Casinos and Hospitals

The question of Adelson and his wife eventually comes up, considering that the Sands Casino was Sinatra’s creation, and it’s the prototype for all casinos. Adelson and Trump are in the same business as Sinatra was.

By most accounts, Adelson’s wife is running the show, and her last name is that of the family that owns Oschner’s Hospital, but it’s her formerly married name. Her maiden name is Farbstein.  The real Ochsner name is Ochsenschlager.  In this film you can get an idea of what the family looked like generally, as blonde German as it gets, but there’s one Asian girl, and a frizzy headed dude with dark hair that stands out.  They are mostly in Illinois, exactly where Mary Sherman, the slain cancer expert was from.





I was told by these friends who know them that they pronounce it like Ox-ners, but it’s generally pronounced ‘Os-shners’ by everyone else. The family, or people who claim to them, can be found in key positions throughout U.S. government and media, including NPR and Amazon, just do a search on that name, beginning with Emily.

Oschners Hospital was central to “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”, the play that taught us the meaning of the word ‘Mendacity”.  My friend April’s troubles started in a Professional Rehab Center. She told me that was where she was when Katrina hit, that her last memory was being in a Rehab center, I think she said Algiers, across the river, but there are so many of these places.  Is this irrelevant?  Only if you are familiar with Memory Erasure, and understand how real it is, and how long it’s been under development.

The background story to Oschner’s Hospital in the sixties is contained in a book called “Dr. Mary’s Monkey”.  The author, Ed Haslam, has a long interview on YouTube but the highlight  is that, allegedly in the early sixties Dr. Oschner or actually Ochsenschlager,  himself wanted to prove that polio vaccines were safe so he injected two of his young relatives, one his own child, in front of the entire medical staff of Tulane.  I don’t know if there is any official record of this.  Could someone else have vaccinated them?  He owned the lab that would get rich on these vaccines, but looking at this family, its hard to believe this story. According to Haslam, one of the Doctor’s young relatives died, another came down with polio and yet he still succeeded in getting the vaccines on to the market after a few key government officials conveniently died. All the details are in the book.

In searching for Nancy Ochsenschlager I found her on the page of Laurie Taaffe, one of my own facebook friends who, as far as I’ve been told.

She teaches Theatre Arts, she told me herself when I inquired, and that is significant.

I always had thought that this looks like Laurie Taaffe, smiling at Lee Hazlewood in a photo from some time in the ’70’s.


The lady on the left in the photo, pasted below, is a well-known public figure, described in as

“Nancy Ochsenschlager, who, in the decades she spent as an associate producer of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, befriended countless musicians.”

The woman in the photo of Lee Hazelwood, I thought could be the same person who is in the center of this photo with Nancy Ochsenschlager.     Either way, I saw a resemblance and found a connection:




This is another photo of her, and she is a person I met in April’s circles:




There’s a big age difference in the photos of course, but if I’m wrong, I only mention it because I kept thinking about it and it led me to the photo of Taaffe and Nancy Ochsenschlager.  So much of my research begins with intuition, but I also know the characters and morals of the people I’m researching, so I have the advantage of already knowing who the creepy, evil people are.  I’ve been in their physical presence and I’ve reacted with them.  A photo leaves out so much information, and I can’t go into details yet, it would be too overwhelming.


I had begun my research by looking into Sheldon Adelson and his wife Miriam.  Somewhere in that research I had read his wife referred to as Nancy, and I thought that was her name.  They are widely covered by the Jewish press, she looks like she could be Netanyahoo’s sister in one photo.  They spend millions to promote Israel, Jewish Values, Holocaust Propaganda and, what else would a hospital owner do but spend billions Keeping Marijuana Illegal in states where the majority of voters wish to legalize it.  I had also spent hours searching for her photos, copying, pasting and cropping, so I had her face well memorized. Miriam’s wikipedia entry says she was married to Dr. Ochshorn:

Miriam Ochshorn (nėe Farbstein) was born in Mandatory Palestine in 1946. Her parents, Menucha and Simha Farbstein, fled Poland before World War II, settling in Haifa,[84] where she graduated from the Hebrew Reali School in 1964.[85]








These are questions to be researched, but this woman below, in my opinion, has the same facial characteristics as Miriam Farbstein Ochshorn Adelson.


Her nose is exactly like the nose on Bibi Netanyahoo of Israel, to whom Miriam is so close.








That hairstyle is more of a disguise than anything else, so it looks like they’ve switched places for the night:



There’s also a taped interview of Kay Riggs, wife of Marine Colonel Riggs, who mentions  a secret military operation “on the Northshore” near New Orleans, which can also mean Mandeville, Louisiana.  She states that it is a training center, and that the trainees are allowed to ‘practice’ on the local civilians.  A long four part interview worth spending time with:

Below is a photograph of my family of five siblings taken around 1965. The little boy, Eddie, to the right in the back row, my little brother, ended up at Oschner’s and he died there not longer after this photo was taken, but first he suffered at their hands a few years. My other two brothers shown here, Bret and Clay, also died, in car accidents. Though the Mossad assures us that It’s Never An Accident. The younger girl is Bridget and I’m in the front row with the dark hair.


But the freaks are thriving.




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