Mongrelism and Drugs as War Strategy of the Weaker Races

What is the best defense?

Because Mongrelism is the exact kind of war strategy being used against White Caucasians in Europe and America, it occurred to me that this strategy has probably been used before.  Could Mongrelism be a war strategy for the weak, could it be what motivated the great migrations of the past?  How it works it that once a mongrel family is created within a race, then this mongrel family is naturally allied to another tribe that is able to infiltrate and open the gates to their relatives with whom they have blood ties.  Half breeds make the best spies and assassins. A mongrel family is a Trojan Horse for pure blooded communities.

The bible story of the Phineas Priest describes what the Israelites were told to do with people who create mongrel children.  Phineas was commissioned by the High Priests to exterminate the mongrels.  He used one long spear and pierced the couple who were in coitus through and through, eliminating them both, and demonstrating to the community that there would be no tolerance for this.  Why else would this have been done unless Mongrelism, or race mixing, put the community at risk of extinction, just as we are threatened today.

There must have been an important incident that motivated this, and the incident might be found in the autopsy of King Tutankhamen, which revealed him to have black skin and severe birth defects due to the fact that he was the child of a brother and sister union.  Not only was he a cripple from birth, he had characteristics of both male and female. The bible mentions the sicknesses of the Egyptians, and it must refer to the consequences of inbreeding, which causes terribly painful bone deterioration and early death.  There are a few videos of the results of incest, and it’s a sad sight, yet a cultural practice defended even by the Pakistanis living in Britain.

The etymology of the name Tutankhamen reveals the word Ham, which is the black race, and Tang, which is the name of the Chinese Dynasty that Erdogan of Turkey was hoping to revive with his attack on two Russian airplanes.  The connection to the Tang Dynasty is why I bring up David Duke.

After disappearing for about four years, David Duke shows up in the media scene all slicked out with tons of publicity and lots of money backing him up.  Where did it come from, and why do he and Kevin MacDonald suddenly backpedal on the Khazar Jewish historical narrative that has been widely accepted since the 1970’s?  If you look closely at the Khazars, it’s clear that they emerged out of China.  They weren’t actually Chinese, they were mongrelized Pirates of course, and they pushed the Caucasians out of China long ago, as witnessed by the beautiful Caucasian mummies that were found there in the area of the Tokarians.  Notice that word Arian in Tokarian?  Some of the mummies show evidence of having been horribly sacrificed.  But the descendants of these people still live in the vicinity and still are handsome Caucasians living in China.

The Communist Jewish Government goes to great and comedic lengths to cover up the existence of Caucasians in early China of at least 3000 years ago.  The fact of worldwide Caucasians blows their Communist self-flattery out the window, and ruins their anti-American narrative.  The case put forward to the different racial groups around the world, is that white people stole their history and killed their ancestors.  If it were discovered that white people were everywhere on the planet before the brown and the black people, and that it was the ancestors of the black and brown races who killed our white ancestor, their myth gets busted.  Then all the plans for having other people kill whites for them would be blown.

The well documented Khazar history comes dangerously close to the obvious China connection.  The behavior of the Chinese people today and the Khazars of old is almost exactly the same.  The earliest monks dreaded their travels in those lands, and preferred months of isolation rather than even the shortest visit to their towns.  One monk describes them as defecating wherever they happened to be, even in the middle of a conversation.  This is something that is infuriating the Europeans today, because public buses and streets are used as toilets by migrants.  It was revealed recently that this practice has already caused outbreaks of typhus in European cities.  Furthermore, the people who live and work in the vicinity of these outbreaks are prohibited by law from warning their white neighbors about it, and how totalitarian is that for Europe?

The Jews who maintain their identity as Jewish are being thrown under the bus, and their leaders are switching identity.  Now that the Public Defecators control all the institutions in America, especially the internet, I don’t expect to be able to continue publishing.  They can censor anyone in an instant, as they’ve done to me today.  If anyone wants access to my research for studying later, I suggest making your own hard copies as soon as possible.

The censorship of my youtube comments began as soon as I pointed out that the destruction of Syria can be traced to the Chinese Propaganda War.  While Syrians were busy killing each other and destroying their towns, the Chinese were busy stealing Iraqi oil.  They are the only ones who benefitted and the only ones who regularly use propaganda techniques that result in enraged murderous mobs.  During the Communist revolution in China, children and teenagers turned in their own parents to the Party to be tortured and killed or imprisoned.

Communist skills in slaughtering large numbers of people are unsurpassed. Their skills in turning children into the haters of their own parents is well-honed.  I experienced the hatred of my own children toward me after they attended public school, and it was thick.  If only the Chinese had developed more productive skills, but this is their art now.

The source of the campaign to exterminate all white people can be traced directly to the Chinese war on America, a war that all of our presidents and their Jewish relatives have also been waging on us since our birth.  The history of the Jewish connection to the Chinese opium trade is the background to the war in Syria. The era of the Chinese opium wars in the 1800’s is covered by many historians.  The Sasson family has been mentioned in the History of the Jews in England, and this is the family that had control of the Opium trade with the support of Queen Victoria who looks so much like a man I have to mention it here.  They used drugs to enfeeble the Chinese nation.  When the Chinese Emperor tried to resist, the Sasson family and their co-religionists created a war, something that requires propagation of hate, their specialty.

In the same vein, ISIS fighters are said to be addicted to a drug called Captagon, which is why they are so fearless to the point of stupidity and why they don’t fight effectively.  This is precisely what China wants, because their goal is the death of large numbers of soldiers on all sides.  The people who rule China now are barely Chinese. Since the Opium Wars, the rulership of China is in the hands of a mongrel and inbred race of people who hate the Chinese, and who have clearly psychopathic personalities.  Their race corresponds to what is called the Mongoloid skeletal structure.  It is a very square skull, flat in the front and with large jaw bones and small chin.  If you look at the people in government today, you’ll find lots of people with this type skull.  To be perfectly honest, I’ve learned to be wary of it.  I have been looking for a single Caucasian skulled person in government today, and I can’t find one, either in America or Europe.  I’m limited to what’s available on the media, but maybe you can find a Caucasian or two that I might have missed.

The enormous inflow of money from the theft of American resources and ingenuity never reaches the great mass of Chinese people.  They live in the worst conditions possible, with no clean water, no clean air, the only jobs are slave labor and the suicide rate in some areas under Communist control is outrageous.  They tricked the Chinese into murdering their baby girls, which is part of the age-old religion of the Jews, a practice which was done away with under Byzantine administration in what is now Saudi Arabia.  The Communist government claimed that there were not enough resources to go around, yet the lie is revealed by the many cities of empty buildings that have been built there.  The Chinese would have been saved by the existence of more females, but the Rabbinical hatred for females is legendary and you might notice how often they use transvestites instead of women for their phony politicians, news anchors and First Ladies.

The horror that China has become is what they have in mind for America, and it gives them great pleasure to see themselves as our conquerors, to know that our brains and inheritances are all for the benefit of their own low IQ mongrel race, and that they can call us stupid in the media with impunity.  Besides America, they fully intend to spread the horror to the rest of the world, and they intend to do that by killing anyone who doesn’t like it, by censoring the media and corrupting the children.  It’s getting to be no secret that feminism, Gay rights, and organizing the migration of sub human Muslims into our towns is the ‘unrestricted war’ that these cowards wage on good, beautiful people.  Unable to produce or build anything of quality themselves, they take delight in destruction of what other people have produced and built.  Their motivation is pure envy and delight in the pain of other people.  This is actually a symptom of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which in turn is a symptom of having been nurtured on lies, devoid of God and humility.

The campaign to destroy us through media propaganda is already quite advanced.  There is nothing that anyone can agree on anymore, and people hang onto their lies for dear life because the only effective lie is the lie that flatters one’s ego and makes one feel superior to other people.  They have so enraged blacks against whites for example, that the only way to protect ourselves will be to slaughter them in self-defense, if this continues.  This is a wonderful idea as far as Communists are concerned, and they bombard us with more anti-white lies to make sure that the slaughter is especially vicious.

Humility and contentment with one’s station in life is the death knell for propaganda, so the Catholic Church is their worst enemy, being the only religion that stresses humility in thought, word and action, and with special stress on spiritual humility.  Pride in one’s religious or spiritual attainments is warned against in Catholicism, which makes it distinct from any other religion.  On the other hand, to create a war, pride and discontent has to be nurtured and especially spiritual pride, as we see with the Muslim horde.   This is why the Communist Party has to be a pseudo-spiritual political movement for it to succeed in destroying a culture.

Catholicism stresses the importance of doing one’s work for the sake of God alone, and not for reward on earth.  In my case, I have to accept the censorship and get busy with something else, without feeling sorry for myself or being angry at Mongrels. This way of thinking is the only defense in the propaganda war, along with a good clear intellect which is the result of good breeding practices.  Chinese censorship of American media is a reality now, and it’s brutal.  I’d probably commit suicide under this system too if I didn’t have good Catholic training in the practice of humility.

It’s no wonder that Trump has to be careful with the media.  During his rallies he has to pen them up like the vicious lying animals that they’ve become.  And after watching a few videos of President Xi’s Secret Service punching little old ladies for practicing Tai Chi, I’m not really happy about Communist rule, and I hope that soon this will not be a problem anymore.  There is no other place to get away from it now except Russia, and I may end up there one day soon, unless Trump manages to avoid Chinese assassins and win the election.  They are using their coddled and trained ‘racist’ David Duke to discredit the Trump, that much is clear.  But since America has never had a pure blooded white Caucasian Christian as a candidate, it would be difficult to turn people against him.  In fact, racism is getting to be quite the fad these days among whites, and that’s great news to anyone with a little common sense.

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