We Are Legion


English translations of the Bible are there to mislead Christians into thinking it’s good to be weak.  The flip side of this coin is the great and over-riding fear of our strength.  The Protestants were firmly in power when the ‘King James’  translation was approved by them.  The New Testament, in the original Latin, reads like private family letters.


After Queen Mary de Guise, of the family of King Francois I, left England, so did many other Catholics, so Protestants had no restraint on what they did in the English language at that time.    So many people speak Spanish today, and Spanish is still so Latin, that common sense alone is enough to see that the translation of two words in the Latin Gospel of John need examining.

The words ‘aligo’ and ‘caritas’ actually have military connotations, being the source of the words legion and courage.   By substituting the word ‘love’ for ‘aligo’, what do you think they intend?  The root of caritas is cara and it refers to courage and bravery to ‘face’ danger.  Cara literally means ‘face’ in Spanish, and it also means to have nerve.  Think of the courage, the ‘carage’ let us say,  of the Crusaders to organize legions to fight for or even offer themselves in ransom for captured slaves.  I imagine that by offering themselves in ransom for a slave, this allowed soldiers to infiltrate the slave caravans and thereby bring about victory over the slave traders.  Imagine the hatred these slave traders have for Catholics.

Why do our enemies like ‘change’, ‘modernism’, ‘progress’?  The goal of every ‘change’ is to weaken us as a people.  They want us to forget our heritage of victory and skill in war strategy as Greeks and Romans. They want us to be their Janissaries. Janissary is from the Arabic word for Christian, ‘Nasar’, and the full term refers to ‘young Christians’ that are trained by mongrel bloods from youth to fight against other Christians in defense of the mongrel usurper’s dynasty.  This describes what happened in Constantinople.

Janissaries were the privileged and elite personal bodyguard of the enemies of Christianity and the white race.  In Bulgaria, the word Janissary means traitor.  The Jews often mislead people by calling themselves Turks, just as they call themselves German, American, Indian and absolutely everything else, except White.  The Gospel of John warns to beware of ‘similacrum’, that which simulates the law, but isn’t.  This imposter race is in the process of making it against the law to call a Jew ‘white’, in order to exempt themselves from the race wars that they incite.


Because I know the illegitimate bloodlines, I know that every change to the Lenten Laws for fasting were changed by those mongrel bloods using their occasional power to plead a special dispensation from the pope.  The fasting laws were in place to strengthen the physical and mental powers of the Roman Catholic people.  Rather than participate in this and make themselves stronger, the mongrel bloods only sought to make others as weak as themselves.  Without a doubt, their weakness and degeneration was and is a result of the most shocking in-breeding patterns.  This has resulted in a uniform distribution of psychopathic and criminal behavior. This would happen in any in-bred group that starts out criminal, seeks other criminals, and offers little chance for an alternative gene recombination due to delusions of exclusivity and superiority that get more and more irrational with each generation.

This is a typical Jewish family tree.  In this inbred bloodline can be found a number of names that we see in movie production, finance, politics, military, famous frauds, mafiosos and there’s even the name of the famous Iriquois Indian with the surname Hendricks who changed his alliance from Pirate to Catholic.

Posted below is a recording of Father Hesse, Vatican Cannon Lawyer.  The Cannon is the law of the Romans, not quite the Law of God or the Dogma of the Church, which can never be changed.  The Cannon law can be changed, but shouldn’t, because it is handed to us from the ancients and we should respect that.  The first thing that Satan always does is change the law, making a mockery of law by legalizing crime and criminalizing what is honest and fair.  Father Hesse explains how this was done with the Cannon of the Church, same as has been done with what we call the “Constitution”.

In the strictly legal sense, the “Constitution” is aught  but a set of corporate bylaws of the privately owned corporation of the U.S.A.  Originally based on ancient law of England, the pirates in America changed a few clauses to remove the death penalty and confiscation of property for treason.  The signatories to that agreement have every right to put into the Constitution whatever they want.  Their laws only apply to the signatories, though, just like any legal document. If you didn’t sign it, you are under no obligation to it, and that means you and I.  They don’t have our signatures on the documents, not even that of our ancestors.  The Constitution is their family document not ours. In the Catholic Church, we are baptized when born and then as young adults we are ‘Confirmed’.  This is our agreement to the contract, renewed with each individual.

If pirates and mongrels occupy our land illegally, it’s our responsibility to take it back.  They not only will not give it back voluntarily, they will continue to enslave, genocide and repress the true owners, you and I, in hopes that legal challenges to their authority will evaporate.

Historically speaking, in America the only rightful law established by the will of the people both native and migrant was Roman law, encoded and preserved in the Roman Catholic Cannon law.  I have recieved word that there are Indians who still know their Roman Catholic heritage and alliance.  This is heavily censored, logically enough.  It was a voluntary decision of our ancestors to subject themselves to this law, under which heretics are excommunicated.  Non-adherents have no say and are outside the gates. No dialogue about it.

If the heretics lock the Catholics out of the gates, the law still remains in force, and the heretics must be forcefully removed by the Catholic Legions who have the courage to FACE that dangerous task.  However, Deuteronomy guarantees us that if we are serving God’s will, he will give us help and protection.  God needs for his legitimate people to weed his garden of psychopathic inbred violent subhumans.

The legitimate people in America are the Roman people who were called Catholics, last time anyone bothered to check.  A Catholic is one who supports legitimate Catholic law.  It’s an issue of legitimacy in terms of religion and rulership that function in unison, voluntarily, as compared to the law of the jungle which can be seen in the migrant invasion and destruction of Europe, and the now total dictatorship of USA, Inc. of which Murder, Inc. is an integral part.  Obama’s dictatorship has been cannonized in their Satanic Church bylaws, but like I said, this doesn’t concern us.

Many, many true Catholic priests have been assassinated, and Father Hesse also has passed away.  I hate to think how much joy this gives some people.  Others, like Archbishop Williamson, are hounded in the courts by merciless Jews clubbing the 87 year old man to death with Holohoax denial laws.  It is only recently that some Brits are waking up and deciding to defend this valuable Archbishop.  His knowledge and understanding are a jewel in the crown of the British people.

Listen carefully how Father Hesse describes the reaction of the Vatican envoy sent to the SSPX property.  The greedy and avaricious  Satanists that infest the Vatican, when viewing the SSPX property, obviously had other ideas besides that of training traditional Catholic priests there.

According to my interpretation of the Gospel of John, a brave league must be made according to God’s mandate and that of his Son, Jesus.  Otherwise, we will not be able, because we will fall into divisiveness.

I have observed the mongrels inserting their illegitimate bloodlines into internet genealogies of Catholics, especially the purest royal lineages, for years now.  They do this even as they kill Catholics around the world, and insult in their media.  I know their families, and I know ours, and I can spot the imposters at a glance.

Remember that Pope Benedict is still alive somewhere.  Those of you who think the Pink Panther Pope is the real deal, listen to Father Hesse, speaking during the time of Pope Benedict, and defending his character, and you’ll hear what a real Catholic sounds like.  I hope that someone gets this to Trump.



Check out the Latin wherever you see the words ‘love’ and ‘charity’ in scripture.

‘Deligo’ in Latin does not mean ‘love’.  Christians are not called to ‘love one another’, we are called to be in league with each other, and to be diligent in the truth.  Caritas does not mean Charity, it means courage in the face of danger.


Definitions of league


a collection of people, countries, or groups that combine for a particular purpose, typically mutual protection or cooperation.

As in the League of Nations…

synonyms: alliance, confederation, confederacy, federation, union, association, coalition, consortium, affiliation, guild, cooperative, partnership, fellowship, syndicate

a group of sports clubs that play each other over a period for a championship.

synonyms: big league(s), major league(s), minor league(s), American League, National League, intramural league, Little League, bush league

a class or category of quality or excellence.

‘the two men were not in the same league’

synonyms: class, group, circle, category, level

a former measure of distance by land, usually about three miles.

‘In 1803 Napoleon exiled her to twenty leagues , roughly fifty miles, from Paris.’

verb:  join in a league or alliance.

‘Oscar had leagued with other construction firms’

synonyms: ally, join forces, join together, unite, band together, affiliate

Spanish is the language that is still most similar to Latin.  The word liga in Spanish is defined:

liga (f); also (Dep) sociedad (f); asociación (f); comunidad (f)

Society, association, community.



Cáritas   Noun

  1. (general)
  2. charitable organization run by the Catholic Church
  • ca·ri·tas    [ˈkariˌtas, ˈkäriˌtäs]


NOUN:      Christian love of humankind; charity.

Origin Mid 19th century: Latin.


So it says clearly that this new definition of an ancient Latin word ‘caritas’ was created in the mid 19th century by English speakers who could only have been Protestant.

Now let’s correct the translation of the Gospel of John with these two words in their context.  The following passage had many more misleading translations that are all designed to veil the true nature of the message.  What is veiled is that this is a letter of allegiance addressed to a Queen and her children, with these words:

1 Presbyter electae dominae et filiis eius, quos ego diligo in veritate, et non ego solus, sed et omnes, qui noverunt veritatem,

2 propter veritatem, quae permanet in nobis et nobiscum erit in sempiternum.


My freestyle translation is this:

High Priestess of the Elect, and your children, with whom I am in league with truth.   And not just me, but all who renew the truth, who prop up the truth, which is permanent in us and ours always and forever.

Douey Rhiems translation of the same, take your choice:


1 The ancient to the lady Elect, and her children, whom I am in league with in the truth, and not I only, but also all they that have known the truth,

2 For the sake of the truth which dwelleth in us, and shall be with us for ever.

Here I continue with the proper translation in place of ‘love’ and ‘charity’, and a few other clarifications.

3 Grace is with you, compassion, and in a pact with God the Father, and Christ Jesus the Son of the Father; in truth and courage.

4 I was exceeding glad that I found thy children travelling in truth, as we have accepted a mandate from the Father.

5 And now I beseech thee, Queen, not as writing a new mandate to thee, but that which we have had from the beginning, that we remain in league with one another.

6 And this is courage: that we walk according to his mandate. For this is the mandate, that what you have heard from the beginning, in this you do the same:

7 For many seducers in this world are for God, but whoever does not believe that Jesus Christ came to us in the flesh: this is a seducer and an antichrist.


Verse 7 is interesting in that ‘came to us in the flesh’ could also signify that they are of the bloodline of Jesus: his children, grandchildren and beyond, depending on how you choose to interpret the words.


8 Look to yourselves, that you not lose this, but that you reach your full merit.  


Is verse eight telling them not to marry mongrels?


9 Whosoever proceeds forth but not in the doctrine of Christ, God will not make able.  Whosever remains in the doctrine, in this the Father and Son will give ability.

10 If any man come to you, and does not confirm this doctrine, receive him not into your dominions nor say to him,  Ave. 

My poetic eye sees in the word AVE, both the word ‘white’ as in the tribe and culture called today Alawite, [root word Ave] a group targeted for extermination by Israelis.  Upon consideration, I see a message that we should not sell ‘aviones’, that is, fighter jets, airplanes and aircraft carriers, something that is unique to white culture.  White people love to tinker with and perfect their machines and technology, and that is something that should never be sold to non-Romans for them to gain an advantage over us.  We should not call them white if they aren’t, we should not call them ‘us’ if they aren’t.


11 For he that saith unto the anti-Christ, Ave, communicated with his wicked works.


How about this for a free style interpretation:  “Whoever says to the wicked man, we are all the same, and so I’ll give you airplanes and boats for military use, enables his wicked works by adding your white brain power to his evil mongrel plans.  He will use the planes to eliminate white people, God’s elect, and instead try to put the Satanic race in power over you.” These words are a warning.  The following line reveals that there are some things that cannot be written:

12 Having more things to write unto you, I would not by paper and ink: for I hope that I shall be with you, and speaking among ourselves: that your ‘gaudium’ [translated as Joy] may be full.

13 The children of thy sister Elect salute thee. 

[The letter is addressed to the Aunt of the writer, or at least by someone who is close to the Queen’s nieces and nephews. ]

The entire passage of John 2:1-13 in Latin for others to have fun with:


1 Presbyter electae dominae et filiis eius, quos ego diligo in veritate, et non ego solus, sed et omnes, qui noverunt veritatem,

2 propter veritatem, quae permanet in nobis et nobiscum erit in sempiternum.

3 Erit nobiscum gratia, misericordia, pax a Deo Patre et a Iesu Christo, Filio Patris, in veritate et caritate.

4 Gavisus sum valde, quoniam inveni de filiis tuis ambulantes in veritate, sicut mandatum accepimus a Patre.

5 Et nunc rogo te, domina, non tamquam mandatum novum scribens tibi, sed quod habuimus ab initio, ut diligamus alterutrum.

6 Et haec est caritas, ut ambulemus secundum mandata eius; hoc mandatum est, quemadmodum audistis ab initio, ut in eo ambuletis.

7 Quoniam multi seductores prodierunt in mundum, qui non confitentur Iesum Christum venientem in carne; hic est seductor et antichristus.

8 Videte vosmetipsos, ne perdatis, quae operati estis, sed ut mercedem plenam accipiatis.

9 Omnis, qui ultra procedit et non manet in doctrina Christi, Deum non habet; qui permanet in doctri na, hic et Patrem et Filium habet.

10 Si quis venit ad vos et hanc doctrinam non affert, nolite accipere eum in domum nec ” Ave ” ei dixeritis;

11 qui enim dicit illi: ” Ave “, communicat operibus illius malignis.

12 Plura habens vobis scribere, nolui per chartam et atramentum; spero enim me futurum apud vos, et os ad os loqui, ut gaudium nostrum plenum sit.

13 Salutant te filii sororis tuae electa.

2 thoughts on “We Are Legion

  1. Excellant work! I offer one other word the scripture uses which decidedly reveals the White race. That word is ABBA.
    ABBA means White Father , is of Gaidhlig origin ( Gaelic) and is pronounced Ap pa. Ap= white, Pa= dad, or PApa
    Europe also means lands of the White Father. Euro= land of Ur or Ural,
    Oor oppa is what is being said.


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