Is Russia and America the same in Prophecy?

Consider that the heartlands of North America and Russia could be the real Roman Empire, with some pirate havens along the coasts. The name Roman Catholic Church was always meant to convey the fact that it was the government of Rome, for the Roman people.  When Constantinople was lost, as the capitol of the Roman Empire it had to move elsewhere, and that was St. Petersburg.  It was to St. Peter that the Keys to the Church were given.

When Canadian forts were sold, and the  Louisiana Purchase Scam was pulled, the connection between Roman Catholics in America and their co-religionists in Russia and Canada was lost. There was a family called Roman in Louisiana established near the mouth of the Mississippi River in the very early 1700’s.  The area was called Cabanoce and there is a very interesting book by that name which describes it. They were also settled at the Post des Attakapas in St. Martinville.

The intervening propaganda and historical lies make people believe there is a violent rift between Orthodox and Catholic, between Rome and Constantinople, when in reality it was distance and time that led to a gradual drifting away of the regions. The two words, Catholic and Orthodox, have the same practical meaning.  They both indicate at least an intention to maintain the ancient rites and dogma of the One True Apostolic Church instituted by Christ for the protection of his followers.

There is a group called the ‘Old Believers’ out in the Urals, I believe, who may still have the ancient knowledge. There is also the Roman Latin Rite that includes the Gregorian Chants as integral to the ritual, affirmed at the Council of Trent in the late 1500’s in Bologna, Italy. This Council was convened to deal with the Protestant herecy, but the Protestants refused to attend.  Their protests would have been judged heresy anway, and this they knew more than anyone.

Having a heretic Pope in the Vatican was nothing new, even then.  The important point is the impossibility of changing the dogma of the Catholic Church. Not even the Pope has the jurisdiction to change the dogma of the faith.  Even after Vatican II, the dogma of the Catholic Church never changed.  What happened is that heretic priests instituted changes at the local level, as part of a secret conspiracy.  The orders to remove the Catholic altars and install Satanic Tables, along with other sacrileges, never were openly mandated Catholic law and still aren’t.  It is simply against Catholic Law to make these changes.  It’s blatantly illegal and heretical to make changes to the ancient rites and practices.  This is what the Church exists to enforce.

The breaking of a law does not institute a new law.  Not even the Pope has the authority to change the ancient law.  If he does, he is simply a heretical Pope and not to be followed.  This is the meaning of the Pope as the holder of the keys of the Church.  The dogma of the Catholic Orthodox Church is locked in.

In this video of a compilation of prophecies, the return to a common Rite is predicted, so this is very important in re-uniting Russia and America, including Catholic Latin America, and regaining Constantinople.  The protection and reunification of Christians in China is mentioned in the prophecies.

The most interesting of these prophecies begins in the second half of the video.  I’m skeptical of the first ones, or any prophecy that uses the term ‘Chosen People’.   Consider what exactly is meant by Siberia in these prophesies:



Think about continuing North in Siberia, that you end up in Northern Canada and from there to the Gulf of Mexico, and what beautiful land this is, if you remain in the heartland. Perhaps all of this is the actual nation of Holy Russia in its entirety, as spoken of in the prophecies.

Americans would do well to consider this geographical fact, and the historical reality of how much of the world was Catholic and united and for how long this lasted.  Those of us in the heartland, could well be described exactly as the Siberians are described in the prophecies.  We must be in the hell described as under the rule of a Chinese government, and this realization can mobilize people, as Trump has done.

What is the source of the name Siberia anyway, and how does it relate to the word Iberia, New Iberia, the Bering Straights, and the Berardi who left Florence and who sponsored the travels of Amerigo Vespucci.  Is the name Vespucci related to Putin in any way?

The prophecy says that the people of Siberia would wake up one day and find themselves in China, because the Chinese had infiltrated their economy, industry and businesses and were able to turn the lives of the Siberians into agony. If this does describe Siberia in Russia, a frozen land known to be sparsely populated, doesn’t this describe America as well?  Are we not the part of Siberia that is on the other side of the Urals, from God’s eye view?  Aren’t the gulags already built in the heartland and manned with low-IQ guards?  This is an eye opener.




Modern transportation, together with melting of the ice in the “polar” region, is revealing the natural fact that Russia and North America are very close to each other in terms of travelling distance.  Russia is reviving military bases in that barren arctic region, which is a good idea.

I want to thank the trolls for attacking me so viciously whenever I mention the flat earth map.  That level of troll hysteria alerted me to the importance of the subject.  It only involves looking closely and picturing in your mind the earth as seen from the eye of God, a flat circle with a dome over it.   Then it’s clear that Russia and America are one nation in every way possible way, especially from the point of view of our Roman heritage, which includes way of life and skin color.

Considering proximity of land mass, culture, religion, history and genetics, it’s impossible to tell the difference between Russian and American.  Also, the French language was widely spoken as a second language, or ‘language of diplomacy’ as they say, throughout the Roman Catholic lands of America, Europe and Russia, and Latin was the language of all churches.  The changes that were forced on people recently under pirate governments have no real root.

The best solution to the immigrant invasion is to look at a flat earth map and unite with our fellow Romans in Russia.  This is also a very good explanation as to why Our Lady of Fatima requested the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart.  In God’s eyes, and therefore in prophecy, American and Russian people are one, the land is one, with a frozen, but melting body of water between them, and with the Bering Straights as a land bridge, and Hawaii included.

The prophecies also mention that the countries of the three brothers would unite, and I would like to know who they are.


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