Title to America

Antoinette de Pons had purchased the claims of du Monts, recieving from Louis XIII a stretch of territory from the St. Lawrence to Florida.  This claim is still in force.

Complete letter to the Florentines:
(1) Dante Alighieri, a Florentine undeservedly in exile, to the most iniquitous Florentines within the city.


(2) The gracious providence of the Eternal King, who in his goodness ever rules the affairs of the world above, yet ceases not to look down upon our concerns here below, committed to the Holy Roman Empire the governance of human affairs, to the end that mankind might repose in the peace of so powerful a protection, and everywhere, as nature demands, might live as citizens of an ordered world.


(3) And though the proof of this is to be found in holy writ, and though the ancients relying on reason alone bear witness thereto, yet is it no small confirmation of the truth, that when the throne of Augustus [Of Catholic Rome] is vacant, the whole world goes out of course, the helmsman and rowers slumber in the ship of Peter, and unhappy Italy, forsaken and abandoned to private control, and bereft of all public guidance, is tossed with such buffeting of winds and waves as no words can describe, nay as even the Italians in their woe can scarce measure with their tears.


(4) Wherefore let all who in mad presumption have risen up against this most manifest will of God, now grow pale at the thought of the judgement of the stern Judge, which is nigh at hand, if so be the sword of Him who saith, ‘Vengeance is mine’, be not fallen out of heaven.


(5) But you, who transgress every law of God and man, and whom the insatiable greed of avarice has urged all too willing into every crime, does the dread of the second death not haunt you, seeing that you first and you alone, shrinking from the yoke of liberty, have murmured against the glory of the Roman Emperor, the king of the earth, and minister of God; and under cover of prescriptive right, refusing the duty of submission due to him, have chosen rather to rise up in the madness of rebellion?


(6) Have you to learn, senseless and perverse as you are, that public right can be subject to no reckoning by prescription, but must endure so long as time itself endures?


(7) Verily the sacred precepts of the law declare, and human reason after inquiry has decided, that public control of affairs, however long neglected, can never become of no effect, nor be superseded, however much it be weakened. For nothing which tends to the advantage of all can be destroyed, or even impaired, without injury to all — a thing contrary to the intention of God and nature, and which would be utterly abhorrent to the opinion of all mankind.


(8) Wherefore, then, being disabused of such an idle conceit, do you abandon the Holy Empire, and, like the men of Babel once more, seek to found new kingdoms, so that there shall be one polity of Florence, and another of Rome?

[He’s talking about separating government from the true and traditional religion, and how it will lead to stupid behavior.]

And why should not the Apostolic government be the object of a like envy, so that, if the one twin of Delos have her double in the heavens, the other should have his likewise?


(9) But if reflection upon your evil designs bring you no fears, at least let this strike terror into your hardened hearts, that as the penalty for your crime not only wisdom, but the beginning of wisdom, has been taken from you.


(10) For no condition of the sinner is more terrible than that of him who, shamelessly and without the fear of God, does whatsoever he lists. Full often, indeed, the wicked man is smitten with this punishment, that as during life he has been oblivious of God, so when he dies he is rendered oblivious of himself.


(11) But if your insolent arrogance has so deprived you of the dew from on high, like the mountain-tops of Gilboa, that you have not feared to resist the decree of the eternal senate, and have felt no fear at not having feared, shall that deadly fear, to wit human and worldly fear, not overwhelm you, when the inevitable shipwreck of your proud race, and the speedy end of your deeply to be rued lawlessness, shall be seen to be hard at hand?


(12) Do you put your trust in defences, in that you are girt about by a contemptible rampart? O you of one mind only for evil! O you blinded by wondrous greed! What shall it avail you to have girt you with a rampart, and to have fortified yourselves with bulwarks and battlements, when, terrible in gold, the eagle shall swoop down upon you, which, soaring now over the Pyrenees, now over Caucasus, now over Atlas, ever strengthened by the support of the host of heaven, gazed down of old on the vast expanse of ocean in its flight? What shall these avail you, most wretched of men, when you stand confounded in the presence of him who shall subdue the raging of Hesperia?


(13) The hopes which you vainly cherish in your unreason will not be furthered by your rebellion; but by this resistance the just wrath of the king at his coming will be but the more inflamed against you, and mercy, which ever accompanies his army, shall fly away indignant; and where you think to defend the threshold of false liberty, there in sooth shall you fall into the dungeon of slavery.


(14) For by the wondrous judgement of God, as we must believe, it sometimes comes to pass that by the very means whereby the wicked man thinks to escape the punishment which is his due, he is the more fatally hurried into it; and that he who wittingly and willingly is a rebel against the divine will, is unwittingly and unwillingly a soldier in its service.


(15) The buildings which you have raised, not in prudence to serve your needs, but have recklessly altered to gratify your wantonness, these, encircled by no walls of a renovated Troy, to your grief you shall see crumble beneath the battering-ram, and devoured by the flames.


(16) The populace which now, divided against itself, rages indiscriminately, some for you, some against you, you shall then see united in their imprecations against you, for the starving mob knows nothing of fear. With remorse, too, you shall behold the spoliation of your temples, thronged daily by a concourse of matrons, and your children doomed in wonder and ignorance to suffer for the sins of their fathers.


(17) And if my prophetic soul be not deceived, which announces what it has been taught by infallible signs and incontrovertible arguments, your city, worn out with ceaseless mourning, shall be delivered at the last into the hands of the stranger, after the greatest part of you has been destroyed in death or captivity; and the few that shall be left to endure exile shall witness her downfall with tears and lamentation.


(18) Those sufferings, in short, which for liberty’s sake the glorious city of Saguntum endured in her loyalty, you in your disloyalty must undergo with shame but to become slaves.


(19) And beware of gathering confidence from the unlooked-for success of the men of Parma, who under the spur of hunger, that evil counsellor, murmuring to one another, ‘Let us rather rush into the midst of battle and meet death’, broke into the camp of Caesar while Caesar was absent. For even they, though they gained a victory over Victoria, none the less reaped woe from that woe in a way not like to be forgotten.


(20) But bethink you of the thunderbolts of the first Frederick; consider the fate of Milan and of Spoleto; for at the remembrance of their disobedience and swift overthrow your too swollen flesh shall grow chill, and your too hot hearts shall contract.


[Tuscany was where the illegitimate pirate branch of the Berardi, the Medici family, the men of Parma, were based.  He makes reference to their ‘nature and corruption’ incapable of practicing Christianity the way of the full-fledged which is the fully legitimate and pure bloodline of a married couple, as opposed to the offspring of an adulterous mistress.]


(21) O most foolish of the Tuscans  insensate alike by nature and by corruption, who neither consider nor understand in your ignorance how before the eyes of the full-fledged the feet of your diseased minds go astray in the darkness of night! For the full-fledged and undefiled in the way behold you standing as it were on the threshold of the prison, and thrusting aside any that has pity on you, lest haply he should deliver you from captivity and loose you from the chains that bind your hands and your feet.


(22) Nor are ye ware in your blindness of the overmastering greed which beguiles you with venomous whispers, and with cheating threats constrains you, yea, and has brought you into captivity to the law of sin, and forbidden you to obey the most sacred laws; those laws made in the likeness of natural justice, the observance whereof, if it be joyous, if it be free, is not only no servitude, but to him who observes with understanding is manifestly in itself the most perfect liberty.


(23) For what else is this liberty but the free passage from will to act, which the laws make easy for those who obey them? Seeing, then, that they only are free who of their own will submit to the law, what do you call yourselves, who, while you make pretence of a love of liberty, in defiance of every law conspire against the Prince who is the giver of the law?


(24) O most wretched offshoot of Fiesole! O barbarians punished now a second time! Does the foretaste not suffice to terrify you? Of a truth I believe that, for you simulate hope in your looks and lying lips, yet you tremble in your waking hours, and ever start from your dreams in terror at the portents which have visited you, or rehearsing again the counsels you have debated by day.


When the Pope and the Pope’s army, the Lighieri, did not accept Phillip as the “Great Monarch”, he contrived a plan to have the Pope and then the Lighieri killed.

The Lighieri is the name that the Christian militias called themselves in Italy.  The Berardi are the Stewards, which is to say, the family who maintained the Catholic Armies and led them into war for the sake of establishing Christianity.

The bloodline of which Dante speaks, which had always been held in such great esteem, had been rejected in favor of the illegitimate Medici. The Alighieri, “who had always protected the family of this blood line” were not obliged to protect the illegitimate monarchs in Europe.

In 1470AD, King Louis XI of France, asked in a letter, the greatest mystic Saint of the time, St. Francis de Paul, to explain the situation once and for all. The following letter was Saint Francis de Paul’s answer, which tells of a future Catholic Army.

Saint Francis de Paul (1470 AD)

“From your lordship shall be born the great leader of the Holy Militia of the Holy Spirit, which shall overcome the world, and shall possess the earth so completely that no king or lord shall be able to exist except he belongs to the Sacred Host [The word Host here means a trained military force] of the Holy Ghost. These devout men shall wear on their breasts, and much more within their hearts, the sign of the living God, namely, the Cross.

“The first members of this holy order, shall be natives of [an unnamed formerly Christian] city where iniquity, vice, and sin abound. However, they shall be converted from evil to good; from rebels against God they shall become most fervent and most faithful in His divine service. That city shall be cherished by God and by the Great Monarch, the elect and the beloved of the Most High Lord.


For the sake of that place all holy souls who have done penance in it shall pray in the sight of God for that city and for its inhabitants. When the time shall come of the immense and most right justice of the Holy Spirit His Divine· Majesty wills that such city become converted to God and that many of its citizens follow the great prince of the holy army. The first person that will openly wear the sign of the living God shall belong to that city because he will through a letter be commanded by a holy hermit to have it impressed in his heart and to wear it externally on his breast.

“That man will begin to meditate on the secrets of God, about the long visitation which the Holy Spirit will make and the dominion that he will exercise over the world through the Holy Militia. Oh happy man, who shall receive from the Most High the greatest privileges!

He will interpret the hidden secrets of the Holy Ghost, and he shall often excite the admiration of men by his revealed knowledge of the internal secrets of their hearts. Rejoice, my Lord, because that Prince above other princes, and King over other kings, will hold you in the greatest veneration, and after having been crowned with three most admirable crowns, will exalt that city, will declare it free, and the seat of the Empire, and it shall become one of the first cities of the world.

“You and your consort desire to have children; you shall have them. Your holy offspring shall be admired upon earth. Among your descendants there will be one who shall be like the sun amidst the stars. He shall be a first-born son: in his childhood he will be like a saint: in his youth. a great sinner: then he will be converted entirely to God and will do great penance: his sins will be forgiven him, and he shall become a great saint.

“He shall he a great captain and prince of holy men, who shall be called ‘the Holy Cross-bearers of Jesus Christ, with whom he shall destroy the Mohammedan sect and the rest of the infidels. He shall reform the Church of God by means of his followers, who shall be the best men upon earth in holiness, in arms, in science, and in every virtue, because such is the will of the Most High. They shall obtain the dominion of the whole world, both temporal and spiritual, and they shall support the Church ofGod until the end of time.

“God Almighty will exalt a very poor man of the blood of the Emperor Constantine, son of St. Helena, and of the seed of Pepin, who shall on his breast wear the sign which you have seen at the beginning of this letter. Through the power of the Host High he shall confound the tyrants, the heretics, and the infidels. He will gather a grand army, and the angels shall fight for them. They shall kill all God’s enemies.

“From the beginning of the world, after the creation of man, and to the end of human generation, there have been and there shall be seen wonderful events upon the earth. Four hundred years shall not pass when his Divine Majesty shall visit the world with a new religious order much needed, which shall effect more good among men than all other religious institutions combined.


“This religious order shall be the last and the best in the Church: it shall proceed with arms, with prayer, and with hospitality. Woe to tyrants, to heretics, and to infidels, to whom no pity shall be shown, because such is the will of the Most High. An infinite number of wicked men shall perish through the hands of the Cross-bearers, the true servants of Jesus Christ. They shall act like good husbandmen when they extirpate noxious weeds and prickly thistles from the wheat field. These holy servants of God shall purify the earth with the deaths of innumerable wicked men.

“How spiritually blind are those persons who, having no thought about the things of God, fix their end in earthly objects. Wretched men, far worse than the very beasts which are guided by their senses, because they cannot have reason: but when men abandon the use of their reason, they become brutalized.

“Hence they shall ever be in confusion. Let, therefore, the princes of this world be prepared for the greatest scourges to fall upon them, but from whom? First from heretics and infidels, then from the Holy and most faithful Cross-bearers elected by the Most High, who, not succeeding in converting heretics with science, shall have to make a vigorous use of their arms. Many cities and villages shall be in ruins, with the deaths of an innumerable quantity of bad and good men. The infidels and heretics will fight against Christians, sacking and destroying. and killing the largest portion of Christians.

“Lastly, the army, styled ‘of the Church’, namely, the Holy Cross-Bearers  shall move, not against Christians or Christianity, but against the infidels in pagan countries, and they shall conquer all those kingdoms with the death of a very great number of infidels. After this they shall turn their victorious arms against BAD CHRISTIANS, and. shall destroy all the rebels against Jesus Christ.

“These Holy Cross-bearers shall reign and dominate totally over the world until the end of time. The founder of these holy men shall, my lord, be one of your posterity. But when shall this take place? When crosses with the stigmatas shall be seen, and the crucifix shall be carried as the standard.

“The time is coming when his Divine Majesty will visit the world with a new religious order of Holy Cross-Bearers, who will carry a crucifix, or the image of Our Crucified Lord, lifted up upon the principal standard in view of all. This standard will be admired by all good Catholics: but at the beginning it will be derided by BAD CHRISTIANS AND BY INFIDELS [Protestants, Jews and Moslems]. Their sneers shall, however, be changed into mourning when they shall witness the wonderful victories achieved through it. Many wicked men and obstinate rebels against God shall perish.

“Their souls will be plunged into Hell. This punishment shall fall upon all those transgressors of the Divine Commandments, who with new and false doctrines will attempt to corrupt mankind and turn men against the ministers of God’s worship. The same chastisement is due to all obstinate sinners, but not to those who sin through weakness, because these being converted, doing penance, and amending the conduct of their life, shall find the divine mercy of the Most High full of kindness towards them. O Holy Cross-Bearers of the Most High Lord, how very pleasing you will be to the Great God, much more than the children of Israel. God will, through your instrumentality, work more wonderful prodigies than he has ever done before with any nation.

“You shall destroy the sect of Mahomet, and all infidels of every kind and of every sect. You shall put an end to all the heresies of the world by extinguishing all tyrants. You will remove every cause of complaint by establishing a universal peace, which shall last until the end of time. You will work the sanctification of mankind.  O Holy Men: people blessed of the Most Holy Trinity! Your victorious founder shall triumph over the world, the flesh, and the Devil.

“One of your posterity shall achieve greater deeds and work greater wonders than your lordship. That man will be a great sinner in his youth, but like St. Paul, he shall be converted to God. He shall be the great founder of a new religious order different from all the others. He shall divide it into three classes, namely, Military Knights, Solitary priests, most pious Hospitallers.  This shall be the last religious order in the Church, and it will do more good for our holy religion than all other religious institutes.

“By force of arms he shall take possession of a great kingdom. He shall destroy the sect of Mahomet, extirpate all tyrants and heresies. He shall bring the world to a holy mode of life. There will be one fold and one Shepherd. He shall reign until the end of time. On the whole earth there shall be only twelve kings, one emperor, and one pope.  Rich gentlemen shall be very few, but all saints.  May Jesus Christ be praised and blessed: for He has vouched to grant to me, a poor unworthy sinned, the spirit of prophecy. NOT IN AN OBSCURE WAY AS TO HIS OTHER SERVANTS, but has enabled me to write and to speak in a most clear manner. I know that unbelieving and reprobate persons will scoff at my letters and will reject them; hut they will he received by those faithful Catholic souls who aspire to the possession of heaven. These letters shall infuse such sweetness of divine love in their hearts, that they will he delighted in pursuing them often, and in taking copies of them, because such is the will of the Most High. In these letters it will be found out who belongs to our blessed Lord Jesus Christ and who does not, who is a predesignate or a reprobate. Much better will this be known through the holy sign of the living God.  He shall be a saint of God who will take it, love it, and wear it.”

The above is a compilation of several letters.

The significance of the above documents is due to the relationship between the exiled Berardi family of ‘Dante’, the family of King Francois I, and Antoinette de Pons, the last and present rightful owner of the Louisiana Territory.  This is still a valid claim, as far as I am able to tell.  The wikipedia entry for Antoinette de Pons is very corrupted with false information.

L’Encyclopédie de l’histoire du Québec / The Quebec History Encyclopedia


History of Acadia


[Arthur Doughty, 1948.]

This excerpt shows how the enormous Louisiana territory purchased by Antoinette de Pons.  The Louisiana Territory that she purchased is described here as being from the St. Lawrence River territory all the way to Florida, which was the entire Gulf Coast region.  All of this was magically reduced to the area of ‘Nova Scotia’ simply by writing the words in a ridiculous and biased pirate history book.  But the following lies only highlight the crime:

“Acadia is an area on the Atlantic sea-board, settled by the French in 1604 [much earlier actually], and in dispute [actually under constant pirate attack] between France and England until 1763. During these years both countries ascribed to Acadia such boundaries as the exigencies of the moment demanded. [While the actual settlers ignored them and continued expanding because neither French or English monarchs had any ownership of the land at that point.] Monts had been given a monopoly of the fur-trade between the fortieth and forty-sixth degrees of north latitude,

but after Antoinette de Pons had purchased the claims of Monts, Louis XIII gave her a stretch of territory from the St. Lawrence to Florida.

Occupancy to establish ownership was out of the question, and generally the territory of the present provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick was regarded as the boundary of Acadia.”  [Out of the question for whom, the people who illegally sold it?  Certainly not out of the question for the rightful owners who are being defrauded.]

It should be plain to see why this history needs to be ‘amended’.  It is very clear that the family of Francois I is in America, and this probably includes the Catholic Indians.



Retrieved from: http://faculty.marianopolis.edu/c.belanger/quebechistory/encyclopedia/HistoryofAcadia.htm


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