God’s Three Races of Man


A Few Racial Curiosities with Images




These are the three skull shapes of the Biblical “Sons of Noah”. Shem is the Caucasoid. Ham is the Negroid. Japeth, the Mongoloid.  The Caucasoid, has much narrower mouth, longer head and pointed chin, small ears and straight nose.  The Negroid has an extreme forward jutting jaw.  The Mongoloid, or Asian has a very square head, flattened chin and very large cheeks with a flattened face.  The Asian Mongoloid Japeth is by far the most commonly seen skull type in all governments today. The skin color of each of these racial types can vary. Forensic experts use this information to help identify bodies.



NT; (c) Overbeck's; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation
Cosimo de Medici, of the legitimate Medici bloodline, is a typical Caucasian. Cosimo was one of the greatest Catholic military leaders in history.  It is for this reason that his family came to be known as the Stuarts, for being the protectors of the Church, stewards of Christ.

An illegitimate line took the name Medici, and from that point forward, the legitimate Medici reverted to the maternal surname Berardi. They began world wide explorations as merchants.  They also contributed to establishing Catholicism in new territories, sponsoring Amerigo Vespucci’s voyages.


Alessandro de Medici, of the Illegitimate bloodline has Negroid features and looks like a typical Arab.  This bastard son is a notorious Anti-Pope, appointed at a young age by his relatives who waged war on the legitimate bloodline.  The city of Florence turned against the legitimate family, forcing them into exile.  Dante Alighieri writes of this period.


King Faisal I, who was the last true King of the Arab lands, is the quintessential Caucasian. His murder was necessary in order for the Saudi-Jewish-Turks to take over the Middle East, establishing the Zionist state of Israel and Turkey after his death.
King Faisal I, center, with the Khazarian Jew Chaim Weisman, left, who everyone suspects poisoned the King.  On the right is King Faisal I’s closest companion and servant, a negro, who tried to warn Faisal about the imminent betrayal.
Alexandre Mouton was a Southern General in the Civil War. The embroidery on his sleeve shows the symbols of the Saudi family, which is also on the doors of the Kaaba in Mecca. It is said to be the Satanic 666, if you look carefully you can see it, but it’s upside down. Mouton studied at Westpoint. He brought Freemasonry into Louisiana, betrayed the South by allowing the Northern Army to burn the plantations of Catholics and was awarded for this with the Governorship. The real Civil War in America was actually between Freemasons and Catholics. Notice his ISIS beard.


This is what Mecca looked like in the 1950’s when it was still a Hindu Temple. According to Hindu scholars, the Kaaba stone is a shiva lingam, which is probably in the shape of a penis, though they don’t like to admit it. The Khazarians worshipped the penis because, as far as they knew, this is what created them, according to early travelers in Khazaria.

Buddhism was co-opted by Far Eastern Asians who we call Khazars, shown here with the Kaaba stone.  They used several religions to create Islam.  I can’t vouch for everything on the website, but for more information on how the Asians usurped the Hindu religion and converted their temples to mosques, see here:   http://haribhakt.com/kaaba-a-hindu-temple-stolen-by-muslims/

Asian priests from the far East bringing the Kaaba stone to Mecca on an Asian  carpet.
Hanuman_showing_Rama_in_His_heart (1)
Hanuman, a Hindu monkey God worshiped by Obama and many others, especially in India, demonstrates the origins for the ISIS routine of eating the heart of the enemy. This practice can be found among the present day ‘Muslim’ warlords of Africa and the Middle East.   It was practiced by the Aztecs of Mexico and Attakapas Indians of early Louisiana.  It is the basis for the ritual practice of cannibalism and child sacrifice in warfare.  This is also undoubtedly the original reason for the theory of evolution.  It’s possible that certain races may have evolved from monkeys, but not the Caucasian Race.
The Rat People of India are highly prized in-breds whose mannerisms are much like that of monkeys. They are bought and sold by Beggar Masters at the Hindu Temples.


This diagram is from an anthropomorphic comparison of relative rhesus monkey factor ratio of the blood. This means that the blood of a Caucasian has less affinity to the Negro than the Negro blood has affinity to the Bonobo Ape. It might be possible that some humans actually did descend from apes, and that continued inbreeding could return them to that form. Caucasian children should not be taught they descend from apes.

King Offa of Mercia, now central England, is shown in the sculpture above as Caucasian.  His coins have verses of the Koran.  These 9th century coins have been well hidden from the public.  It’s almost certain that the Koran is based on early Christian texts that were corrupted to conform with Khazar Talmudic dogma.


This is a very small embroidery, with amazingly accurate detail, showing St. Martin and the Brigands.  Brigands were Pirates, the one shown here has the  arched nose of the typical Jew. His companion has negroid features.  St. Martin is the typical white Caucasian.
Mary, Queen of Scots
Circa 1565, Mary Stuart or Mary Queen of Scots (1542 – 1587), the only daughter of James V and his second wife, Mary of Guise. Mary ascended to the throne when she was six days old but in 1548 was sent to France as the prospective bride of the French Dauphin, Francis II, who was assassinated along with several other family members of the last Catholic monarchs in Europe. Never again would such modesty of dress or devotion to religion be seen in European royal families.  Usurpers took the thrones and inbred themselves with both Jews and Negroes until they devolved into imbecility. The breeding of Caucasian with Negro in the family of the Negro Queen Charlotte of England resulted in the “Hapsburg Jaw”. The Catholic Caucasians left Europe and their progeny scattered in the Americas and beyond because there was and might still be a price on their heads. Caucasian features are rare in any government today.
Vladimir of Kiev was victorious over the Khazars who had overrun Anatolia, Byzantium in the 9th century AD.
The last pure Caucasian Tzar of Russia, Nicholas I.
An engraving of Napoleon Bonaparte at the Sanhedrin in Paris.  His early friends described him and his family as having characteristics of the Arabic Khazar culture.  They ate out of a common dish, sitting on the floor, they were betrayers of friends, and he had sex with his sisters on a regular basis.



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