Dead Family Walking


The book and movie and musical called ‘Dead Man Walking’ has been a crime about a crime.  When criminals control the media and publishing, then criminals become famous, glorified even. There are so many examples of this, the most recent being the man who tried to kill Donald Trump being given the spotlight in the nightly news.  In America we have foreign spies operating out of Hollywood with impunity, providing the most deadly and destructive culture ever conceived by the mind of man or beast.  For publishing, we get New York publishing houses who write for Jews, about Jews and gays and lesbians and Wall Street and the rest of us just don’t matter. Monopoly media control is complete, and no one in government is saying a word about it, except for Donald Trump.

Murder and Media go hand in hand when it comes to Dead Family Walking, a book about what happens when the media glorifies criminals.

There was a horrible double murder the night that I was on the Homecoming Court at Catholic High School in New Iberia, La. in 1977. That was the murder that Sister Prejean embellished in ‘Dead Man Walking’, making so much money by writing tall tales about it, and causing incredible pain for the family of the young couple who was murdered. The couple was headed to that Homecoming game, but they didn’t make it.  I remember it being a bad night for me too, but not that bad.


A friend of mine wrote a book telling the truth about ‘Dead Man Walking’ and the Bourque family and it touches on the use of American media as a weapon for destroying families, communities, religions, cultural norms and national unity.  American media is the most destructive weapon ever created, but it’s only destructive because a foreign nation is allowed to use it with impunity, not only to demolish everything good about America, but to do the same with the entire world.  No one is stopping them. They can start race wars, convince blacks to kill random white people, tell people that Muslims are not dangerous, whatever it takes to complete the destruction of the world.


No one thinks to stop them, no one thinks to blame them, probably because the media is owned and run by Jews and in America, the Jews can do absolutely whatever they want with impunity, and they want to pass that impunity on to rapists and cold blooded killers.  Since the death of Loretta and David, it has become a fact that there simply is no crime other than criticizing a Jew, not even a double murder, rape and consequent torment of the victim’s families.  In America, you can do just about anything except mention Jesus, talk about God or criticize a Jew.


The Jewish media weapon and the money that they made from the death of Loretta and David, are part of what we as Americans have to suffer constantly.  It’s a daily assault on truth, decency, innocence and beauty, and it’s in our midst non-stop, every day, every night, in schools, on highways, in business and public transportation, hacking away incessantly at decency and peace.


The suicide rate for girls age 10-13 has jumped by 200% this year.   Gay marriage perhaps the cause?  Is anyone thinking about the effect of the gay pride media blitz on the psyche of young girls? Am I the only person whose stomach turns at the sight of two men having a wedding.  PUKE!!!! What are young girls supposed to do when they are eliminated from society?  Our first Lady is a man, Princess Kate is a man, most of the ‘women’ in Hollywood are men.  What is a young girl supposed to look forward to when the men have taken over the role of being Princess?  Even if she does get married, her husband can leave her so easily, he can marry another man and take her to court to take her children away. It won’t even be difficult to do.  It has already happened to Princess Leiha, Carrie Fisher, of StarWars, a movie that just happened to premier the night of the murder of Loretta and David.  Can anyone understand what a hopeless life awaits a 13 year old girl in America now that Gay Men and Lesbian Women rule?

Only Donald Trump is willing to stand up to the crimes of American media. Is it right to allow a media controlled by dual citizens, owned by foreigners and used by them to destroy us?  Does no one care or have the power to stop it?  Is everyone as fully corrupt as this Media-Murderer combo?

Dead Family Walking is told from the victim’s point of view.  The book details how the family suffered at the hands of the media and the phony “nun” Prejean as much as the victims suffered from the brutal murderers, if not more.  The murder was over quickly, but the family has been at the mercy of media hatred and a Catholic Church run by Jews for around 30 years now.  The media has no mercy and neither do the Jews.  While the murderers were given free burial in Catholic Church cemetery plots, the Bourques were distressed and overloaded with expenses, their once prosperous life reduced to poverty, mental illness and a broken family.  There’s only so much that one family can take, but the media is a never ending flow of hate with lots of money to spend, and now they even have the power of the Catholic Church to help them make our lives miserable.

The author of the book didn’t mention that the incident was traumatic for everyone in town, even those of us who didn’t know Loretta Bourque or David LeBlanc.  I didn’t start crying until page 36.   I know that this is war, but who else can see it that way?  Only the years gone by demonstrate the horror that the Jews in the Catholic Church have perpetrated on the Catholic people.   By the time they were finished with the boys at Catholic High, there was hardly a straight boy left to marry.  Hollywood spies have as their goal the downfall of America and not one of our countless security forces does a thing to stop it.

What does the downfall of America look like up close?  Read Dead Family Walking and you’ll see.  You’ll get to follow the trail from healthy and happy to just plain dead and dying, and then at the end, the mother of the deceased Loretta feels sympathy for the abused daughters of the murderer and would like to give these girls a hug.  The Bourque family is one example of how the American media nightmare operates to terrorize its victims, and their case is well documented by someone close to them in this book.  This family’s tragedy was used to promote a political agenda, their pain was used in a most corrupt fashion by the institution that this family revolved its life around, the Catholic Church.  Their situation was typical. The Jews in the Catholic Church set about to destroy it and they have.  They are very good destroyers and people in America love the Jews so much that it seems there isn’t much room for hope is there?


The fact is that the Catholic Church infiltration by Jews goes back to the Protestant Terror in Europe in the late 1500’s when they murdered the family of King Francois I, the family that most supported the Church.  How did the most devout Catholics deal with it then?  Richelieu, a Jew whose lineage is illegitimate, took control of France from the child King Louis XIII.  With his pirate cronies he took over the Catholic Church. He supported the Protestants in their looting of the churches, he encouraged the Pirates to pretend to be religious as Protestants and he hired mercenaries to attack the French Catholics.


What was the Catholic people’s reaction to this?   Mostly the reaction was to leave France for America, but the Catholic soldiers themselves turned to the simpler forms of worship that included training for war to defend the defenseless, singing, chanting, dancing and a generous amount of festivals and celebrations.  The Catholic armies and the builders that have always been part of those armies became Sikhs.  I’ve found that the Sikh leaders were aware that they had been born into the Kali Yog, the Chaotic Era or the End Times as we call them.  Church infiltration was part of the end time scenario of destruction, the Kali Yog, along with the usurpation of crowns, forts and universities.  The glorification of criminals would also fit into that Kali Yog scenario of hell on earth.

The Sikhs today of course have been co-opted by the usual radicals calling for death to the white man, but the original Sikhs were white people.   The Sikh leaders and their families have always been portrayed as white, and they always proclaimed that they were not followers of Mohammad or Shastra or the Vedas, but of course that doesn’t stop the blacks and the browns and the Muslims and the Hindus from claiming Sikhism for themselves, along with absolutely everything else.

My research is revealing that the Catholics as Sikhs returned to their roots in India and began to teach people to do away with the caste system and to accept all races and classes as equals.  This seems to be a very enlightened approach, however in practice it has proven to be a huge mistake.  The Sikhs took pains to educate themselves, take responsibility for themselves and practice self discipline.  Like Catholics, part of any good religion is to restrict incest.  When Muslims and Hindus refuse to outlaw incest, the result is propensity to violence and low IQ.  When the destroyers push diversity, it is incest that ends up being promoted and this is what weak leaders want: people who are easy to manipulate, the low IQ, the violent.

How is it possible to put conscientious, self-disciplined people at the mercy of hoards of people who practice no form of self discipline what so ever?  The result can only be that the lazy will hate the productive.  The lazy will want to steal what the self-disciplined have obtained, and they will kill them to get their stuff.

When you force such ‘diversity’ on decent people, the only result can be that decent people will be eliminated.  That is the process that we are on today, and the book ‘Dead Family Walking’ illustrates how it happens.


It’s not that all bad guys are poor and uneducated and therefore have an excuse.  The problem is that bad guys of all economic classes and educational levels work together to eliminate good people. They recognize each other, just as the cold blooded killer Sonnier and the Spying Nun Prejean recognized each other and worked together to create as much pain and misery for the families of Loretta and David as they could muster.   The only institution that actually helped the Bourques were local police, and that may have been due to the fact that one of the victims was a policeman’s family member.  Nowadays, Police generally defend the criminals as a matter of course.  But the events of this particular murderous media event happened back in 1977.

The American system of government is all about eliminating good people and it’s a well-honed instrument of destruction, a force for poverty creation and an overall destroyer of anything that is functional and efficient in our own nation.  We have a president who wants it that way and it’s been that way for a long time.

Now with Diversity, all races and classes that are not white have taken control and are working tirelessly to genocide what little remains of the white race and the original white Sikhs have been in their cross hairs for centuries.  Knowing full well that the Muslims have made every effort to genocide the Sikhs in India, have forced them to flee their homeland, have murdered them in large numbers, still our American media and president are giving them free tickets to Muslims to live in America.  Many Americans call themselves Sikhs, but there are others who have forgotten their Sikh roots.  The Muslims and their Jewish sponsors will not have forgotten however, and they will seek out the Sikhs in America to continue the eradication of all decent human beings on the planet unless somehow this fast rolling train of destruction gets derailed.

It’s not known by others, but my research is revealing that back in the 1700’s some Sikhs ended up in New Iberia, Loreauville and St. Martinville, all the places that David and Loretta visited that terrible night.  The young couple’s bodies were found on Crochet Road, pronounced Crow-shay, very near Loreauville.  I had been at that exact spot a week before, along with many other friends who gathered there regularly on weekend nights.  It’s a lonely spot, but it would have been quickly filled with people after the Homecoming Game ended. Didn’t happen.  I never went back there again. That night changed everything in many ways.  It was a night of triumph for Satan, in fact I saw Satan wearing a crown at the Catholic High Homecoming Ceremony shortly before Loretta and David were shot in the back of their heads.  They were found laying down face down on the ground, he was holding her hand and David had begged the murderers to let Loretta go and keep him instead. They refused.


Afterwards, it was revealed that the two murderers had kidnapped and raped at least 30 other couples.  No one spoke about it in a town of about 50,000 souls.  The one girl who first admitted it to the police was exiled by her own father, even though it was her testimony that first broke the case.  Exile and ostracism is what everyone else was avoiding by remaining silent.  I wonder if any of those 30 couples were other people I knew.  I wonder how many horrors happen, how often people remain silent, and how many criminals repeat their crimes because of that silence.  One thing is certain however, if Sonnier had not been executed by the Law, he admitted that he looked forward to continuing the fun of rape and kidnapping and terror as soon as he had the chance.


The other thing that I wonder about it is whether these Sonniers were the descendants of the criminals that had been exiled to New Iberia by the Committee of Vigilance in St. Martinville about 100 years previous.  I can say with certainty that several of those early criminals from the mid 1800’s have descendants in high government positions today, and those exiled criminals did practice incest back then and so we cannot be surprised at the resulting corruption in our communities if we continue to be soft with criminals and other “diverse” elements.


The full story of Dead Family Walking is enough to make one understand the need for a death penalty when dealing with certain characters.  While we might feel self righteous and superior for defending a murderer, it’s not so righteous to condemn innocent people to have to defend themselves against these monsters.

The Sonnier brothers were probably the offspring of an incestuous relationship, because he was abusing his teenage daughters and if we give up our religious rules, then we can only expect more of this.  Instead of crying out for religious tolerance and diversity, we should be crying out for self-discipline and old fashioned religious dogma instead.  It looks like we’ll have to do that without a church or any organization though, because no matter what, infiltration by the Diversity-mongers will occur and so to avoid that, a return to Sikh religious practices might be a good idea since the true Catholic Church is no longer.

Sikh religious practices to remember: train for war to defend the defenseless, sing, chant, pray, dance and have big festivals with lots of good food.  When you sing, sing about good people, sing about heroes and glorify those that deserve to be remembered.


Here is a great song about a great warrior named Banda Singh Bahadur, someone who I think arrived on the Bayou Teche in the 1700’s.  His name is Tegh Bahadur and it’s possible that the Bayou Teche is named for him.  I know this a lot to swallow, but stick with me on this one and we’ll investigate more closely in future articles.  I love the way the Sikhs create songs about their heroes and saints.


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