Closing Time

I just watched a video called “The Suicide of the White Race” by Dr. William Pierce, made in 2000.  I already knew all about how recent it is that white people are ashamed of being white after having achieved such great success and proven their superiority for millenia, not to mention the help they’ve brought to other races.  That’s all forgotten now, replaced by lies that put the blame on the white race for the atrocities committed by the tribe of David under the banner of Zionism.    I’ve been at this for about 17 years and have yet to find, in my presence, some one who agrees with that.  They exist out there in the virtual world, some on the other side of the planet maybe.

I’ve come across, in my personal life, the most amazing extent of male cowardice ever known in the history of mankind, impossible to have imagined when I was a child growing up around many brave and honorable men.  Since then, men have been taught that their first and foremost duty is to fill their bank accounts and pay the mortgage.  Nothing comes close to that in importance.  I’ve read detailed accounts of men in war facing impossible odds with total willingness to die for their community survival.  The costs were not counted.

Today, men like this are a precious minority, and they all live far away from me, and they are all people I do not personally know.  The men near me might have their weapons and food stores, but they have no intention of saving anyone but themselves and those in their own home.  My male relatives are all dead.  At least one or two of these preppers that I know personally, and probably many more that I don’t know, would deliver me to the enemy for being Catholic.  The Catholic prophecies say that there will be no men left in the end. This is what they were talking about.

Women who know and love the little ones are suffering the most knowing that  the adults will inject them with unknown substances, send them out to our enemies to fill their heads with everything contrary to decency and common sense, and worse.  It pains me to see adults  remain silent in the face of the most extreme evil and tell others to do the same.  This is all the result of concern for the banking account and the mortgage.  I would call this a new religion, one in which the children are demanded as sacrifice, and are freely given.  In addition to the children, as a society, we have given the enemy our heads, our hearts and our minds, willingly.  The bible makes it clear that when we give up our heritage and religions, our tribal unity, he would send the Heathen to make us suffer, just long enough to make us learn, with just enough survivors to continue forward.



Those without children are free from the worry that weighs the rest of us down.  If only I didn’t have the next generation to worry about, I’d be enjoying what’s left of the good life.  If only I didn’t know what I know.


To give the ignorant and the childless equal voting rights as those who study the issues, who have children and some degree of intelligence, is crazy, and it’s tantamount to racial suicide.  Foreign immigration into white societies is the easiest and quickest way to destroy it simply by creating non-stop chaos.  Ancient Greeks avoided this problem by exiling those who did not learn first before voting.  This was possible in a society of one race and one culture.  It’s impossible in a diverse society.  Those still in protected cocoons of sanity and wealth are the last to realize that the house is burning down around them.  They will have no escape.  Those of us who’ve been thrown out of our houses by the overall corruption of society are painfully aware of the fire.  But we are no longer in the house, so we watch it burn.


Every man who knows about my situation tells me the same thing, in short:  BE A COWARD LIKE ME.  I have to tell them no, I will NOT BE A COWARD LIKE YOU.  I will not back down and I will not fear.  I will go forward and do what needs to be done and all I have at risk is a life that is worthless without courage anyway.  I don’t fear death so much as I fear the life immigrating our way.

Our bravest and our best men have been picked off one by one, mostly with the GKN Drivetrain technology that allows remote control of a vehicle by the weakest and least intelligent among us.   There are people who not only refuse to see the danger and do something about it, they actually aid the enemy in hopes of sharing the stolen glory.  I’m disgusted, as you can see, but sometimes scolding is called for.  I was taught not to complain, otherwise I’d tell you all how much I hate this job that’s been dumped on my shoulders.  I’ve heard that my story is giving enjoyment to one of my readers.  That is not what it was meant to do.  It’s supposed to get someone off their ass and do something concrete when possible, like get out there and gather up the evidence still on public record for everything I’m writing about before the enemy gets to it.  I’m laying it out so that others can pick up where I’m leaving off.  I won’t be writing this blog for a while, so I’m closing off with a backlog of information that I have on file.


We were talking about the Netanyahoo family.  Here is a photo below of Bibi’s mother, or so they claim.  She looks almost exactly like Rosie O’Donnell, and there is a reason for that, because they are related under her real name as I’ve given it, Robin Rich the name she used in school, which was changed to Broussard.  She is not a Broussard.


This photo of the mother of Bibi Netanyahu, retrieved from their genealogy page, had the face of the man edited out.  This can be no other than Leon Trotsky.  So is Leon Trotsky the father of Benjamin Netanyahu?  You’ve seen the photo of his father here below.  Face recognition experts agree that the earlobes of the elderly generally extend over time.  An examination of the ears in profile would be necessary for a positive identification.

Benzion Netanyahu died at the age of 102…epa03201222 A photograph supplied by the Israeli Government Press Office (GPO) and dated 25 March 2012, shows Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) with his father Benzion Netanyahu in Jerusalem. Benzion Netanyahu, born Milikovsky, died in Jerusalem on 30 April 2012, at the age of 102. He was a prominent historian and a leader in the Revisionist Zionism movement under its founder Ze’ev Jabotinsky. Benzion Netanyahu was a professor emeritus at Cornell University in the United States States and as an academic write about Medieval Spanish Jewry, the Spanish Inquisition and the Marranos. EPA/ISRAELI GOVERNMENT PRESS OFFICE ISRAELI SUBSCRIBERS MUST CREDIT GPO HANDOUT EDITORIAL USE ONLY/NO SALES

These people change their names constantly so it’s essential to memorize the faces.

Netanyahu’s mother is named Cela (Tzilah) Netanyahu.

She and her sisters all changed their names several times.
From the album Shmulik by Shmuel Ben-Tovim
Netanyahu’s first marriage was to Dr. Miriam Weizmann, during which the couple had a daughter named Noa.

His second marriage (1981–84) was to Fleur Cates, a British citizen who converted to Judaism especially for marriage. In 1991 Netanyahu married his third wife, Sara Ben-Artzi, a psychology major working as a flight attendant, whom he met while traveling on an El Al flight from New York to Israel. He and Sara have two sons, Yair and Avner.
Netanyahu became a grandfather on 1 October 2009, when his daughter Noa Netanyahu-Roth (married to Daniel Roth) gave birth to a boy, Shmuel.
Her niece Dalia noted that Cela’s given name was Tzviya, after her Fraternal grandafather Tzvi Segal, but she changed it. Her 4 sisters all changed their given names, too. Cela was born in Petah-Tikvah shortly after the family’s move in 1911 from Minneapolis Minnesota. The Maternal Granparents, Abraham and Hannah-Sarah Markus were already settled in Rishon L’tzion.

Mrs. Netanyahoo, Tsily  she looks much like Rosie O’Donnell.



Here’s the Guillory-Lormond  family of Louisiana, and you’ll notice the woman I’ve identified as possibly Natanyahu’s wife in her local costume.

You’ll see some of this family in the Netanyahu circle.


I photo below was submitted to me by a family member who claims it’s April and her husband Dale.  He doesn’t look like another photo supposedly of Dale. This man has a face and mouth like the Durst real estate mogul last seen under psychiatric evaluation in Louisiana, maybe another Mandeville case.   I don’t know what his real eye color is, so I’ll be looking for that. The girl with him who claims to be April is actually my step-sister adopted by my father from the Dolores Hart (Painful Heart).  This looks like Robin Bergeron, nee Rich.  If Durst’s memory was erased, he too could have had a marriage in the Mandeville Insane Asylum like April’s parents supposedly did.  In other words, a phony marriage.

lthanksgiving at april's (2)1



april and dale (2)1
This is also supposed to be Dale and April.  It’s still not my friend April though. These photos were submitted and identified by the man who married April’s mother and raised her from the age of three.  There are not only two Dales, there are also two Aprils, one of which was my friend, not this one.  The April who was my friend, I positively identify as Nancy Sinatra after having watched many videos of her.





The two photos above, I can identify as the April I knew, with the Cameron I know.

I’m beginning to enter more speculative territory. That’s why I’m preparing to close up shop. That and the fact that I’m too disgusted to go on.  I’ll post another blog to explain how she died, if she died.  Her body disappeared before anyone I know could identify it.


The basic fact to remember is that all of the Elvis and Nancy Sinatra movies had family members in the parts and back stage.  Nancy, Sr. for example continues to appear on screen with her children.  She plays the Hawaiian grandmother in the movie “Blue Hawaii”.

Nancy Sinatra, Sr. with Tina, her daughter.


For this reason, I conclude that Dolores Hart was a relative of the Sinatras, which is why her daughter has a slight resemblance to April.  I’ve also concluded that the Oschenslager family was related to the Sinatras or to the family of Nancy Barbato Sinatra, so a researcher could be looking for that also.

The wife of Netanyahu is also in the Elvis movies, and in that movie she gets spanked by Elvis for misbehaving, I can’t remember her name right now. The Elvis movie scripts always blended fiction with reality, so there are many clues for researchers there.  I’ll continue to study them.

The  baby in these photos with the fat woman in black looks much like April’s son did as a baby, but the resemblance is no longer there. They’ve either grown out of it, or else the baby in the photo actually was Cameron.  Since Cheryl was involved, she had access to the baby.


april and butterbean

There are other people in those movies that I recognize as people I’ve known in New Orleans, nice honest people who certainly have never spoken of all this, and have probably had their memories erased along with their family members.

This is a sad situation.  When one person loses an inheritance in an occasional scam, we think we can shrug it off.  Envy does that to people. But when the shrugging is interpreted as permission, then every American can expect that inheritance theft is now okay, there will be no consequences.  It only takes about three generations for a small group of actors with memory erasor drugs to fraudulently inherit the property of everyone in America and all the world.




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