Al Mahdi, Hussein Obama and Omar

Why don’t the Muslims like the name Omar?  Why are they forced to change their names to Hussein by ISIS thugs?

There are many videos which explain the meaning of the word “Al Mahdi” in Islam. It’s important to know what Al Mahdi means, because this is the title of Barack Hussein Obama in the Muslim world.  Al Mahdi was part of the myth of world domination of the Khazarian tribe that was part of the propaganda that Rashid wanted to spread in Damascus at the time of the Crusades.  This is the myth that created the Shia sect and the goal of the destruction of Christianity.

It is commonly known that the protestant Shia sect stems from Ali, the husband of Fatima, supposedly ‘Muhammad’s’ only daughter.  If you’ve been following my research, you’ll understand better why I propose that she was probably the daughter of Omar. Let’s take a closer look at Sharia Law and it’s possible roots.

The place called Fatima is in Portugal, the last strongly Catholic area of Western Europe. Fatima is the location of the most famous apparition of the Virgin Mary, and the miracle of the sun that was witnessed by 70,000 people.  The reason these apparitions are important, and there have been several, is that they foretold the occupation of the Vatican by the Jews.  The Catholic Church rarely uses the word ‘Jews’.  The word used is ‘Anti-Christ’.  These warnings began 100 years ago, each message getting clearer and clearer even to the point of telling Catholics that we can receive Holy Communion through the Archangel Michael through prayer.  In other words, we were advised not to be part of the present Jewish mockery of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.  I would add further that we should be wary of accepting the communion host that comes from the hand of a Muslim or Jewish priest pretending to be Catholic.  They have cannibalistic tendencies, and they love to trick others into being cannibals also. They use poisons.  What a punishment on us to have to be dealing with this.

I have an idea that Fatima was not the daughter of Mohammad, because Mohammad is the corrupted name of Maimonides, the Jewish Rabbi who is called Rambo.  She might actually be part of Omar’s family, and Fatima is probably a version of the name Adelaide, the name of several powerful Catholic abbesses who were daughters of Holy Roman Emperors, and one daughter of King Stephen of Hungary,  all Catholic Monarchs who were ancestors of King Francois I and Antoinette de Pons.  The family of Omar, with the Christian legions, quashed Rashid’s schemes in Damascus and they recovered the Christian treasure from Khurasan, the Khazarian stronghold.

The young prince, son of the Old Man of the Mountain of Alamut who is called Hussein II in the encyclopedia, the one whose father was murdered by Rashid, had to have actually been Omar I/Muawaiya I and it was his son Omar II who is also called Abed Al Rahman, who escaped to Spain to drum up support to get rid of Rashid.  The title ‘Rahman’ has to refer to his status as standard bearer and very close relative of the Holy Roman Emperor.  The more I read about it, the more I am convinced, but my research continues.  I have read in several early Islamic sources that the mother of Abed Al Rahman was a blonde Christian, and the Abed Al RAhman was blonde and freckled.  Aren’t freckles common among true Spanish?  When Omar I was murdered and Omar II escaped to get help, that was the moment when Rashid stole the treasure from Damascus and brought it to Khourasan in Northern Iraq, according to the Encyclopedia entries.


This is Abed Al Rahman III, descendant of Omar who was part of the Al Andaluz dynasty in Spain.  Al Andaluz was not actually a “Muslim” dynasty at all, it is an early version of what became the name Louis. The people we now call “Muslim” were Mahometans, or followers of Maimonides, they were the tribe of the Khaz’rj, or the Khazarian Jews as we know them today.  


That was the moment when the Christian Mongolians with Thomas Berard and his brothers recovered the treasure from Khourasan and a knight named Gautier left with it to go ‘overseas’.  This is how the Jews know what is in the treasure, but we don’t.  We don’t know where it was brought, but they are certain that it is in the “Money Pit” at Oak Island in Nova Scotia, North America.  The property is in private hands, they have spent large sums trying to get inside and a number of lives have been lost in the process, because it is a cleverly constructed masonry trap that leads to death if you can’t figure it out.


I found this posted on the internet, but I certainly can’t confirm it.  

I reported recently on the name situation in ISIS controlled Middle East, where anyone with the name Omar had to change it to  “Hussein” or else face persecution.  Since the family of Omar, backed up by the Catholic legions, recovered the treasure, it is clear to see why ISIS hates the name Omar, considering who is actually funding them.

The real name of what is called Hussein I and II in the encyclopedia entry should have been Omar I and II, also called Muawaya, and this was the man who was originally Christian and living at the Christian Castle called Al Kahf in Syria.  See previous articles for background.


The name Maimonides was transformed into Mahomet and then Muhammad.  Maimonides is the Jewish Rabbi who created the set of laws that we call Sharia, originally called Noahide Laws.

This is supposed to be Maimonides, but he could as easily have been a negro.  They portray him with a straight nose, which is very doubtful.  This image is from the 18th century. Either way, he is clearly depicted as an Arab. He was born in 1135 in Cordova and died in 1204 in Egypt, according to wikipedia entry, anyway.

Their own Wikipedia tells us:
“Maimonides’s writings on Jewish law and ethics are met with “acclaim and gratitude, even as far away as Iraq and Yemen, and although Maimonides rose to become the revered head of the Jewish community in Egypt, there were also vociferous critics of some of his writings, particularly in Spain.”

His writings are vehemently anti-Christian. He promoted Christian slavery and theft of Christian property and he encouraged Jews to pretend to be Christian in order to take advantage of them.  He promoted rebellion against Christian authority, and since much of his law is ‘oral’, God only knows what else he promotes. He is responsible for the Jewish end-time prophecy that all Christians must be annihilated for their Messiah to arrive, and the Jewish mind believes that prophecy must be “made to come true” as they put it.

There is no ethnic or religious distinction between the Jew and the Muslim for a Khazarian. Their Khaz’rj tribal identity overrides all. They have created all sects of all religions, and the Saudis are Khazarian as are the Turks.  For this tribe, the container doesn’t matter, they say, as long as it contains the laws of Maimonides, the Talmud and the Noahide/Sharia Law. There is no ethnic or religious distinction between the Jew and the Muslim for a Khazarian. I’m certain that when all is said and done, they are in essence a pedophile ring.

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