Al Mahdi, Hussein Obama and Omar

Why don’t the Muslims like the name Omar?  Why are they forced to change their names to Hussein by ISIS thugs? There are many videos which explain the meaning of the word “Al Mahdi” in Islam. It’s important to know what Al Mahdi means, because this is the title of Barack Hussein Obama in the Muslim world.  Al Mahdi was part of the myth of world domination … Continue reading Al Mahdi, Hussein Obama and Omar

Christian Genocide Covered Up By Obama

Since Catholics and Christians are denied a media voice, we have to turn to Jews and Jewish organizations who report on the genocide of Christians in the Middle East, even while doing nothing concrete to stop it.  They certainly have done nothing to inform Americans through the Jewish mass media.  As interested as I am in the Middle East, I haven’t been able to get … Continue reading Christian Genocide Covered Up By Obama

Title to America

Antoinette de Pons had purchased the claims of du Monts, recieving from Louis XIII a stretch of territory from the St. Lawrence to Florida.  This claim is still in force. Complete letter to the Florentines: (1) Dante Alighieri, a Florentine undeservedly in exile, to the most iniquitous Florentines within the city.   (2) The gracious providence of the Eternal King, who in his goodness ever … Continue reading Title to America

Foreign Workers Massacred in Yemen Al-Qaeda Attack VIDEO

After the blast, heavily armed militants dressed in combat fatigues are seen wandering through the corridors of the complex, shooting anyone they see, including a wounded female nurse who appears to be looking for help.   Don’t Work in Muslim Countries: Foreign Workers Massacred in Yemen Al-Qaeda Attack VIDEO Continue reading Foreign Workers Massacred in Yemen Al-Qaeda Attack VIDEO

Baltimore Catechism of 1891

Father Carota, God Bless him, has a very good collection of traditional Catholic learning materials on-line, the most basic of which is a Baltimore Catechism from 1891.  I don’t know what changes were made to the American dogma, if any, or if anything has been omitted or changed on this PDF, it’s all I have at the moment. If I ever find an older one, I … Continue reading Baltimore Catechism of 1891

A History of Jews In England, 1941, by Cecil Roth

Chapter 11     Emancipation    1815-58 Blogger’s note: This book might be interesting to people who worship Jews.  Throughout history, Jews were known as slave traders. When slavery was prohibited they fell into poverty and became rag peddlers at worst, hat makers at best. Remember President Truman, the Hat Maker who sent Americans to war for Jewish bankers? Until the time covered in this book, … Continue reading A History of Jews In England, 1941, by Cecil Roth

Historical Narrative As Nuke

If a person is innocent until proven guilty, then doesn’t the same principle apply to a race or nation? Where is the proof of the Jewish version of OUR historical narrative? Is it fair to condemn our own ancestry based on the allegations of our enemies, allegations that have never been proven? Is it fair to enact legislation that forbids the presentation of facts in … Continue reading Historical Narrative As Nuke

Who Makes American Movies

Notorious for its violent content, the film was named the eighth most controversial film of all time by Entertainment Weekly in 2006. Natural Born Killers was promoted with such taglines as: “A bold new film that takes a look at a country seduced by fame, obsessed by crime and consumed by the media” and “In the media circus of life, they were the main attraction.” It was released … Continue reading Who Makes American Movies

Crusades: Important Lesson

Could the Quran have been meant for Christian instruction?  “Kill them where you find them”, it says, but who is the real infidel? People should realize that the outrageous behavior and practices of “Islam” are actually very attractive to psychos of all backgrounds who find the ‘Freedom under Sharia’ to be a pervert’s paradise.  This is the logical explanation for all the traitorous support it has worldwide.  Imagine … Continue reading Crusades: Important Lesson

Pirate Speak

Benghazi, Hollywood Public Relations Firm CAA, Content Analysis and Pirate Speak Even while they tell the truth about their evil intentions, tricky wording allows you to believe that their intentions are good, if you are pre-disposed to trust them.  I’ve read enough Pirate Speak in history books that I hear it clearly in an Obama or Merkel speech. Another example of Pirate Speak is to … Continue reading Pirate Speak