Locating the Pirate Loot


I’m republishing this article for the third time to call attention to the names and addresses at the end. Please scroll down to see. I’d pay attention to Karos Holdings registered in Coral Gables, Florida.  My considered opinion is that this account belongs to Brigitte Macron, or otherwise could be funding anti American activism and terror activities.

Jones Walker Law Firm in New Orleans was hired by my father to protect his interests. That’s not what they did.  Instead of leaving me hopelessly broke, they have led me to find the hidden Pirate’s Loot.


Marshall Page is the name I found under the photo of one Jones Walker employee.  Though Marshall Page uses the  resume of the man I called Maurice Hebert, Jr. who calls himself William Hines at Jones Walker.  Virginia Hines is the New Iberia identity of the woman I met as Peggy Guggenhiem, which  is one of the names used by Tsila, Netanyahu’s alleged mother. Their idea is to hide behind a multitude of identities so as to never get caught in their crimes. Marshall is listed as a Director of Hurstville Neighborhood Association, Inc. in Louisiana. The address on file for this person is 1415 Octavia Street, New Orleans, LA 70115 in Orleans Parish.

Hurstville Neighborhood Association  is a Louisiana Non-Profit Corporation, which was filed on April 19, 2007. The filing status is listed as Active.

The Registered Agent of record is J. Marshall Page, Iii.




This photo is used above the name of  Marshall Page.

“Mr Page has handled transactions on six continents, in a large percentage of the US states and in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.”


This Asian man below is supposedly Bibi’s father.

Benzion Netanyahu died at the age of 102a. A Revisionist Zionist under its founder Ze’ev Jabotinsky. Benzion Netanyahu wrote about Medieval Spanish Jewry, the Spanish Inquisition and the Marranos. EPA/ISRAELI GOVERNMENT PRESS OFFICE ISRAELI SUBSCRIBERS MUST CREDIT GPO HANDOUT EDITORIAL USE ONLY/NO SALES


The above photo of the same Asian man comes up as a “related image” while searching for Jones Walker, but all the information about him is in Chinese.


You will recognize this top executive at Jones Walker, seen in his lawyer mode above, and as the “pilot of the Egyptair crash” in the photo below published by many major media outlets.



This is a younger Netanyahu found on the internet.  He’s supposed to have a dead brother Yoni. Notice the frizzy hair.  I would go back to the Ochsenschlagher family reunion film and study this well to see if this isn’t the same husky guy in the green shirt at the 10:00 minute mark.




I found Karos Holdings in Coral Gables owned by Pager, the name of the woman we call Josephine, the Pirate wife of Napoleon who made the fraudulent ‘sale’ of what he didn’t own.  So we know we’re dealing with the Jewish Slave Traders that were reported to be around Mobile and Pensacola in the old days. Hurstville has quite a lot of companies. We also know we’re dealing with the same families who pulled the Louisiana Purchase scam in the first place.


I found an image of Mr. Maurice Hebert, but that’s not the name he uses. Now I see he was lying about his identity to my father and all of us for an entire lifetime, even while acting as his lawyer.  James Edmunds, the teacher and yearbook advisor I was given at Mount Carmel Academy, the  Catholic school my grandmother sacrificed so much for me to attend, certainly knew all about the situation. He introduced me to Peggy Gugenhiem once in New Orleans, and when he brought me to Virginia Hine’s house once in New Iberia, I wasn’t allowed to go inside, so I walked around her backyard voodoo museum.

My yearbook advisor at Mt. Carmel, Mr. James Edmunds, but who is he really?  David Ferry perhaps, possibly the son of Carlos Marcello, who looks so much like David Rockefeller. I can only speculate at this point.


This person who I know as Maurice,Sr. has the name Colvin under his photo at Jones Walker, and his son, Maurice , Jr. calls himself Bill Hines.  Tomorrow it will be another name, and another one the day after that.  Now all he has to do, he thinks, is deny he ever knew me.

Rain Maker

As a representative of Jones Walker, with his wife and children, lied to my family about his identity while he served as a maritime lawyer for my father’s business. His son, also under a false identity served as executor of my father’s estate.  Of the 11 million that my father had shortly before his death,  Jones Walker gave me a check for $84,000 as my inheritance, three years after the death.  And they laughed in my face because no other law firm will take them on.

Jones Walker Website says they acted as

  • Special counsel to the private equity purchasers in the largest acquisition in the history of the gaming industry.

Gee, that couldn’t possibly be the Frank Sinatra estate, could it?????

They know as well as anyone that the Louisiana Purchase was a fraudulent sale.  After all, their ancestors are the ones who pulled the scam. My banker friend tells me that anyone who has a mortgage right now can demand that the bank show clear title, all the way back to before 1803, which they cannot do because of the fraudulent Louisiana Purchase in 1803, therefore most mortgages are invalid and no longer have to be paid.

Every Landman in the oil business should know this, all anyone has to do is exercise their right to object to the validity of the title. I won’t even mention that anyone giving money to the IRS is funding terrorism and therefore guilty of terrorism under the Patriot Act. If people would just obey the law, and stop funding the crooks, the bad situation would magically disappear.

Clear title to America goes back to an undelivered inheritance in 1803 from the man that the Sikhs call Jaasa Singh Ramgarhia, whose family owned 360 forts, and were based at Amritsar. I’ve connected him to Joseph ‘Beausoleil’ Broussard, Gaurhept. He may be a descendant of Jean Bruge, architect of Blenheim Palace.

There is also a Baroness de Beausoleil, who was defrauded from her land during the so-called “War of Devolution”.  This includes Brussels.  Jean Bruge never collected the money owed to him and his workers, who appear to be the Bunga, a group of Sikhs who migrated East.  Jean Bruge is probably the same as the one known as the Dutch Guru in India. He had to pay for the labor and materials used in the construction of Blenheim Palace, the home of Winston Churchill, because the owners refused to pay him, and held him up in rigged courts until the workers finally left.

These are images of the early Broussard family:

Antoinette de Pons plus many other titles including Bourbon.  This is who held legal title to the Louisiana Territory.
De Brossac, the Pius Marshall.


Phillip of Cleves, Le Hardi, or Hardas of the Sikhs.
These records were in St. Martinville, but are now sealed by the Jewish Vatican, though they record the arrival of Joseph Broussard de Beau Soleil, Captain Commander of the Acadians of Atakapas who arrrived on boat names Beau Soleil in 1765 on the 25th of November.  The names and dates of Joseph parallel those in Sikh history.

My claim to my own inheritance is nothing compared to the totality of theft that these people commit as a matter of course every day.


This is the famous Rain Maker, no matter what name he uses.  He makes rain by scamming people with whom he has made ‘ friends, and his wife and children play the Cohn-game with him.  It’s hell for their victims.


You can see in these photos below, that Jones Walker set out to destroy an ideal American town.  These photos show what normal people do when left to themselves.  We had our own hospital, volunteer fire department and lots of industry.  Life centered around the Church.  Check out these photos of Loreauville before the Jones Walker Hellstorm:




My father was very much involved in the Volunteer Fire Department.  It was a privilege to be part of it.


The Vida Shaw Sugar Mill, one of several in the area.


Suzanne Verret’s grandfather from Loreauville part of the Benny Goodman Band.



Mechanical Sugarcane Loader.



Our own bank and drug store.


Suzanne Verret Irvin Luke Verret, Sr... Played with Tommy Dorsey then with Phil Harris on the Jack Benny radio program for 25 yrs. Rated in Jazz trade magazine 1940's as one of the greatest jazz trombonist in the country

Irvin Luke Verret, with the Benny Goodman Band.



The last remaining independent Sugar Mill.  The family of ex Governor Foster has created a monopoly on sugar refinery in South Louisiana at Patoutville.



Our own Lake Dauterive.


Early public transportation, a shuttleboat across the lake, but also a daily passenger train that ran to every town along the Bayou Teche.  My Great Uncle Tony Braquet, had a bus route, but someone ran over him and killed him.   There were wars over control of transportation in those days.  Below is the Walet Club that once stood on the pier.




Ricky and Mike Oubre with Ev.


The Port of Iberia had only my grandfather’s business, and one other business for shipping grain when he and his partner Joseph Waguespack had Joe’s Shipyard.  After that, it became Berard Boats, or Berard Brother’s Boats, now Diamond B Marine.  Another interesting company is Berard House Movers, which is now the company moving that rig in the photo above.  Notice it’s sitting on two trailers to be moved.



This all started in Loreauville:



May is the month of Mary and so a Queen must be chosen and a parade must be held.


The May Day celebration was a big event.





The first air boats built by Sully Berard, Sr. and leased to the Texaco Company.  Sully, Sr. was my Mother’s father. His brother Tony Berard, a banker, also was a partner in Texaco, as I understand it.






This photo above is the girl named Nancy Sinatra that they set out to destroy.  She’s also called Vicky, April and Priscilla.  Her real name is Victoria Walet.  While the Lawyers at Jones Walker were blowing up the USS Liberty, she was performing for the troops in the 1960’s. It was her grandfather who made the movies and who owned the building on the dock at Lake Dauterive where Bonnie and Clyde used to hang out. I’ll tell that story soon.  Watching some old Boris Karloff movies is good preparation.


And this man below was at the helm of Jones Walker at the time that Caro, now Brigitte Macron, arrived.  I’ve seen all these men’s faces over and over again through my life, but they have never identified themselves to me as Jones Walker attorneys.





This man above was the one at the top of Jones Walker while “Mr. Maurice” was defrauding my family.


Photo above, Israelis trying to figure out why their bombing of the USS Liberty isn’t making it sink.  Could that man with the eye patch be this man below? Do you see any other familiar faces? I do. I see Pat Caffery for sure.



This early photo is titled “Tzily and Noah”, Tzily identified as Bibi’s mother on the Internet.


Another  executive at Jones Walker during the attack on my family.


This Jones Walker executive calls himself Jess Adams, but maybe this is where the Jones in Alex Jones comes from.  Sure looks like it to me.



A different name every day, this dude I see everywhere around Lafayette and New Orleans. His name is David and he’s involved in community theatre.


Maurice Hebert, Jr. was his stage name with our family for over 20 years.  Rainmaker, Jr. will do, though he prefers the name Hines while running Jones Walker.


William H. Hines is the Managing Partner of Jones Walker law firm, headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana, and with offices in Baton Rouge and Lafayette, Louisiana, and the States of Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Texas, and Washington, D.C. Mr. Hines has handled a wide variety of negotiated transactions and financings, both domestic and foreign, for publicly held and private companies.

Mr. Hines has been selected for inclusion in the publication The Best Lawyers in America in the practice areas of Banking Law, Corporate Law, International Trade and Finance Law, Project Finance Law, and Real Estate Law. Mr. Hines is a member of a number of professional and civic organizations. He currently serves as a Commissioner of the Downtown Development District of the City of New Orleans, Chairman of the Louisiana Committee of 100 For Economic Development, Vice-Chairman/Chairman-Elect of The Idea Village, and as Chairman of the Board of the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra. He was appointed as a member of Mayor-Elect Mitch Landrieu’s Economic Development Task Force and of Governor-Elect Bobby Jindal’s Economic Growth Advisory Council as a member of the Business Retention and Recruitment Panel. Additionally, Mr. Hines co-chaired the Economic Development Committee of the City of New Orleans Bring New Orleans Back Commission following Hurricane Katrina.

He was Chairman of the Board of Greater New Orleans, Inc. during its first year of existence, 2004-2005, and was the Chairman of the Board of the MetroVision Economic Development Partnership from 2001 through 2003. He recently completed his terms as Chairman of the Board of the Council for a Better Louisiana and as Chairman of the Board of the New Orleans Arts Council, Chairman of the Board of the United Way for Greater New Orleans, Chairman of the New Orleans Region Community Advisory Board of Teach for America, and Chairman of the Board of WYES-TV 12. He also currently serves in board and/or leadership positions with Greater New Orleans, Inc., the Horizon Initiative, Louisiana Appleseed, the New Orleans Regional Medical District, the National World War II Museum, the World Trade Center of N.O., the N.O. Business Council, the Greater N.O. Sports Foundation (he also co-chaired the NCAA 2003 Final Four Host Committee), the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Louisiana State Museum Foundation.

Bill also was appointed by New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin as Co-chairman of the Hollywood South Board of the City of New Orleans, as well as to the City of New Orleans Economic Development Advisory Committee and the City of New Orleans Homelessness Blue Ribbon Task Force and serves as Honorary Consul of Portugal for the State of Louisiana. He also serves on the Ochsner Health System Board, the Tulane University President’s Council, and the University of New Orleans Foundation Board. He is a graduate of Princeton University (A.B. 1978) and the University of Virginia School of Law (J.D. 1982).

This last line of Bill Hine’s resume is copied and pasted under the photo of Marshall Page.  Reading what he controls in New Orleans and elsewhere, is it any wonder I could never get a job.


The photo below demonstrates what they are using the stolen money for, because this chaos allows them to steal even more stuff from the Middle East. Jones Walker and Associates are pirates out of control, enemies to all mankind, fully intent on taking over the world.



Their website brags about this

  • Special counsel to the private equity purchasers in the largest acquisition in the history of the gaming industry.  

Their control is extensive and it will affect Trump’s Casinos.  Maybe this is why he decided to run for office.



  1. Kelly Duncan and Thomas B. Shepherd III, partners and team leaders of the firm’s Gaming Practice Group, were each elected to leadership positions for  the International Masters of Gaming Law (“IMGL”) and the International Association of Gaming Advisors (“IAGA”), respectively. Jones Walker is the only firm with attorneys who have been elected as President of each of these premier gaming organizations.
  2. Kelly Duncan served as President of the International Masters of Gaming Law until December 31, 2013. IMGL membership is by invitation only and with more than 270 members from 38 countries, the IMGL is a leading worldwide organization that is dedicated to education and the exchange of professional information concerning all aspects of gaming law. Mr. Duncan, who also served as a member of Jones Walker’s board of directors, is one of only 10 gaming attorneys from the United States listed among the world’s top gaming attorneys in the Chambers Global Guide since 2009. For 2011, he was selected as the “New Orleans, LA Best Lawyers Gaming Law Lawyer of the Year”.

Thomas B. Shepherd III is the immediate past President of the International Association of Gaming Advisors (IAGA). IAGA’s International Gaming Conference is one of the gaming industry’s premier summits and brings together leaders of the gaming industry from all sectors – operators, suppliers, attorneys, accountants, investors, bankers, regulators and other advisors. For 2011, he was selected as the “Jackson, MS Best Lawyers Gaming Law Lawyer of the Year” and as “Lawyer of the Year in Mississippi” by the Mississippi Business Journal.

Suite 800
190 E Capitol St
Jackson, MS 39201

601.949.4711 tel
601.949.4682 fax


Marc W. Dunbar recently joined as a partner in our Gaming practice. Marc is also a member of both IMGL and IAGA. He heads the firm’s Tallahassee office.

215 S Monroe St
Suite 130
Tallahassee, FL 32301

850.425.7805 tel
850.425.7815 fax


Representative Matters

  • Special counsel to the private equity purchasers in the largest acquisition in the history of the gaming industry
  • Special counsel to the private equity acquirer of two casinos in Tunica County, Mississippi
  • General counsel to a $40 million gaming greenfield development project in Natchez, Mississippi
  • Special counsel to the lenders in a $50 million gaming project in Mississippi
  • Special counsel to the purchaser in a $280 million gaming acquisition in Biloxi, Mississippi
  • Special counsel to the lenders in a $175 million loan to a greenfield casino and hotel development in D’Iberville, Mississippi
  • Special counsel to the lenders in a $100 million loan to a gaming company for the redevelopment of a casino hotel in Biloxi, Mississippi
  • Special counsel to the lenders in the acquisition of a casino in Hancock County, Mississippi
  • Special counsel to the sellers of a casino in Greenville, Mississippi
  • Special counsel to a gaming company emerging from bankruptcy owning a casino hotel in Tunica County, Mississippi
  • Special counsel to a gaming company emerging from bankruptcy owning a casino hotel in Vicksburg, Mississippi
  • Special counsel to a publicly traded gaming company acquiring another publicly traded gaming company owning a casino hotel in Vicksburg, Mississippi
  • Special counsel to a private company acquiring a casino in Vicksburg, Mississippi
  • Special counsel to the private equity purchaser of a gaming manufacturer and distributor
  • Special counsel to the lender in connection with the acquisition of a Biloxi, Mississippi casino and hotel
  • Special counsel to the lenders in a $500 million loan to a gaming company in connection with existing indebtedness refinancing and the acquisition of a casino hotel in Biloxi, Mississippi
  • Multi-state gaming counsel in a $1.2 billion acquisition of a manufacturer and related financing
  • Special gaming finance counsel to an international manufacturer in the billion dollar acquisition of a Class II gaming manufacturer
  • Creditor’s counsel in casino bankruptcy in Biloxi, Mississippi
  • Mississippi counsel to a publicly traded gaming company in connection with a $5 billion sale and leaseback transaction with a public REIT


  • “Legal Ethics; Professionalism; Substance Abuse: A Primer for Lawyers” American Bar Association, 20th Annual Gaming Law Minefield Conference, February 12, 2016


I can write an entire article about how they are forcing the tax payer to fund mental health care for prisoners.  They intertwine all their client’s businesses in a net to capture tax dollars.


Is this what they have in store for Donald Trump?

The Harassment and Imprisonment of Mayor Aaron Broussard is detailed by following these links:

Trout Point Lodge loses big again in the US Courts, lawsuit against former attorney dismissed with prejudice


 This is another Jones Walker attorney ripping off a client:

Dan Lund for the defense…….

I know Lund from his work in construction law. He has a good reputation among his peers and should do an exemplary job for the Louisiana portion of the Jones Walker malpractice saga. Louisiana portion???


Jones Walker, and Slab.org  with a few others in cahoots can be seen in full action in these court documents posted online.  I left the title that they’ve given it.  Goat Herders is what they call us, not just Mayor Aaron Broussard and his people.  I won’t comment any more on it.  See for yourself how they use the court system to entangle small businesses in the most ridiculous mess, while they, working together, make a mockery of it all, jailing whoever they please, enforcing unjust fines, then collecting the same fine in several different states, etc.  These files speak for themselves, both the ugly commentary, and the contents of the documents.

How did April die?  Here I have cut and pasted exactly what was sent to me by the person who I last left her with, and who has stayed in touch with me since then, because we both missed her.  He calls her Priscilla.

When I got arrested by NOPD Officer Caldwell/ Cadwel ? at club on corner of 400 block of Bourbon St. & St. Louis St.(odd #), Priscilla did’nt have a key to my<my apartment. She went back 2 streets & ended up in crackville where she died just north of S. Claiborne Ave. Gen. ? St. Near SALVATION ARMY. Left me things

Nancy’s medications were locked in his apartment, along with her identification cards. No amount of begging could convince Officer Caldwell/Coldwell to let Nancy get her key to the apartment.  In fact, there would have been no arrest if this friend had not tried to go back into the establishment to give her the keys after Officer Caldwell forced him to leave her there alone.

She didn’t notice that he had been arrested, so after closing she was out on the street with no place to go very late at night.  This is typical of New Orleans Police, I’ve had it happen to me also.  I was in Lafayette at the time they pulled this stunt on Nancy.  She didn’t even have a phone. This led directly to her death or disappearance during the 30 days that the person sending this message was held in prison without cause.

He didn’t see the body.  He was given the wrong time for viewing, and it was gone by the time he arrived.




This is Bibi’s personal life from an on-line article:

By 1978, Miriam was pregnant. Everything seemed perfect. But meanwhile Bibi had struck up a conversation in the university library with a non-Jewish woman from Britain called Fleur Cates [Lucinda Casson is the name she uses now.  I ended up with all the books she used to learn how to be Jewish, including an edition of the Bible that is fully footnoted with all the changes and mis-translations they know about and don’t want us to know. That’s how I found out the name DAVID in the Bible is just a name they invented by turning the name for God upside down.  It’s Lucinda’s son who is named Noah and she now lives in New Orleans, though I met her while she lived a while in Lafayette, following the Zydeco dance circuit.]

Netanyahu’s pregnant wife began to notice his ever-increasing absences from home. One day she discovered a long blond hair on one of his suits and demanded to know whose it was. Micki kicked him out of the house in Boston. In April 1978, she gave birth to the couple’s daughter Noa in Harvard University Hospital. Bibi did not attend the birth, turning up afterwards with a bouquet of flowers.


His first wife was Miriam Weizmann (she was known as Micki), who lived in the next street to the Jerusalem apartment owned by his brother Yoni, where Bibi was based during his military service. By the time he was done in the army, Micki had completed both her own military service and a first degree in chemistry at the Hebrew University. In 1972, they both left for America where she enrolled for a graduate degree at Brandeis, while Bibi was accepted first to Cornell and then switched to MIT so he could be closer to her in Boston. Bibi and Micki married soon after. [I can’t imagine Bibi in a university classroom.]

Searcing Searching for my Bibi

You can never find photos of Netanyahoo taken in the 1980’s.  Remember, this blog is a lesson in recognizing people who change their names every five minutes.

One monk long ago said that an Angel kept telling him to dig a certain place to find a box with a manuscript in it.  He didn’t feel like doing it until the Angel started beating him up.


Jones Walker LLP – New Orleans

  • 201 St Charles Avenue
  • New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
  • LA 70170-5100
  • Tel:504 582 8248
  • Fax:504 582 8583
  • Email:mpage@joneswalker.com

Contact Lawyer 

View Firm Profile 

View Website 

One thing led to another, using Bizpedia website and I traced Marshall Page him to a shell corporation called Hurstville Neighborhood Assocation, a Non-Profit organization under which are nestled a whole slew of for-profit operations, which led me finally to

5 companies that have an address matching C/O 2121 Ponce De Leon Blvd. 330 Coral Gables, FL 33134.

The companies are Mp Beverages Inc, Universal Steel Building Systems LLC, Bam Ma Oil Company Inc, Karos Holdings LLC, and Fern Holdings LLC.


I would suggest to anyone researching this subject to take a close look at Karos Holdings LLC.  I smell a rat whenever I see that name Karo, because that was what Dolores Hart called herself when I knew her.  Karo was code for Carat which was code for Diamond, according to what ‘Caro’ always said. She calls herself Brigitte Macron today.


BAM-MA OIL COMPANY, INC.  does not sound like a good name to me, considering the fact that this Jones Walker crew  is beginning to sound more and more like the gang of the notorious Chris Lopez, whose photo is so unobtainable despite his being a wealthy businessman in the hotel business.  He’s the one mentioned, with Julio Pena in the brutal murder of the mother in Metairie, La.

The early history of Jones Walker can be seen on this timeline, including the death of the original owner and his wife in a house fire.  On February 1, 1955, the name of the firm was changed to Jones, Walker, Waechter, Dreux & Poitevent. Ernest Carrère had practiced law as a partner with a firm named May and Carrère.  The name May is the key to how the Jews entered this law firm.  May is a Pirate Name, related to the Guggenheim family and involved in publishing monopolies.

The person I know as Maurice Hebert, Jr.  is listed as the Managing Partner.

William H. Hines, Managing Partner




A Tragic Fire, An Irreplaceable Loss

In 1963, Joseph Merrick Jones and his wife, Eugenie, perished as the result of a tragic fire that engulfed their home. Mr. Jones’ death at 59 was a great loss, but the firm continued his great legacy of commitment to both the community and clients.



These early photos of Bibi Netanyahoo show him with a man from New Orleans who I know as Jim Shephard.


Netanyahu-Mike (1)

The owner of www.jerusalemprayerteam.org you’ll find on his website, this claim:

“My great grandfather, a Rabbi, was burned to death with his entire congregation on the Sabbath because of this preposterous lie, so this issue is very personal to me.”

Jom Shepherd, wearing a loud Hawaiian shirt in the Palm Club at Harrah’s on Canal St. is intelligent enough to develop elaborate stories about Catholics burning Jews in their Synagogue, but with no real sense of long term consequences other than earning immediate money with no effort.  Do Jews really go to Synagogue? This man would have no idea that his lies are starting a World War III that could destroy all humanity.

I’ve been his guest many times in the Palm Room and so this is my reason for thinking that this photo was taken in New Orleans. Here’s Bibi looking like a typical YAT  hoodrat from New Orleans with his buddy, the author of an Anti-Catholic book about The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion.  It’s a book to convince people that Catholics should die horrible deaths. His website, with plenty of Donate Buttons, shows his expertise in the art of creating antagonism while stroking Jewish egos.  Here are the comments from his website.

Barbara Weide • 5 years ago

You couldn’t have a finer man to support this endeavor.  Dr. Mike Evans is truly an ambassador for Israel and a prayer warrior for the peace of Jerusalem, where God will reign.

clangfrog • 5 years ago

yay!  Finally Dr. Evans makes it to Glenn’s site [Glenn Beck].


Notes for Researchers:

Marshall Page owns companies in Ontario, Canada as well as America.





Address: 20 Peikoff Crescent
Kanata, ON K2K 3K8 CA

Registered Agent: None Listed

Filing Date: March 06, 2007

File Number: 6731937
Page Real Estate Development, LLC is a North Carolina Limited-Liability Company filed on January 16, 2004. The company’s filing status is listed as Dissolved and its File Number is 0707252.

The Registered Agent on file for this company is Page, Marshall A., Jr. and is located at 503 E. Ivey Street, Lillington, NC 27546. The company’s principal address is 503 E. Ivey Street, Lillington, NC 27546 and its mailing address is 503 E. Ivey Street, Lillington, NC 27546.

The company has 3 principals on record. The principals are Marsha P. Parrish from Fuquay Varina NC,  Marshall A. Page from Lillington NC, and William G. Johnson from Buies Creek NC.




Address: C/O 2121 Ponce De Leon Blvd.
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Address Types: Principal and Mailing

Registered Agent: Tobias, Ivan M

Filing Date: September 12, 1980

File Number: 687622




Address: C/O 2121 Ponce De Leon Blvd.
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Address Types: Principal and Mailing

Registered Agent: Kaswalder Gustavo

Filing Date: January 15, 2004

File Number: L04000004419



Address: C/O 2121 Ponce De Leon Blvd.
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Address Types: Principal and Mailing

Registered Agent: Ortiz Michaek

Filing Date: October 10, 2005

File Number: L05000099723

List of Jones Walker clients from their website. Yet again, it becomes clear why I could never get hired, no matter how close I came to the final selection. Several of these companies are at the Port of Iberia. The entire list is a virtual monopoly on vital South Louisiana businesses, at least one of which has been sold to Asians..

Apache Corporation

McMoRan Exploration Co.


National Oilwell Varco

Bayou Steel Corporation

Northern Star Generation, LLC

Cal Dive International, Inc.

Pernix Therapeutics Holdings, Inc.

CenturyLink, Inc.

Pool Corporation (POOLCORP)

Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC

The Port of New Orleans

Enterprise Products Partners L.P.

The Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group

Endesa of Spain (Endesa, S.A.)

Ruth’s Chris Steak House, Inc.

Enhanced Capital Partners, LLC


Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company

Stirling Properties, Inc.


Superior Energy Services, Inc.

Freeport-McMoRan Inc.

Tidewater, Inc.

General Electric Company

Tulane University

Lamar Advertising Company

Turner Industries Group, L.L.C.

Louisiana Television Broadcasting Corporation

Weatherford International Ltd.

McIlhenny Company

Wm. B. Reily & Company, Inc.

Last updated July 18, 2014.

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    1. The real Bibi doesn’t have a brother. His name is Larry Nicholls. He’s an expert identity thief, and from what I can see, they use the identity of people they’ve killed or incarcerated in prison or in a mental ward with their memories erased. Sad.




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