Propagation of Hate: China-Saudi-Israeli Coalition

China makes no secret that it wages war on the United States, but no one in our government has bothered to inform us of that. They are on the side of China.  So what does it mean to have Chinese rulership? It would certainly take an enormous amount of lying to make anyone want the leadership that causes this:

A child drinks water near a stream in Fuyuan county
A child drinks water near a stream in Fuyuan county, Yunnan province March 20, 2009. China expects to have depleted its water sources by 2030.



If the Chinese water and air are bad, Chinese Propaganda has even more deadly power and not just in China. It turned Mao Zedong into a god and he used it turn an entire nation into a murderous mob who brought destruction to anyone, including their own family members, anyone who opposed him during the Cultural Revolution.  This ability to create rage requires control of China’s worldwide media apparatus, in other words, it depends on the ability to spread lies.  Our tradition tells us that lies weaken a nation.

The words of the Patriarch Dan of the Israelites, from an apocryphal book:

  1. And now, my children, I am dying, and I tell you of a truth, that unless ye keep yourselves from the spirit of lying and of anger, and love truth and long-suffering, you shall perish. There is blindness in anger, my children, and no wrathful man regards any person with truth: for though it be a father or a mother, he behaves towards them as enemies; though it be a brother, he knows him not; though it be a prophet of the Lord, he disobeys him; though a righteous man, he regards him not; a friend he does not acknowledge. For the spirit of anger encompasses him with the nets of deceit, and blinds his natural eyes, and through lying darkens his mind, and gives him a sight of his own making. And wherewith encompasses he his eyes? In hatred of heart; and he gives him a heart of his own against his brother unto envy.


  1. My children, mischievous is anger, for it becomes as a soul to the soul itself; and the body of the angry man it makes its own, and over his soul it gets the mastery, and it bestows upon the body its own power, that it may work all iniquity; and whenever the soul does anything, it justifies what has been done, since it sees not. Therefore he who is wrathful, if he be a mighty man, has a treble might in his anger; one by the might and aid of his servants, and a second by his wrath, whereby he persuades and overcomes in injustice: and having a third of the nature of his own body, and of his own self working the evil. And though the wrathful man be weak, yet has he a might twofold of that which is by nature; for wrath ever aids such in mischief. This spirit goes always with lying at the right hand of Satan, that his works may be wrought with cruelty and lying.


  1. Understand ye therefore the might of wrath, that it is vain. For it first of all stings him in word: then by deeds it strengthens him who is angry, and with bitter punishments disturbs his mind, and so stirs up with great wrath his soul. Therefore, when any one speaks against you, be not ye moved unto anger. And if any man praises you as good, be not lifted up nor elated, either to the feeling or showing of pleasure. For first it pleases the hearing, and so stirs up the understanding to understand the grounds for anger; and then, being wrathful, he thinks that he is justly angry. If you fall into any loss or ruin, my children, be not troubled; for this very spirit makes men desire that which has perished, in order that they may be inflamed by the desire. If you suffer loss willingly, be not vexed, for from vexation he raises up wrath with lying. And wrath with lying is a twofold mischief; and they speak one with another that they may disturb the mind; and when the soul is continually disturbed, the Lord departs from it, and Be-liar rules over it.

America is the only nation that does not have a Propaganda Ministry.  What we get is a secret force controlled by foreigners who mock, demoralize and betray and divide the American people rather than promote or uplift us. Which foreigners mock us most?  Tough to decide.

Who controls the Propaganda Department of the Chinese Communist Party today?

A battle for power is raging for control of China’s world wide state-run media. The battle is between current Chinese leader Xi Jinping, and Propaganda Chief Liu Yunshan, and by extension, a rival political faction under Jiang Zemin. According to news source ‘China Uncensored’, “It’s a life and death battle, and only one side can win”.

When Xi Jinping met with Saudi Prince Salman in January, there’s no doubt that Saudi control of United States media, including Apple products, played into the negotiations.  The Glorious Leaders of the People’s Republic of America are no where to be found.  Obama and his man-wife have their mansion in the Saudi capital of Riyadh.  We have been sold, completely, totally and without mercy.  Don’t you just love having a white-hating foreign Black man for president and dual-citizen Jews who claim to not be white people crawling all over the place corrupting everything in sight, preventing anyone with a straight nose from getting a decent job?  Where are the white men in government, the ones with the Caucasian features?  I don’t see any.  We are being exterminated, and I would worry, but we have been told to remain calm, honest and faithful, even as the whole world lies and lies and lies.

Why do some nations use the lying strategy, as opposed to the war strategy ?  Because they feel weak, no doubt.  The Chinese military is composed of tiny little men whose pants bunch up around the waist under their belts.  If they can’t manufacture weed eaters that work, how can they expect for their industrial partnership with the Arabs to turn out?  Can you imagine a Chinese-Saudi-Jewish industrial partnership with no white people around?  Yikes. But surely they expect to use Chinese slaves and to continue stealing American ingenuity, just as they counted on “USNATO” to fight their war to rid the world of white people.  Can you imagine a military made up of Jews, Arabs and Chinese fighting against 100% white America and Russia?  Right, we’d slaughter them, but first we need to purge our military.  They don’t expect us to do that. That’s why they need lies to convince us how wonderful it would be to kill the other super power white nation called Russia. Americans have no desire whatsoever to do that.  We don’t even want to kill Chinese. It hasn’t occurred to Americans to even have a Propaganda Ministry.

Lies create murderous mobs.  How much better for the Chinese if they had stayed with silk weaving. Not being the best warriors, they have to avoid militarily fighting a war against America, though they do a good job punching old women who practice Tai Chi.

Professional Chinese Liars control hate groups all over the world by funneling money to them through controlled businesses and NGO’s, the non-governmental charitable and think tank organizations. The code word for this is George Soros. Hate crimes, color-revolutions, intimidation, physical assault, imprisonment, and assassination are all part of the ‘unrestricted’ warfare that the Chinese so laughingly wage on civilians, carefully avoiding anything that might require manly courage.  Just like Obama and Hillary, they laugh and laugh.  Why wouldn’t they be winning a war that we don’t know about, in which we pay for the arms and ammunition being used against us, and provide the offices and desks to work from.  No wonder there’s so much laughter everywhere amongst our enemies.

For a psychopathic inbreed, it’s really very funny to teach children to hate their parents and to know that intelligent adults are at the mercy of twenty-something year old enraged maniacs. It’s hilarious to bribe politicians who sell out their people, making it easy for the least intelligent, least capable and most corrupt to rule over everyone else.  They even lie about their high Asian IQ, just like the Jews.  What would they do if they couldn’t steal from us and lie to us?

But what does this have to do with dancing?  Apparently, the lies don’t have the same effect when people dance or practice a form of Tai Chi called Fa lun Gong.  So the Chinese Ministry of Hate Propagation forbids any art or religion, like Christianity, that doesn’t promote sex and rage. This video of how the Chinese people quickly picked up an exercise called Fa Lun Gong is very interesting, but watch how Xi Jinping brutally repressed this healthy art form, precisely because it had such a calming effect on the people.  Xi’s budget for the secret masked police who beat up these old ladies doing Tai Chi is much larger than their military budget, because he is so certain that he won’t need the military.  I won’t get into the organ harvesting part of this.




President Xi arrived in Riyadh in January, 2016 on the first stop of his three-nation tour of the Middle East. It’s the first state visit by a Chinese head of state to Saudi Arabia in seven years.

Xi visited the Saudi palace accompanied by Saudi King Salman. He praised the artistic charm and cultural inheritance of the Saudi Arabian traditional architecture, which is pretty delusional considering the ‘traditional architecture’ of the Saudis are tents, and what he’s looking at is probably Christian in origin.

Men in Saudi Arabia performed a war dance for Chinese President Xi Jinping’s arrival at the Murabba Palace in January.  The Saudi princes beat the drums and waved the swords. Xi Jinping enjoyed this Arab war dance.


The Glorious Supreme Chinese leader also stressed the fruitful achievements of his visit to Saudi Arabia, including an upgrade of bilateral ties.  This means that they will work together on the Great White Genocide.




Episode of China Uncensored:



China and Saudi Arabia have agreed to a comprehensive strategic partnership, and called for more industrial capacity cooperation. The announcement was made after Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud held talks with visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping in January.  Between these two men, almost the entire computer manufacturing and mass media of the United States is already theirs, and this may include our wheat fields, cattle, water, oil, school curriculum, academia, military, medical and industrial facilities.  There is basically no end to what they and their associates were able to purchase with trillions in TARP money.  We might as well move out.  This is so funny, I can hardly contain myself.  I’m sure the white men who are supposed to be our leaders, as usual are dreaming of dollars and lining up to marry a Chinese woman and help the Arabs and Jews genocide the rest of us.  White race traitors are abundant.  All the prophecies predict that once all the bad people are gone, there won’t be many people left on earth.

What America still has of computer manufacturing is located just off the border of China in Taiwan.   We’ve been sold as slaves, not so much by Obama who is only capable of lying, but by our fellow Americans who blindly support him because he’s black.  So all you brainwashed, morally superior, non-racist white people who feel guilty for being white can be proud for having sold our children and grandchildren into slavery, as ‘reparations’ for an imaginary historical narrative that never even happened.  You could have done some research first, but naaah.

Thanks to Obama and those wonderful dual-citizen Jews on the two coasts, foreigners who hate us also now control our ‘government containers’.  A container is an office building where mercenary traitors engage in robbing and repressing the productive class in America.  The thing about a container is how, once it’s gone, it’s basically impossible for inbred mercenary traitors to engage in their daily task of theft by government.  Gone are the computers, files, phones, roof, chairs, water coolers, parking lots, hollow point bullets, drones, etc.

The problem that Chinese President, XI Jinping has is that he is not head of the Chinese Propaganda Ministry, because it’s controlled by his mortal enemy.  That’s why he likes the Saudis so much, because they have an even better one, the one in America.



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