Frank Sinatra and inheritance hi-jacking has me thinking of moving to Eastern Siberia for safe haven.  There is a bill in the Russian senate considering giving away land there to anyone who can survive it for five years.  I have less chance of surviving Chris Lopez for the next five years.  Siberia is starting to look like a good option.


In case I end up swimming in the Mississippi River with a pair of cement boots, here is my scrap book of photos as a going-away present:



This is April Rankin, who is actually Nancy Sinatra, my friend who would not let me squirm out of promising to watch out for her son in case anything happened to her.  Hey girl.


Asking anyone who knew her in New Orleans, one gets the official and preposterous story that her mother and father met in an insane asylum in Mandeville, La. where they married and conceived April.  After this insane asylum wedding, her father, a movie producer as she told me, simply left.  Even  April’s stepfather told me this story, and April herself also told me the same thing. “Poor April”, he told me, “she never had a chance with parents like that.” Really?  A marriage in an insane asylum and the child just happens to look and act exactly like Nancy Sinatra?

A marriage in an insane asylum?

First of all there was never anything incompetent or ‘poor’ about April. She was one of the most intelligent, self-confident  and capable people I’ve ever known. She also had a big heart, way too big, and she was fearless.  She made friends wherever she went.  She was the sanest person I’ve ever known.  That’s why I was hanging around with her.

Things weren’t perfect, but it was tolerable for April until this woman showed up and started influencing her long-term boyfriend, a man whose daughters April had helped to raise.

Here is the person who calls herself Heather, sitting in April’s kitchen in New Orleans.  She destroyed all of Aprils photographs and personal belongings that were in the house.
This cheesy photograph is an example of the kind of vandalism that Heather did to April’s photographs. April took this photo for her boyfriend. April had breast implants which are in no way an improvement on her God-given structure, but this may have been part of the brainwashing and cover-up.
Here is Heather with the boyfriend that she stole from April.  This was taken after she kicked April out and destroyed all of her belongings. I had to help April recover what little she could, and I still have her mother’s very nice old-fashioned iron patio table, but the photographs were all gone. She had a photograph of her mother that I saw myself, and yes, it was Nancy Sr. I called this dude a month ago and asked him to watch a Nancy Sinatra video, which he did while on the phone with me.  He admitted that he saw what I saw and he was speechless, only saying “Holy…”.  He won’t return my calls now. Cowardice is not a good solution to anything.
This is Mia Farrow with Frank Sinatra, young enough to be his daughter.  This was taken a long time ago.


This is Mia Farrow around 2008.  I haven’t found any public photos of her since then.


If it weren’t for the fact that Nancy Sinatra had 100% Italian blood, she might have had pink freckled skin and thin hair.  Instead, Nancy Sinatra was blessed with very thick hair and beautiful golden white skin, as well as a very youthful appearance and petite, curvaceous body structure.  She had no freckles.

These photos of Mia Farrow taken before 2008 don’t show much sign of aging, but what does she look like now almost ten years later?  Where has she gone?


Photos of Mia Farrow about ten years ago.



I found this photo online, claiming to be Nancy Sinatra, but it’s Mia Farrow.  Nancy had small breasts at that time. This photo shows that they have similar facial structure, but the eye color is different, and Mia’s arms are longer and skinnier than Nancy’s arms.  Nancy’s arms are plump, Italian style.  Mia’s arms are thin, Nordic style.
This lady is claiming to be Nancy Sinatra, and she also looks exactly like Mia Farrow.  My, what strange eyes you have Nancy. They aren’t even the right color.  And what’s all that freaky space between the inner eye and the nose which is so much like Mia? Are you a reptilian, or could this be Nancy’s Mamma Mia with Botox lips?


Recent news on Mia Farrow coincidentally brings up the issue of false memories and mind control.

“I don’t know if my sister really believes she was molested or is trying to please her mother. Pleasing my mother was very powerful motivation because to be on her wrong side was horrible,” says Moses, son of Mia Farrow .

Woody Allen’s lawyer made similar claims to the press this week, telling Today that the then seven-year-old girl “had an inability to distinguish between fantasy and reality,” and was unable to resist the memories Mia “implanted” into her brain.

NEW YORK, Feb. 6 (UPI) — In the aftermath of Dylan Farrow’s open letter to the New York Times, her estranged brother Moses Farrow, who has repaired his relationship with Woody Allen, said this week that Mia Farrow coached Dylan into believing her father had molested her. Dylan Farrow denies her estranged brother’s ‘brainwashing’ accusations

Dylan Farrow sees Moses’ defense of Allen as a “betrayal.”

Posted By Kate Stanton   |   Feb. 6, 2014 at 9:07 PM

Let me share my collection of casual photos of Nancy Sinatra.  She was a lovely girl.  It’s no surprise that her very first song went straight to number one.


This photo shows Nancy with small breasts and shapely arms.  The corners of her mouth turn up just like her father’s, and she has natural grace.  She also has what is called a ‘widow’s peak’, where the hair line comes down to a point at the center of the forehead.
It is claimed on Wikipedia that Nancy was born in 1940, but that doesn’t correspond with the evidence.  One way to date a photo is to look at the shoes worn by the female.  Nancy looks to be about 6 or 7 years old. Was this photo taken in 1947 or 1957?  Was Life Magazine published in 1947? A photography expert could also date a photo based on the color technique used.
1940’s shoes had platforms and very much closed in toes.  What do you think of Nancy, Sr’s brand new shoes?  More like ’50’s shoes, I’d say.


This is probably what killed Frank Sinatra, thinking that it was really Nancy, though it doesn’t look like Nancy at all.  April was told that it was her mother who posed for Playboy. Such is the confusion implanted that rips a family apart.


One thing that I loved about searching for photos and films of Nancy Sinatra was seeing her with Elvis.  It’s so obvious that they were in love.  Nancy also knew Paul McCartney when they were young.  Also, Nancy made great music with Lee Hazelwood, who wrote her very first song, a huge hit, ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking”.  April told me that she performed with John Rankin when they were younger.  I couldn’t help but notice that all of these men have the exact same nose, face, hair and height.  And they are all great musicians.  Hmmm.


Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood in the studio.
Lee Hazlewood with two children that I believe are his.


A very young Nancy with Elvis and in love.

Someone posted this comparison on the internet.

The man on the right is  John Rankin, the brother of April’s step-father and therefore her ‘uncle’.  When I suggested to April one day that she should perform in public, she told me she’d already done that and was tired of it.  This is the man she told me she had performed with.  He gives excellent guitar lessons on YouTube, and I’ve seen him perform in New Orleans.  He’s an extraordinary guitarist.
Best guitar teacher I’ve come across.  April’s uncle John, or so I’m told.

Here’s a photo of Paul and John with a friend called Sylvie Vartan.


Why does that girl’s face look familiar?

Here’s Frank Sinatra, or maybe it isn’t, with his last wife Barbara Marx, whose two children inherited a large chunk of the Sinatra estate.  This looks like Frank, but is her name really Barbara Marx?  Wasn’t that a stage name to begin with?  Why would you take your ex-husband’s stage name?



One thing I notice about Frank Sinatra is that he has two different shaped ears.

Looks like someone cut off the bottom part of his right ear.  Frank has a very wide mouth, turned up at the corners, just like Nancy.  Notice that even when he’s not smiling, his mouth extends to the center of his pupils, and his eyes are very wide-set.  I don’t have enough comparison photos to make a determination about the elder Sinatra.
The slant of the forehead is an important facial bio-metric.


Looks like this is Frank with the two different ears.  The width of the mouth is another important facial bio-metric that doesn’t seem to match on this particular photo.
The three grandsons of Antoinette Franck De La Penta.  I wonder if they are related to Anne Franck.  Oh yeah, that was a proven forgery.  That middle one with the sly look on his face resembles Frank Sinatra, Jr.
De La Penta



Okay, now I am confused.  Is this Frank Sinatra or is it De La Penta?  Why does he have the exact same look on his face as the last few ‘lone gunmen’ who’ve been in the news lately?  And that crooked bow-tie?  I’m sure it’s all nothing.



Nancy with her father in his persona as the man from Farriday, Louisiana.  It’s Frank’s face for sure, or is it Jerry Lee Lewis?


From Wikipedia:

Onset of Sinatramania and role in World War II (1942–45)[edit]

Due to the success of Sinatra’s musical group, Edward Bowes kept asking for them to return, disguised under different names, on the Major Bowes Amateur Hour show, which they did.  Different costumes, different music, different name, same musicians.

By May 1941, Sinatra topped the male singer polls in Billboard and Down Beat magazines.  His appeal to bobby soxers, as teenage girls of that time were called, revealed a whole new audience for popular music, which had been recorded mainly for adults up to that time.  The phenomenon became officially known as “Sinatramania” after his “legendary opening” at the Paramount Theatre in New York on December 30, 1942.  According to Nancy Sinatra, Jack Benny later said, “I thought the  building was going to cave in. I never heard such a commotion … All this for a fellow I never heard of.”

On January 26, 1940, he had made his first public appearance with the band at the Coronado Theatre in Rockford, Illinois, opening the show with “Stardust”. Dorsey recalled: “You could almost feel the excitement coming up out of the crowds when the kid stood up to sing.  He was just a skinny kid with big ears. I used to stand there so amazed I’d almost forget to take my own solos”.

Sinatra was always looking for talented new songwriters and composers to work with. He actively sought to work with them as often as he could, and made friends with many of them.

This is said to be Elvis at Nancy’s opening performance in 1966.


Here is my personal collection of photos of April and her son.  Cameron is very intelligent and fun to talk to.  He wants to be a bounty hunter, but the biggest bounty of all is his own hi-jacked inheritance.  I have a daydream that Donald Trump and his wife will adopt him and expose the whole situation of inheritance fraud and the kidnapping government agencies that facilitate this and other frauds, like child slavery.  As taxpayers, we fund millions of investigators in more agencies than I can count.  What happens then is that one single, poverty stricken researcher ends up with the real work and no paycheck.  I can only do so much alone. If Mrs. Donald Trump would adopt him however, that would be an entirely different story.


See ya in Siberia!


Are you ready boots?  Start Walking.


The End.

In case anyone wants to join me in Siberia, here’s a link to the report:



Important Notes:

Nancy Barbato Sinatra in a restaurant with her family.  Is that an FBI agent back there hiding his face while someone shoots a picture?

From wikipedia, though I’ve eliminated questionable portions:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) kept records amounting to 2,403 pages on Sinatra, saying he become a natural target due to his friendship with John F. Kennedy. The FBI kept Sinatra under surveillance for almost five decades beginning in the 1940s. The documents include accounts of Sinatra as the target of death threats and extortion schemes. [The documents also show that the great majority of his ‘friends’ were FBI informants, since their names are all blacked out from the files.  Out of about 20 people in his presence, only three or four names were not blacked out.]

The FBI documented that Sinatra grew close to President Kennedy, whose brother Bobby was leading a crackdown on organized crime.


While working at “The Rustic Cabin”, in 1939 he became involved in a dispute between Toni Della Penta and Nancy Barbato. After Della Penta attempted to tear off Barbato’s dress, Sinatra ordered Barbato away and told Della Pinta that he would marry Barbato. Della Penta went to the police, and Sinatra was arrested on a morals charge for seduction. Della Penta was later arrested herself.  Sinatra married Barbato that year, and Nancy Sinatra was born the following year.” (wikipedia entry)

These two are supposed to be the same person.  One is graceful and beautiful, the other is a hunched over crab.  The recent color photo looks like De La Penta to me, but there she is in the Sinatra house.  I wonder if she can play that piano back there?


Nancy Sinatra, Sr. encouraging her children to play the piano.
The woman named De La Penta who tried to have Frank Sinatra arrested, possibly over this child.  She does not look like a happy camper does she?

Does Mia Farrow have a sister named Prudence, or is it Heather, and what’s the connection to Louisiana?


I found a photo of Mia and her sister Heather a few weeks ago and now its gone, so I can’t confirm it.

The claim is that Prudence Farrow had her name etched into cultural history at the age of 19 when she inspired John Lennon to write her a song at an Indian ashram.  In reality, no one ever heard of such a thing, and the only photo of her is too small to confirm any identity.  Funny that there are interviews where the Beatles talk about how many times someone tried to drug them at that ashram.

That circled head to the far left is supposed to be Prudence.

Better known is her affair with a married man by the name of Durst who was arrested  and charged with the 2000 murder of his friend, Susan Berman.  The news report is biased against Durst, so one wonders.

“Durst, 71, was sensationally acquitted of the 2001 murder of neighbor Morris Black and has long been suspected of killing his first wife, Kathie, and then murdering long-time friend Susan Berman.”

According to the New York Post, Farrow and her husband Albert Bruns, to whom she remains married, were living in a New York City property owned by Robert Durst.


Farrow, whose mother Maureen O’Sullivan was Jane in Tarzan, later recalled how deeply immersed she was in the ashram.

But she refuses to touch on the allegations surrounding Durst.

He was arrested in New Orleans on March 14 a day before the final episode of the HBO documentary The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst, in which he was shockingly caught on tape saying ‘I killed them all,’ at the end.

Police believe he was preparing to flee the country as he was found in a hotel room with a latex mask, false ID, a loaded Smith & Wesson .38 caliber revolver with one spent shell casing and $42,000 in cash.

A small amount of marijuana was also discovered.

He is now on suicide watch as he awaits trial in Louisiana on gun and drug possession charges and extradition to California to face a murder trial in the Berman case.

Farrow is now a meditation teacher and author.

This is the lovely wife of Durst who disappeared so conveniently for Farrow.



Durst was acquitted of murder in 2001. He is now on suicide watch as he awaits trial in Louisiana   I wonder if he too was put in this Mandeville insane asylum where April’s parents were married supposedly. What is really going there?
Sinatra Estate:

  1. Sinatra married four times. His first wife Nancy Barbato, his teenage sweetheart, bore him three children.


  1. After 13 years of marriage he left her and in 1951 wed Ava Gardner, one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.


  1. The marriage did not last and in 1966 he got hitched to a young actress called Mia Farrow – another relationship that was doomed.


  1. She was 21 at the time and he was 51. The marriage lasted 18 months.


  1. In 1976 he took the plunge once more, marrying Barbara Marx. [Marx???]


  1. In his last years Sinatra retired to his palatial home in California where Barbara and his children Tina, Nancy and Frank Jr formed a protective shield around him. [This is key to issue, because this was the fake Nancy, not the real one, and the real brother of Nancy has a reputation for being worthless.]



  1. He suffered a mild heart attack in January 1997 and his health was in decline ever since.


  1. Barbara Sinatra will inherit the bulk of Frank’s will.



  1. Frank Sinatra did it his way to ensure there would be no legal wrangles over his will.


  1. He warned that anyone contesting the will would be disinherited. [This is a lawyer’s trick that was used in my father’s will also, where a pittance is given to the real children and the millions go to the strangers, the Usurpers. The stolen loot is divvied up with the lawyers.]
  1. The singer’s fourth wife Barbara and his three children are to inherit the bulk of his will. [Except that these are people impersonating the real children.]


  1. But the vast majority of his fortune, estimated to be at least $200m (£123m), had already been put into a trust fund that will remain private. [This is the reason for the continued death threats by the lawyer and how the entire harassment campaign is funded.]



  1. Barbara Sinatra was left most of the 82-year-old entertainer’s properties including the couple’s desert ranch, their Beverly Hills mansion and a Malibu beach house.


  1. She also inherits the rights to market his name and likeness as well as Sinatra’s interest in a few of his early recordings, referred to as the ‘Trilogy’ master recording.



  1. Sinatra’s son Frank Jr and daughters Tina and Nancy will receive $200,000 (£123,000) each plus undivided interests in a Beverly Hills office building.


  1. Ol’ Blue Eyes also added $1m (£613,000) to a trust fund established earlier for his two grandchildren.



  1. Most of his estate had previously been put into a trust, separate to the grandchildren’s trust.


  1. In that fund, known as a living trust, Sinatra’s children were given rights to much of the singer’s music catalogue.



  1. Sinatra’s attorney, Harvey Silbert said: “There are very substantial assets in the trust.”


  1. The will also provides Mrs Sinatra with up to $3.5m (£2.15m) once specific bequests are made. If there are any assets remaining after the $3.5m they are to be split between his children.



  1. Nancy Barbato Sinatra, his first wife and the father of his children, is to receive $250,000 (£153,000), his friend Elvina Joubert $150,000 ($92,000), stepson Robert Marx $100,000 (£61,000) and friend Dorothy Uhlemann $50,000 (£31,000).


  1. Paintings, silverware, books, furniture, jewellery, cars, collections and memorabilia also went to Mrs Sinatra.



  1. A court hearing on the will was scheduled for June 18 the year this information came out.


  1. But Mr Silbert said it would probably be about a year before any of the heirs actually receive their inheritance because of the lengthy probate process.



Frank Sinatra’s family are battling over a multi-million dollar showbusiness empire following the 82-year-old singer’s death.

Frank Jr supports Tina’s battle.
Sinatra’s three children by his first wife – Tina, Frank Jr and Nancy – are pitted against his fourth wife, former showgirl Barbara, over his estimated fortune of $200m (£124m).

There have already been skirmishes between Tina and Mrs. Sinatra over the merchandising of his name on ties, pasta sauce, Californian sauce, “singing” porcelain souvenir plates (embedded with a computer chip carrying his voice) and many other products said to be of questionable taste.

I am Frank Sinatra – Tina

Last year Tina took over as chief executive of Sheffield Enterprises Inc, formed by Sinatra to license his name and likeness. She called herself “keeper of the Sinatra flame” and on occasions even declared: “I am Frank Sinatra.”

But Barbara, 71, and her son Richard, 47, oppose the merchandising blitz.

Tina and her two siblings own Reprise Records, which controls the rights to all Sinatra’s recordings made between 1960 and 1988.

They accused Barbara Sinatra of holding their father “hostage”. Mrs Sinatra, who was once married to Zeppo of the Marx Brothers, dismissed these allegations as “sheer nonsense”.

Barbara Sinatra is fighting the children.
To add fuel to the fire, Frank decided he wanted to adopt Robert Marx, his wife’s son by a previous relationship. But the furious opposition from his own three children scotched that idea.

Robert was a formidable ally for his mother in her own lucrative business dealings involving her husband. She was making a fortune from a contract her husband signed in 1993 with Capitol Records giving her royalties of 20% on sales.

Row over record rights:

Mrs Sinatra also began to manage reissues of early Sinatra music, particularly from the 1940s, when he ruled the airwaves with the Tommy Dorsey Band.

This caused further trouble because although the children did not have sole rights over any pre-1960 songs, they believed they had a moral claim.

Feelings boiled over when the children threatened to sue Mrs. Sinatra over a record released to commemorate his 80th birthday.

In the event, legal action did not take place, but the threat further worsened family relations.

Strict control:


Family enmities surfaced only when Sinatra became too weak by ill health and age to maintain his previous control.


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