Mr. Walet’s Feed Store




News has always been fake, but at one time it was the good guys who faked it.  Fake news is a way to pretend that we are at war when we aren’t, because the war would have been good for no one but the bad guys.

The proof and evidence of this and of our history of the past 100 years was in Mr. Walet’s Feed Store.  This is the big secret.  Who invented television, how did it start and where, where are the people who made those great old shows and why has everything gotten so horrible…this is American history in our lifetime.

A government contract made it possible to create positive entertainment, and also fake war battles, filmed and distributed to a network of local theatres, the syndicate.  Those who made the films were to keep it hushed.  Using various accents, the films appear to be foreign made, some in French, some with British accents.

At some point the syndicate split into two factions, one that wanted to sell drugs and one that didn’t.  In certain films, the actors play their true characters and the scripts depict real life events of which I am aware.  The actor who plays the leader of the faction that wanted to sell drugs is a Breaux. The rest of the story is in that trunk, along with all the original unedited films made by Douglas Fairbanks, Boris Karloff and more.

No wonder Mr. Edmunds was smiling. He and his gang of thieves had just stolen 100 years of priceless American history from my father, not to mention my own family heirlooms and our family memory itself.  They steal and laugh at the people they’ve robbed.  Then they ostracize the person they’ve robbed and then they spread ugly rumors about the person they’ve robbed.  Then they get other people to attack the person they’ve robbed and humiliation is part of that. That’s what they do to America and the world entirely, not just to the individuals in this story.

The Owl

When Alex Jones talks about sneaking into a secret meeting with a big owl statue, he’s mocking his own audience.

I’ve debated the rightness and wrongness of writing these details, but I’m the only one who can do this part.  Law requires that we provide complete information that might be useful to law enforcement.  That’s my reason for writing this summary of my knowledge and impressions of the past as it relates to possible organized crimes that are being now investigated.  These details could be valuable, so here they are.

The Hibou Club is where the filming was done after the 1960’s.  Hibou [eeboo] means Owl, and it was named for a famous owl that lived in a tree right behind the old Gonsoulin house. The owl named Hibou was famous to us kids who played there.  He was said to be 200 years old. So in that sense, it’s an insider secret.  What I knew of the secret is that when the filming was moved to the new Hibou’s club, I was a kid in a car, we were dropping off people, picking up people, I was being babysat by the beautiful elegant women inside the Hibou Club, or at one of their houses with the other children.  Hibou’s wasn’t a club really, it had several small rooms that I remember being full of beautiful dressed up women who passed me around from one to another.  That’s a very early memory. Ebou’s just looked like a bar from the outside.

No one has the right to question a child’s ability to identify their closest relatives and friends, even in theatrical make-up, especially when the relatives are mother, father, grandmother and godmother.  There are certain mannerisms and movements that are easy to spot in a close relative. There’s also a wave of very real emotion at the sight of someone that we love or fear very much, even when it’s a photograph.

When I was little I spent a lot of time at the Walet house.  It was the spookiest looking house, for sure, but we weren’t scared.  I think that the spooky look was designed to keep intruders away.  We played under the house where the imaginary tiger was, we played by the Bayou Teche, or with Barbie dolls and I remember the baseboards in the rooms were the same height as the doll.  The Walet girls had the most extensive collection of Barbie clothes ever.

Mr. Walet gave me free coca colas at his feed store and he had no problem spending time talking to a little girl.  He was every bit as nice as his voice sounds on screen.

In the film “This is Your Life”, he mentioned that he had taken his mother’s maiden name.  In another movie, he spoke of a family slaughtered, and a young child who had seen the people who did this, and this is the fear that he portrays in his movies.  He knew first hand that there are people who thoroughly enjoy hurting others, tormenting them and torturing them.  Boris Karloff would have been a young boy at the time of the Bolshevik massacres of Catholic families in Europe.


Boris Karloff scripts had these evil people inside one’s house, taking over and working evil within a family, motivated by greed for an inheritance. He works with the theme of disguises often.

He foresaw the use of designer drugs as the next weapon, he understood the mind-control effect of those drugs.  In real life at that time, he certainly began to see the people around him turn into zombies one by one, their minds taken away by various prescription drugs.


In one movie, he pointed out how even regular enemies of a person would be horrified at the thought of stealing someone’s mind.  Only the most greedy, the most psychopathic and hopelessly corrupt could do such a thing, because it’s a long drawn out process.  Drugging a person to make them forget their own family, even turn against them, is not a crime of passion.   It’s part of an organized effort that requires the cooperation of friends, family, medical professionals and the judiciary system, and continual renewal of the prescription and the accompanying mind control.

The first movie that I saw where I recognized my mom in a close-up was called “Papa Benjamin”.   The actor who plays the voodoo man Papa Benjamin has the look of that black lawyer at Jones Walker, the one who is pictured as the Egyptair pilot. I knew him in his false identity as an artist in New Orleans with a curly headed wig, a very unpleasant person named Terrence who didn’t know the first thing about art, but who got lots of press.  He told me his father was an important person on the Police force in New Jersey.

This is what I found about the high and mighty around that time in New Jersey:

NEWARK, N.J. (PIX11) — A New Jersey police captain is accused of assaulting a Newark councilman — with her car.

Authorities said Irvington Police Captain Monique Smith, 43, has been arrested and charged for allegedly chasing down Newark Councilman John S. James with her vehicle.

Police say she approached James yelling outside his Pomona Avenue residence in Newark Monday night. James got in his car and drove off.

Smith allegedly followed in her own vehicle, striking James’ car several times. James drove to his parents’ house nearby where his father, former Newark Mayor Sharpe James, intervened.

Police say that’s when Smith left and the authorities were called.

“They [are] supposed to be taking care of the Irvington neighborhood municipality and stuff, so why would they do something like that?” asked Irvington resident Twanda Stokley.

The people involved in the above were consoled by their superiors on the Police Force who felt ‘compassion’ for them.   While smashing up cars in an argument evokes feelings of compassion from their fellow African Americans, the white officers have to walk on eggshells to not hurt somebody’s feelings.  Another event in the New Jersey police department: reported the department launched an investigation in July after a screenshot of Caruso’s Facebook conversation was sent to authorities.

A retired officer posted a photo of a gorilla with a caption, “LMAO…How’s your mayor?” referring to Baraka. Caruso replied with the word “Exactly!!!!”

Caruso was placed on active duty pending investigation after the department got a hold of the screenshots.

Venable told “embarrassing instances of online activity by members of the department” in the past caused the department to implement a strict social media policy. Any content that could be misconstrued and cause a negative shadow on the department violates the policy.


Not satisfied with taking over New Jersey, they have now invaded New Orleans and I know them as the Jewish and Black coalition of practitioners of Voodoo in South Louisiana. They are here to humiliate us, make no mistake about it.   Karloff staged a Voodoo ceremony in the film ‘Papa Benjamin’.  How real it is I can’t say, but it’s a creepy movie about how Voodoo music can kill a man, but it’s also about dabbling in things you don’t understand.  Papa Benjamin was not a nice character.

Karloff gives recipes for poison on his films, and he scripts out several scams and frauds, which were filmed for our protection, not for criminals to hide from us.

The Pirate Family Called Rich

It’s all contained in a bunch of films made in Loreauville over three generations or more.  My father purchased the Walet Feed store and the old house, I can’t remember the exact year, but it was after Caroline Rich divorced my father in the 1980’s, but she left with us her fat dyke daughter, Robin Rich to continue the terror tactics on us. That’s how Caroline Rich knew about the films and was able to steal the lot of them from the Feed Store.

Mr. James Edmunds, not long afterwards asked me if I knew what was in this trunk. I was surprised and couldn’t understand how he even knew about it since it was a family affair, but now I see that he and the Riches were working together all along.  I’m fairly certain now that they are family. When I told Mr. Edmunds that I didn’t know what was in it, he was visibly very happy. He was obviously complicit in the theft and in hiding the facts from me.

These pirate types put on airs of intellectual and artistic superiority, but they are thieves and murderers, nothing more.  Their lines of admirers and coat-tail hangers are nothing but clueless potential victims. These society parasites take pride and pleasure in what they steal, and in the misery they cause, and they look forward to laughing in your face.


Deceitful Marano Jews pretend to be Catholic in Louisiana


The Delgado brothers, Marano Jews and pretend Catholics, claim to have held the mortgage on the enormously important Grevemburg property in Franklin and Jeanerette, La.  This mortgage was supposedly used to finance the troops at Vicksburg, but the numbers don’t add up.  The cost of the troop movement to Vicksburg would have been a tiny fraction of the value of the entire plantation, buildings and sugar refinery.  Yet, the Delgado Brothers and the Caffery family was able to confiscate the entirety, which amounted to two Louisiana towns and thousands of acres.

However it happened, after that scam was pulled, the Caffery family moved into the Grevemburg Townhouse in Franklin, so it’s clear that these two groups worked together.  The Caffery family is quite proud of the fact that they “lived in the Grevemburg House”.  They didn’t build it, they forced the family out. Rather than feel ashamed, they brag about it often, and look down upon the family that did build it and from whom they stole it during the Jewish Mafia take-over of the South, which they call the Civil War and Reconstruction in the history books.


Pat Caffery, Sr. refused to pay the money he owed little Randy Whatley for putting up yard-signs during his run for Congress in 1967.  Randy was a poor little kid in Bunkie, La. in the 1960’s.  Randy wouldn’t have been poor if he had received his rightful inheritance, but friends turn into enemies so suddenly when inheritance fraud is happening, and so who actually did get his inheritance is still a mystery but here too we find a Caffery on the scene.  But I have no information more than this.  It’s a crime that occurs inside the home, afterall.

That was all I ever knew about Pat Caffery, Sr.  but this Senator’s sons often bragged to me about having lived in the Grevemburg House, knowing full well that it had been built by my relatives.  Home invasion is a source of pride for them.  This is what carpet-baggers are famous for.  Before the Civil War, the Delgado Brothers had befriended the Grevemburgs for the purpose of destroying them.  This included cold blooded assassination and confiscation of property. That’s how the Civil War was won.

Francis Grevemburg had met the Delgado brothers at Yale, and in fact they were room mates.  It was a set-up.  They knew about the Grevemburg’s successful method of transitioning slaves into freedom by trading 40 acres, a mule and a plow for part-time work on the plantation.  This would have put an end to the Delgado’s slave trade.

Grevemburg left for Vicksburg with his troops, Grevemburg was immediately assassinated, his cash stolen, the troops were trapped in the Vicksburg garrison and left to starve by their traitorous generals.  A close look at all the leading players in the Civil War South reveals them to have been all Jewish, many of them residents and holders of high positions in England.  They left the south once their work of destruction was done, but the Caffery and Delgado families stayed to strip the swamps of the priceless thousand year old cypress trees, and to oversee the confiscation of countless farms, plantations and businesses.

The young Grevemburg’s body was brought from Vicksburg, MS back to his Albania Plantation on the Bayou Teche near Franklin.  This took a long time and it’s difficult to imagine the rotting corpse and the vultures that accompanied the trip.  Meanwhile, Alexandre Mouton, Freemason Confederate officer from Lafayette, instead of making a stand and fighting at Morgan City, kept retreating and in effect led the Yankees through the secret passages along the edge of the Atchafalaya and straight to Loreauville where they burned down the Broussard home and many others, stealing everything in sight.

The significant “Battle at Irishmen’s Bend” near Franklin which is named for the allegedly Irish Caffery family, was not a battle. These so-called ‘Irish’ descendants of Trotsky opened the gates and treasonously let the enemy Yankees pass unharmed.

Hillary brags that two thirds of the military is Black and Hispanic.  By this she aims to make it clear that White people are outnumbered so we’d better be living in fear and not think for a moment that we have a chance of ever gaining control.  They utilize thugs for gaining power.  In other words, these Houses of Caffery and Hines and Rich must constantly and violently seize sources of production from honest, intelligent people who create real wealth.  Why? Because these thieves are incompetent and of low intelligence.  All they know how to do is betray friends in order to steal from them.  They work in groups and use deceit, which is their only skill.  After a time of successful murder and theft, the thugs and the scholars and the socialites all become One, just as the Pirates and the Governors have always been.  Hillary is their Queen, but they have a whole slew of fresh new ones to take her place as long as no one stops them.

So if you wonder why Hillary doesn’t notice that she herself is outnumbered along with the rest of us Whites, it is because she is a member of the Rich family, well known Marano  Jews, as proven by her daughter Chelsea’s open Jewishness.  Once they gain power, they stop pretending to be Christian.

Eyewitnesses in several post Civil War Southern cities recorded the standard practice of the new Caffery-Delgado-Mouton Reconstruction government.  The new United States leaders would lock illiterate negroes into a warehouse, give them free liquor and then have them vote for the Reconstruction-Mafia candidate.  This is more or less the plan for this Muslim Invasion.

This is how Alexandre Mouton was elected governor, and so you can see the background to how the Marano Jews and Communists came to power in South Louisiana.  Remember, New Orleans was the location of the mint, as well as more than one beautiful opera house, which has been of course, torn down.  After 1803, St. Martinville was a refuge for Catholics escaping New Orleans.  After the Civil War, it would have been logical that the New Orleans Opera House crews would have sought shelter in St. Martinville during the years leading up to the turn of the Twentieth Century.


The St. Martinville opera house may even pre-date the one in New Orleans, so by the year 1900 Acadiana would have been the logical place for the filming of dramas to take place.  Film made it possible to create war scenes outdoors, and here in Acadiana were large number of expert horsemen and trained horses, men skilled in swordsmanship and the building of boats for the making of authentic sets.  Lake Dauterive was dotted with drilling platforms that made perfect boats for filming sea battles.  There were sugar mills and spooky swamps, prairies and forests and lots of elegant old homes and European looking towns for settings. There were so many Walets, some owned the bank, several worked in the high schools, another kept the church keys, one was the high school drama coach, one had a dance school, another had a band and a club.  The resources were plentiful in terms of talent, money, interesting locations and lots of trained extras who would keep the facts within the family in a small, happy isolated town.  No one there had yet been told that they were ignorant Cajuns.  They were blissfully and completely unaware of the new identity planned for them by the Pirates.



The family of Hillary and Bill, is a huge mystery, and yet, I recognize this woman as Brenda Gillis, which still may not be her true name.  She is someone I knew as the younger sister of Caroline Gillis whose married name was Rich, or so I was told.  Caroline Rich married my father and took the name Broussard, but then divorced him and disappeared.  Caroline and Brenda’s father was called Gil, and their mother was Dorothy.  They were involved in the first Gilley’s Saloon in Pasadena, TX, or such is my understanding because I was young when this happened.  They had one brother whose name I think was Tommy. I only mention it because I’ve seen faces reminiscent of their faces among the leaders of Israel and also playing other parts in the ‘news’.  They had just moved to Lafayette when I met them, and I was told that Brenda Gillis was enrolled in Engineering courses at USL, now called UL around 1977.  I was lied to about a lot of things, and so I don’t know if she was actually there or not. When we were younger we were forced to have her in our presence. No one but another psychopath could stand her.

The last time I saw Brenda Gillis, she entered our house without knocking, like she owned the place, and she was with her new boyfriend which, looking back on it, could very well have been Clinton.  They didn’t speak to me, no one had ever liked her much and she didn’t care what anyone thought.  They were sitting in my living room talking as if they had the right to do this.  This was Loreauville, in a rural location, and if I had to guess who Clinton really is, I’d say he’s the person who plays Octavian in the color production of Cleopatra that stars Elizabeth Taylor, and if I’m right then he is a member of the family of Perry Judice, who had a son also named Perry.  This is, to my mind, the most likely true identity of Bill Clinton, forgive me if I’m wrong.

This Judice family lived next door to the family of Nancy Walet aka Nancy Sinatra aka April Rankin.  This could explain how the entire family was drugged while they lived in Loreauville in a rural small town.  The last time I saw Nancy, we rode around awhile and I dropped her off at that house, and she tried to tell me about the drugs and the confusion, but I didn’t understand.  That would have been around 1975.  It hurts me to think I could have helped and didn’t do anything. I had no idea about drugs in those days, and I certainly didn’t know about forced or deceitful drugging by those who live close to you.

Where Nancy lived, there were three houses in a row at the Loreauville Road and Vida Shaw intersection in the 1960’s.  One of the houses belonged to Perry Judice I, who later died in a car accident with my father.  He was buried in the Loreauville cemetery right next to our family plot and his tomb had a photograph on it, which kept him in my memory for a long time.  He was my father’s best friend, more like a brother, and I remember that it was a great tragedy for him.  It seems odd that someone like that would have such a corrupt son, but who knows what Perry Junior was subject to as a step-child after his father’s death.

Perry Senior died in that accident involving a train, but my father survived.  The widow of Perry remarried a dentist named Hebert. I remember Donna, Perry’s sister, as a very arrogant and hostile person, but I don’t know if she is a full sister or not. They look nothing alike. Perry’s sister Donna looked exactly like Hillary Clinton’s top aid, Uma Abedine, with long, straight dark hair and big teeth.

After Perry’s mother remarried I didn’t see them much, I only know that in Loreauville, one of the Judice family has the same name as my sister Bridget.  She has a dance school in Loreauville and they work out of what used to be the Oubre Lumber Company.  I also know that inside the Oubre Lumber Company, now changed to Judice Lumber Company, is an office where Perry Jr. has a business making dentures for the dentist office where they run a cash business.  The making of dental prosthetics would be convenient for people who depend on disguises for their schemes to work.

There has always been a dance school in Loreauville, and the dance teams there have always won top honors nationally.  Photographs of all the people mentioned in this article could probably be found.

The Iberia Parish Public Library has the collection of the professional photographer named Carroll who worked in New Iberia for a long time.  I would assume that the most interesting photographs are well hidden, considering that James Edmund’s wife Susan Hesse and other hostile players controlled the library for so long. However, a subpoena and search warrant might reveal a hidden cache.

The issue of hidden caches of historical items that have been pilfered and stolen all over Louisiana needs to be addressed.  It is no big secret that “Virginia Hines”, a fictitious name, I’m sure, of New Iberia, over an entire lifetime paid for historical items, and asked no questions.  The result is a constant pilfering of my things, and those of my family that has been going on my entire life, until there is almost nothing left.

Somewhere is a warehouse containing the unlawfully acquired contents of the Loreauville Heritage Museum, and I would guess that someone with the last name of Caffery or Edmunds would know where that is.  Those items were donated to the museum and no one had the right to sell them or give them away.  So many people are guilty in this matter, that it’s impossible to get anyone to talk about it.  Theives have even stripped most of the cemeteries of marble statues and markers.

I would also suggest a close investigation into the background of the Governor Christie of New Jersey.  Pat Caffery, Jr. is a real estate agent in New Iberia, and is the son of deceased Congressman Pat Caffery, Sr.  He is also a member of the New Iberia Little Theatre acting group, or he has been all his life.   Ever the socialite, Mr. Caffery’s photograph now cannot be found anywhere on the internet, and he hasn’t been seen much around New Iberia either, but he once was a friend of mine.  This is how I noticed Governor Christie has an amazing resemblance to Caffery.  This video shows Governor Christie extremely perturbed during a Trump speech.  Such is the force of his emotions, that even up on stage right next to Trump and being filmed, “Christie” still cannot control his look of fear and concern.

Another video, at the very beginning, shows an ABC news reporter that looks exactly like the wife of the New Jersey governor.


I’ve taken the last few weeks to review some of the Clinton investigations, and find the name Marc and Denise Rich as being the source of funding for the Clinton’s, or at least being the front for whoever is funding them.  Rich is the surname of my father’s second wife, Caroline if you remember.  That is the name she and her daughter Robin used. They lived in New Iberia at the time, or so I was told.

My Catholic school teachers were all Jewish in the 1970’s.  Why would Jewish people be so interested in taking jobs in one of the oldest Catholic girl’s school in Catholic South Louisiana. How did they get in?  It was a complete take-over, all previous personnel left and the Jewish nuns came in to corrupt and destroy, and to snigger and smirk while they’re doing it. They shut it down.

I had no idea that James Edmunds knew anything about my family or that he was Jewish.  I didn’t even know what a Jew was then.  He was my high school teacher and he instructed me in photography and in the developing and printing of black and white film, as my yearbook advisor.  I spent more time in a darkroom and with photography than anything else during high school.  Perhaps this is why I can see so much in a photograph.

My father purchased the house and buildings of Mr. Walet, and ‘Caro’ showed up with a man and simply stole it.  She was not even married to my father at the time.  The only way I can explain how she got away with it is that her daughter Robin still had access to my father to drug him and get him to sign documents or simply forget what happened.

I was especially surprised when James Edmunds asked me if I knew what was in it.

Why would he be smiling so much when he asked me that? Like everything in the Loreauville Museum, it probably ended up with his pirate family at the home of so-called “Virginia Hines” because that’s where every stolen historical item ended up.

Then there is Alvin Prosper.  In the film “This is Your Life” for Boris Karloff, someone looking like a member of this family is introduced as the best make-up artist in the business, someone who was very close to Karloff.  This skill is the most essential skill for the Jones Walker troops to pull off their multiple identity inheritance fraud scams, and others as well.


Someone in the Prosper family, Alvin himself if I remember correctly, was accused and convicted of child molestation in Youngsville, La. where he has family.  Somehow he got free, and no one knows how.  They may even have entrapped him into the crime in the first place, with the specific goal of gaining a skilled make-up artist.  He could have been drugged and photographed and black-mailed into doing their bidding.

The guilty often betray themselves by their guilty mannerisms.  The innocent victims are like my friend Janice who the public would know as Angie Dickinson and several other well known characters on television. She lived on the Lake Dauterive Road, along with many of the other actors and technical crew who worked on the Walet movies.  The Lake Dauterive area was where many of the films were shot. Janice is the one who started to tell me the most about the filming and what a great actor my father was, and how handsome and what a star he could have been if he had wanted, etc.

Then her pirate husband reacted in such a way as to make sure that we never speak again.  I realized then that she was heavily drugged and fearful and not willing to speak to me about it anymore.  This keeps happening. I wonder how many people are keeping this information from me and how much money is being stolen while I starve.  That trunk of films is not only priceless, it’s evidence, it’s our history, our very soul.

St. Martinville was called Petit Paris for many years, since it was populated by Parisians for the most part.  When the editor of Paris’ Le Moniteur left France in the 1800’s, it was to St. Martinville that he headed to open a newspaper and write books.  That is the man known to us Alexandre Bard, but since the manuscript is at Centenary College, I can’t be certain what his real name was.  I’d sure like to see the original manuscript or first edition of that book.  It’s been censored ever since it first appeared.

In the days of my childhood, my grandmother’s grandmother still had ‘Paris clothes in the attic’.  Many elegant women put away their fine clothes and started farms in Louisiana.  This became so fashionable that Marie Antoinette created her own little farm house on the grounds of her palace, and called it the Petit Trianon.  She was imitating what the royal bloods were doing at that time. The royal bloods don’t think of themselves as royal bloods, they just stay active and do interesting things, like make elaborate movies.  There are lots of them now everywhere, and they don’t even know it.

The illegitimates never tire of infiltrating, imitating and stealing everything the royal bloods do.  That’s what people like these pirate families exist for.  God pulls them out of his hat when we begin to misbehave as a society.  When we begin to deny God and his laws, when we fail to defend our best people, when we allow murderers and thieves to run our institutions, we get what we deserve for being silent, greedy, selfish cowards.

But not all of us are greedy, selfish, cowards, so God’s plan has always been to lift the bad ones up in order to better throw them down, testing the rest of us in the process.  Who follows the wealthy and successful pirates will be smashed with them when God strikes, leaving the remnant to go forward in a peaceful, honest existence.

The St. Martinville opera house was already over 100 years in existence when Douglas Fairbanks, and ‘Boris Karloff’ began. It’s the most logical place in the world to have shot the first silent films.  Theatre was so entrenched in the culture, as it had been even in old Europe, that it was simply what people did for fun. They also had lots of horses and real sword fighting skills that are actually very instructive.

It wasn’t until I watched the films that I understood what people around me had been saying about the films shot there in the twenties.  I never imagined that they were so elaborate, so beautiful, or that my own family were acting in them.  Douglas Fairbanks was in Loreauville and I had his photo in my collection, received from family. He may even be a relative, since no one used their real names in these films, but it doesn’t matter.

The bio for Douglas Fairbanks leads me to suspect that there is a scheme in play to put an imposter in the place of his true descendants, and I’ve begun to pick out exactly who is set up to be the imposters in Loreauville.  People who are guilty have no idea how obvious they have become to me.  They might as well wear a sign.

I had been told that the grain silo was used to shoot the scenes, which made no sense to me until I saw the film ‘Robin Hood’.  I can see that they shot battle scenes from the top of the silo that was on my great grandfather’s farm, but they also used the silo as turrets, with special effects to multiply the image so that the effect of multiple turrets with people on top is amazing.

There is on record that Douglas Fairbanks wrote about how the Federal Government was defrauding the families of servicemen.  This is precisely how the silo came to exist in the first place.  The families were told that the government needed rice for the troops, and so to promote this the government would arrange for loans to build the necessary silos for storage.  So the servicemen’s families mortgaged their farms to build silos.

The fraud was that the price of rice was manipulated and the farms were lost to the banks based out of Chicago. This is what happened to the Broussard farm, so all that was left out of hundreds of acres was a silo, a house, barn and a few acres.  Out of this situation came the movies.


I can see that they filmed in the sugar mills also, which makes for great castle scenes and of course the old fashioned millstone is always useful.  Later, the Church became a well disguised set for Cleopatra.  I recognize Father LaRoche and my grandmother playing the roles, and now I understand how they were such great friends.


The silo at the Broussard Plantation gave plenty of height to film the horsemen.  The sugarmills made great castles and dungeons.  There were plenty of actors and extras and experts in the production of theatre, and why not, with an opera house in the neighborhood.  I’ve heard about these movies all my life, just a simple mention made throughout the years about the movies and the Walets, and I knew where the film was processed on the second floor of the Walet house.  We used to look up at that window often.  It was mysterious, but we weren’t all that curious, we had plenty of other stuff to do.

Mr. Walet was a good friend of mine, but I was just a little kid.  My grandfather’s gas station was next door to Mr. Walet’s Feed Store, but it was more than just a feed store, and Mr. Walet was something more than he appeared, and now I realize that everyone around me was more than they appeared.  But why so secret?


King Karl of Sweden was assassinated by the Bolsheviks, led by Trotsky at that time. Their main goal was to exterminate the Catholic monarchy.  King Karl’s family tree contains the name Villette and Ayrschlot.  I’m seeing that from these names came Walet and Ochsner.  Amateur theatre was a big part of court life, every palace had a theatre and held regular pageants and parades of all sorts.

After the butchering of numerous European Catholic families, the survivors had to hide their identities and still make a living.  What better way to hide than to appear as a monster, or heavily made-up in some way, on-stage.  Acting troops were closed societies, a safe haven for the hunted.  Mr. Walet looks exactly like the photo of the last King of Sweden.  The family resemblance of other members of the  Swedish royal family are exact duplicates of members of the Broussard family of Loreauville, my relatives.

Boris Karloff movies are about the fact of knowing that the people who killed his parents enjoyed it, and they would like to kill him too, and they are none too happy that anyone escaped.  Mr. Walet’s very face was a danger because of the family resemblance. Every one of his movies dealt with the theme of one who knows that there is a threat, but no one else can believe it, and people laugh it off.  The person who knows that the threat is real must keep it to himself, or herself, until the killer is caught.

He was faced with the necessity of being king in disguise and his solution was brilliant, except for one thing.  Memory erasure and memory replacement can render a person incapable of returning to the real person.  The real identity then becomes vacant and can be filled by an imposter who can then collect the rents and royalties of the person whose memory is gone.


Is there a fake Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.?  That wouldn’t surprise me considering that all the focus is on the Junior, and there is almost no information on the Senior, and also because Douglas Fairbanks Sr. and Jr. don’t resemble each other and also Boris Karloff did a story about that sort of thing happening.  The story was that a criminal used the ‘identity’ of Boris Karloff to commit crimes.

Why the secrecy?

After he died, my father bought the Walet property. Unfortunately the feed store was torn down and the house is now a Funeral Home with the name DAVID on the sign in front.  When Mr. Walet died, the subject of a trunk came up. Caro stole it.  She just showed up and literally stole it.  I am certain that this trunk contains Douglas Fairbanks films, Boris Karloff films, and almost every film produced in America before the “Hollywood” era.  Hollywood was a script invention to begin with.  I’ve also seen in one Karloff film a book written in Sikh script, and Karloff’s monk in that film chants a Sikh prayer, not a Catholic prayer, so who knows what else is in that trunk pertaining to the Sikh history of Loreauville.

What Mr. Walet did was create a virtual reality, one that is more real than life itself.  But the people who made the films are real people who each played various movie star characters made up to look like different people.  That’s what acting troops do.  The big joke always was that they were pretending to be in Los Angeles, or in the Wild West, or in New York, but it was all special effects probably using high school educational film clips for backgrounds and introductions, but the drama was filmed in Loreauville and I can recognize many of the actors including the man who calls himself Bill Clinton.  They were all part of the Hibou film crew, on Loreauville Road. This is the meaning of the Owl.


If I’m not mistaken, the woman who now calls herself Hillary was often at my house and I even was forced to have her on vacation with us, since her sister Caroline ruled my father.  It was very disgusting for the five of us children to have to witness.  We were told they lived around Ruston, Waterproof to be exact, and their strong Southern accent is real, but none of us ever went there.  Her Southern accent is very different from what we use further south in Acadiana. The ‘Southern’ accent is a North Louisiana accent, and it’s the same as Arkansas and Mississippi.

Brenda Gillis is how we knew her and she was part of the initial effort to surround and infiltrate my family.  They worked with locals like the Breaux and Willis family who would be well aware of the illegal land title situation.  There are involved also certain Oubres and Judices and Decuirs, and others pretending to be friends but really poisoning us all, especially my father and mother.  These people are connected in business as well as family, and they entered the scene with Caroline Rich. They had not been part of our social circle before her arrival.

Before Caro’s presence, we had not ever been friendly with the Breaux’s.  Caro came with other crude, materialistic and uneducated people compared to my parent’s old friends.  When I was fifteen, Caro gave me the car and a case of Strawberry Hill to have fun with my friends.  She was always doing stuff like that, but mostly she liked to take away my things.

Mr. Walet knew about the Jews posing as European “Royalty” better than anyone.  He knew about the use of carefully dosed drugs to change a strong brave man into weakling.  He knew about secret assassinations posed as accidents. He knew that the next step they would take would be to give drugs that would literally take away a person’s mind, and leave them zombies, or a completely controlled robot.  I know that they can actually replace a nice person’s personality with that of a demon.  Memory erasure and memory replacement has a satanic element to it, because I’ve seen the nicest people become murderous after a short time in jail or rehab where they are told lies designed to incite them to murder whoever needs to be murdered by the Mob.

They know how to nurture hate.  This hate converts a sane person into a devil.  I’ve seen this all my life, and I’ve learned to keep on loving the person even when there is only a shell left.  I’ve learned to keep myself safe from them, but to never ever get angry with them again, no matter how brain washed and mind controlled they are, no matter that their beautiful memories have been stolen from them and replaced with something ugly.  No matter that they treat me like a stranger, no matter that they join with my worst enemies and do everything in their power to hurt me, still, that body is the body of my mother, my father, my uncle, my friend.  I only wish I could save them.

When we choose to stop worshipping God, he turns us loose to make complete fools of ourselves. We worship ourselves, taking selfies; we worship our doctors, taking whatever pill they give us without question; we worship money or power, and end up with murderous tyrants as leaders.

Are there some who don’t believe that people use false identities?  Only the guilty would pretend that this doesn’t happen. The removal of memories is the latest fad, which they consider to be drugs in a permanent state of experimentation, on us.  But since it only happens to our best, wealthiest and most talented people, the majority of people can go along thinking it’s just a crazy idea.  This has allowed the family of Trotsky, Marx and Lenin to steal absolutely everything of value in the United States.  They have been tormenting our best people with impunity.  It only affects the mostly white minority, so a democracy can do nothing to protect them.

How did Mr. Walet’s acting crew get hi-jacked by the Jewish Pirates?  It must have started with a child-molestation charge. Whether true or rigged, the result is that Prosper was released from prison and had enough money to build an apartment building.  I ended up renting an apartment from him.  He went into my apartment and removed some furniture, more to harass me than anything else.  He was trying to provoke me precisely to get me arrested.  Cowards remain silent in the face of evil, but sometimes a temporary silence is needed for strategic reasons. I’ve been silent long enough to collect quite a lot of information that I’m now sharing.  Call it fiction if you like, but those who know, will know.

They might think that the theft of my small inheritance was a minor matter with no serious consequences, but God knows it was a necessary step in gaining complete control of the United States, and the controllers are very, very mean people.  Some would not call them human.

Control of the police and prisons by the Trotskyites is obvious.  If you put one in prison, they let him or her out under a new identity, and put some innocent person in their place.  They own the prisons and the judicial system.

How does Hillary plan to get away with her crimes?  Why is she laughing?  I will venture a possible scenario:  I can see that Hillary has been using make-up to paint a face on herself that looks exactly like my mother whose name is also Brenda.  My mother is surrounded by the very people who are also part of this mafia and they’ve been poisoning her mind against me for many years.  In this possible scenario, these evil people would simply put someone like my own mother in place of Hillary if she ever gets a prison sentence.  God forbid.  It is very important in this case to look past appearances and get real DNA proof that you are dealing with the real Hillary.  Privately owned prisons are an easy escape hatch for the criminals who own them.

No one likes to think that the rise of Democracy continues to require the slaughter of the descendants of the Catholic Monarchy of Europe.  Demonization of them has dehumanized them.  Everyone is so certain that they must have been evil people who deserved to die, so they think it’s okay that the Bolsheviks continue to hunt down and assassinate what remains of the old Catholic families.


They kill us one by one, they seek to humiliate us and keep us in poverty.  This has the effect of keeping America in poverty, because the Catholic monarchy was an active and intelligent bunch of people.  These are the people who created all that is being stolen wholesale by Pirates today, and there will be no one to replace it if this continues.  They truly are the enemies of all humanity, and for this reason the old laws dealing with pirates gave permission to everyone to hunt them down without fear of penalty.

Already at the funeral home with my father laying in a coffin, I took note of those old ‘friends’ who suddenly would not look me in the eye.

There was nothing to stop them from poisoning my father, stealing my inheritance and my entire family history for themselves, they thought.

They severely underestimated the power of the ghost, “The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini”, that reveals the entire plot and the players as well.

As I see the plot, the reason Caroline Rich, as the actress Dolores Hart, chose to pose as a Catholic nun, is because she’s setting herself up to steal the identity of my grandmother after Hillary’s election when they’ll declare the Louisiana Purchase to be illegal and they’ll fraudulently declare themselves to be the Broussard family, the rightful owners of both the territory and the trunk of films and the copyright to the films and they’ll claim to be the descendants of the actors and producers of the films.

I found my grandmother in the Douglas Fairbanks movies playing the Mountain Girl.  It’s a most wonderful scene, a girl alone surrounded by evil men, with nothing but her sharp fingernails to keep them at bay. It worked for her in the script.

All the buzz is about Hillary Clinton’s indictment.  It would be hard to indict someone whose family and paid employees populate the entire U.S. government, and in fact created the original shell corporation known as The United States of America which is basically a ‘fence’, or receiver of stolen goods, property and patents.  The only way out of the mess is by delivering the inheritance that was not delivered in 1803, but it must be delivered to the rightful owners and not to the same pirates in disguise.

Please forgive me if I’ve gotten some details wrong, but this information is meant to give law enforcement a direction for further investigation even in spite of some possible minor errors in my memory.





Taken from the Funeral Home website at

Patrick Thomson Caffery was born July 6, 1932 at Haifleigh Plantation near Franklin, Louisiana, the son of Ralph Earl Caffery and Letitia Decuir Caffery, the eleventh of twelve children. He was the grandson of former U.S. Senator Donelson Caffery.

He was married to Anne Bercegeay Caffery. They are the parents of three sons, Patrick T. Caffery, Jr., Kevin M. Caffery and Michael M. Caffery, the parents-in-law of Margaret Mellen Caffery and Katherine Casey Caffery, and six grandchildren, Cathleen, Michael, Jr., Thomas and Anne Brady Caffery, and Caroline Caffery Young, all of whom survive him. He is also survived by one sister and one brother, Cynthia Caffery Lambert of Lafayette and Richardson Caffery of Pensacola, Florida.

He attended elementary and high school at Franklin High School and Hanson Memorial High School, graduating from Franklin High in 1950.

Mr. Caffery was an accomplished musician and trumpet player, and attended the University of Louisiana, Lafayette on a music scholarship. He was president of the student body and received the saber as outstanding third year Air Force R.O.T.C. cadet. He was graduated from L.S.U. Law School in 1956 where he was managing editor of the Louisiana Law Review.

In 1957 he became a member of the New Iberia law firm of Helm, Simon, Caffery and Duhe and practiced for many years with John M. Duhe, Jr. and Eugene Davis in the law firm of Caffery, Duhe and Davis.

He served as assistant district attorney for the 16th Judicial District from 1958 through 1962. He was elected as state representative for Iberia Parish from 1964 through 1968. He was elected to the U.S. Congress in 1968, serving in the U.S. House of Representatives in the 91st and 92 Congresses until 1973. In 1973 he was awarded the Distinguished Service Award by the Americans for Constitutional Action. With Senator Walter Mondale and others he answered President Nixon’s “State of the Union” message on behalf of the Democratic Party. He later served as a member of the L.S.U. Board of Supervisors from 1988-1992.

He served as president of New Iberia Community Chest and as first president of the New Iberia United Givers Fund, as president of the Iberia Crippled Children’s Association, Iberia District Commissioner of the Boy Scouts, and president of the Rotary Club. He received the New Iberia Jaycees’ Distinguished Service award in 1959. He served as president of the Iberia Parish Bar Association and as a member of the Catholic High School Board.

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