Who Owns Iphone

Those Sa’uds and their Jewish cousins in Tel Aviv not only own I Phone but they also own Citibank which owns GKN Driveline which has a computer chip that can take control of a car remotely and crash it.  And then they own law firms that can sue the owner of the car they crashed, and steal inheritances and whatever they else they want to do because who cares as long as it’s all happening to someone else, right?  And besides they are Jewish and it would be anti-semitic to make them pay for their crimes, as I understand things.

I’ve been asked to deliver a

Message to all Evil White Imperialist Racists:

Where is your compassion?  Those I Phones are crucial to our ability to invade your  homes and kick you out on the street. It is White Imperialist Oppression to deprive us of our I Phones.  These are very important tools in coordinating barrel bomb attacks on your neighborhoods and infrastructure, and we demand our rights.  If you invade our privacy how can  we genocide the white race and take your children as slaves?  What are you a terrorist-phobic? Racist?  Anti-semitic? I guess next you’re going to say that all the Jews should be exterminated, right?   Islam will teach the decadent West that Allah must have his I phone locked!  The Quran says, “Behead all Unlockers of I Phones” and we must obey.


Hussein Ali Abed Ibliss


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