Syria, China, Transhumanism and Inbreeding


All major supply routes in Syria have been opened thanks to a combination of Syrian ground troops and Russian air cover.  Hundreds of ammunition depots have been bombed.  A week long ceasefire has been in place since Saturday. Whoever gets control of Syria, controls the Middle East, but it looks like Syria could be divided.  ISIS militants have been funded by Israeli,Turkish and Saudi power brokers, with absolute disregard for the people under their power in those countries, and a willingness to destroy absolutely every last building still standing, especially monasteries, churches and any remnants of Roman or Greek Orthodox Catholicism.  This is completely censored out by Jewish media, along with the holocaust of Christians by the hundreds of thousands, even orphan children, all generally and literally butchered in order to use the meat.  I know from my studies of Islam that the world ‘Halal’ means hell, and that Rabbi Hillel is a code word for Satan.  So I would not be eating any Halal meat.

Russia can’t get to the Mediterranean easily without some part of Syria and besides, Constantinople rightfully belongs to Christians anyway, along with the entire Middle East.  You see, black and Muslim militants believe that we have stolen Europe and America from their ancestors, and therefore they claim a right to our lands and our lives.  As it happens, the entire Middle East once belonged to our Christian ancestors, so the same argument would give us the rights to that land, and much of it is very beautiful and productive.   My thinking is that, a country whose military is capable of taking it should keep it to maintain an orderly government, and land parcels should be given to worthy soldiers.  If we, as Christians, have to get rid of ISIS, we might as well go ahead and recover Constantinople, Anatolia and Macedonia.  Anatolia is the ancient name for Turkey, and as I explained to my grandson, anyone who would give the name ‘Turkey’ to Anatolia doesn’t deserve to rule it.

I hope to hear Gregorian Chants being sung in the Hagia Sophia real soon, the beautiful mosaic artwork restored, a traditional Latin Mass performed…

The cease fire has several purposes, the least of which is an end to fighting.  One purpose is to give time for Iranian troops to amass along the border of Israel between Syria and Jordan.   The Golan Heights is the disputed area from which Israel has been illegally bombing Syrian neighborhoods whenever the Syrian government tries to oust them. Israeli bombing into Syria has been the main obstacle to complete victory over the ISIS gangs in Damascus, but of course we aren’t supposed to know about this.  My sources of information, I must admit, are official and unofficial Youtube news reports and other comments by informed but anonymous bloggers.  There are plenty of people as angry as I am about all the liars and censorship in the media, so some of the most important censored information has been appearing in comment boxes.    I knew that Russian long distance Tuvelo bombers were heard from inside Northern Israel, but no one was talking about it officially.

Netanyahoo is described as ‘paralyzed’ by several people.  Terror attacks in Israel, against Israelis, have been ramping up, and the fear level there is high.  Netanyahoo is dealing with the Saudis, so Arabs are all over Israel.  American Jews can’t understand this.  They continue to hope that Russia and America will fight each other, but conveniently forget the fact that the men doing the fighting have no reason to do that.

Russian Defense is focused on the border between Syria and Turkey where massive theft of oil has been creating confusion in the commodities markets.  To cover up the sale of stolen oil, it appears that Turkey has been pretending to have silver mines that actually don’t exist.

Russia reported that they have a ‘hotline’ with the American military. This cooperation between Russia and America is great news, needless to say, because our common enemies were depending on American’s willingness to fight against Russia in order to promote Saudi Arabian and Turkish Muslim expansion.  That this goes against all common sense is a conclusion not available to the Arab mind. They believe that we have to blindly follow laws that would lead to our suicide.  Of course the Turks never follow any laws at all.  Military strategists on our side must be counting on Turkey and Israel to break every agreement they make, and this is the reason for the ceasefire.  It’s a chess move to get the other players to reveal their true alliances, or else leave them unable to make more military moves.

According to the rules of the ceasefire, if Israel does anything militarily to prevent Iranian troop build-up on the border, then all other players have the right to retaliate against Israel.  That means Russia, United States, Iran, and possibly others, including France would defend the Iranians.  This is what has left Netanyahoo ‘paralyzed’.  All the Israelis can do is hope for Iran’s mercy, because it doesn’t look like Russia is too interested in the Southern border of Syria.  The carving up of Syria may be a temporary move to prevent the different nations from interfering in each other’s anti-ISIS moves, or it may be permanent.  If it is permanent, then I’m seeing Russia in the North of Syria, Iran in the South of Syria, and American forces, I’m not sure, but I’d like to see a return on our huge investment of money in the Middle East.  I wouldn’t mind seeing a Christian Israel.

Undoubtedly, Obama had intended to use the U.S. Military to help Turkey achieve its goals of world domination and extinction of the white race.  Obama is rumored to be expecting to be crowned Caliph.  Netanyahoo had intended to use U.S. Military to help Israel achieve its goals of world domination and extinction of the white race.  Netanyahoo had dreams of winning the American presidency.  The Saudis also had the exact same plan, and so did the Iranians and God knows how many other nations believed that American military would help them genocide white Americans.

This brings up the issue of extreme in-breeding, a practice that is fiercely defended in the Muslim world, even when the union is between parent and child, brother and sister.  U.S. Military is obviously not under the command of any of those inbred countries, of which Obama is a product.  The fact that the practice of inbreeding results in low IQ, extreme criminal behavior and horrible health defects must be faced.  Perhaps the criminal behavior is the result of having been the victim of family rape, a cultural  reality in their society for both boys and girls.  The fact that this is considered their cultural right should make anyone think twice about inviting ‘refugees’ into your country.  There is a reason why their own countries are unlivable, and that reason will make your world just as unlivable as theirs.  They also consider it their cultural right to rape goats, and this is not just false propaganda, but a certified fact.  One goat in England had to be put to sleep because it was so brutalized by immigrants having sex with it. They can’t understand why we disagree with this practice.

Until I read the Bible in Latin, I was under the impression that war was an evil thing.  Then I realized that Ezekial is describing helicopters and missiles in his vision, and I realized that God has a plan, and the words are clearly asking us to do God’s work and rid the planet of this ungodly menace before they teach their practices to our children.

The entire Turkish strategy of using NATO mutual defense treaties to force American troops to fight for Turkey failed when the Turks shot down the wrong Russian airplane.  The one that they were supposed to shoot down would have been inside Turkish boundaries, and this was supposed to force “USNATO” as they call it, to fight for Turkey against Russia.  What happened instead was that the Russian plane was shot down inside Syrian boundaries, so “USNATO” couldn’t be called in, and I doubt that scheme would have worked anyway, because an airplane that strays out of bounds for a few seconds is normally just escorted back out and not shot down.  In-breeding has very practical consequences when it comes to “geo-politics”, a word which refers to schemes for world domination. The problem is, when stupid people want to dominate the world, stupid things happen.  You can add deadly to that stupid.

The Syria campaign doesn’t only involve Russia and Syria, but other nations also have contributed special operations units, according to minimal Russian reports.  Iran however does have massive troops and armaments.  The interesting thing about Iran is that its troops are focused mainly in the area around Israel, and may have already entered Lebanon.  I don’t have access to insider news, but I have spent hours scanning and listening to English language news reports out of Israel.  It gradually dawns on the Israelis that they are in deep doo doo.  Their wish for anti-semitism has come true, and now they are surrounded by enemies, angry at America and blaming it all on us in their media campaign.  The Israelis are saying amongst themselves that the migrant flood is retaliation against Europe and America for refusing to fight Israeli and Turkish wars for them.  They hope to weaken us.  The more likely result will be a massive mobilization of American might, in union with white countries and peace loving civilized people worldwide, in order to completely eliminate the Muslim menace once and for all, along with its funding source.  However, the funding source might lead us to China, where the poor people are in desperate need of a rescue mission anyway.

Anti-Americanism is pretty much the only thing allowed on the internet right now, unless you want to include Anti-Catholicism.  Except for the truth, everything else is allowed, especially ignorance and vulgarity.  People with very poor English have flooded the comment boards with vile, nasty and even pornographic comments to insult Americans everywhere you turn.  The worst part is that it’s boring. Claiming to be Americans, they write the most outrageous incitements to violence and of course none of that is censored.

You would think that flattering us would be a better strategy, but instead their media trolls insult us.  It really backfires and instead motivates many to want  just one more war to rid the world of stupid internet comments. I’m seeing more and more people open their eyes to the evil of these radical Islamists, realizing that the best thing to do is wipe this cancer out completely and quickly, along with the liberal progressives who support them.  I’m happy to see a good contingent of American blacks stand up against the Islamists also.  It’s good to see the reasonable black community get angry about something that they ought to be angry about, instead of the boring ‘blame whitey’ for everything narrative.

It was a David Duke article that first alerted me to proof of Arnon Milchan’s Hollywood and Disney espionage campaign against America, so I sent a copy of my article on the subject to David Duke’s website.  He immediately made a video with another ‘expert’ shill, Kevin MacDonald, attempting to deny the Khazarian-Jewish-Arab tribal connection.  What did they deny exactly?  The existence of the Arabic tribe called the Khazr’j .  In English the name is Khazarian, and it was accepted as Jewish history under that name, but they don’t like that people know about the Arab tribal connection.   I do hope that somewhere a set of the old Encyclopedia of Islam still hasn’t been destroyed by them, because the existence of this ancient tribe is what they don’t want us to know. Their strategy requires that they steal our history.   I’ve already studied the subject thoroughly though, and I don’t even need my notes to talk about it. It is the absolute proof of the roots of Saudi and Israeli tribal ties to each other, and to the ancient slave trade and piracy, and to the wars that they have waged on Christianity from the beginning.

The Khazr’j tribe is the only way to understand the roots of present day British ‘royalty’ and their Arabic roots.  The Khazr’j tribe is the only explanation as to why British police forces favor Arab migrant invaders and persecute the Brits.  It’s the only explanation for why the British establishment works so hard to get rid of white Brits.  It’s very confusing for the Brits, who don’t know anything at all about their true history.

As for David Duke, he’s a shill, no doubt about it.  He was supposed to have been in prison for four years, but he now has a doctorate in history from an Eastern European university, and though he appears to be anti-Jewish, if you listen carefully he makes the false claim that Jews have been academics and scholars for millennia and that their writings are absolutely to be trusted.  This is ridiculous, because the Jews were actually known as ignorant and dirty rag merchants and they admit as much in the History of the Jews in England which is quoted further on.  David Duke and Kevin McDonald are actually ‘controlled opposition’ who maintain the Anti-Catholicism of the KKK.


Duke’s training in Eastern Europe brings up George Soros, and the billion dollar annual budget that China has for spreading its censorship and control worldwide.  There’s definitely something rotten out there in China.  When I look at the faces of Chinese leaders, I see family resemblance to people like Zuma, the freaked out president of South Africa, and even John Kerry, though I can’t prove any of it.  I can say that experts have discovered that China controls all the gold and minerals of the Congo and elsewhere in Africa, and that what is going on in south Africa is blatant genocide of the white population.  Is this white population welcome in Europe? Absolutely not. There is at least one story of an elderly white South African woman being expelled from Britain.  This type of symbolic victory is precious to the Khaz’rj.

Now we can open some discussion of Transhumanism, experiments in China and the question of what are those head and facial scars on Obama, why do Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel not look like the same people they were before.  The science for inserting human DNA into animals and vice versa is spoken of, which is not a good thing to even be talking about.


Anyone, Muslim or Jew or Pakistani or Protestant, stuck in a degenerate racial and religious structure has had the freedom to leave it during this massive migration.  Both Americans and Europeans were initially willing to accept Muslim refugees and Jews in government and education, but that grace period is over.  Thanks to the bad manners of our Arab and Jewish guests, the people have had enough.  What do they plan to do in November?  Obama hints and sniggers about drone attacks.  Blacks who are in on it think it’s really funny, and it has something to do with extermination of white people from the face of the earth.  I have no idea how they plan to all leave in November, but they are being urged to do so.

How did Americans manage to make so many enemies? Could it be that billion dollar Chinese international propaganda budget?

I’m beginning to believe that the Common Core curriculum could only have originated as a Chinese strategy, along with the childish and ridiculous new historical narratives that have been corrupting and enraging so many simple minds lately.   It has that Chinese Communist kind of style to it, considering that Communism is a technique for enabling the Rulership of the Stupid.  The Chinese people have actually gotten me feeling sorry for them, so horrible is the persecution of intelligence there.  They have the absolute most criminal government; so bad in fact, that it makes ours look benign by comparison, and they do want to spread their corruption to the entire world.  They’ve depleted the water resources in China and are now attempting to do the same in Asia.  I am concluding that the Chinese people need help and that by helping them, we would help free ourselves of the wave of propaganda stupidity that has so infected our lives through the Soros NGO’s.  We might also find the source of those chemtrails in China also.

The Jewish connection to the Opium trade plays into this China scenario too, but for now let us focus on their power base in England.

The Lords of Trade and their pirate relatives used stolen loot to push themselves into British government, giving the small Jewish population dictatorial control disguised as democracy.  Besides cold blooded murder, this also requires censorship on all levels, including commerce and education, with the original goal of total exclusion of the majority Catholics from any participation in any of it, and now the goal is total exclusion of all white Britain from government.  Catholics were obviously excluded from the secret societies who write the American Constitution. The British Lords of Trade were Jewish of course, but their trade was with America, which they call the ‘West Indies’, China and India.  They are still angry at American Catholics for disrupting their slave trade.

The Pope did issue an Encyclical prohibiting Catholics from joining secret societies in the early 1900’s, and as a result Masonic membership in Catholic areas dropped.  The Pope recognized the danger and destructiveness of secret enterprises, because there can be no resistance to what is not known.  Infiltration of Jews into the Catholic Church reached greater proportions at this time, but went largely unnoticed by the majority.  Jews didn’t infiltrate the American government, they made it.  None of this would have been possible if everyone had just remained Catholic.


Having allowed Jews into all key governmental positions, it becomes a simple thing to sell the keys of the Fort to the next pirate gang and retire to Tel Aviv, with the promise of protection.  Such is the level of lies told to the populace, that the majority of people would rather genocide themselves than turn to Roman Catholicism.  This doesn’t bother the Roman Catholics much. Those who aren’t Roman Catholic or Russian Orthodox no longer self identify as Roman, since that ancient empire is maligned by the Jews in Academia.  All recognition of our Greek heritage is erased as well.  The people of Europe have no common banner under which to unite, other than skin color, so the anti-racism campaign was meant to eliminate that threat.  Only problem is that it isn’t working anymore.

Before the history could be changed, Britain had to become a Jewish nation, and this is how it happened. Stolen fortunes were made by Jewish pirate companies which fueled the Industrial Revolution which was a brutal suppression of cottage industry.  Pirate loot transformed a free country into slavery, malnutrition and horrific child labor. In the Midlands and the north new forms of slavery emerged in the miserable factories of Birmingham and Manchester.  The absence of Catholic clergy allowed Jewish factory owners to abuse the Christian majority to a legendary extent.  The only way to remain healthy was to quit one’s job.

At the outset of the reign of George III, his in-laws formed a Jewish community of a very few wealthy merchants and brokers in London, with dependants in lowly occupations distributed over a wider area.

As late as 1818 it was still possible to state out loud in the British Courts Lord Coke’s doctrine that the Jews were by law perpetual enemies of Christians, ‘for between them, as with the devils, whose subjects they are, and the Christian, there can be no peace’.

Jews, due to the fact that their religion is specifically and boldly anti-Christian, were excluded from any office under the Crown, any part in civic government, or any employment however modest in the administration of justice or even education. The participation of Jews in such activities was inconceivable because knowledge of their anti-Christian practices was well known, though of course crypto Jews abounded.  This demonstrates the extent to which English Protestants continued to pretend to themselves that they were still Christian, even as they celebrated their non-Catholic rituals in stolen Catholic churches, and enjoyed the stolen prosperity of Catholic institutions and exiled Catholic families.  I’ve never met a practicing Protestant who didn’t firmly believe that Catholics are evil, so I’m sure they thought this was all right with God.  The use of murderous mobs was the method for establishing English Protestantism, and this injustice has never been made right.  The use of murderous mobs was used to establish Jewish mafia control of America in the first half of the 1900’s, and this injustice has never been righted.  The use of murderous Muslim mobs is now in progress, since murderous mobs seem to be such a successful strategy for world domination.

What is not so well understood today, was that Protestant practices are equally anti-Christian as Jewish and Muslim practices are.  Just as Islam allows Arabs to pretend to sanctity, Protestantism allows for sin in a variety of ways, using twists of logic and outright lies to mislead people to believe that they are forgiven ahead of time for sins they are about to commit, just like Atheism and Judaism.  It is only Catholicism that requires full confession of sins and full remorse and penance before forgiveness by a sanctified and trained priest.  Catholics don’t discuss of what other religions are doing.  Catholic dogma requires instead that one examine one’s own tendency to sin, remaining humble especially in matters of morality.  Spiritual pride is a sin in Catholicism, but it isn’t even acknowledged in other religions.


In rejecting the Catholic Monarchy, Protestants rejected warnings against spiritual pride, and they rejected the protection of the Catholic Church militias.  The Jews kept everyone focused on fear of the Pope, who was usually a benign figure, but what really scared the Jews were the Catholic armies.

After the exodus of the Catholic Monarchy from England, all persons seeking government appointment had to take the Protestant version of the holy oath, although these rites were now pagan rites performed in stolen Catholic Churches.  The oath of allegiance to the Supremacy of the Crown over the Church of England was required. A true Christian has Christ as King, and recognizes only the Church that he established, symbolized by his Mother crowned as Queen.  This family-oriented pattern for society was upended with the most anti-Christian oaths of all, the Oath of Allegiance to the Protestant Sovereign, which is coupled with the “Oath of Abhorrence of Everything Catholic”, including “Abhorrence for the Head of the Catholic Church”, and finally, the “Oath of Abjuration”, which denies the claims of the former Royal House of “Stuart”, the Catholic Monarchy and all their descendants.

The final words of these oaths, ‘on the true faith of a Christian’, are described as “repugnant to the Jewish conscience”, so they were eventually removed from the oaths.

Before this last line was removed, both Catholics and Jews were denied membership in Parliament, the universities, various professions and all government. Catholics were free to move to France and America, both of which experienced a huge surge in Catholicism during the years of this Jewish stealth take-over of Britain. Once the enemy group is allowed one generation, half breeds can be used as spies and representatives, and defense against Jewish intrigues became impossible.

It was not only that the phrase ‘on the true faith of a Christian’ was considered “repugnant to a Jew”.  It was the one phrase of the oath that would prevent them from placing a Jew on the throne of England.

Lionel de Rothschild took his seat in Parliament for the City of London, where most of the 20,000 to 30,000 Jews who had been in England at the beginning of the nineteenth century had increased in number to some 50,000. Confined to a small area culturally, their businesses spread, but not the profits. The old market towns of the Catholic feudal system had allowed individual craftsmen to sell their wares directly to travelling buyers, in markets located outside the city gates.  Without the ability to collect taxes on local commerce, the Catholic militias lost their funding, could no longer provide protection to travelling merchants and Merry England became quite a sad place.

This period of time in America was one of great expansion.

In  February 1859 Baron Lionel’s brother, Mayer de Rothschild, was returned for Hythe at a by-election, but he refused to pronounce the final words ‘on the true faith of a Christian’ as stipulated.  Muslims will use the same techniques to take over Parliament, for sure.

It was this Act of 1860 which set the seal on Catholic Exclusion in England.  Admission of Jews to the House of Commons became a matter of right instead of privilege, by order of Queen Victoria. The matter was finally consolidated by the Parliamentary Oaths Act of 1866 (29 & 3o Victoria, cap. 19) which prescribed a new and simplified oath for both Houses, omitting the reference to Christianity as a true faith.

In 1885, on the recommendation of Gladstone, Queen Victoria raised Baron Lionel de Rothschild’s son Nathaniel to the peerage, and he took his seat in the Upper House of Lords in the normal fashion without difficulty.

The Promissory Oaths Act of 1871 (34 & 35 Victoria, cap. 48) contained two additional clauses, added in committee unbeknownst to the public, which allowed Jews to hold all offices of state that remained closed to Catholics.  These offices include Regent of the Kingdom, Lord Chancellor or Lord Keeper, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland or his Deputy, and High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, as well as ‘the office of Guardians and Justices of the United Kingdom’.  With this series of Acts and Amendments, England lost all right to use religion as qualifier for government.  This is very important to the Muslims.  This is why England has no legal justification to close their borders to invading hordes.  It lost all claim to Christianity as the one true religion and put Judaism in power over Catholics in England and any place they could reach, by using taxes on the English, the English Military and the ‘English’ Empire, as well as income from extensive stolen properties of the Catholic Church and also theft of the Common Lands which was the property of the people.  This is a very important episode in history and should be studied in depth.  The topic is called the ‘Enclosure of the Commons’ which goes hand in hand with ‘Monopoly Patents’ both of which are nothing short of common theft and enslavement of an entire nation.

A Jewish member of Parliament, Sir George Jessel was appointed Solicitor General, being the first Jew to become a Minister of the Crown.  This office is the collector of taxes, an office that requires strict honesty and fairness, now closed to Catholics and open to Jews.  Go figure.

The immediate regression of the intellectual climate is evidenced by Baron Lionel de Rothschild, who after all the effort of entering the House of Commons is never recorded to have made a single speech. Another Bill on the lines of that of 1853, making legal provision for Anti-Catholicism, was simultaneously introduced by Lord Lyndhurst. Lyndhurst was an old champion of Jewish emancipation.  His wife was a daughter of Lewis Goldsmith.  This Lyndhurst family is probably the same as that of Thomas Jefferson, but more on that later.

In 1841 the Anglican Bishopric of Jerusalem was established with a converted Jew, Michael Solomon Alexander as the first Bishop. The Balfour Declaration of 1917 is considered law, but is actually nothing more than a private letter which gave the Holy Land to the Rothschilds/Rashid and Goldsmiths.  100 years later the consequence is utter destruction of the Holy Land, a destruction not yet complete.

93% of the land called ‘Israel’ is permanently owned by ‘the government’ which is the Rothschild/Rashid family.

“On Monday, July 26th, 1858, Baron de Rothschild at last took his seat in the House. Two hundred years after Cromwell’s death, the work that he had begun in ridding Britain of all Catholics had reached its culmination, and an English Jew was for the first time recognized as an equal citizen of his native land, a right denied to native Catholics.”

The Jews mark the year 1840 as one of crucial importance to them because this was the year of the transformation of common psychopathic Jewish criminals into “The Persecuted Jews”.

This was in response to a charge of ritual murder against the Jews of Damascus, but “Sir Moses Montefiore proceeded to the East to champion the cause of his co-religionists.”

According to Jewish history, he enjoyed the diplomatic support of the English government in this mission to gain unconditional acquittal of the Jews charged with the offense of ritual murder of Christians.

Montefiore was received in audience by the queen who embellished his ‘coat of arms’, as if he’d ever been a warrior.  This was in celebration of the removal of all protection of law for victims of Jewish crimes.

In 1845, the Hanoverian Nathan Marcus Adler, who combined his Talmudical training and orthodox principles with a Protestant American education, became Chief Rabbi of the new Jewish State of England.  What is the capital of Israel?  The City of London.

At this time, the Jews clamored for a repudiation of “medieval prejudice” which is their disrespectful term for the ancient Catholicsm of the people.  The Jews were horrified that in a Christian country, Christians should want control of the government.  Meanwhile, the Jews prohibited Christians from participating in Jewish government, continued to teach anti-Christian dogma in their schools, continued to plot for the downfall of Catholicism, and the establishment of World Jewry.  The Jews could now operate from the highest levels of English power politics without having to hide their identity.  There were now no more Catholics there to oppose them.

England becomes a tool for the Jewish bankers, setting the pattern for many other Christian nations.

The use of lies and subterfuge became standard operating procedure in both business and government, from this point forward.   When the government sits on stolen property, truth simply will not be tolerated.

“Particularly was this the case with Isaac Lyon Goldsmid, nephew of the famous Rothshild/Rashid financiers. In March 1829, the Board of Deputies of British Jews had become by now a powerful force in the community and further Jewish privilege was written into the ‘Catholic Emancipation Bill’. This dishonest name was intended to mislead the pro-Catholic public into supporting a bill that would ultimately benefit only the Jews and would not emancipate Catholics at all.

On July 14th, 1820, the young Whig champion John Cam Hobhouse (later Lord Broughton de Gyffard) in the House of Commons demanded Jewish ‘rights’.

While Jews demanded admittance into Christian government, they did not allow Christians to participate in their government.  In 1820 the Court of Aldermen reluctantly admitted certain baptized Jews to the Freedmen of London, from which Christians had always been excluded.


In 1805 Aaron Cardozo, a Turkish Jew who worked with Admiral Nelson, was sent on an official mission to the Bey of Oran, with whom he concluded a treaty—Joshua Montefiore, a professing Jew, was given the king’s commission to commit pirate attacks on the French in America.

I’m sure the Muslim leadership is aware that in 1826 Parliament passed a statute (6 George IV, cap. 67) allowing for any religious group whatsoever to enter England and take over the government.  By allowing the Jews to take over government, even though their religious dogma requires the extermination of Christians, the precedent was set for Muslim take over as well.

According to Roth’s History of the Jews in England, when it came to the creation of the United States of America, “Jews had been steadfast”.   In the Revolutionary War, the Jews had hedged their bets, with some supporting the ‘New Republic’, and some supporting England with equal zeal. It was important to them that the constitution adopted in 1790 stipulate that no religious test should be required as qualification for any public office or post of trust.  No religious test, which is to say, Satanists, sacrificers of human flesh, pedofiliacs, any religion, all religions, except Catholics.

Now that the Faith of the Holy Catholic Church had been soundly rejected, the Gods of Logic and Reason Reigned Supreme.

“In the following year Logic forced upon the National Assembly of France, somewhat reluctantly, the conclusion that” even psychopathic and criminal “Jews must enjoy benefit of the Rights of Man; and during the next decade the armies of the Revolution carried the same doctrine into Germany, Italy, and above all Holland, where Jews held offices of trust during the years of the ‘American’ Revolutions. There had been a grandiose Napoleonic ‘Sanhedrin’ which met in Paris in 1807, an engraving of which is in an early Jewish Encyclopedia. Napoleon and Josephine became popular names for Jewish children.

The European settlement at Vienna, the Treaty of Westphalia gave to the Jews full possession of formerly Catholic Low Countries, to be guaranteed by the armies of France that were composed of course of many Catholics.  These rights were internationally guaranteed in ‘Belgium’ after its ‘Independence’ from the Catholic Monarchy in 1830.   Belgium is largely made up of property stolen from the people who became the Acadians.  Jewish power depends on mobs to terrorize people into captivity, and it depends on captive soldiers to fight their wars.  This is a very shaky foundation of power that is completely dependent on massive amounts of lies and many assassinations to make happen.


For the next 100 years, French Catholics would provide the world with the vast amounts of money and manpower in support of Catholic Church missions around the world, essentially using their remaining wealth to expand Catholicism far beyond the borders of France.  The more the government increased in its pressure on Catholics, the more Catholicism grew.  The statistics of the growth of Catholicism during these years of Jewish ‘Emancipation’ are astounding.  Throughout the world, in all countries, the numbers of Catholics and international Catholic missions continued to increase until around 1960, everywhere but England.

The Evangelical movement is claimed by Roth as a Jewish funded initiative.  There was established in 1795, the London Society for the Promotion of Christianity among the Jews, which came to be funded by  the Jew, Lewis Way, or May.  This group created a new teaching for Christians in which they were taught to approach Jews in a spirit of veneration, as the ancient people of God.  Lewis taught that Christendom should be deeply ashamed and even indebted to Jews because of past centuries of “persecution and maltreatment by Christians”; Enlightenment Atheists claimed that ‘reason’ could not make itself heard until the last relics of shameful discrimination against Jews had been removed. Hence in Evangelical circles began the propagation of the myth that Jews are superior beings and their religion is the one true religion, and that Christianity is a shameful practice.  Information about Jewish slave trade operations were censored, and Christians were falsely accused of being responsible for slavery.

The Duke of Sussex came out of the Jewish closet and openly studied Hebrew. Sir Augustine Coronel, Sir Solomon de Medina, Samson Gideon were Jews close to court power. The Napoleonic wars that decimated France and the wealth of many people all over Europe, were very profitable to the brothers Goldsmid, “who were on terms of some intimacy with the sons of the reigning monarch, whom they not only entertained on many occasions in their houses, but even took with them to synagogue.”

Emancipation for Jews, Slavery for Everyone Else



1815 the Jewish community was made up of some 20,000 to 30,000, and two-thirds lived in London. Outside the Capital there were so few Jewish people living in the communities, that in no case did they exceed one thousand, and in several they did not exceed one hundred. They invested their stolen loot in both politicians and major businesses in about twenty-five provincial centers of which Portsmouth, Plymouth, Birmingham and Liverpool were the most important. Thus began the enslavement of the English population, and much of the world.

A long sequence of wars abroad enriched the Jews, since war is what pirates need for stealing other people’s belongings.  “Native-born Jews, fully anglicized, included those of Spanish and Portuguese extraction, indeed, they were predominant. Francis Cohen (Palgrave), Isaac d’Israeli, John Adolphus and Lewis Goldsmith—David Ricardo (baptized in early manhood) had founded a new school of political economy and Benjamin Gompertz was among the outstanding contemporary mathematicians.”

In reality, Hebrew scholarship was non-existent, other than study of the Talmud. “The only noteworthy figure of English birth was Jacob Hart who, under the name Eliakim ben Abraham, published a series of scientific brochures of high interest.”  I wonder what that is.

Now we are at the beginning of the one big war that Jews have dreamt about for a long time.  But things aren’t going as planned.  Vladimir Putin appears, and Donald Trump appears.

To be continued…


An interesting talk on in-breeding:





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