Historical Narrative As Nuke

If a person is innocent until proven guilty, then doesn’t the same principle apply to a race or nation?

Where is the proof of the Jewish version of OUR historical narrative? Is it fair to condemn our own ancestry based on the allegations of our enemies, allegations that have never been proven? Is it fair to enact legislation that forbids the presentation of facts in a court case? Is it fair to not hold a court case over the accusation of guilt of the entire white race? Is it fair to condemn the white race to complete annihilation without proof of guilt?

No, no, no, no and no, but this is the wishful thinking of our mortal enemies.

Monopoly control of information by foreigners gives them control of the historical narrative. Ever since the Federal Reserve Bank was established, their ability to print money has allowed Jews to purchase, bribe or threaten all outlets and channels of information, and thereby force their invented historical narrative down our throats for over a hundred years.

As I’ve said before, the historical narrative is the only weapon that has the power to destroy the unity of the Louisiana Territories. It has given them the power to erase the historical religion and name of our ancestors and of our land. Furthermore, they have succeeded in convincing Americans that their ancestors are worthy of ridicule and guilt.

To hold these lies as truth is not the way to win a war, and the Jews know it, so that’s why they do it. The Jews are not warriors; they avoid exposing themselves to warfare and get others to do it for them. They have been conditioning the entire nation to lay down and let the Muslims walk in and take over at our own expense. They have convinced our own educated men to verbally and intellectually smack down anyone who defends the innocence or who presents facts of our great ancestry. It’s an emotional response that is automatic, sure sign of having been subjected to subliminal messaging.

At the same time, our enemies use their free dollars to purchase all sources of information in the Muslim world, and so those Muslims have been nurtured on the milk of hatred for America since their birth. Same emotional, irrational response, only with Muslims we are dealing with a nation that practices inbreeding. The result is an IQ level that is known as the ‘sweet spot’ for criminal behavior: Just low enough to not understand consequences, just high enough to be usefully manipulated. There is a certain pirate population of ‘white people’ who practice this also, but it’s not the majority. You’ll find them adhered to gangsters, like the blond gangster molls of the 1940’s.

Scientifically speaking, I am convinced that the only way to undo subliminal messaging is through the Catholic faith, and that is why I started this blog.

Unfortunately very few people still understand what the true Catholic faith is and why it was created. The true Catholic faith ceased to be taught in my Catholic school after 1970. It is no longer taught in the buildings that belong to the Catholic Church. I grew up in the last enclave of true Roman Catholicism in my small Louisiana town, settled by people who migrated out of Quebec, Canada when the Pirates made an inside trade with a gay traitor who sold them Fort Frontenac.

The people inside the fortress were not privy to this secret trade of the fort that they themselves built. The enemy simply moved in and silently took over key positions.  Fort Frontenac had been sold through a secret inside trade.


Sound familiar?

Since I had the good fortune of being born to the people who maintained Catholicism in America until the 1970’s, I know what a good system it is and how it leads people to reasonable behavior and sound thought processes. It provides safe schools, hospitals and orphanages when it is run by Catholics and when Jews are not permitted to enter and spread their corruption, as is the case at present.

Why did they attack the Catholic Schools first?

The reason is because that is where the children of the leadership were. Corruption of the son of the king is their ancient weapon.

Even the Encyclopedia of Islam tells us that the Khazarians sought means and ways to ‘spread their propaganda’ as far back as 1200 A.D. when Rashid used and then betrayed the prince Hassan II. It’s important to know about this event because this is when the Khazarians stole the Catholic treasures stored in Damascus and brought it to Khorasan. This treasure was then recovered by the Mongolian Christian Knights and brought to the place we call Canada today. They are still looking for that treasure and I’m certain that this is what has prompted the search for the burial place of my ancestor, the man called Joseph Broussard de Beau Soleil, with the title Guar Hept around 1769, recorded in the church records at St. Martinville, Louisiana. Those church records are now sealed. We can’t get to the birth and death certificates or any other historical information recorded in Roman Catholic Church records because the Jews control the Vatican. America’s Catholic armies have been disbanded. Our only hope is in the Russians, and in the American, Canadian and Central American Catholics who decide to wake up.

I don’t think we can fight effectively if we maintain a confused historical narrative.  The false historical narrative is designed to create in-fighting, and it will do just that if we continue to believe it.

The most powerful weapon of all is the ability to teach the false historical narrative at the university level, while at the same time discouraging critical thinking at that same university level. The end result is that there is no bigger blockhead than a university graduate when it comes to historical narratives. They simply will not listen to reason. If you try to tell them, they repeat to you the false narrative that is being shoved down our throats night and day, as if we hadn’t already heard it a million times in every form of media possible, ad nauseaum.

The basic false narrative, and the most dangerous, is the totally and completely false meme that European Christians slaughtered all the innocent Indians in America. If you haven’t actually read the journal accounts of the early explorers, you would not know what a HUGE lie this is. But who’s done their research? I have.

If you had, then you’d know, like I do, that what passes for history is nothing but the false historical memes that are paid for, disseminated by professional public relations firms and which are so simplistic and downright stupid that you won’t believe that no one questions it. So does a college education in history have any value? Absolutely not. In fact, it’s dangerous.

I find that even men who are arming themselves and preparing for the Muslims will smack down anyone who questions the “evil white man who killed all the innocent Indians” narrative. They might not care what people think of them, but they still believe the lie and demand that everyone else believe it as well.

This is the irrationality that is always at the heart of false propaganda. It is only the college educated who do the smacking down and closing of the ears. In my experience, anyone else but the college educated are willing to listen. I too am college educated, but I’ve been refused admittance to master’s level university history courses due to my views and so I’ve been doing my own coursework and sharing it with others.

Since my Bachelor’s degree is in Fine Arts, I’ve developed an eye for media fakery. I’ve also worked in the field of advertising and public relations, so I understand that the repetition of any statement three times in the public media is enough to motivate people to action and even change their opinions. I’ve practiced the art of manipulative copy writing, that’s why I know it when I see it.

The propaganda starts from pre-school. The goal is to create a situation like that in Germany, where half the nation is made up of zombies who fight for their right to commit mass suicide and the other half has to fight off four groups: the liberal zombies, the police they pay for, the Jewish office holders and the Mooslimes that they have opened the gates for.

I think there are some Germans who need some help there.
The example of Germany should prove my point as to exactly how big of a weapon is Narrative Ownership.

By completely eliminating any mention of Catholics in American history, the minds of many generations have been twisted so completely that the people mock, ridicule and unjustly accuse and condemn their own ancestry.  America was called Louisiana, and the reason for that name is the subject of another article. Every early American settlement was Catholic and allied to the Indians. That is how they survived.

Everyone else was a thieving, lying pirate or what they call a ‘Ranger’ in the history books which really means highway robber. Our history books have turned pirates and highway robbers into ‘Founding Fathers’. There is on record that George Washington spread small pox amongst the volunteer militia under his own command. This traces back to Walsinghams’s pirate land grants that required removal of the Catholic settlers.

Our history books have wiped our own ancestry off the face of the earth…or such is the Pirate fantasy. However, we can start using our brains and our research and translation powers to uncover our Catholic History, because if we don’t, the Muslim and Black Supremacy Narrative will be taught to every young child 24 hours a day throughout their entire lives, the same way the Jewish narrative has been forced on us.

First of all, it’s a mistake to consider the establishment of Canada as a separate course of study from that of The United States of America or even Mexico. It was all Catholic and the last owner of the Louisiana Catholic Territories was Antoinette De Pons, of the same family as the last Catholic King of France, Francois I. It just so happens that this is the declared lineage of the coming great Catholic Monarch that has been declared in approved Catholic prophecy.  More on that in coming articles.

Because everyone was Catholic, there were no imaginary lines on the map to cloud people’s judgment at the time of these settlements. There were only two sides back then in America just as in Europe and the Middle East, and the two sides were Catholics and Pirates. The Catholics far outnumbered the Pirates at that time, and probably still do, and so you see the need for importation of Arab muslims, and the false narrative that lumps American Indians of Catholic ancestry with their traditional enemies, Arabs and Blacks.


At the time of settlement of Catholic America, the Indians were divided as either allies of Catholics or allies of Pirates until the incident at Fort William Henry when all the Iriquois nation switched allegiance and joined the Catholics and then it was unanimous: Everybody hated the Pirates. All three groups were further subdivided into nations, but when they all became Catholics, the subdivisions were eliminated.

Do I make myself clear on this point of unification under one traditional and established umbrella of the Catholic Church as it is expressed in the body of the people?  I hope someone out there gets this.  Our survival depends on it.

Pirates sprang from the Catholic nations of Europe. They were the criminal class and they have all the key positions in the world today.  However, just about ALL that they do in those positions is unnecessary for anyone’s survival, and even a danger to that survival.  So the key positions are not really key, if we just open our eyes to that fact.

When studying American history every player has to be identified as to religion and not nationality because that is how they were divided.

The Pirate plan was to cut communication between Canada and Lower Louisiana. Once that was done, 100 years of solitude, followed by another 100 years of controlled public mis-education, and the sleep of forgetfulness went into REM stage. Only the internet, and researchers willing to risk everything, have allowed the wake up alarm to be heard..

Here is an article published after the first 100 years of solitude:

BY THOMAS O’HAGAN, M.A., Ph.D. Published in 1901 in Catholic World

“A STRANGER visiting the Canadian Province of
Quebec, or, as we shall designate it here, French
Canada, realizes at once that he is among a
people differentiated in life, language, institutions, and
customs from the inhabitants of Ontario, Nova Scotia, and the New England States.

He feels about him the atmosphere of French life and thought, and
finds himself face to face with one of the most remarkable
phenomena of modern times—the phenomenon of a people
planted upon the banks of the St. Lawrence nearly three
centuries ago maintaining in fullest integrity their homogeneity
amid the disintegrating influences of altered political
institutions and the resistless sweep of Anglo-Saxon speech and
commercial domination. It is a phenomenon which contradicts the
very philosophy and teachings of history, for were it to accord
with the teachings of history then the English conquerors who
replaced, in 1759, the Bourbon lilies with the ensign of Great
Britain should have long since absorbed and assimilated the
conquered race.”

This lack of assimilation between by the French can be attributed to the fact that they were not conquered, but were betrayed by sneaky Pirates. The United States Government issued a publication for the 100 year anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase in 1903. Written in English, by the pirates in government, it stated in no uncertain terms that the ‘Government’ was safe from the danger of having any ‘foreigners’ or ‘undesirables’ ever participate, by which they meant Catholics. This was clearly intended to mean that no one but Pirates would ever be allowed to hold office in America and Canada. This is how the system was designed by them.

They love parliaments and congresses because this allows them to do their dirty and never be held personally responsible. Monarchs were pressured into giving Parliaments or Councils the right to overrule the decisions of the King. Parliaments have always used their democratic powers to vote for the legitimate King’s death, as well as the death of his family, 100% of the time.

But what if the entire nation of non-Jewish Americans, including native Indians, are legitimate descendants of King Francois I? This is certainly possible because Francois I had the surname Gautier, same as the Christian Knight who in the late 1200’s went “overseas” with the Catholic Treasure recovered from the Khazarians at Khorazan, in northern Iraq.

That gives you an idea of how long the Catholic Christian Knights might have been in America, and forming close alliances with the native Indians.

The loss of Catholicism is due to the growing membership in secret societies that spanned all nations. The results were never positive, always traitorous. Secret mistresses and Protestant Queens of various European Kings took advantage of strategic assassinations of Catholic leadership over a 100 year period to appoint their own family members in positions to facilitate theft. It was the the position of ‘Intendant’ of New France, as they called it, which gave the illegitimates the most power to steal from the people.

After the Stuarts left Europe, the illegitimate children of the various non-Catholic King’s mistresses soon intermarried with each other and so the pirate population close to the center of government grew, but not nearly as quickly as the population of the Catholics hidden along the Ohio and Mississippi River Basins, and also in central and south America.

Pirate leadership was based in an enclave in the mountains of Bavaria at the time. On the other hand, the family trees of the growing American population, from the Hudson Bay to the Gulf of Mexico all had roots in the Catholic Monarchies who sponsored those settlements.

Catholics are targeted for genocide, even if you don’t realize that your ancestry is Catholic. Catholics are described by over-population fear-mongers as ‘those people whose religious teachings encourage large families’. This is code word for Catholic, targeting Catholics for genocide is their religious duty.  This is the real meaning of ‘over-population’: Too many Catholics.


Because the Jewish Talmud forbids them from work, the source of their wealth always proceeds from stolen goods.  Their religion gives them the right and privilege to live off the slavery of others. This is Jewish mindset, and it describes the ‘Official’ mindset in terms of government policy, which is Anti-American and I speak in terms of the American continent, not USA. Americans themselves neither have this mindset nor do they participate in government nor would they be allowed because the Americans who carry the blood of Francois I are not signatory to the Freemason Corporate Charter of the USA.

A study of portraits confirms the family resemblances of pirates, and also the family resemblances of Catholics, and never the twain shall meet.  Either you have a straight nose or you don’t.

But where are the portraits of the Catholic leadership of the Louisiana Territories? They are hidden in the back store rooms of the New York Metropolitan Museum, perhaps the greatest cache of stolen Catholic treasures in the world.  The Smithsonian Institute has back rooms full of Indian and American history as well.  I hope that before any bombing of either of these two places occurs, that the Catholic and Indian treasures will be removed and made public.

Here is a sample which I located on the MOMA website, but which are hidden in store rooms, probably because it’s all stolen property.

French Catholics in Canada never assimilated with the English Pirates and never will. The usurpers were enemies of the French. The English were rude, ignorant and thieving pirates.  They were also the illegitimate children of mistresses, and the settlers were educated Catholics. These are two groups that can never ‘integrate’. The nature of their existence makes it necessary that Catholics always fight to protect themselves from Pirates, while Pirates, by their nature, always seek to steal from or capture Catholics as slaves. They’ll sell the fort to Arab slave traders every time, guaranteed.

The slave as tax-payer is the ideal for useless gambling pirates.  With the establishment of the United States of America as a Corporation, the Catholics actually became the primary creditor for that corporation called USA, because our birth certificates are the stock. By pushing the false Protestant narrative, they convinced half the nation to abandon their own rightful claims as primary creditor. The Protestant religion is inherently anti-Catholic and has no other reason to exist. It all boils down to property rights. Once the protestants relinquish their right to sovereignty over the land, the Catholics are outnumbered and the Jews win. That’s when they open the door to their Arab family.

When USA, Inc. went bankrupt the first time, the property should have been delivered to the primary creditors, which is us, the people born here. Instead what happened is that the defaulters handed the property to the secondary creditors, which makes it stolen property.  The claims of Europe’s Pawn Broker Monarchs can’t hold up in a court of law because the pawn ticket is for stolen property.  Because the shell corporation has been bankrupted again, our sovereignty is now being handed over to the secondary creditor of the owner of the stolen goods, which is the Muslim Brotherhood.  Our duty is to repossess by force of arms, unless…

Evidence presented in a court of law could easily demonstrate that the Louisiana Territory is the rightful property of the Roman Catholic Church, or rather, the descendants of King Francois and Antoinette De Pons-Bourbon, his mother or grandmother who was the last legitimate purchaser of the rights to that territory.

The Catholic World, 1901, ‘French Canadian Life and Literature’, page 629:

“the French of Quebec have resisted all
assimilation. Nay, more. They have not only continued to
flourish—to increase and multiply within their own original
borders —but they have spread from east to west, leaving, as a
writer has recently said, the literal imprint of their footsteps
on the geographical chart of America from New England to
the base of the Rocky Mountains, and all over the Mississippi

Nor has their progress stopped here. Not content with
physical advancement, they have gone further, and founded a
literary microcosm of their own—created a literature with a
color, form, and flavor all its own, which must be considered
in itself a greater marvel than even their material preserva

As you move amongst the people of Quebec—come in contact
now with descendants of the old seigneurs, now with
descendants of the coureurs de bois, now with the habitant, you
naturally ask yourself the question, Whence came these people ?
Of course every one knows they came from France, but from
what part of France did they come and under what influence?
How did they acquire their present characteristics as well as
their present form of language, and why are not some of the
different patois spoken in France heard in Quebec ?

It is interesting to compare the beginnings of the three
chief groups of French settlement in America : the Louisianians,
Acadians, and Canadians. The French colony of Louisiana
was practically founded during the first half of the eighteenth
century ; French Canada during the seventeenth century, and
Acadia, which originally included Nova Scotia, New Brunswick,
and the State of Maine, between 1636 and 1670…

Now, when we consider the language of the French
Canadians we notice that it has one marked characteristic—
uniformity. There is no patois used by the educated French of
Quebec. Obsolete words are used—words that belong to the
seventeenth century— but these do not constitute a patois. In
fact, they add to the picturesque power of the language,
duplicating the resources of the tongue, just as a Shakesperean
or Miltonic word of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries
adds to the picturesque power of the English language of to

There are many reasons why patois, or slang, did not en
graft itself on the language of French Canada. In the first
place, nearly all the women who came from France to Canada
were educated, and furthermore there were schools established
in the colony for girls as early as 1639. When you add to
this the influence of the clergy—an educated body—it can be
readily understood why the language of the educated French
Canadian is one of marked purity and grace.

It is quite amusing to hear people of Ontario who cannot
frame a sentence in French speak of the French language of
Quebec as a patois. This is absolutely false. The French
language spoken by the educated classes in Quebec differs but
little from that spoken by persons of the same degree of
education in France. Cultivated persons use good, and ignorant
persons use bad French in Quebec as well as in France. Nor
is it among French people alone that this discrepancy is ob
servable. Take, for instance, an educated New Englander or
Southerner, and compare his language with that of a
Tennessee mountaineer or an Indiana Hoosier, and you will quickly
realize how many-tongued the American people have become
among uneducated classes in certain quarters of the American
Republic. In this connection there was probably more than
humor in the remark of Artemus Ward, that he spoke seven
different languages: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massa
chusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Delaware.

A highly educated and very intelligent French Canadian
lady, after a considerable residence in France, has assured me
that she found the speech of the common people in Quebec
better than that of the common people in France, and that of
the best Canadian speakers equal to that of the best French.
It should be noted that the language brought to Quebec
by the higher class in French colonial days was largely that of
the French court, and that brought by the lower classes largely
that of Normandy, which was good.

Again, the number of
professional men —officers, priests, lawyers, notaries, and others
—has always been extremely large in Quebec in proportion to
the population, and the modes of speech of so many educated
persons must have had some influence on the language of the

We are told, too, that as early as the seventeenth century
there had been a good deal of literary culture centering around
the city of Quebec, the capital and chief city of the new
colony. Writers of the seventeenth century have expressed
the opinion that French Canadians could understand and
appreciate a dramatic play as well as the elite of Paris. Nor is
this any marvel, since we know that theatricals were common
occurrences in Canada, and that the ” Cid ” of Corneille was
played in Quebec in 1645, and the ” Tartuffe ” of Moliere in
1677. This was [during the years the Puritan Pirates were raping and pillaging],
many years before the Puritan of New England or the Cavalier of Virginia countenanced or encouraged
dramatic performances. In this respect French genius and
French taste on the banks of the St. Lawrence differ little
from French genius and French taste on the banks of the
Loire or the Seine.
In some of the parishes, too, of Quebec, where the Catholic Acadians who once lived in
Nova Scotia settled, there are many expressions
in vogue not found elsewhere, and the pronunciation
is somewhat peculiar. The same thing is noticeable among
the Acadians who have settled in Louisiana, in the Valley of
the Teche, but this is also attributed by experts to the ancientness
of the language, and not to any new corrupting influence.

French language, as spoken in Quebec, holds its original purity
as well. It is far from the truth to say that the language
spoken by the common people of Quebec is a patois. It is
not by any means a patois. It may be more the French of
several hundred years ago than that of to-day, but it is still
French, and not bad French either.

first literary expression of French Canada was that of oratory.
Though the French Canadians were guaranteed certain rights
and privileges by the Quebec Act of 1774 and the Constitutional
Act of 1791, the English governor and his executive
frequently ignored the will of
the people, and as a consequence the French were for many
years made to feel that they were a subject class and that the
yoke of Britain was upon their shoulders.

Now, what is the soil of French Canadian literature? It
blossoms from centuries of daring deed, bold adventure,
noble discovery, heroic martyrdom, generous suffering, and
high emprise…”

The capitulation of all the Forts in America and Canada were nothing more than the fraudulent handover by traitorous insiders. Vaudreil secretly agreed to hand over his Fort to the English in consideration that all the French will keep their homes and practice their religion. The English had no compulsion to honor this agreement, and there was no notice given to the people that any capitulation had occurred, nor were they signatories to the agreement.

Vaudreil then fled in the night. The principal robbers on a large scale, we are told are men going by the names of Bigot, Cadet, Mercier, Varin, Breard…Vergor, Kanon, and Rigeaud, the younger brother of Vaudreil, all of whom I have traced to Bavaria despite these phony names. Mr. Vaudreil has a name that matches up to the town where the future Empress Josephine established her Mal Maison, and where she is now buried. Josephine herself was very likely the daughter or granddaughter of the infamous Black Beard, surnamed Teach/Thatch/Thatcher/Tascher. Her other surname, Paget, matches up with a prominent Jewish slave merchant in London.

Their ability to get into position to steal was due to the general break-up of the Catholic monarchy, which began under Louis XIII. After the assassination of King Henry III, son of King François I, of the key Catholic Guise family, and several other key Catholic Guise leaders, Richelieu was enabled. His facial resemblance to Queen Elizabeth I, the pirate Queen of England, should be noted. It was Cardinal Richelieu who sent the first bibles along with 40 pairs of shoes, to the pirates hiding out in the Caribbean. Thus begins the Protestant ‘missionaries’.

‘Cardinal’ Richelieu began a civil war in France which was designed to kill off the rest of the Guise and destroy Catholicism and the Catholic armies. By the time Louis XIV was an adult, hoards of illegitimate children and their children had been born in France, England, Germany and Spain, all of whose non-Royal roots trace to the area of Goth in Bavaria.

Cardinal Richelieu had many of them ‘legitimized’ by legal decree after Louis XIV, but that didn’t fool God or any Catholics. The ‘legitimization’ of the King’s bastard children was later revoked, but not before some of them had married into the legitimate branches of Royal families throughout Christendom. The so-called ‘Catholic Inquisition’ was the work of the illegitimate and somewhat retarded in-bred members of the Spanish monarchy who were crypto Jewish Borgias.

Within a short amount of time those illegitimate branches mostly died out. Without Catholic order, these families intermarried incestuously for several generations until their physical and mental health made them unfit for much of anything other than use as political pawns.

The legitimate descendants of Francois I, in other words the Catholic families in the Louisiana territories, did not make that mistake. Seven degrees of consanguinity separation, no less, is the Catholic rule.

It was under Richelieu that Louis XIII declared war on his Catholic subjects inside France. Mercenary troops from Bavaria were sent out to burn houses and fields and created general ‘harrassment’ of the French people around Marseilles and all of southern France.  This led to Catholic military forces being sent to the Carribean and America.

Gabriel Debien, in his history of the West Indies (that’s America), describes how in France, small shipowners were highly critical of the monopolies granted by the usurped monarchy, whose privileges threatened them with ruin. “The Marseillais complained of Napolon, a Venetian agent of Richelieu,  for “showing partiality to Genoa”, meaning the Jewish merchants were favored over the native Catholic merchants.

These Jews made war upon the Langeauac. The order was to put Catholic soldiers to the sword, along with strict orders from the King’s (actually Richelieu’s) Generals for his soldiers to ravage Mont Albon, Castres, and Nimes. The policy of “causing havoc” was the setting fire to houses, destroying crops, trees etc, all to be inflicted by supposedly French soldiers on French people, but actually they were mercenaries.

We are told that Mont Albon held out, but the question is, is this Albany in New York? Remember, America was not a colony of France, it was France.

“The Duke of Rohan [illegitimate line] was said to be responsible, it was he only who was rewarded 100,000 pounds”, and he who had motive to remove supporters of the legitimate realm. With this over-valued reparation for damages to his property he was able to live comfortably when forced to reside outside of France, when France was spread worldwide.
This spurred the Catholic French to prepare regiments that expanded to Canada and other ‘West Indies’ ports in America and beyond. Debien writes that “Richelieu entered into negotiations with Sanson Napollon, a Corsican who had revived the French trading post called the “Bastion of France”.   When ‘Catholic’ Cardinal Richelieu hands over a French Fort to a Jewish slave trader, is it any wonder that it soon falls into the hands of the highest Arab bidder? Is it any surprise that Richelieu closely resembles Queen Elizabeth I in their facial features? Richelieu’s family roots trace to the illegitimate children of royalty.

To continue with our 1901 article called ‘French Canadian Life and Literature’. Page 635, Catholic World:
“In its literary expression French Canada resembles French Louisiana, in that
it is strongest in the departments of history and poetry.

The virtues which make a people great and the progress
which subtracts not from the moral growth of a people—
these abound in the hearts and homes of the French Canadian
people of to-day. There is less crime in Quebec—I speak of
crime which shakes society—in proportion to its inhabitants
than in any other province of the Dominion. Again, where on
this continent can you find a more temperate people than in
the province of Quebec? They indeed have solved the temperance problem and need no prohibitory law, while the purity
of their social life knows not the breath of suspicion. All this
is the fruit of their fidelity to the Catholic faith and its teachings.

The late venerable Bishop Lafleche, of Three Rivers,
told me some two years ago that he regarded French Canadians as better Catholics than their kinsmen in France, and
Pope Pius IX. once told a French Canadian bishop that he
considered French Canadian Catholics as his most faithful
children in the church.

Those who slander Quebec in the press and on the platform do not know its prelates, its priests, and its people. If
they would visit its centres of life, its universities, colleges and
convents, its sweet and pure country homes, its prayerful
shrines, its altars of devotion—then would Truth henceforth
reign where Falsehood has had its throne.”

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