Chicago, Illinois was one of many predominately Catholic cities all over the world that were targeted.  Like Baltimore, Maryland and Nagasaki, Japan, it was targeted for destruction by the Anti-Christ forces, specifically because it was so Catholic.  It’s not a coincidence, but it is a shame the way that blacks are manipulated by people who don’t care about them at all.  There are many different kinds of bombs.

Today, it is a Mob City, controlled by Jewish Crime bosses, the most notorious in history, like Meyer Lanskey and that ilk.  I won’t link to the documentaries, but there are many that glorify him and his friends as though they were intelligent, brilliant, successful people.  All they ever did was kill good people in order to take their places. It’s disgusting.

Instead, I will link to a video of what they destroyed in Chicago. Here is one below, Venerable Fulton J. Sheen, Archbishop of Chicago, explaining the details of the Solemn High Mass of the Traditional Roman Rite in 1941..Other examples follow.

This recording is old.  The title is “The Eternal Gift”.  This is the rite that Jesus died in order to pass on to us. Being the legitimate High Priest, he had the legal jurisdiction to do this.  When the Jews told Protestants that this had no value, it was a trick. They fully intended to co-opt it for themselves, after they’d convinced some Catholics to toss it out and replace it with a blasphemous version that removed the essence of it. And they removed the Blessed Virgin Mary as well.  The Rabbis hate women, and motherhood and families. They turned Jesus into a single man, all alone and this is a falsehood.  Joseph was the stepfather of Jesus, a good man, and they removed him too, along with all the Saints and martyrs, all the holy people, all the good people that surrounded him, all the people who had set good examples for us.

To anyone who thinks that there is little difference between Catholic and Protestant, I would say, please watch this. Isn’t this something of value?  Isn’t this what the Jews were so jealous of and wanted for themselves?  They want to eliminate the penance, the law, the order, but still have the pomp of the Vatican.  The true covenant with the legitimate priesthood required the oil of anointing, and the true blood. They eliminated the true sacraments, taking out the words “I reject Satan and all his pomps”.  Pomp is self importance.

Now what have we traded our birthright for, if not a mess of pottage?  And what does the mess of pottage look like, if not the scenario in Chicago at the Trump Rally that had to be cancelled.  Alien beings devour our city before our eyes.  They think they’ve won an argument by threats of violence against American President Donald Trump and his supporters.

The most vulnerable people to these threats are the black supporters of President Trump.  And yes, he is already the President.  If America had referendums, he would be and so therefore in the eyes of many people he is.  To run for President of the United States, Donald Trump is making a huge sacrifice.  Please keep him and his supporters who live in the savage neighborhoods of Chicago in your prayers.  They are all in danger.


This is the video that shows the people of Chicago, Illinois in church in 1940.


This is a video of Bishop Fulton J. Sheen in the most popular television show of the 1950’s in the United States of America:


And here is the story of Nagasaki, Japan.  It was not actually ‘atomic bombed’, it was fire bombed the way Dresden, Germany was…another Catholic City.  Atom bombs are just another hoax, an empty threat in the Land of OZ.











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