Justice For Germans

The only history lesson of the past 100 years that any Home Schooler absolutely needs is contained in this documentary called Hellstorm.   Together with that little bit about the Federal Reserve and the Straw Man Frauds and you’ve got your foundation for further inquiry.   Include the prophecies of the Virgin Mary at Fatima and other places around the world in the 100 years before WWI, to know that the world had been fully warned of the horror to come.  She warned of the ‘fruit of your impurities’.   She warned so as to avoid this fruition of Hellishness in store for the Christian White people of Europe, and which only our guns and God’s grace prevent from happening here.


The Protestant so-called ‘Reformation’ was a previous  European Hellstorm which had resulted in a massive emigration of Catholics to the Louisiana Territory.  So Europe, and mostly Germany was mostly Protestant by the early 1900’s. This is a belief system with errors that lead to the toleration of anti-Christian elements, and the results are always the same. There had been many Catholic Saints who were martyred in the German territories, martyred for warning the people that Protestantism is a trick, begging the people not to fall for it. Without Catholic unity there can be no Catholic army, and without a Catholic Army there is no defense for the people.

Each Hellstorm gets successively worse. The power of that specific group of people, Anti-Christian and Anti-White, who benefit from these Hellstorms, even relish them, has increased exponentially since World War II.  The power of their propaganda, which fuels the hatred that is essential to any Hellstorm, has also increased exponentially.


 Our only defense is the wisdom to not fall for the old tricks.

I hope that this documentary opens some eyes.  Let us ask God to bring Justice For Germans, and an end to White Genocide.  This excellent film is banned from Youtube, please support the sponsor.

Here’s your real Holocaust:



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