Abduction of Children and ‘Foster Home’ Crimes of Texas former Governor Rick Perry

I’ll tell you a story related to me by a young boy about to ‘age out’ of the Foster Care system.  I’ll call him ‘Clem’.  When recently given an opportunity to be adopted, this 17 and a half year old was thrilled at first, then changed his mind.


The reason he gave was this:  At the age of about 11, another boy in foster care approached Clem, inviting him to join in on the planned rape of an 11 year old girl in the same house.  Pretending to agree, Clem arrived with a knife and cut the other boy’s leg to prevent him from harming the little girl.  For this, Clem was labeled by his government captors as “severely mentally disturbed”.


The reason he can’t leave now, he tells me, is because if he does, this girl and a few others like her will have no protection.   Clem has a collection of swords and knives, and this is all that keeps him and other children safe under Perry and Abbot’s Texas Foster Care slave colony.  I’ve lost contact with Clem this week, and I’m worried about him.  His case worker told him that in 20 days they would put him in ‘lock-down’, which means no contact with the outside world, and no way to tell the outside world where he is.

If someone doesn’t investigate and release these children immediately then America cannot expect to get any divine help from above, no matter how much we pray and go to church.   But who can investigate and release them, when U.S. Law Enforcement is guilty of putting them there in the first place.

This should be number one priority for America right now.


After much investigation, I’ve found Hillary Clinton at the root of the Foster Care abduction system that is out of control in Texas and other states as well.  Federal funding has opened the way for this abuse by providing tons of our hard-earned tax cash with no oversight for grantees.  Vince Foster is the man who Nancy Ruth Owens claimed that she killed while Hillary and Nancy Pelossi watched.  It would be typical that he would be given the name ‘Foster’ as a joke about his role in this wholesale abduction of children into Foster homes.  Remember, none of this could happen without the help of the entire American law enforcement system and the federal government under Obama.  So anyone of you employed by these institutions is guilty of aiding and abetting heinous crimes against innocent children.


In addition to the physical and psychological abuse that these white American Christian slave children are subject to, they are also used as fodder to siphon tax dollars into the pockets of the drug cartels that have taken control of American government and non-governmental organizations.   In order for all the NGOs to reap the most tax dollars, these children are shuffled from one house to another, as often as every 6 months, so that each ‘charitable foundation or group foster home’ catering to this ‘needy population’ can add to their profits, because Federal funding is based on number of ‘clients’ served.


Hillary and Obama are waging war on the world: privately, secretly, and stealthily.  They are the face of the modern day drug cartel, known in the past as Bolsheviks, Communists or in the very old days, historically called Pirates and Jews.  There was a real reason for the many pogroms against the Jews, and that reason had to do with their need for innocent Christian children for sacrifice in their Talmudic rituals.  There is plenty of information on that historical subject, including transcripts of court cases from the Middle Ages, but for a very detailed look at how it manifests in our time, I recommend the blog spot called Holy Transparency, a WordPress site managed by Father Chris Terry.  He doesn’t mind naming names, and unless we name names there can be no solution.


Here I give an overview and some personal experience with this urgent situation.  We cannot let this continue even one more day, and we cannot justify waiting for an election.  There are children in danger right now, and it’s been going on unopposed for too long.


From the time of the organized immigrant rapes that occurred in Cologne, Germany and at the same time in all major cities in Europe on New Year’s Eve of this year, all emerging evidence points to Islamic State groups being illegally funded with American tax dollars.  There are other illegal sources of funding as well, but the leaders of the Islamic State, as far as we are concerned, are clearly Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.


There is a direct link between the abduction of children in America for use as sex slaves and assassins, those organized rapes in Europe, the entire immigration invasion, and the Benghazi training of Jihadis by high level traitors in American, European and Israeli government.  Obama and Hillary have the first openly Anti-American administration, passing laws and signing deals that give away huge amounts of American money and property to our mortal enemies, setting us all up for slaughter by Jihadis. And they are just the last in a long line of American presidents who’ve done the same thing to us in a variety of ways, though back then they at least pretended to be doing us a favor.


U.S. Law Enforcement becomes responsible for funding terrorism when law enforcement allows imprisonment and confiscation of our property if we don’t give extortion money to the IRS.  A war against us is being waged and we are not allowed to speak of it or stop funding it.  Our system of government was created to allow this to happen.  Presidential pardons on the way out of office clear the way for perpetual cartel control of American government.  The result is debt enslavement of future generations of American newborns.  All children born in America are born into Bondage, and no matter where they try to escape to, US Law Enforcement  can make them rent temporary freedom by paying annual taxes to the privately owned Internal Revenue Service, based in Puerto Rico.


Unborn children in bondage, or children murdered in the mother’s womb, either way Hillary is implicated, but since former Governor Perry spoke at the Republican National Convention last night, let’s take a close look at Texas.  Six years ago there was filed a law suit against Perry regarding his mismanagement of the Texas Foster Care system.  Perry’s sister has gained monopoly control of the entire abortion business by being privileged to receive millions of dollars of free Federal IRS tax money extorted from honest people and given to Planned Parenthood.  She owns a chain of giant abortion clinics designed to kill 300-400 babies a day, the ‘Walmart’ of Legalized Baby Murder, as Father Chris Terry puts it. I call it genocide.


In learning the details of several seemingly unrelated events: that of former Governor Perry’s Foster Care lawsuit, the Jewish Freemason take-over of the Vatican, and the Benghazi fiasco, one hears the same family names spoken of by Nancy Ruth Owens in her testimony about how the drug cartels took over South Florida in the 1970’s and 1980’s.


Nancy Ruth Owens, I should mention, claims to be the half sister of Obama. She says he is actually named Allen Owens, a son of her father who was a member of the U.S. military, but not her mother.  She was a professional assassin working for the cartel, and has much to say, but you can buy the book and find her on Youtube, and decide for yourself if what she’s saying about events at Lake Okeechobee sounds true.


When I learned of the recent algae bloom happening in Lake Okeechobee, Florida right now, I couldn’t help but remember Nancy Ruth Owens.  This is something beyond algae.  The people report that this oozing mess smells like rotten carcass.  It started when the waters of giant Lake Okeechobee were released through a canal into the eastern waters of Florida.  It occurs to me that the bottom of Lake Okeechobee could have literally layers and layers of dead bodies.  What happened to the white children she tells of, who were taken off the bus and shot by Pablo Escobar in Florida, school children shot simply for being white?  What happened to the bodies of all the FBI and other federal agents who showed up in Hendricks County to investigate and were shot by the Sheriff, according to Ms. Owens.  A combination of dead rotting bodies, and lots of Monsanto Round-Up leeched from surrounding sugar cane fields owned by the Cuban Castro family could be the source of that particular algae bloom, and it’s spreading along the Atlantic coast rapidly.


Layers of dead bodies in Lake Okeechobee would represent the necessary work involved in the Pirate take-over of the Southern Gulf Coast states.  The end result is an enormous Texas abortion industry, and 12,000 captured Christian slave children who have been abducted from their homes by the brutal Texas Child Protective Services, backed by the Texas police force. These 12,000 children have no rights what so ever, and neither do their families.  The lawsuit describes how Texas police have chased children inside Mexico, taken them from parents, and brought them back into the bondage of the pirate Foster Home system in Texas.  Judges in Texas under Perry have spit in our faces by allowing this lawsuit to linger in court for six years, and the Foster Care system is still in contempt of that judgment.


Those 12,000 children are being held in group foster homes where they are subject to forced drugging, rapes and molestation on a day to day basis.   Without help from Police and Law enforcement, none of the 12,000 children could have been taken from their families.



There are many horror stories of what these families are subject to.  The Perry lawsuit details several of them.  The cases involve minor infractions by parents, who are given no chance for self-defense against accusations.  The Pirate Government solution to any minor problem in the home is to remove the children, even though a little bit of financial or child care assistance in the home would have easily solved the problem.


Below is an example copied and pasted from the lawsuit against Perry.  This is the case of a baby having seizures due to incorrectly mixed formula.  Can you imagine putting baby formula on the market that causes seizures when incorrectly mixed??????  Yet the baby formula company gets off with nary a word of chastisement.  Instead, the baby and all siblings are taken from the Mother because the baby formula caused a seizure, allegedly.  If she hadn’t fed the baby formula or brought the baby to the hospital, she might still have the children today.  Any parent bringing a child to the hospital for an injury runs the risk of losing the child to the government.  There are reports that Child Protective Service agents win multi-thousand dollar rewards for successfully removing children from the custody of their parents.


The accusation of ‘mental health issues’ against the mother is always used, 100% of the time, and why not, because how can one defend oneself against such accusations?  Now remember that after the children are taken from their mother, they are drilled constantly with the propaganda that their mother was ‘crazy’, and I’ve heard this myself when I tried to adopt ‘Clem’.  His case worker also warned me not to adopt him because he’s ‘severely mentally disturbed’, which he is not, but the case worker most certainly is.



Siblings from Houston aged seven, six, and

three respectively. (D.E. 179 at 5). They were placed in the custody of the State in 2010. (DX

55 at 1 RFP CPS 072696, 1 RFP CPS 073453, 1 RFP CPS

108254 (filed under seal)). This occurred after then six month old J.R. was taken to

the hospital with seizures caused by incorrectly mixed formula and was found to be malnourished and have several serious medical

problems. She and her siblings were removed from their mother because their mother had mental health issues and could not take care of them or provide for J.R. and S.R.’s special needs.


In this case, the children were given to the Aunt, and then AGAIN removed. They were taken from the Aunt, because of this:



She is not a licensed or verified caregiver and receives only very limited financial support from the State.

Their aunt initiated adoption proceedings.

The children were later removed from

their aunt’s care due to health and safety

concerns as well as the fact that there were seven

children under the age of six in the home.

Is there a law against having 7 children under the age of 6 in one home?  No, there is not. But Texas Law Enforcement is responsible for further traumatizing, and basically kidnapping children from anyone and everyone who would possibly love them.

According to their attorney, after being removed from first their Mother, and then their Aunt, they were placed with unknown foster parents who had

“not been attentive to the needs of the children, J.R. had unexplained injuries, the children’s emotional state appeared to suffer, and the foster parents were reticent about the Aunt’s visits to check up on the children.

Based on the record before the Court, the R. children have had three placements since coming into the State’s care.

L.H. and C.H. are two siblings out of eight that have been in foster care since 2008.

Seven of the siblings are currently placed at a GRO.


There are many classifications for the different types of state run facilities for abducted slave children, and GRO is just one of them.  The lawsuit was held up for years while all of these divisions and complications and assignations were dealt with in minute detail by the Judge, clearly a delaying tactic.  It appears to me that this was done purposefully to make sure the children’s young lives were fully destroyed by the time the final judgement was made, and to discourage future lawsuits.


L.H. is 13 and C.H. is 10 and both are classified at the basic level of care. After a disruption in a previous placement they were placed in this GRO because that was the only way DFPS could keep the siblings together. Their next friend advocated for their placement together because the trauma the children were already going through would be worse

if DFPS disrupted their tight sibling relationships, the only source of stability in their lives.


Case 2:11-cv-00084 Document 213 Filed in TXSD on 08/27/13 Page 14 of 107


This case contains a number of other examples of children’s very, very sad lives.  The saddest one, to me, was the story of two sisters taken from their home, placed in a foster home where one was chosen to be adopted and one was rejected and forced to leave.  It should not be surprising that the rejected girl became suicidal, but rather than comfort her, she was labeled ‘severely mentally disturbed’, kept in isolation and thus essentially sentenced to an entire childhood as prisoner of the Texas Foster Care System.

What connects Clinton to Foster Care is her area of specialty at the Rose Law Firm, and her constant talk about her concern for children.  She’s also connected through family relationships that I’ve traced to the New Orleans Marano families, Jews who practice a form of Catholicism as a disguise, or so it began.  These are the families that Bush and Clinton belong to, the families that established the slave trade in the South after their fraudulent Louisiana Purchase of 1803. Hillary has been accused if cannibalism and sorcery, but even without that speculation, the situation is horrifying. What we have is a vast network that allows the abduction of children and the theft of inheritance of targeted children, on a scale so vast that the entire property of the nation could potentially be stolen in about three generations, and we’re well into the third.


The network of state-run foster homes, mental institutions, child abductions sanctioned by law enforcement and a strategy that relies on accusations of having ‘mental health issues’ facilitates the inheritance fraud which I’ve covered in previous articles.  Certain key inheritances, like that of Frank Sinatra, appear to be providing large amounts of funding for Hillary and Obama’s Islamic Jihad.


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