Why is Giuliani Angry?

Marc Rich is the reason.  This was Giuliani’s big case, but Rich got away, thanks to Bill Clinton’s pardon.




Rich claims that his trading globalized commodities and created the world market in spot oil trading.  This means that he used bribes and political connections to change laws to give himself the global advantage and even outlaw any competition.  He had close ties to the Mossad. I think he was the Mossad.  With access to puppet presidents, spies and assassins, who wouldn’t end up with billions?

Without remorse, the billionaire fugitive acknowledges bribing numerous heads of state, routinely breaking international embargoes, and spying for the Mossad here and abroad. Rich does not even claim that everything he did was legal.

Rich is of utmost importance worldwide. Bill Clinton on his last day as president pardoned Rich and his partner Pincus Green, fugitive billionaire commodities traders who had fled prosecution in the largest tax evasion and fraud case in U.S. history. In the 1970’s,  the two men were trading at Philipp Brothers, the commodities unit of Salomon Brothers on Wall Street.

Timothy Geithner now serves as President of Warburg Pincus.  Before joining Warburg Pincus, Mr. Geithner served as the 75th Secretary of the U.S. Department of the Treasury from 2009 to 2013. He previously served as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York from 2003 to 2009. He began his U.S. government career with the Treasury Department in 1988.  Warburg Pincus website has a silhouette of the City of London on each page as a background.  The graft is very deep.


Rich can be thought of as the godfather of every scumbag in office today, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s closely related to Obama, Netanyahoo, the Clintons and a few others.  I’ve seen the name Owens on that family tree.  Yes, I’ve just spent time with a large genealogy book called the First Jewish Families of America, and I can promise you that the entire government bureaucracy of secret agencies would have to show up at the same family reunion.  I found  all the names of everyone in the news scandals around the world, all in one family tree that traces back to names like Levy, Wolf, Bush and especially to Aaron Lopez, notorious slave trader and seller of rum to Indians, a man whose pirate descendants settled in Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia and Florida.  The name Rich, or Reich features prominently in that genealogy.  They tend to use their own family names for their aliases, just slightly misspelled.  When they are pretending to be Christian, they generally use the name Christopher, Christie, or Chris. Know what I mean, Mr. Governor of New Jersey who is about to be indicted with the rest of them?

Rich had enabled Iran to pipe its oil to Israel after that newly installed regime had seized the American Embassy and 53 hostages in 1979.   But the Israelis are well established in Iran as well as everywhere else, so the entire affair smells like a giant false flag designed to give reason for an embargo, and to drag out the embargo and the hostage crisis for as long as possible so that maximum monopoly oil can be sold.  Such special rules for the Jews has led to disastrous consequences in the Middle East, America and Europe.

After two years under Justice Department investigation, Rich and Green decided to flee the United States in 1983. Shortly thereafter, they were indicted on 51 counts, including “trading with the enemy” and evading taxes on more than $100 million of oil trading.

The prosecutor in New York, then U.S. Attorney, then New York Mayor—was Rudolph Giuliani who spoke so passionately in favor of Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention this week.

Rich, born Marcell David Reich, is idolized in Israel for his illegal deals with Iran during the hostage crisis almost 30 years ago.  Daniel Ammann, author of Rich biography “The King of Oil” reveals some details in the video above.

Ammann says that “Rich was really famous for oil but his influence on metals trading has been very important, especially for aluminium and bauxite,”.  I’m remembering the free access to half the uranium deposits in America that was so recently negotiated with a ‘Russian’ company. As if Jews can’t be Russian and American at the same time.  I do remember seeing at the Mena Arkansas airport the name Rich Aviation on one of the hangars.  I think I remember Nancy Ruth Owens saying the man who made the bomb for Jimmy Hoffa was an airline pilot.

His Swiss company, Marc Rich + Co bought a chunky share of Xstrata and, in the post-Rich area, became Glencore International AG, the world’s largest commodities trader.


In 1983 Rudy Giuliani, then the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, accused Mr Rich of tax evasion, more than $48 million and of racketeering, conspiracy and trading with the enemy Iran. Mr Giuliani promised that Mr Rich would spend the rest of his life in prison — but the pirate had already fled for Switzerland. Maybe Giuliani will be able to put Rich’s pirate relatives in prison instead, the whole bunch of them.

On President Clinton’s last day in office in 2001, Mr Rich was granted a pardon and the criminal tax evasion charges were dropped.  Mr Rich’s former wife Denise was a significant donor to the Democrat Party.

According to Mr Ammann’s book, Shimon Peres and Ehud Barak, the former Israeli prime ministers, petitioned Mr Clinton for the pardon.




In 1954, he joined US trading firm Philipp Brothers and in 1974 launched a company based in Switzerland’s canton Zug with Pincus Green as well as several other traders.  All of these names are in the book of First Jewish Families of America, which should be subtitled: First Pirates of America.


Rich was on the FBI’s wanted list for decades before being granted a pardon by Bill Clinton on the last day of his presidency in January 2001, said Ammann.

Rich’s business tradings with Iran, Cuba and apartheid South Africa had brought accusations, plus there were accusations of tax evasion, and illegal trade with Iran. Clearly an enemy of the United States, Rich had good reason to flee to Switzerland in 1983.


Even though its founder was embroiled in justice issues, the company continued its astral ascent.  Sounds like a typical Clinton, to me, and reminds me of why this fiasco has to end soon.  There’s yet another generation of pirates all ready and prepared to start stealing big time.

Based in central Switzerland’s Meggen, Rich built up another trading company, Glencore.




Jamie Doward reported on Rich’s company in Africa on 

Saturday 16 April 2011 19.07 EDT

“Zambia’s Mopani Copper Mines plc have been categorically rejected by its owner, Glencore, the giant fuel, metals and cereals trader based in the Swiss tax haven of Zug.  City analysts were astonished to learn the extent to which the company dominates the commodity markets in documents published ahead of the listing.

Glencore revealed it controlled 60% of the traded zinc market and 50% of copper. Development charities have contrasted the impending wealth of the company’s management with the poverty of Zambians, around two thirds of whom live below the recognised poverty line, according to the Unit


The notorious pirate Robert Rich in history:

Robert Rich was a pirate who purchased an Earldom in England in the early 1600’s, after the Catholics departed from those lands in order to keep their heads on their shoulders.

All the First Earls of This and Second Earls of That were pirates.  The ancient Catholic noble families  had reached into the 16th and 17th generations by that time, but their titles were outlawed when the pirates took over, so the pirates had to start over again as First Earl of Warwick, based on the name Warburg in the Jewish family tree, as in Warburg-Pincus, which is why I’ve included him here, and his son would be the Second Earl.

A notorious pirate, the first earl of Warwick made his fortune selling merchandise that had been taken by force and violence.  His sales included essential items headed for the colonies, as well as captured slaves, which were sold both in England and at the piers  in Virginia and the Caribbean, in collusion with the governors there. His slave trade helped the economy of Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island expand greatly, but much of the profit had to be spent on defense.  He seized Catholic ships on behalf of the Jewish Lords of Trade who sponsored him, who were his relatives and who were based in London.


Due to his actual status as pirate, Warwick in the Van Dyke painting could be wearing the clothing of a Catholic nobleman, or more likely that of his wife or daughter.  He would have obtained such finery by capturing the ship, allowing his men to rape the women and kill the men.  The women would have then been sold to Moroccan slavers who would have demanded a ransom.  The Catholic Church often stepped in to ransom captured slaves whose family had been murdered by the pirates. Sorry I haven’t included the painting here, I really don’t like it at all.  I notice that all of the pirates tend to appear gay and irritating in their portraits as English Lords, much as they still do today when I see photos of Bill or Hillary Clinton.

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