Imposters and Fakes


The Netanyahu family is very interesting, and has some connections to Louisiana and my own family, but only as enemies.  I would never have known if I hadn’t first learned that April was really Nancy Sinatra, which led me to take a good close look at Elvis Presley and Dolores Hart and Wendell Corey, which led me to have the urge to regurge, and it wasn’t because of Elvis.




Bibi’s son Corey looks amazingly like actor Corey Feldman.  That’s him on the left.  Next to him is Donna, oh, I mean Sarah Netanyahoo. Then there’s Bibi and his Dad with the amazingly large ears which makes one wonder about different species of humans and why some people have absolutely no compassion, and even enjoy hurting others, as I’ve seen.  The man in the blue coat is Iddo, the playwright and co-actor with Dolores Hart, my ex-step-mother of the evil variety.

Bibi’s brother is called Iddo Netanyahu.  If you want to find a younger photo of him, like this one, then look up the name Wendell Corey.



He’s the actor who worked with Dolores Hart in the Elvis movies.  If you want to find photos of Dolores Hart between her stint as actress with Wendell Corey and her role as Catholic nun, then look up a woman named Caroline Gill or Rich or Broussard, who was unfortunately the second wife of my father, Edmond John Broussard II, lifetime resident of Loreauville, La.


The first thing my Dad had to pay for was her braces.

No one in our family has seen her since she divorced my father and no one had known her before.  No one in my family has any photos of her because it would be like having a photo of Satan and because so few of us remain alive.  She and her family wiped our old house clean of every good human being, every piece of heirloom furniture, every photo, every painting, every memento and paper, but I’m sure someone in Loreauville has photos of the Colorado skiing trips or vacations in Mexico where she always made sure to separate our family and bring her sister or brother along which we all despised. She made us feel like strangers in our own family.  Know what I mean, America?


The thankless people in my little home-town make sure not to share our family photos with me or post them publicly. My own photo negatives from high school, boxes of them, have all been removed from the house. As a researcher, I would look for photos of Caroline in barrel racing competitions around Louisiana and Texas, often using the name “Caro”.  For her, that name was a play on the name Diamond, which gives me some ideas about who was her sponsor, someone who used that name himself possibly, someone who claims to have been close to Elvis.


When my grandfather’s shipyard was taken from us by the IRS when I was still young, it was sold and renamed Diamond B Marine.  I know that I have serious researchers following my blog, so you can compare Caroline Rich and her enormously fat-dyke daughter Robin Bergeron, to Dolores Hart the so-called Nun and see, like I do, that the resemblance is unmistakable and that they are a family of a Cohn-artists going from one scam to another shamelessly.  Robin could be playing Rosie O’Donnell for all I know.  There is a girl named Robin in the Netanyahoo family, though they sometimes claim it’s a man.  I haven’t found any photos on-line.

The goal is always to steal whatever isn’t nailed down and to destroy families for the pure pleasure of it. Knowing that my dear grandmother was actually a pious Catholic who had become a lay Carmelite nun while she was a widow, only makes this fake-nun business all the more damnable.  My grandmother was a good woman, and that is who they target most for humiliation.  My grandmother was in tears during her last years, she told me that they treated her ‘like a dog’.  This is why I call upon God’s army to bring justice.

They now have our family business and can be contacted through this website called Ed Broussard Marine.  The business originally had a tugboat named for each of us children. The Pep B. was named for my grandfather whose name was Albert, but he had so much energy they called him Pep.  The Henrietta B is for my paternal grandmother, the Carmelite nun.  Those were the first boats.

Then one named for my mother, the Brenda B.  The Eddie B, the Bret B, the Clay B were named for my three brothers, now all dead.  The boats are mostly gone also, they want to wipe us out of memory completely, though the town was founded by my family.   Theirs is a scorched earth policy, satisfied only with the total destruction of the enemy, which is the Broussard family, in their eyes.

Their Hellstorm starts with home-wrecking, divorce and remarriage.  Think well before divorcing your faithful wife.  Consider carefully if you want to marry someone who takes pleasure in humiliating your children.  Part of their scam was the abduction of my mother.  She was taken for two weeks at a time, several times, and no one knew where she was, and she didn’t know herself.  This was in the early to mid 1960’s and this kind of thing had never happened before.  It was all hush-hush, and no one knew how to deal with it, because they gave the appearance that she left voluntarily.



Iddo Netanyahoo, playwright and former actor Corey Wendell.


Benzion Netanyahu and his sons Benjamin and Iddo and family below. Nice to see that some families are allowed to live, but they are Jewish and so they get protection from U.S. military. Lucky dogs.  The rest of don’t get such privileged treatment. We get to run and hide from these ones here and pray to God that they’ll all just go away so that we can get a job with a paycheck.





Bibi’s son Corey looks amazingly like actor Corey Feldman.  That’s him on the left of the group picture.  Next to him is Donna, oh, I mean Sarah Netanyahoo. Then there’s Bibi and his Dad with the amazingly large ears which makes one wonder about different species of humans and why some people have absolutely no compassion, and even enjoy hurting others, as I’ve seen.  Is there a way to spot them? The man in the blue coat is Iddo, the playwright and co-actor with Dolores Hart.


An article from 2012 points out just how long the world has been suffering under this burdensome and devious family.  It’s been the entire lifetime of my children.


But imagine if you were to actually meet them, knowing that they are multi-billionaires, and ask yourself if you wouldn’t be taken in by this and if you wouldn’t treat them with respect for their wealth and even kiss their ass a little and convince yourself that they really are such nice people who must have worked hard for what they have.


Ask yourself next time you see a homeless person or drug-addict if perhaps this might be some famous and very talented person who has been robbed and drugged, had their identity stolen and is being constantly professionally harassed by employees of a prominent family who collects stolen royalty and rents every month.  Decide which one you’d rather be friends with.


I chose April and as a result I have some very good memories of fun times with a genius person who never lost what had made her a world famous star in the first place.  It was a miracle that we found each other and I was able to witness what she suffered and how she maintained a positive attitude under the most intense harassment and she stayed strong until the end.  I’m glad I didn’t know she was Nancy Sinatra, it would have killed the fun.  If she were still alive, I’d be having too much fun to have time for writing.


Apr 2012

“Like his father, the younger Netanyahu is an arch security “hawk” – he recently talked up the possibility of a military campaign against Iran.”


Of course our children would be used as ‘hawks’, not his.


Benzion Netanyahu was a frequent critic of his son as a politician, saying: “Bibi didn’t succeed in his first term [as Prime Minister from 1996 to 1999]. He wasn’t a very good prime minister.”  What he means is that some Palestinians and Christians were still alive after his first term, a huge failure in his eyes.

Benzion Netanyahu once observed: “The Jews and the Arabs are like two goats facing each other on a narrow bridge. One must jump to the river … The strong goat will make the weaker one jump … and I believe that Jewish power will prevail.”


That is a most excellent description of the Jews and Arabs.


Two goats on a narrow bridge are both exactly the same animal with the same stupid and devious mentality.


Palestine used to be at least halfway a white Christian nation. Now the Christians have been genocided or chased away, just as they are chasing white Catholics out of Louisiana and white Christians out of America.  But the Netanyahoos are white, you say.  No, they are Jews, and the ones that I know literally worship black people in America, though they hate the ones in Africa.


It’s weird that they first eliminate their white Christian allies, so that only their Arab enemies are left, if the Arabs really are enemies.  I suspect that when they say ‘Arab’ people must be killed, what they really mean is ‘Catholic’, only it’s code.  It’s so much easier to eliminate your friends than to eliminate your enemies, they think.  The reason these people are so burdensome is because they have no sense of long-term consequences whatsoever, perhaps because they are missing the frontal lobe.

An illustration from a science book long ago, the type of research that has been quashed and is no longer allowed to be taught.  Memory eraser drugs are just fine though.

Wherever they go, before long, all that’s left are two ignorant and stupid goats on the narrow bridge. The rest of the world has run off to hide from them, and is hoping the bridge they are standing on, the one built by white Christians, will soon fail from lack of maintenance and that both goats will drown and take their evil families with them.



When the white Christian Palestinians were mostly gone, Benzion Netanyahu said: “… there is no Palestinian people, so you don’t create a state for an imaginary nation … they only call themselves people in order to fight the Jews.”   Thus you see the Jewish war strategy: First you genocide the nice people who are your allies, then you claim that they never existed and take their land.  This is amazingly like the argument being made in their Jewish media that all of America belongs to whoever is not American.  Amazingly like the strategy of the Dolores Hart with my family.


Liars generally believe their own lies after repeating them often enough.  This is why they lie to our children in school, then test them on their ability to repeat those lies.  The best liars get the highest grades and the best jobs.  The Netanyahoos give what is supposed to be their background, but generally when the Jews write, it is to lie.  Benzion might have been a cattle thief or sex slave trader, but they always claim that their ancestors were scholars, no matter what.  Here’s their story:

“He was born Benzion Mileikowsky in Warsaw on March 25 1910, the eldest of nine children [only two survived] of Rabbi Nathan Mileikowsky, a Zionist scholar and writer who often signed his pieces with the Hebrew name “Netanyahu”, a common practice at the time. Benzion would later formally adopt it.”

A name like Mileikowsky can be turned into Milcom, for example.  Remember him from previous blogs, as the lauded billionaire Israeli spy who has set up a giant spy organization in Los Angeles at Creative Artists Agency. He was the one responsible for influencing my high school sweetheart to become gay.   They love that strategy.  Perhaps a researcher can ascertain if CCA is on the same site as the building in Frank Sinatra’s estate, described only as an ‘office building in Los Angeles”.  Out of that building comes the biggest anti-American campaign in the world, designed to make us look degenerate and well-worth invading, and not a person in our government does a thing to stop them.  Unlike the rest of us though, government employees still get paid, no matter if they hurt us or harm us. Or is it time for a change?


So the Netanyahoos changed their name.  A name change, except for marriage, should disqualified one for office automatically, and that includes the parent’s name change.  The fact is that we have no idea what this man’s name is or the names of his family or where they were born.  So many investigators receiving so much of our tax dollars, and nothing that needs to be known is known until some poor independent defenseless investigator decides to starve for a few months and put in some voluntary effort to save ourselves from complete slavery to the Netanyahoos and their army of Cohn-women and Cohn-men.  I would exchange this poverty for just a little bit of support if I could.  Every time they rob and destroy a prosperous family, they throw that many more people onto the welfare system.  I refuse to go to the government for help, so its not me at least.  I share a one room apartment with some very large roaches and no taxpayer money is involved.


“Aged 10, Benzion emigrated with his parents to Palestine, then under British rule, and the family eventually settled in Jerusalem, where he was sent to a boarding school. He was later trained as a teacher and, in 1929, enrolled as a student at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, gaining his Master’s degree in History in 1933.”  Even if one could find records of this, it would be necessary to prove that it isn’t all a forgery.  I have no reason to believe all of this background, but the next part is believable:


“During this period Netanyahu was active in Revisionism, inspired by the ideas of Vladimir (Ze’ev) Jabotinsky, who criticized moderate policies of the Zionists. He edited the Revisionist Zionist daily newspaper Ha’yarden, which the British authorities closed down in 1935, accusing it of inciting anti-Arab feelings.”


So you can see that this man specializes in writing lies in reference and textbooks, and may even have pioneered this giant step backward for civilization, this plague of lies so out of control.   All my grandfather did was invent and build really cool boats and teach others to do the same.  Benzion on the other hand was well-trained for such things as inciting anti-American feelings.  I’m sure that they can incite anti-parent feelings and anti-Christian feelings and anti-normal feelings just as well.  As for ostracizing an individual within a family or work place or political campaign, that would be a piece of cake considering all his high-level experience in antagonism and hate.


“In 1939 Benzion Netanyahu travelled to New York, where he became Ze’ev Jabotinsky’s secretary. When his mentor died in August the following year, he remained in New York and in the 1940s served there as executive director of the American wing of the Revisionist Zionists.


“In 1947 he gained his doctorate in History from Dropsie College in Philadelphia, a small and relatively poor institution which no one has ever heard of, but one where he could study without paying tuition fees.”   What a name for a college!


Let me guess, Communist propaganda school?


Since 1947 the elder Netanyahu publicized the Jewish claim to ‘the entire area’ as unquestionable and non-negotiable. “The entire area is “the entire world” in their plans, ‘unquestionable and non-negotiable”.

In 1949 Benzion Netanyahu returned to Israel, failed to get a teaching job and became involved in editing the Encyclopedia Hebraica, of which he later became editor-in-chief.  I wonder if another boss died while Benzion was in this job?

Benzion Netanyahu died at the age of 102…epa03201222 A photograph supplied by the Israeli Government Press Office (GPO) and dated 25 March 2012, shows Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) with his father Benzion Netanyahu in Jerusalem. Benzion Netanyahu, born Milikovsky, died in Jerusalem on 30 April 2012, at the age of 102. He was a prominent historian and a leader in the Revisionist Zionism movement under its founder Ze’ev Jabotinsky. Benzion Netanyahu was a professor emeritus at Cornell University in the United States States and as an academic write about Medieval Spanish Jewry, the Spanish Inquisition and the Marranos. EPA/ISRAELI GOVERNMENT PRESS OFFICE ISRAELI SUBSCRIBERS MUST CREDIT GPO HANDOUT EDITORIAL USE ONLY/NO SALES

Because of Benzion’s revisionism, serious researchers have to use the version of the Jewish encyclopedias previous to this ‘editing’ job.  He continued to re-write history when he returned to the United States in 1962, establishing himself as a prominent historian of Medieval Spanish Jewry, and in subsequent years the Netanyahus would shuttle between Israel and America.


In 1978 the Netanyahus returned permanently to Israel where he called the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip in 2005, “a crime against humanity”, evidently considering only Jews to be ‘humanity’ in accordance with their religious and cultural doctrine and belief system.


He served as general editor of the World History of the Jewish People and co-editor of the Jewish Quarterly Review. His propaganda books included Don Isaac Abravanel: Statesman and Philosopher (2001) and The Origins of Inquisition in 15th-Century Spain (2002), both books designed to incite hatred against Catholics.  These books can probably traced as the direct cause of the mass murder of Catholics in the Middle East during my lifetime, a mass murder that was carefully hidden from non-Jewish eyes for an entire generation.  The general attitude of hatred towards Catholics by all groups, especially Protestants in recent times, can also likely be traced to his revised version of history.


Benzion Netanyahu was a fellow of the American Academy for Jewish Research; a member of the Real Academia de Bellas Artes y Ciencias Históricas in Spain; and a professor emeritus at Cornell University, giving him great influence in American and European education even while living in Israel.   Benzion Netanyahu married, in 1944, Tsilah Segal, whom he met in the 1930s at the Hebrew University. She died in 2000, and he is survived by his sons Benjamin and Iddo.



If you think that these Netanyahoo people have nothing to do with us, then take a good look because some of the family has roots in Louisiana, and they may have chosen your family as the next target.

My advice? Don’t divorce, don’t go near a Rehab or hospital owned by Oschners and don’t trust anyone who seems too anxious to be your friend, especially if they want to cook for you right away.



Sarah Netanyahoo looks so much like the woman in these photos who is supposed to be April:


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