Elephants in Rome

Was Maharaja Jassa Singh Ram Garhia of  Kashmir, India the same person as

Joseph Broussard de Beausoleil, Gaurhept, who settled in Louisiana?


War helmet from India found in central France.

For those not familiar with Jassa Singh, he is a hero of India who fought in the Mughal wars against the Muslim invaders and their slave trade.  His story has amazing parallels to that of the leader of the Acadian settlements in Louisiana, a man known as Beausoleil.  In my search for the meaning of the word Gaur Hept in his name, I’ve discovered some very, very important information about who was really in charge of Rome, and why America was settled as part of the Roman Empire.  Whether I’m right or wrong about the identity of Jassa Singh, this information is still important to understanding how America was settled from the Russian side of the continent and how the rulership from Berat in India was world-wide.


The lies about the history of India, and Kashmir in particular, need to be untangled before all other histories can be unraveled.  Remember that Saul was the son of Kush, which is Kashmir, so there is an ancient history by the time of Jesus, and it’s even more ancient by the time of the American Revolution, which is where we are going with this article.

Kashmir is the heart of the world, of this I am convinced. All trade routes went out from Kashmir, the place known as Berat.

The Catholic Church, both in Rome and in Constantinople, had a higher power than the Pope or the Patriarch, and that power emanated from Berat in the Himalaya Mountains, or you could even pronounce it Jambalaya Mountains, or you can just call it Tibet.  The very source of Catholicism was precisely this area and these people, where lived the family of Julius Ceasar and Jesus, through their relation to Pompey the Great, or Bombay the Great if you prefer.  The Patriarch in Constantinople was chosen from the twelve Misls of Berat, who are called Sikhs.

The Berat Sikhs were originally northern Indian Saraswat Brahmins living in the Himalayas. These Brahmins helped found the Indus-Saraswati Harappa civilization during 4000-2000BC. This civilization called themselves the Apa or Api people, also called Hopi in America.  The people that we call ‘Egyptian, or Gupta were a different people in another phase of development. The Brahmins lived in the 700+ archeological sites discovered along the former Saraswati River that once flowed parallel to the Indus in present day Kashmir, Himachal, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan regions.

As the intellectual and priestly class of that ancient civilization, they are highly respected and honored for creating the world’s oldest literary and religious traditions. Revered texts such as the Vedas and the Upanishads originated there and were taken into other parts of the world.

The Sawaswati had built an elaborate dam system, which was destroyed by the large “rats of Kurazan” as the historians put it. We know these rats as Muslims and Jews and so when they destroyed the dams, the people on the banks of the Saraswati started migrating to other parts of the world thus forming sub-communities, one of which was that of Omar in Yemen. The Muslims call this event the Hydra, or Hijra. For their guilt in undermining the dams they had to escape and hide in Medina and Mecca. The Muslims start their calendar from this date, so happy are they about this devastation.  During the Islamic invasions of modern day Pakistan and India, many Saraswat Brahmins were forced to flee again due to religious oppression from these same people.

Let’s look at this invasion of Kashmir and India about 100 years ago and how it started.


The organization of the Sikh power in the Sacred Land of the Five Rivers was the result of the constant and combined efforts of the twelve Misls, generation after generation. This corresponds to the twelve Apostles who, if my hypothesis is correct, actually represented different parts of the world as it was ruled by Berat at the time.

The Apostle Thomas for example, has a name that is found among the Mongolian and Berat leaders, and Mongolia at that time was highly populated according to old maps. Tomas Berard is listed in the late 1200’s as Grand Master of the Knights Templar in some sources.  The very name Siberia is from this family.

That the name Mary refers to the Omarri/Mauri dynasty is undeniable, and it is well known that the Mauri were the rulers of India at the time of Julius and Jesus. Not only did the Omarri provide elephants to the Roman General Pompey and his nephew Julius to shut down the slave trade, but the Omarri Queens took it upon themselves to deliver large quantities of food to the colonists who were being blockaded by pirates. This is the basis for the love and veneration that people have for the different women called Mary, to whose honor some of the most beautiful songs ever created were composed, but the most beautiful are those odes to Mary the mother of Jesus.

Julia, the aunt of Julius Ceasar was in charge of the Vestal Virgins of the Temple, which explains much. There are some interesting stories about a virgin birth in Sikh literature, but that’s for another time.  By marrying Pompey, Julia married into the Mauri dynasty.  This is all background for our jump forward in time to the last Sikh Misl, Jassa Singh at the time of the American Revolution 1700 years later.


India was known as Berat and spelled many different ways, including ‘Tibet’, and I’m certain this is the source of the name Thibodeaux, since there are so many family connections.  It was fabulously rich from trade, mines, excellent organization and a sane religious philosophy. Taxes were collected by and also used to support the 12 Misls who were responsible for colonizing and developing trade between the 12 different sections of the world, one section for each Misl, as I understand it so far.

This system of creating wealth by developing trade, instead of by slavery is seen clearly in the excavations of Akad, the Capitol of the Kingdom of Sargon.  Sargon could very well be the basis for the story of King Saul versus King David.  Sargon’s artwork does not show the king with his foot on the neck of his tributaries, as seen in Egyptian art.  Instead, he shows upright dignified visitors bringing hand-crafted and processed goods to the King.

Sargon eliminated the idea of slavery and terror from his Kingdom, while replacing it with state support for peaceful trade and small local manufacture.  He could have been the first King to establish the Lion Gates and the Brotherhood, because Lion Gates still remain throughout the world that date to Sargon’s era.  The idea was to make each gate the collection point for taxes on trade.  There would be no land-rents charged, so that it was in the government’s interest to support small business and fair trade at all levels. This was the idea behind feudalism. The land and tools were free, only excess produce was taxed.  This is why the land could not be bought or sold, it could only be given by the Misl as part of a deal.  This in no way enslaves anyone, and allows everyone to participate in commerce.

This is what was going on during the ‘dark ages’ that our pirate historians don’t want us know about. It was a happy time, the people were not dirty, they didn’t live in caves, they weren’t violent, they were literate, they increased their wealth and skills and lived much the way we live today with running water and beautiful clothing in nice homes and with beautiful gardens.

The original territory of Louisiana appears to have been one of the twelve Sikh misls, and so America actually was literally the ‘West Indies’.  The architecture of old New Orleans has the exact same features, especially those beautiful carved roof brackets, as the Ram Garhia in the place now called Amritsar in Punjab, India.  Both were built around the same time.

I am fairly certain that the name Amritsar, pronounced ‘Ameritsar’, is actually the Sikh name for America, but the history is being written by Muslims who wish to hide these things, and they love to change maps and place names.  If I’m correct about this, then there are so many parallels between the life of Sardar Jassa Singh and that of Joseph Broussard de Beau Soleil that it’s worth presenting the evidence so that other people can decide for themselves, though I can’t present the entire history in just one article.

Let’s look at the background first.

The trade path from the Himalayas went in all directions, but towards America it went through the mountains to Mongolia, Siberian Russia, Russian Alaska and this connected to the Colorado River which started up around Oregon and at that time flowed South Easterly into the Vermillion River in what is now Lafayette, Louisiana, though at that time it was called Vermillionville in the Attakapas region.   The River finally flowed into Vermillion Bay in the Gulf of Mexico.  So there was a clear shot, no doubt with rapids, all the way from Russia to New Orleans, Houston and Mobile.  A boat trip like this is recorded in a small volume written by a woman in the Voorhies family, describing her trip to Louisiana as a very young girl in the 18th century on a boat in rapids on a very long trip.

Colorado, Red and Vermillion were all names in different languages for the same river.  There is on record a huge earthquake that occurred in North America that changed the landscape drastically.  At the same time there was an unprecedented flood reported in New Iberia, Louisiana by Bouligny around 1789, reported in one of his letters to Governor Galvez.  He may have been an enemy trying to settle his pirates around New Iberia, La. and this flood is referred to in other documents as a God-send that washed them all away.

All of Bouligny’s letters are in the Papeles de Cuba which are now in Seville, and on microfilm in the New Orleans Williams Research Center. The originals were removed from Louisiana after the 1803 take-over by the evil General Claiborne in that deceitful scam called  The Louisiana Purchase.


After this period the maps no longer show a connection of the Red River in Louisiana to the Colorado further West.  The middle section dried up in what is now the Nevada desert. Whether this was a natural or man-made occurrence, I cannot say right now, but I do know that the Pirates wished to cut communication to Louisiana, perhaps specifically because of Jassa Singh.   The pirate revolutionaries were also busy with many key assassinations at this time.

According to early maps, the original Louisiana territory included Alaska, the Hudson Bay and continued up into Russia. From Baffin Island down past Mexico, an area called the ‘Two Floridas’ are included in the documents that I’ve found.  If ever these lands are restored to their rightful owners, more than half of America and Canada would be part of Russia, and I for one would be very happy about that.


Sikh Temple at Ramgarhia, Amritsar

Introduction to the History of the 12 Lion Gates of the World


Guru Gobind Singh is highly respected as was Pompey the Great, the Uncle of Julius Ceasar/Jesus. Guru Gobind “established the Brotherhood of Lions (the Singhs) before going back to Heaven and leaving the infant Khal-Isa surrounded by blood-thirsty foes.” Khal refers to Claude, same as Col in Latin, the surname of Julia, and also of her brother, who would have been the deceased or absent father of Isa/Jesus/Julius Ceasar.    Gobind Singh had promised to lend a helping and guiding hand from above. This was the original “Hidden Hand” that helped establish the Roman Empire and the Roman Catholic Church.  “The children of the faith, seeing no visible hand to support them, trusted their welfare to the leadership of Banga Beradhi.”

As they say, Rome was not built in a day, and it still is not complete. Rome at the time of Khal-Isa was a remote outpost of Berat, in a pirate infested area known as Gaul, and so the slow work of eradicating the pirate pest is what built Rome into an Empire.  When the pirates were finally eradicated from the Bosporus straits, the straits of Gibraltar, Gaul and Phrygia, Constantinople and Andalusia expanded.  Built on a site of a former fort called Romalia, Constantinople was in the Misl controlled by the Al Bizzi/Bhangi from whom the Berardi/Berati are descended.  We call it Macedonia, and isn’t this also where Alexander the Great originated and isn’t this the same Berat who funded his mission to chase out pirates in his day.

All evidence points to the ancient knowledge of Berat/Tibet being transferred into Roman Catholicism during this time.  The issue of divinity of Christ had to do with their understanding that in times of crisis, God inserts his divine powers into some human who then uses this power to save humanity from impending doom.  Though this can happen to anyone at anytime, the most powerful and extraordinary is called a Guru, someone who dispels darkness with light, both a warrior and a sage.

The Bards of Berat, in the Middle Ages did not sing love songs, they sang songs of war and poems that encouraged men to fight evil, defend the innocent and free people from pirate captivity and slavery.  The pirates like to transform their enemy’s religion and art into propaganda about being passive and weak, but the facts of Roman Catholicism and The Sikh Lion Brotherhood are quite the opposite.  Courage, allegiance and truth are sung, but never weakness and passivity.  Only our enemies would encourage us to be weak.

The Sikhs at Berat were concerned with The Sacred Land of the Five Rivers of pure water that emanate from the North Pole and flow into the different regions.  The historians report that leaders of the 12 Misls had to face many hardships, not only to establish their goal of defending their ancient faith, but also their very existence upon the face of the earth.  White genocide is nothing new.

All depictions of Brahmins in artwork still show them to be white people and this is an important consideration because in India, the first thing the Pirates did when they took over was to force white women into sex slavery with Negroes.  In-breeding with blacks within harems has the result of creating what we call Turks.  They aren’t very smart or fast people, but there’s lots of them; thus the name ‘Turkey’, a notoriously stupid bird.  Anyone who breeds dogs or other animals can tell you that stupidity, ill health and sterility are always the result of in-breeding, but no one wants to talk about inbred world leaders and the Idiocracy under which we live.

Turks, their fake history, lies and violent ways, as well as the world wide Idiocracy that they’ve established, is the theme of the twenty-first century.  That huge population making up the ISIS migrant invasion today had its start in India when all the Misls got together and betrayed Sardar Jassa Singh to get control of his 360 forts.

Revolutions are the work of devious schemers who are too incompetent or afraid to fight in manly warfare.  They seek to take control by instigating war between any two or three other groups, which provides cover for theft and chicanery.  They procreate through rape and harems and don’t care about their offspring, they hope merely to win by population numbers and by breeding the whiteness and intelligence out of our progeny so their Rule of Stupidity won’t have opponents.

The Sikhs were the builders and architects of Churches and Forts all over the world, and Jaasa Singh was one of the greatest of architects.  The Muslims destroy these monuments. They build nothing at all.

Details of Ramgarhia Temple are exactly like details of buildings in New Orleans, Louisiana.

From the very first crude ancient churches in Constantinople to the magnificent Taj Mahal, Sikh building skills improved with the centuries.  The skills required to build Forts at Quebec, New Orleans and St. Louis required long periods of apprenticeship in guilds so that knowledge was retained through the generations.  To put together and train a group of men who could build Gothic Cathedrals and St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome or a fort like Frontenac would have been impossible without the inter-generational organization of the Sikh Misls.

The lack of knowledge about Indian history has to do with Pirate Muslims deceitfully stealing credit for all that the Sikhs actually accomplished. For example the architecture in Andalusia Spain had nothing to do with Muslim nomads, slave traders and pirates. Muslim claims are nothing short of absurd, because they try to squeeze about 6000 years of history into the period after 1800 A.D. when they had full control. All of their claims are suspicious at least, ridiculous at most.

It’s absurd to claim, for example, that huge armies were fighting over control of a few peasant villages on the Indian continent.  Could 360 forts have been spread among 5 or 6 villages?  Of course not.  Considering the size of the armies and the amount of money involved, these twelve Misls must represent the entire world, and I’ll try to match each name to its actual location as I find it.

This Misl system functioned by establishing and maintaining safe, fair trade infrastructure from which taxes could be collected at the gates for the support and maintenance of armies, builders and governors.  This system incorporated Feudalism and defensive towers, and it worked very well in establishing colonies in remote regions.

Like so many other good ideas, the moronic pirates have convinced students that the feudal system was not a good idea, even though it lasted 2000 years and provided the basis for the civilization that we enjoy today.  The Feudal system started out by providing land, tools and training for anyone who wanted to participate.  This doesn’t sound bad to me, it isn’t slavery, and no one is forced to take all this free stuff.  For energetic people this is a good deal.

When Joseph Broussard, Gaurhept, arrived in St. Martinville, Louisiana in 1769 he was with a “Corps de Feu”, which is a military brigade, and his arrival was recorded in St. Martinville church records which are now being held hostage by pirates occupying the Catholic Church.  I only have a copy to verify his presence there, but it is commonly known and of course I’m a descendant of his who grew up where he settled so I’m writing from that point of view.  No one is more surprised at these parallels than myself.

The Twelve Misls are listed as:

  • First and the greatest the Bhangi Misl ruled over a vast tract, the revenues of which were a little over a crore of Rupees. The Misl had 12,000 horsemen.

(2) “The Ram Garhia Misl, exercised absolute sway over territories the maximum revenue of which was between four and five millions of Rupees. This Misl possessed 360 forts and an army of 10,000 horsemen. Many Rajas and Nawabs paid tribute to it.”


This last Ram Garhia Misl was Jassa Singh who might be Joseph de Beau Soleil Broussard who is on record as arriving at the Poste Des Attakapas in St. Martinville, Louisiana in 1769, and signed his name with the title Gaur Hept.  There are a number of parallels between Joseph and Jaasa.


This is what I know about Joseph. He was married to a woman whose last name was Thibodeaux.   He had a brother named Alexandre whose daughter Anne married Jean Berard, a wealthy established merchant, surveyor and Notary at the Poste Des Attakapas trading station.  Jean Berard died in the 1820’s.  Their descendants founded many plantations and towns along the Gulf Coast of Louisiana by donating land for a church and public buildings and laying out streets and lots.  The Albania Plantation was built by this family on the Bayou Teche under the name Grevemburg and had a system for freeing slaves and providing them with 40 acres a mule and a plow in exchange for labor.  They introduced sugar cane growing to the region. Other relatives of this family introduced the sweet potato, peppers and tomatoes as the first commercial crops, so they worked diligently to set Louisiana up as a productive place.


Around this time Joseph left his son Amant Broussard in possession of a vast tract of land in South Louisiana that bordered on Vermillion Bay and stretched to New Iberia.  They raised cattle and had dairy farms. Supplying New Orleans with fresh meat was their business, and they did this by driving live cattle across the Mississippi River Delta, using barges when necessary.  Not an easy task.  Jaasa Singh also had a son named Amant.  The story of Jaasa includes lots of time spent in ‘jungles’ which might describe Louisiana at that time.


Amant Broussard had a daughter named Suzanne, and a son named Camille, among others.  Amant could be the person called Aman Das in Sikh history. All of these names occur in the history of Jaasa Singh. Suzanne married Maximillien Decuir and their first home is now part of the Vermillion Village Museum. The first home of Amant is now a bed and breakfast in Loreauville near the site of the much larger plantation home that was burned during the Civil War by Alexandre Mouton who changed the name of the town of Vermilionville to Lafayette, after a famous Freemason.

General Lafayett’s Freemason Sword


The Berard family is still very wealthy.  Their Bank of Iberia was recently purchased by Regions Bank.  I’m a totally dispossessed branch of this family.  Suspicious car accidents are very common in my clan, but who would believe that there is a connection?  This is all very far-fetched, so I can understand why people would be skeptical.  But it could all still be true, no matter how strange.


The other Misls:
(3) “Kanhaiya Misl, had 8,000 fighting men.”
(4) “Ahluwalia Misl, the Raja of Kapurthala was its representative at the time of this report in early 1900.”


This is probably France, specifically the name that we call Louis Capet. After this family there were no more Kings of France.   They had intermarried with a family of non-Roman Catholics, which had the result of in-breeding and now France, like every other nation, is run by the Jewish Idiocracy.


The beheading of King Louis XVI was probably punishment by the Misls for having sold the French Nation, along with all the Forts that once were Brabande, the forts along the Alps that had held the Muslims at bay for 1500 years.  Now France is being sold again by the European Union pirates.


There were other Fort Sellers who were beheaded at the same time, like Beauharnois, the husband of Josephine for example, and all the people in the household of the King.  Their treason involved theft of large sums of money that were defrauded from the Berat, money which had been allocated to the colonists in New France.  The pirate governors made deals with the ship captains and pretended that the money had been stolen. Then they collected insurance and furthermore arranged to sell the same goods to the settlers at extortionate prices.  They truly deserved to have their heads paraded on pikes, which did in fact happen.
(5) “Phul Misl:  The three ruling Chiefs of Patiala, Nabha and Jind are the descendants of this Misl and in early 1900 ruled under British protection over territories held by their ancestors.”  In exchange for selling out their Brethren, they accepted pensions.


This is the Misl that joined Ranjit Singh or else it is Ranjit, and  I suspect that this Misl is Russia. The cripple Czar Paul looks very much like Talleyrand.



The name Ranjit at this time is seen in the name Charles Maurice Talleyrand.  This deformed, club-foot French revolutionary is described as a man no one could trust, but with whom everyone had to work. His name Maurice identifies him as one of the Mauri dynasty.  His deformities, as described by those who knew him, reflect serious symptoms of in-breeding.  He was married to Catherine Le Grand from Tamil Nadu, India who is probably the scandalous woman called Madame Tallien mentioned in the history books of that time.  She was a close friend of Josephine, or Rose Tascher as she was actually called.


The word Tally refers to tax collection, just like Tascher, which is what the Misls were responsible for.  If Talleyrand married the woman who become Catherine the Great of Russia, then its possible that Talleyrand was Paul of Russia.  They both look alike and have club feet. Catherine the Great of Russia ended up with the same court artist as the decapitated Marie Antoinette.  Vige-LeBrun also painted a portrait of the younger Catherine when she was the wife of Talleyrand, and she does look very much like Catherine the Great.


Previous research that I’ve done on Catherine the Great revealed a strange background in which she appears to have been the product of an incestuous father-daughter relationship, and her father is described as a ‘military’ man.


Talleyrand had a daughter who is called Mysterious Charlotte, but who I suspect to be Queen Charlotte, the Negro Queen of England who appeared around this point in history, and who exchanged letters with Marie Antoinette. Marie Antoinette, like her husband the king, and like the rulers of Russia, was a product of an illegitimate, non-Catholic bloodline trying to rule a Catholic nation.  I suspect that the father or near relative of Catherine and Charlotte was Malik Ambar, the ‘General’ who connived with Ranjit to sell the Forts.  Involvement in the slave and opium business is mentioned within all these histories, and no black slave trade can exist unless blacks deliver other blacks.  King Ambar is reported to have been sold into slavery by his own mother.


The Pirates who robbed and raided on land in colonial America and who call themselves our Founding Fathers, called themselves Rangers, surely from the name Ranjit.  Talleyrand spent time in America at this point.  He also has a strong resemblance to George Washington, so I suspect a family relationship.  It wouldn’t surprise me if Benjamin Franklin was also Benjamin Constant, another agitator in Paris in the circle of Viscount Barras.


Catherine, the wife of Talleyrand was from Tamil Nadu, the same city as King Ambar.   Today it is a very much degraded culture, but still shows the variety of skills that were taught there and which must have been part of Sikh culture and the world wide trade circuit.


A city like Palmyra in Syria shows how selling one’s handiwork and produce can be done in elegance and style instead of sitting on the dirty ground as these poor women do.  Yet, the idea is still the same.  At least they aren’t starving, stealing or prostituting. At least they are making some effort to feed themselves and others.  If armies protected free enterprise for honest people, instead of only protecting IRS slavers, the whole world could be set right again.


“King” Ambar was involved in the sale of Aurangabad’s Daulatabad Fort, whose name they changed to mean Devil Fort.  Ambar’s influence turned the people of India from white Caucasian to a Black skinned mixed-race people in 100 years.  This period of history of India allows us to see the results of what is being orchestrated in White Europe and America today.  The Muslims are reported to have castrated the white males and forced the women into negro harems with the express purpose of White genocide.


India today is the future of all the world if Pirates continue to have their way.  Before the invasion of Muslims, India was a shining nation, the richest and most elegant and splendid place in all the world.  It was the center of all the most beautiful buildings, art, literature and the best government.  The people were white skinned, just as Jesus is portrayed at the Hagia Sophia for example, and as Indian artwork portrays them.


After Ranjit’s take-over, the invading black Muslims claimed for themselves all the history, architectural and scholarly accomplishments of the White Sikhs of Berat.  The Muslim Brotherhood and the Freemasons have the goal of enslaving all the world, but most especially the Whites. This I know from simply reading their literature and listening to their speeches on video.  They make no secret of this war, though we will never find them in military formation. They are devious and sneaky, even to the point of teaching their followers to pretend friendship with us in order to kill the enemy, which is we, who are their neighbors. This permission to lie in order to facilitate a murder or some other goal is taught in Islam, Mormonism and Judaism.


The Muslim invasion of India is said to have been the bloodiest and cruelest 100 year episode in all of Indian history.  Now the people venerate phallic-shaped stones, their hero is a monkey and they worship rats in the Sikh temples, they practice all sorts of sexual perversions as religion and India is famous mostly for being dirty.  This is a tragic downfall on a national scale when looked at from an historical perspective, but it is also the future planned for all of us, a plan that will hopefully fail, God willing.  These same people have destroyed China in much the same way.


Historians in India report that Muslims turned the stones of the temples inside out and sculpted Koranic scripture on them.  This at least preserves the other side, which I hope to see placed correctly and all the original temples, churches and markets restored one day soon.  People might be surprised to see Christian iconography on the other side of those stones in Indian temples. Weren’t we promised that even the stones would cry out the truth, and that no truth can be hidden forever.


King Ambar’s negro features are still visible in world leaders today.  Some of the people in India still retain the blue eyes of the earlier Sikh Christians, even though the skin is dark.  Here are photos of the people of Tamil Nadu today:



More Misls:


(6) The Indian historian writes: “Sukarchakian Misl: from this Misl rose the Great Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the Lion of the Punjab, who conquered many of the Misls.”  This is ridiculous because the Misls were a Brotherhood and they were not supposed to conquer each other, they were supposed to conquer the pirates.  This is something to be ashamed of, not proud, but judging by this historian, there is no morality, no right or wrong, good or bad by the people who worship Hanuman the Monkey God.  The breaking up of the Misls was a great tragedy.

Aurangzeb, Prince William of Orange, was the main power behind the creation of the Protestant sect and the betrayal of the Misls.


Also called Ranjit Singh, he was the leader of the Misl who turned against his brethren. This is said to have happened because somehow through deceit and assassination the usurpers who were household servants managed to take control. The name Ranjit at this time is seen in Charles Maurice Talleyrand, the French revolutionary that no one could trust, but with whom everyone had to work.

The Pirates who robbed and raided on land in America at the time of Jassa Singh were called Rangers, a word that must be from ‘Ranjit’.

Ranjit arranged to sell the fort and go into the slave trade and pirate racket with  Malik Ambar.

Malik_amber_ahmadnager_hi (1).jpg
Malik Ambar of Ahmadnagar

The historian tells us that all the other Misls joined against Jassa Singh, to divvy up his 360 forts between themselves.  The number of treaties at that time worldwide that resulted in the handing over of ancient forts to the pirates in government are almost uncountable.  It was all done with paper, through corruption in the courts, jailing the defendants and assassinating the remainder of the family.

Ambar’s influence, or shall we say his harem of sex slaves, turned the people of India from white Caucasian to Black skinned mixed race people.  This period of history of India provides us with the template for what is being orchestrated in white Europe today.

 New World Order 

The place called Tamil Nadu is an example of a very much degraded culture, but still shows the variety of skills that are taught there, skills which were part of Sikh culture throughout the world. Silk was being spun and woven in New Orleans and in France at a very early date, along with beautiful tapestries and cloissonne, fine metal work, and beautiful music.  A city like Palmyra in Syria shows how selling one’s handiwork and produce can be done in elegance and style instead of sitting on the dirty ground as these poor women do.  The French Market in New Orleans is an example of government supported trade for small business, only today of course the contracts are closed to anyone but pirate insiders.


World Trade Mart in Syria that was saved from total destruction by the Russian Army this week.

King Ambar’s negro features are still visible in world leaders today, and also in the population around Tamil, though many retain the Caucasian skull shape and facial features.  Some of the people still retain the blue eyes of the earlier Sikh inhabitants.  Photos of the people of Tamil Nadu today:



(7) “Karoria Misl, had 12,000 fighting men.”
(8) “Daleywalian Misl, had 7,500 fighting men.”
(9) “Nishanawalian (Banner bearer) Misl, had 12,000 followers.”
(10) “Fayzulapurian Misl, its descendants are still great Sardars.”
(11) “Shahidan (Martyrs) Misl, had 2,000 horsemen.” [This may have been at Pondicherry with Hyder Ali Khan as described by Viscount Paul Barras in his Memoirs.]
(12) “Nakaian Misl, had 2,000 horsemen.”


According to the Millefort Report at the time, the American Pirates wrote false reports to the French government and public about their so-called ‘leadership’ in the Louisiana Territory.  This was just one aspect of their scam. I’ve noticed that the paintings of George Washington show him with the tools of a writer, not those of a General.

Talleyrand had to deal with Viscount Paul Barras when Barras was Director of France.  From Barras’ Memoir, it appears that Barras may be the one who killed Talleyrand, and a good riddance it was.  The details of Talleyrand getting his jaw shot off and being unable to speak are in ‘Memoirs of Barras’ which can be found on-line.

Viscount Paul Barras, Director of the French Republic in Revolutionary France.

Barras is another person whose family settled on a hidden farm, in the remote area of St. Martinville which was in the wild regions of Louisiana.  Barras reports that the change from monarchy to republic in France was going smoothly until the last moment when Napoleon, Josephine and their cohorts messed everything up on purpose by staging a coup.  He was on their hit list ever after.

From New France, Millefort reports on the American Revolutionaries, and certainly Talleyrand was involved in spreading these lies written to fool the people of France. Millefort writes this after reading their report:

“There is therefore nothing, or almost nothing, true in this article which was written only to try to make the French government believe that the United States government had already made great progress in winning the confidence of these peoples, a confidence that it has coveted, as a matter of fact, for a long time, and that it would be dangerous to permit it to win, but of which it could be easily deprived.

With regard to the authority that the article claims the Anglo-Americans already have over the Creek Nation, if it were such as it is stated, I would not advise the French to run the risk of taking Louisiana, because they would not remain masters of it very long; the perfidious insinuations of the American [Pirates] would soon re-create to their detriment the events of the River of Massacres, where the Natchez Indians slaughtered the French to the last man.”

These “perfidious insinuations” of the Pirates are the true weapons of mass destruction which they have inserted into every history lesson of every nation around the world, with the goal of inciting violence against white people.  In many ways, the French nation as a people have populated America now even more than France.  He explains that without the French, the Indians would be preyed upon by the pirates:

“Whatever may be the vain boast of the Americans [pirates], who believe themselves already very powerful, I know it is still easy to thwart their ambition, and that France is perhaps the only power capable of undertaking and of succeeding in this enterprise, whose success depends a great deal on the wisdom and on the knowledge of the men whom she will employ to do it.

The settling of the French in this part of the continent would have an advantage which is difficult to appreciate; it would deliver from the yoke of the Americans all the tribes scattered over the immense expanse of the continent, and would prevent their attempts upon the peace of Europe, which they in their indiscretion are already threatening by their future authority.”

These were prophetic words of Millefort.    Governments all over the world were suddenly controlled by inbred offspring of concubines intent on doing nothing but being ‘maintained’ by others.  Barras wrote at the time that the ancestry of the French people of America “must needs be forgotten”, presumably for our own safety, knowing the pirates would have us dead if they could.  I think of chemtrails.  But an old prophecy that I heard recently foretold that some ‘stubborn’ person would ‘lay the history all out clearly for people’ and explain everything in time so that we’d be able to defend ourselves when the tallying day arrives.


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