State-Enforced Degeneracy

How to solve the problem of State-enforced degeneracy of the United States of America and Europe?  Here is a good outline of the problem:


One important issue not talked about in this video is early-childhood education, the fact that human beings are malleable, that children can be taught very twisted versions of what is ‘normal’, made to believe that even suicide and murder is good and noble. Education can convince children that it is good and noble to suicide their own race when they’ve also been taught that their own race is evil.


What we have is mental warfare.  When we allow our entire educational system to be hi-jacked by hostile forces within our own species, then those hostile forces will create an anti-social army.  These Janissaries, an entire generation of youngsters, will vote for a Cohn-man like Bernie Sanders who will bring on totalitarian government and White genocide, the only kind there has ever been.  Bernie is on film displaying contempt for an elderly white American man in a town meeting one day, and on another day allowing a rude black girl to take over his microphone. What we have is a generation or two or three that follows the Government religion of their own self-destruction, or shall I say, this is the way the racket has been run so far.


As for Hillary Clinton, the number of people who vote for her is irrelevant since the voting machines are rigged in her favor.

Will the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary save the world?


No it won’t.  The world will always exist. We, however, have a short time of life, and we can work to make it good, or we can accept what is handed to us no matter how bad.  These are the two options.  The first option is the key to survival, the second option is suicide.


I know that there were several thousand years where society as a whole worked to make life good, and during that time there was great reverence for the Virgin Mary.  However, it’s impossible to find any reference to this fact in the official narrative. Perhaps reverence for Mary led naturally to reverence for all good and modest women and this led to enormous growth of the population and health of Catholics.  This would not be a good outcome from the point of view of the Racketeers.  The Pirate State Narrative ignores the enormous population growth and increase in wealth and trade that occurred during the 2000 year edification of a great civilization called “Christendom”.  This is what “educated” people call the ‘Dark Ages’.  Christendom is now called “Europe” in its decline and demolition, with no Catholic Armies to protect it, and neither are any Catholics wanted.  It wouldn’t occur to them, such is the effectiveness of Pirate Education.


The historical narrative dictated to us by the Pirates requires that Europeans ignore their 2000 years of Christendom, and go back to a past so distant as to be unverifiable.  Calling it the Pagan Past, they lay on the Christians the tired and overused accusation of genocide, of which there is not a shred of evidence.  In fact, the only reference to pre-Christian Europe is that it was a place infested with pirates who captured entire towns and sold them into slavery.  The brigandage experienced by traders and travelers, the Pirates selling large numbers of people into white slavery, shut down commerce and threw the people into starvation and desperation, many forced to sell their own children.  Julius Caesar should have completely genocided those Pirates, but unfortunately a few of them escaped.


Answer to the problem of ever worsening moral decline involves several steps:

Remove all anti-Catholics such as Jews and Freemasons from the Vatican.

Retake Constantinople and return it to it’s position as the true center of the Roman Catholic Empire.  Let this be the center of truth in terms of world historical knowledge and the means to propagate that truth for the liberation of all tribes and cultures from Jewish tyranny and lies.

Return to the Catholic Church all properties stolen during the “Reformation” along with those taken by the Turks and Muslims in the Middle East and India, and throughout the world.

Finally, let the revived Catholic Armies do what they do best: Get Muslims and Jews, and all hostile and murderous anti-Christians out of positions of power, free the slaves and demolish the drug trade.


The very first question asked in a Catholic Catechism book is “Who made you?”, and the answer is “God made me”.

Return to the Catholic Church and retake it as an institution that defends the people. Allow the Catholic Church to return to the tenets of the Council of Trent, and allow these tenets to be taught in Catholic Church schools.   The Tenets of the Catholic Church can be found in old Catechism books.  There must have been something right about those rules that resulted in such a flourishing civilization, and they certainly deserve to be looked at again and considered carefully.


Why choose the Catholic  Church?  Because the Catholic Church built the “Western Civilization that so many barbaric tribes compete to dismantle today.  There was within this institution a system that was sustained for 2000 years, and this church was a continuation of a system of provincial justice and education that had roots in the misty past.  The demon-possessed will scream about the recent corruption that was deceitfully introduced into Catholic Seminaries in the late 1950’s, and they will insist that this infiltration renders a 2000 year old institution fit for nothing but total dismantlement.  This is what they wish us to believe.  Funny how they promote homosexuality, and yet use homosexuality as a weapon to destroy the clergy who work at the local level.  The attack is all because Catholicism is the last institution to prohibit homosexuality, and even prohibit cross-dressing, a very good prohibition for the protection of our children and for all crime-prevention.  In fact, all disguises could be outlawed, as far as I’m concerned, but especially when public and church officials use them to commit crimes.


To sit back and allow the complete dismantlement of the Catholic Church only adds to the injustices of the Protestant Terror, the so-called ‘Reformation’. It is tolerance for this theft and murder by the Protestant religions that is the root of our moral decline.  The theft of property from the Church and the People, which began at that time, has not ceased since then, and it won’t ever cease because it’s been condoned.  To condone one theft is to condone all of them.


The Enclosure Laws need to be repealed and the Commons returned to the People of England and France and other countries inside Europe.  The Louisiana Territory, ideally needs to return to the dominion of Russia and the title delivered to the descendants of the rightful owners.  The Constitution of the United States of America needs to be amended to include the ancient law of death to traitors, confiscation of their property and exile of their family.  Otherwise, there is simply no reason to not betray the people of America.


When the Pirates wrote the first Constitution, they eliminated all the old penalties for treason.  Perhaps they had a plan, eh?  The only statutes in the USA that allow confiscation of property are RICO (Racketeering) and IRS (tax collection) statutes.  A “racket” is another word for a ‘conspiracy’, where two or more people collude to commit systemic crimes.


Allowing old injustices to stand has resulted in a worldwide moral decline.


As a counterpoint to the issue of this State-enforced religion of moral degeneracy, spend some time listening to Mr. John Lash Lamb, who has interesting things to say about psychopaths and how to deal with them.  While he has a plan for a solution, he veers into strange directions when he demands the destruction of all religions as part of his Kalika band of magic warriors.


Obviously the Kalika War Party is yet another religion. To ban religion is to ban any system of education and justice, because what is religion if not education and justice? The question is, what kind of education and justice?  Satanism or Catholicism?  Qualitative issues must be addressed.   Whether we admit it or not, Satanism is what we are forced to practice by the Federal Government.  There actually is no separation of Church and State right now.  The vacuum left by all those dead Catholics is filled with the Church of Satan and the Pirates who founded it.


What I find interesting is the refusal to acknowledge the historical existence and function of the Catholic Armies, later the Sikhs, and their enormous effectiveness world-wide.

Psychopaths have an advantage in democratic societies, indeed, psychopaths invented modern “Democracy” as an easy way to control pre-internet society.  Psychopaths have no qualms about stealing votes and killing political opponents.  For Democracy to exist, the Catholic Monarchy had to be exterminated, and thus Democracy is set upon a very rotten foundation.  The stench, in fact, has risen to high heaven.











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