican.

The words recorded by Mary in 1917 are:  “You have seen hell where the souls of poor sinners go.  To save them, God wants the devotion of My Immaculate Heart to be spread over the world and to increase. If people do what I shall tell you, many will be saved and there will be peace, the war shall end if people truly stop blaspheming God.  If they don’t, during the pontificate of Pius XI a worse war shall start.  If you suddenly see a bright unknown light one night, know that it is a sign from God, which he is giving you to let you know that He is going to punish the world for her sins.


Father Gruner’s speech lasts one hour, and is full of amazing information. Please listen and share.

4 thoughts on “Fatima: Jihad Defense

  1. Dear Suzanne,
    i enjoyed reading this article. Could you elaborate on A Vision Given of How To Vanquish the Sword of Islam? Is there a link?
    Michael Sequerah


    1. My understanding of the prophesy is that the Sword of Islam would be used to vanquish the enemies of God’s One True Church, and that they in turn would be vanquished by an act of God. As for scripture, Ceasar’s Gallic Wars sums it up in his advice to his soldier’s to locate the ones who collect the taxes, surround them and seize them. These tax collectors should not be exempt from the standard death penalty for treason.


  2. Published on Feb 3, 2016 on Youtube, this is what I just found as notes below the video:
    Imam upset over Muslim inferiority in all aspects of life in comparison with non-Muslims. Jan 01, 2016.
    The author writes:
    “Indeed, most Muslims are only good in being thugs, thieves, robbers, rapists, sexual predators, molesters, pedophiles, terrorists, freeloading economic parasites, liars, mass breeders, women abusers, child abusers, camel’s urine drinkers, ass-wipers with bare hand, and of course, goat fuckers. Talking of which …

    Despite their pretentious criticism of the ‘decadent lifestyle’ in the West, Muslim world is full of hypocrites engaging in an astounding number of macabre sexual perversions, including pedophilia (sex with kids), necrophilia (sex with corpse), bestiality (sex with animals), inbreeding (sex and marriage with cousins and sisters), Bacha bazi (sex with boys), etc.

    Arabic is the 2nd most common language that is used to search for “gay sex.” It’s the number one language for search involving “sexy.” As you can see in that same graph, Iran is at 3 and Egypt is at 4, listed under regions where search on “sexy” was most conducted.

    Arabic is the 2nd most common language that is used to search for “gay man.” The countries that most search for this is currently Malaysia (#1) and Indonesia (#2). For “gay girl,” Arabic is also the 2nd most common language.

    For “child porn,” Turkey is the 2nd country where this is most searched. Turkish is the #1 language used.

    Turkey has one of the most searches for the word “porno.” Morocco is at 5. Turkish is #1 language used to conduct the search in. Indonesia is currently #1 country that search for the word “vagina.”

    Egypt is currently #1 for “fat sex.”

    Pakistan, Morocco, Turkey and Egypt are at the top of the list when it comes to “animal sex.”

    For “children sex,” Pakistan is at #1, Egypt #2 and Iran #3. The most common languages used to conduct the search in are Arabic and Turkish.

    For “sexy children,” these results are probably the most disturbing. Pakistan, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, followed by Turkey at #9.

    For “sexy child,” Pakistan is #1, followed by Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Turkey. Common languages are Persian, Arabic, and Turkish.

    For “homo sex,” Indonesia is #1, Morocco is at 6.

    For “rape,” Pakistan is at 1. Malaysia is at 3.

    For “bird sex,” Egypt is at 1. (Come ON!)

    For “ass sex,” Saudi Arabia comes first, followed directly by Egypt and Morocco. Most common language is Arabic


    The truth about the so-call “Syrian refugees”

    Muslim terrorism worldwide http://freedompost.org/terrorism/musl

    Muslim terrorism in U.S. http://freedompost.org/terrorism/terr

    Islamophobia is an oxymoron: http://freedompost.org/islam/deceptio

    The Muslim race card: http://freedompost.org/islam/deceptio

    Civilization Jihad aka Stealth Jihad in action: http://freedompost.org/islam/deceptio

    Violent jihad in action: http://freedompost.org/terrorism/musl

    Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood connection: https://youtu.be/fa91zSnqUvE

    Hussein Obama, the Muslim-In-Chief

    The carnage the Muzzies have been inflicting on non-Muslims (Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus) and even on Muzzies themselves, across the Muslim world, for centuries (http://freedompost.org/media/islam-ki…), and recently in the non-Muslim world and in the West, is indeed astounding.

    Muzzies in U.S. are not much more civilized than their counterparts elsewhere, as more than %50 of them want Sharia Law which they say is above the U.S. Constitution


    “Islam is a very dark theory… I was brought up believing in the conspiracy theory that the United States of America and the west, including Israel, is plotting day and night to destroy Islam and the Muslim world, which is a lie” -Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of Hamas founder and an ex-Muslim” http://freedompost.org/islam/ex-musli

    “Islam is not a religion of peace, it’s a political theory of conquest that seeks domination by any means it can.” -ex-Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali.
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