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Benghazi, Hollywood Public Relations Firm CAA, Content Analysis and Pirate Speak

Even while they tell the truth about their evil intentions, tricky wording allows you to believe that their intentions are good, if you are pre-disposed to trust them.  I’ve read enough Pirate Speak in history books that I hear it clearly in an Obama or Merkel speech.

Another example of Pirate Speak is to use synonyms.  Alien Invasion scenarios from Hollywood are their inside joke about the migrant (Alien, get it?) invasion.  The Tweets that guided and fueled the migrant invasion of Europe have already been traced to the West Coast of California by a Russian researcher using Content Analysis:

Original source of research results in Russian language:


The final two photographs are clearly not the same person as the previous photographs taken since 1991.

This original research reveals that the ‘Source of migrant tweets is two mass-tweeting programs located on the West Coast of the United States.  This location is edited out in subsequent articles.


The Mossad offices at CAA are in Los Angeles:


“Content-analysis of a great number of tweets that triggered the ongoing wave of migration from Turkey to Germany since August this year suggests that these human streams were inspired and channeled from outside of the continental Europe.”


The original article in English stated that the source of the tweets were two NetBots rooted in the West Coast of the United States.  Another netbot in Australia indicates a possible Asian aspect to the invasion.  From that point forward, all reprints of the article eliminated mention of the source point which would implicate CAA. They changed the story to make it appear that the source of the tweets was unspecified. 


We need an independent translation of the original Russian research by Vladimir Shalak, linked here.  The charts don’t need translation, and they show clearly that the tweets emanated from two netbots (retweet programs) in California.

I’ve done my own google translation of the research and it checks out correctly as far as I can tell.


Vladimir Shalak from the Russian Academy of Science developed the Internet  Content-Analysis System for Twitter ( Scai4Twi). His study of over 19000 refugee-related original tweets (retweets discounted) revealed that helpful information to illegal migrant invaders had their source in California.  Propaganda news will give you such unimportant information as the unsurprising fact that the vast majority of tweets mention Germany and Austria as the most refugee-welcoming countries in Europe:


Further analysis shows that it was only a beginning. A whole army of netbots has galvanized ‘hit-the-fan’ effect to the topic.


On Aug 27 forty automatic netbots @changing_news, @changing_news1,…, @changing_news39 from the United States simultaneously issued the following tweet at 8:00:33AM:


«A new welcome: Activists launch home placement service for refugees in Germany and Austria #News #Change #Help»


On Sept 1 the same group of netbots releases same tweets with caps on at 22:30:37:

«A New Welcome: Activists Launch Home Placement Service For Refugees In Germany And Austria #News #Change #Help»


On August 29 at 11.02PM a group of 80 netbots posts the following:

«Thousands Welcome Refugees to Germany at Dresden Rally: Thousands of people took to the streets of the German city of Dresden on Satu…»


Another group of fifty netbots from Australia (all created on Feb 14, 2014 between 06:02:00 до 06:24:00AM) publish a post on Aug 31 at 17:26:08:

«#hot Football Fans in Germany Unite with ‘Refugees Welcome’ Message #prebreak #best»


On Sept 1 at 07:29AM 95 netbots owned by Media for Social and Cultural Impact, Dallas, Texas, USA publish the following tweets:

«German Soccer Fans Welcome Refugees Amid Ongoing Crisis: As Europe faces the challenge of a wave of migration…»


Needless to say that every original tweet was multiplied in dozens of copies and spread Twitter-wide.  The same thing happened in Cologne and other cities on New Year’s Eve and that is the important point.



“Evidently, the logic behind this campaign is to deteriorate the social situation in Germany and undermine its economic development.


Another target is the social structure of German society. 1 million refugees annually supplementing the existing 31% of local families having underage kids and at least one migrant parent, would definitely disbalance the voting structure and secure a loyal leadership in Germany for the decades to come.


On the other hand that would instigate ultra-right sentiments within the indigenous population and cause furious clashes between migrants and German radicals. Both processes would result in weakened Germany and diminished EU.


That is the real agenda behind innocent tweeting…”




Pirates Speak of Alien Invasions

Watch the propaganda video posted below for a lesson in how an appeal to the lowest morality and fear is used to manipulate and dupe Jew supporters into supporting Arabs and their Gay allies.  The presenter’s ‘duper’s delight’ can be seen often.  An honest person would never make even one absurd exaggeration but he uses absurd exaggerations continually.

Still, one can glean information.  You’ll find out that the ‘Package’ that this PR campaign is promoting includes Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz both of whom top the list of Jihadi pro-immigration and gay leadership.  You’ll find who they are against: John McCain and Trump, which tells us that the field of competition among the bad guys has split into factions.

This alleged Jew promotes Arab interest against the Israeli government.  The teenage ‘heroic Jews’, that he defends, by their faces do not look any different than Jihadis with forelocks and Jew hats.  He repeats the mantra ‘Heroic Jew’ so much that it is clear they are recruiting Jewish traitors.  The presenter claims that these teenage “Heroic Jews” have been falsely accused of destroying property, but since he’s lying about everything else…

The narrator is obviously gay.

Now we must bring up the alliance between gays and Jihadis.  You’ll find disinformation of course, which leads you to believe that they don’t like gays.  Pirate Speak though, allows homosexuals in Islam to define themselves as normal, and to define ‘gay’ as something else that doesn’t include themselves.  The pure reasoning mind is truly an amazingly devious phenomenon.  In fact, they do engage in sodomy, bestiality, cannibalism, pedophilia and other horrors.  The evidence has been filmed, sad to say.


The top languages for search terms dealing with sexually perverted topics are the languages of Muslim countries.  See comment section on my previous article for the statistics. None of this is wrong in their culture, and already on youtube there are videos and comments asking the question, “Why is it wrong to have sex with animals?  Isn’t that just a social construct of the Evil White Man? Aren’t you infringing on my rights by imposing this White Imperialist Culture on the rest of us”

This is their Agenda and the school curriculum called Common Core (CiCi is ISIS in Arabic) is part of this.

This is the most important thing to understand about the Jihadis, because I am seeing clearly that they are acting in unison with the gay mafia and the gay agenda and Content Analysis has traced the migrant invasion source tweets to the precise area where the Mossad dropped the Gay Bomb, and established offices using CAA in Los Angeles, Disney included, as a façade.  I’ve published previous articles on Aaron Milchan,  Mossad/Israeli spy who groomed prominent gay Hollywood executive, Bryan Lourd.

The video posted below is an example of the type of activity that goes on in a public relations firm.  It’s so poorly done, I’ve chosen it for a lesson.  Study this man lying and it will help you to spot other liars.  We see the presenter stirring up hatred by either exaggerating or turning the truth completely upside down, while trying to appear to do the right thing.  I can see this clearly, even without attempting to fact check some of his uncheckable claims.  I’ll just assume that absolutely nothing that he says here is the truth.  The origins of this video should be traced.  I call it professional not because it’s well-done, it isn’t, but because it’s the product of a paid and organized Jihad against Americans.  I suspect that it too, like the migrant tweets, would trace to the West Coast of the United States, Los Angeles and CCA to be precise.


These next  two links are propaganda re-writes of the original Russian study.  These re-writes omitted all possible connections to CCA and are designed to send people off in false directions:


Who is twitter-luring refugees to Germany?


Who is hunting Angela Merkel with ‘rapefugee’ hysteria? US network war against the German government   – WRITTEN BY ORIENTAL REVIEW



The following link is very interesting. These are leaked documents linking French President Sarkozy to Libyan funding.




I recently tweeted a video of President Sarkozy in a speech saying that they intend to force French White Women to mate with ‘foreign’ men against their will. Jewish women are exempt as usual.   This is called rape, but Sarkozy is not aware of this concept because he is part of the Jewish Arab culture.  He speaks of rape of white Christian women as government policy, in all seriousness.

Hey all you Jews out there!  Where is the outrage?  Why aren’t Jews speaking out and defending their Christian brothers and sisters?  Do you approve of this?  Your silence screams of complicity.


A Propaganda Documentary by Paul Moreira in Ukraine


The players in the Ukraine take-over were neither Ukrainians nor Russians, but now Moreira tries to throw blame on yet another innocent group, the Americans.  All of the activists wear masks, even the police, who didn’t act to prevent the massacres in Ukraine.  Moreira’s name happens to translate to “Refuge of the Moors”.


Why are police throughout the world not acting to protect their own people?  Answer:  They are acting to protect their own people, if you can accept that the police force is now Arab.  Why do you think they are hiding their faces behind masks?  The police forces have always been the domain of the Jews, ever since the Gang Wars of the 1940’s.  Now it is obvious that the police forces are pro-Arab. Is that any surprise?


The following information was gleaned from a propaganda article by Paul Moreira, published in French on his blog on Mediapart.fr, Jan 30, 2016, translated to English by propaganda organ New Cold War.org


When he started this investigation on Ukraine, he was astonished to discover the degree to which the massacre in Odessa [May 2, 2014] had been forgotten. Forty five people were killed in a huge fire in the heart of a major European city in the middle of the 21stcentury. Everything was filmed by dozens of cameras and cell phones. I saw the images myself. Yet no one remembered.  Could it be that they pretend to forget because they don’t trust Moreira?


He states that:

“Forty five Ukrainians of Russian origin died in a fire inside the Trades Union House in the city center of Odessa caused by the Molotov cocktails of Ukrainian nationalist militias.”

The identities of the victims were not known, nor was the identity of those who killed them or why, but this propagandist gives them Russian identities because it suits his purposes, at the same time that he blames Americans and Russians for funding.  This tells you clearly who the Khazarians Jews consider to be the enemies:  Russians and Americans.

In the aftermath, press releases by ministries of foreign affairs also assigned Russian-speaking populations the roles of villains, thereby setting Russia up for attack by Jihadis.

What happened on that May 2, 2014, in Odessa?


The investigator speaks the truth when he says, “it seems to me that Ukraine must ask itself about these paramilitary groups. They are, as stated in the film, the greatest threat to Ukrainian democracy.”  The greatest threat to Jewish “democracy” power is in the paramilitary groups.  Jews need their phony democracy to re-establish the white slave trade and wheat slave plantations of ancient Khazarian controlled Ukraine.  Independent paramilitary groups are the heritage of the white race, and Arabs hate that.


And of course this film, which is not available in the English language, points the finger of guilt at “Americans” and “Russians”.


The key phrase of his documentary, in his words, is that: “The Ukrainian revolution has created a monster that will soon turn against its creator.” and of course he tries to make the case that “The Americans” are its creators, or maybe it’s the Russians. Whatever.  Because the Mossad operates from Los Angeles, even the Content Analysis people could be puzzled as to why The Americans even give a shit what’s happening in Ukraine. Unless Putin is aware of the Israeli Mossad operation set up at CCA, the Jewish trick of doing their dirty deeds in another town would have worked.  The Arabs and Jews are setting both Russians and Americans up for an all-out invasion, using Hollywood, and my childhood friend, as the tool and base of operations.


Moreira the shameless documentarian states, “I gave voice to a mother who lost her 17 year old son, Vadim Papura. She spoke reluctantly, she was certain that I would not use her statements.” But he does use her statements, putting her in danger, betraying her confidence and furthermore he insults her.  He claims that she felt that the West does not care about their fate without actually having filmed her making this alleged statement.


This mother, like others, complained that the documentarian missed the main point which is that  “everything is the fault of the police, who were not sufficiently effective [in stopping the violence that day]. This is what the film should have focused on”, they are saying, but this is not what people are supposed to say, it’s too honest, so the documentarian goes on to mock, insult and ridicule her for pointing out the truth that the people of Ukraine don’t know or care about any of the invented military groups sent to their country by the Leviathon Monster Mossad.  The mother of the dead youth is, unfortunately already pictured and identified by the probably pro-Arab documentarian, and it’s being aired world wide.


Anna Colin Lebedev is a critic who points out that he mentions the presence of the symbol of Azov on Maidan while the battalion had yet to be created.

The Azov battalion is now integrated into the regular army. Azov said: “Officially, this brigade obeys the Ukrainian national army. And yet, many of them remain masked.”  Are they hiding their Arab identity?


Andriy Biletsky says of their money source: “Well, if we talk about finances, for acquiring armaments, it is provided by the state, as is part of our equipment. The rest comes from the work of activists among whom there are small and medium businessmen. They invest money and make all of this possible.”  Invest in what, he does not say.

Biletsky utters a veiled threat against the government he deems too corrupt, but Moreira edits this out.  He says, “The subtlety of Azov is that they are officially in the army but they retain a wide margin of autonomy”.  Why edit it out, unless the documentarian is protecting them?

Next step is language control.  They want the Russian language outlawed.  This is a classic Freemason device.  Then they can define language through false translations and confuse coming generations with greater ease.

No National Loyalty

Ukrainian Minister of Finance is a former U.S. diplomat. Natalie Jaresko who became a naturalized Ukrainian in December 2014 in order to join the government. Before that, she worked first as a diplomat at the Israeli controlled U.S. State Department, specializing in Eastern European countries, from 1989 to 1995, and then she maintained a strong relationship with the Obama-Muslim controlled U.S.A, after taking over the presidency of the Western NIS Enterprise Fund (WNISEF), an investment fund that invests money from a U.S. corporate agency (USAID) in the Ukrainian economy. She remained there (in addition to her position at the private investment fund she ran, Horizon Capital) until she took a job in the Ukrainian government as finance minister.

Washington, D. C. is part of the network of businesses emanating out of the Arab-Jewish controlled City of London and the Vatican. These are our enemies.

If you want to know who the good guys are anywhere, anytime, look at who the Jews hate.  Read the following quote carefully to identify a potential ally to the American people:

“Rebardy also accuses me of being too harsh with Oleh Tyahnybok, the leader of the Svoboda Party. I describe him: “Historically, he belongs to the neo-Nazi movement.” This man has many times said that he wants to rid the country of the “Muscovite-Jewish mafia”; he often uses the term “Yid”. He was also the founder of the Social National Party “  Here the documentarian is identifying someone who will then probably be targeted for assassination, or else he is controlled opposition who helps them identify other targets for assassination.

From the following quote, it appears that the documentarian Moreira was a friend of the deceased Alexis Albu and I would guess that he is doing undercover work to find out who killed him.

“I gave voice to Alexis Albu, a communist activist of Odessa because I discovered on amateur video his presence in the building of Odessa on the famous May 2, 2014. What interested me in Albu is that we see him walking out of the union building intact and shortly thereafter, he is laying on the ground, gravely wounded in the head. What happened in between?” the documentarian asks.


If the event was under-reported, my guess is that an independent people’s militia massacred the bad guys, and this Jew documentary is designed to drum up animosity toward independent people’s militias.  It also allows them to get pictures of their opposition’s faces and homes.


No matter what these Pirates say, it can all be translated into: “We want your guns so we can kill you with ease.”  That’s all you have to know about Pirate Speak.



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