Allowing Jewish Mafia to Operate on Catholic Church Property

As long as no one stops the Jewish mafia, they will continue to infiltrate every organization on the planet. The Jewish Mafia bragged publicly about their infiltration of the Vatican in a Look magazine article in 1966, but where was the outrage about that? No organization is safe from these people. All that will happen is that Catholics will get the blame, and the Jewish mafia will move on to the next victims in another church, another organization, another government. These owners of Murder, Inc., the killer-people, are obviously not believers, and only want to discredit the Church, which they despise.  Because they hate Catholics they enjoy that the world blames Catholics and spews bile at us, while the J-Mafia hope to continue enjoying the world’s respect.  Who would criticize a Jew, after all, when if you do, they’ll kill you?

The Jewish Mafia is not only in the Catholic Church, they are in every government and operating freely in many organizations, many orphanages and the Jewish Synagogues and Yeshivas are the worst.  Once in a while, a news report about their organ theft and child sex slave trafficking appears on the television screen, like in New Jersey for instance, but the report quickly disappears because the highest levels of government are implicated.

Since no one is taking steps to take the Jews out of the Catholic Church, they are allowed to use Catholic Church properties to operate their child abuse, human trafficking, and organ theft operations around the world using Catholic Church buildings.  Catholic Church properties will be used by them to house Jihadis as well, giving them lots of space for the manufacture of bombs and the grooming of sex slaves for the production of more little suicide Jihadi bombers.

The hundreds of thousands of slaughtered Catholics in the Middle East has been thoroughly documented by Jewish organizations, even while they kept a lid on it.  I am only now learning about the slaughter houses and the sale of Christian meat out of butcher shops wherever they migrate.

The targeting of predominately Catholic communities by the Jewish Mafia needs to be made note of.  South Louisiana and Texas are especially targeted. I myself have lost almost my entire family and a sizable inheritance, and certainly others have experienced the same, especially orphans. No one knows better than I how it feels to be laughed at, to be powerless, to have no support, while they steal everything and destroy one’s reputation.

I am not the only person recognizing that there is a targeting of certain families.  I might be the only person recognizing that the certain families are the descendants of the Catholic rulers of Europe who migrated to America, mostly during the 1600’s. The illegitimate ‘royalty’ in Europe is not comfortable about the existence of these people in Louisiana, Texas and French Canada.  These families are called ‘The Guise’ in history books, and they were the strongest supporters of the Catholic Church in their day.  Lies about them abound in the most recent myths that pass off as history.

I recently received this email from Father Christopher Terry, whose blog is worth reading to find out more about this subject:

That you for your truthful, historical blog. I am so happy to know of it.  I constantly discover that although I am on the right path, the more I know, the more I realize I do not know. But I am learning. I hope to read every article on your blog. I was raised in Omaha, Nebraska where the events of “The Franklin Cover Up” unfolded. I am now in Houston,Texas where the story continues with Cardinal Dinardo founding the largest late term abortion clinic in the Western World a minute from his Exxon/Chase Inter faith OWR Cathedral- The Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 subject of Center for Medical Progress’s ill conceived expose of baby body part sales.
Dinardo had a Catholic Knights of Columbus Sterling Bank CEO sell the property to Cecil Richard’s PP to provide logistic support for Tilman Fertitta’s child sex slave trafficking and Fr. Maciel’s Sinaloa Cartel in his archdiocese. Houston/I-10 is the largest hub of child sex slave trafficking in the world since Free State Galveston days in the Thirties.  I would deeply appreciate someone like yourself investigating all this and blogging about it.
The history is on my blog, I am friends with Randy Engel. Also Veterans Today which was just pointed out to me has remarkable articles on the Vatican Illuminati, Opus Dei, but not the Catholic or Fatima perspective on what is unfolding as I do. It is the only historical perspective that explains what is happening truly.  I am called by our Lady of Fatima, or Lady of the Rosary, as Priest and Dominican to tell the truth about the Vatican Illuminati occupation of the Chair of Peter. I can not tell how eternally grateful I am to the The Two Hearts for this call.
Nonetheless, Randy Engel, when I was operating on just hunches, wrote an expose on Cardinal Dinardo and the PP I-45 which stopped Dinardo’s first attempt to become Pope.  So please consider investigating and exposing this situation in the Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston. It’s all right here.
Deus Providebit!
Fr. Christopher Terry, O.P.


I also wrote for Veteran’s Today, mentioned by Fr. Terry in the above letter.  I exposed the Texas Child Protective Services role in the sale of children, but Veteran’s Today is a propaganda tool designed to throw blame on the American people for all that the worldwide mafia is guilty of, and that especially includes their bases of operation in China and Saudi Arabia.  There is nothing more fearful to these people than the prophecies of Our Lady Of Fatima.

I’ve written before about the Jewish nuns who invaded Mount Carmel Academy in New Iberia in the late 1960’s and they did succeed in shutting it down.  They’ve succeeded in changing the 2000 year old Catholic Church rites so that the words ‘I cast out Satan and his works’ are no longer included in Baptism. This was not done officially, but deceitfully by infiltrating Jewish priests at the community level, and by turning away the best people from seminaries.

Those truly Catholic priests who resist these changes are assassinated by ‘lone gunmen’, which happened to several priests in  Arizona churches, incidents not publicized much.  Arizona is a hotbed of Muslim Jihadi activity, and the location of businesses that sell Captagon pills.

So many good priests have died under suspicious circumstances, but no one investigates that either, because the Jewish Mafia controls the United States government judicial apparatus.  So now, what Catholics have suffered at their hands, is beginning to be experienced by all Americans. The internet and news is filled with mockery of Americans, blaming us for the actions of these criminal gangs, and they won’t stop until they have succeeded in destroying everything, always doing their dirty work dressed up in a costume of their most despised enemy, so that the result is the blaming of the most innocent.

It’s time to recognize their tactics and put an end to it.

Deus Providebit!


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