Elephants in Rome

Was Maharaja Jassa Singh Ram Garhia of  Kashmir, India the same person as Joseph Broussard de Beausoleil, Gaurhept, who settled in Louisiana?   For those not familiar with Jassa Singh, he is a hero of India who fought in the Mughal wars against the Muslim invaders and their slave trade.  His story has amazing parallels to that of the leader of the Acadian settlements in Louisiana, a … Continue reading Elephants in Rome

Hitler, Trump, Julius Caesar and Jesus

  There has never been proof of a holocaust of Jews in Germany, yet there is plenty of proof of a holocaust of Christians in Dresden and Ukraine at that time.  There is plenty of proof that  Jews worldwide at that time had openly declared war on Germany, refusing to sell German goods which started the starvation of the Germans that Hitler was successful in preventing. … Continue reading Hitler, Trump, Julius Caesar and Jesus

Is Russia and America the same in Prophecy?

Consider that the heartlands of North America and Russia could be the real Roman Empire, with some pirate havens along the coasts. The name Roman Catholic Church was always meant to convey the fact that it was the government of Rome, for the Roman people.  When Constantinople was lost, as the capitol of the Roman Empire it had to move elsewhere, and that was St. Petersburg. … Continue reading Is Russia and America the same in Prophecy?

Lies About Slavery in the South

The lie about slavery in the South is as big a lie as the holocaust in Germany.  So let’s look at how the South’s resistance to slavery has been turned upside down by professional liars. Louisiana Historical Quarterly has much information on the colonial period when New Orleans was a major city.  October 1936 reports the discovery in 1927 of ancient timbers from a fort … Continue reading Lies About Slavery in the South


Chicago, Illinois was one of many predominately Catholic cities all over the world that were targeted.  Like Baltimore, Maryland and Nagasaki, Japan, it was targeted for destruction by the Anti-Christ forces, specifically because it was so Catholic.  It’s not a coincidence, but it is a shame the way that blacks are manipulated by people who don’t care about them at all.  There are many different … Continue reading Chicago

Nature’s Defense Against White Genocide

The scientific fact is that over breeding results in smaller brain size and less muscle mass, especially when the breeding females start young. When you factor the in-breeding aspects, the result is lower IQ, tendency to crime, infertility, and higher susceptibility to infection. It’s clear that white superiority is due to carefully controlled breeding practices. Quantity is not quality. In the end, whites are forced to … Continue reading Nature’s Defense Against White Genocide

God’s Three Races of Man

  A Few Racial Curiosities with Images           An illegitimate line took the name Medici, and from that point forward, the legitimate Medici reverted to the maternal surname Berardi. They began world wide explorations as merchants.  They also contributed to establishing Catholicism in new territories, sponsoring Amerigo Vespucci’s voyages.       Buddhism was co-opted by Far Eastern Asians who we call Khazars, shown … Continue reading God’s Three Races of Man