Clinton Cannibalism?

This video is a deposition of Nancy Ruth Owens describing the death and cannibalism of Vince Foster, the deceased associate of Hillary and Bill Clinton.

A recent update informs us that this woman’s testimony is beginning to be taken more seriously by investigators, and that the Starr Report dealing with Vince Fosters’ murder has now been thrown out.


A previous article of mine discussed the medical symptoms of cannibalism, which includes inappropriate laughing and weak, wobbly legs, both of which have been noted in Hillary Clinton.   There are a number of videos on youtube dealing with the subject of cannibalism. From a medical point of view, it has been ascertained that cannibalism leads to a number of physical ailments and ultimately to the extinction of the tribes that practice it.  It was widespread in America and the Pacific Islands, practiced by the native inhabitants at the time of the expansion of Europeans into this continent since the 1500’s.

It just so happens that a popular anime show, Tokyo Ghoul, for children and young adults, is about cannibalism.  Here is episode 2 if season 1, worth taking a look at, to consider the implications and influence on the next generation.



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