I-Phones and Cannibalism


The massacre in San Bernardino was the real thing, unfortunately.  Long story short:

Apple is owned by Saudi Princes.

Every Jihadi has an I Phone.

No IPhone is manufactured in the United States.

Apple ‘markets’ I Phone at such a high price, in part for having the advantage of allowing the owner to commit crimes and yet be immune from search warrants.  Without this claim to the right to disregard common law, the price of I-Phones would be much lower.

Major American news and entertainment media is owned by Saudi Princes.

Israel and Saudi Arabia and Hillary Clinton and Obama all openly support terrorist organizations who oppose the legal Syrian government.

The American News media misleads the public by exaggerating the danger of ‘loss of privacy’, knowing full well that this is a standard search warrant, easily complied with.

Why won’t Apple open one single cell phone?  Because one cell phone would reveal the entire terror network, and how they are collecting and sharing information on Americans in order to slaughter us, probably in November.

So, the danger is actually to the Saudi Princes and their Jihadi army.   The Jihadis have purchased the pirate commission to steal whatever they can, kill as many as they can, and destroy whatever they can in America. Yes we can.  Hmmmm.

The media reports attempt to make little of the fact that Farook had an arsenal of home-made bombs exactly like the ones being found all over Syria.   You can see this yourself by searching Syria War Videos.  The labels on all Jihadi supplies have Saudi government symbols all over them.

The media never once mentions the possibility that besides Farook, there are many, many others like him.

I have written of my experience when some young male ‘immigrants’ moved into my neighborhood and connected up with local black criminal gangs and stupid white boys recruited in prison.  They absolutely depend on their cell phones and I watched them put me on their kill list.

My Jordanian ‘poor immigrant’ neighbor simply told me that he would kill me, and arrogantly passed on the message to his fellow Jihadis on his $800 I-phone, right in front of my face.  They never work alone.  They mob their victims and attack from behind.  Their instructions are to ‘slit the throats of the enemy while they sleep’.

They also instruct their followers to eat the enemy’s flesh.  I have seen gruesome videos of the decapitated bodies of dead Christians hanging in meat lockers in Syria.  Although this was discovered over a year ago, news has been blocked now that we have a Muslim for President, Saudi ownership of the pirate commission to exterminate us, and a complicit Jewish media that blocks this from being common knowledge.

November is the month that American Jews are told to evacuate America, according to what I gather by monitoring Jewish media.  Those who can afford it have empty apartments in Israel waiting for them.  Considering the massive theft of American money that’s been going on for so long, it’s no problem for most Jews to have an extra apartment waiting for them in Tel Aviv, while Americans continue to experience rampant homelessness.  The Jews laugh at us for this. The terms ‘cracker’ and ‘poor white trash’ get thrown around a lot, and we are portrayed as clowns and psychotic killers in their movies.

In their own media, I hear Jewish Americans call America the ‘Whore of Babylon’, and Americans are derided as the “Christmas Tree People…you don’t wanna mess wit’ dose people”, as they put it, because America “will all be destroyed”.  And the reference is always to our being weakened due to the ‘refugee crisis’ and the terrorists that are coming to America, which these Jews themselves so proudly sponsor.

The Jewish understanding of prophecy is that they have to ‘make the prophecy come true’.  This is absurd of course, since a prophecy is nothing but a warning to change course, in order to have a better outcome.

The absurdity is furthered when the identity of the players within the prophecy is reversed.  Jews identify White Christians, in America and elsewhere, as ‘The Heathen’ who will be destroyed in the end times. Seeing themselves as ‘Israelites’, they truly believe that it is their mandate from God to do the destroying of us, or to arrange it by opening the gates to an invasion force.   My interpretation of these prophecies is that we Americans are the Israelites and it is we who have been given the mandate to destroy the seven tribes of the Heathen.  Only God knows.

My conclusion is that the Jihadis will be enabled to do a massive strike in November, because that’s the month advertised to the Jews for ‘Getting Out’ of the Whore of Babylon.

Looking at bombed out Syria today, the Jihadis being brought into America will operate by lobbing home-made bombs, made from all sizes of propane tanks, into neighborhoods.  Their goal is to make America look like Syria today, complete cities bombed out, empty of people, meat lockers full of human corpses for use as shish kebab and shawarma meat, enslaved children for their brides, and a return of the disease called Kuru by the Papua New Guineans.

Link to Documentary on Kuru:

Kuru is the nasty result of eating human flesh, and it has an incubation period that can be decades long.  It has the peculiar symptom of making people laugh.  It’s actually called the laughing sickness by those natives.  Do you wonder why those creeps in the White House are always laughing? Another really creepy person, though I hesitate to use the word ‘person’, is the South African president by the name of Zuma who is famous for his freaky way of laughing at weird moments, like when talking about the starvation of his people in a drought.

I can’t diagnose anyone from videos of speeches, and Kuru is 100% fatal, but who knows how long it takes for the effects to accumulate.  Kuru is known to Westerners as ‘mad cow disease’ and ‘scrapy’ in sheep.  The symptoms are shaky legs, loss of balance, laughing, and rotting of limbs in some cases. The connection to cannibalism, and most especially eating the brain and heart, has been confirmed by scientists.  There are videos of Jihadis cutting out hearts of dead soldiers and eating them.  They use their high quality IPhones to film this, so there is no question about it.

Now do you know what cannibalism has to do with Iphones?

Jihadi high school textbooks recommend the eating of human flesh, as long it’s the flesh of the enemy.  Everyone is their enemy.  They spread word of their attacks on the enemy with their I-Phones.

Saudi controlled media, with the help of Slate Public Relations, tries to turn a simple search warrant request into a privacy issue, rather than simply open one single cell phone of one known and deadly Jihadi who committed what anyone would call an act of war.

This Jihadi terrorist Farook killed only people that he knew personally, friends and co-workers.

The Jihadi terrorist Farook was a United States Government employee.

Both employer and employee are Arab.

The cell phone was issued by the United States Government.

What would be the consequence of opening one I-phone of one terrorist employed in government under the Obama administration. Imagine the rabbit holes.

What is the Obama Administration?

Not only was the ‘Constitution of the United States’ not signed by a single French Catholic, it was signed specifically by the mortal enemies of our French Catholic ancestors.  It is, in essence, a pirate commission to exterminate Catholic settlers.  The Catholic settlers had to be turned into Protestants and Atheists first, so that Muslims would be welcomed, and then Muslims would do the job.

The Russian KGB contributed their skills in this campaign, during the first part of the 20th century, according to the good man Yuri Brezmenov who defected and explained how it was done.  Of course, by the time he did that in the 1970’s, it was already too late.   The Catholic Church had already been infiltrated with homosexuals who hate the Catholic Church and vowed to destroy it, as confessed by Bella Dodd.  Then with all Catholic resistance to satanic religions removed, now the Muslims can easily be welcomed, coddled, then enraged against us.   Like the Jews, their religiously sanctioned in-breeding has resulted in very low-IQ which is easily manipulated by the propaganda machine.

Russian spies and infiltrating agents were foremost in the anti-Catholic agenda in America, therefore Putin should be apologizing to Americans rather than insulting us.  I am a supporter of Putin for his rescue of the Syrian people, but he needs to correct his errors in this very important subject.   If he continues to ridicule Americans by spreading slanderous false historical narratives, he only helps the Jihadis.

The moral majority in America has had our media sold out to our mortal enemies, the Jihadis and the Jews, the Saudis and Israel, all of whom want nothing but our complete extermination.  By continuing to insult us, Putin only aids in their mission.  As if we don’t already have enough enemies.

Message to Putin: America is not Scarlet Ohara in Gone with the Wind, as you so insultingly compare us.  That is a character in a Hollywood movie.  Why insult us with statements like this, when you criticize others for their ‘unfriendly attitudes’? Can you really justify your self-righteousness when your own country contributed much to the corruption of America, against our will?

I am glad to see Russians returning to their religion, but imagine if you had never lost it in the first place?  Who really created all that is falsely labeled ‘Western decadency’? Self-righteousness and judgmentalism is sinful according to old fashioned orthodox Christianity which our Russian co-religionists practice.  Americans have given so much to the world, and now we find ourselves the subject of everyone’s hatred.  No one seems to remember the unprovoked attack by Arabs on the World Trade Center which some estimate to have a death count of 30,000 people.  Only the Jewish media would find this news worthy of quashing.

The fact is America is a complicated nation full of intelligent, kind hearted people, and yet very good at warfare.  Far from genociding the Indians, our Catholic ancestors rescued them from their cannibalistic families and tribes and the resulting diseases.  The French Catholics were allies of the Indians, and much loved and respected by them besides.  This is factual history, on record.

What is treason in a situation like America?

There is no such thing as treason against a foreign owned-corporation operating on our territory.  There is only treason against yourself and your people.

The Constitution does not recognize any state’s rights whatsoever, and specifically not that of self-defense, especially in the case of treason.  This is the state of slavery, and we have no obligation to consent to it.  This clause exists only in so far as it can be enforced through physical violence and outright warfare.  Therefore, the Constitution is not a civilized document.  The separation of Church and State is an illusion, because this ‘State’ is one and the same as the Church of Satan.  The only Church separated from this ‘State’ is the Catholic Church.

The following quote should make it clear that the individual states are specifically excluded from the protections of the ‘Constitution’.  We are it’s victims.

“Under the Constitution of the United States the power of punishing the crime of treason against the United States is exclusive in Congress; and the trial of the offence belongs exclusively to the Federal tribunals. A State cannot take cognizance or punish the offence, whatever it may do in relation to the offence of treason committed exclusively against itself.”


Very enlightening document is the Motion to Compel Apple Compliance, and provides all the information you need to understand the media fraud being perpetrated against America:

Click to access Motion-to-Compel-Apple-Compliance.pdf


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