Flipping the Treason Script and Connecting the Dots to Benghazi

“Hence, by the common law, the punishment of high treason included all the refinements in cruelty, literally and studiously executed.”



This article is based on the full interview with the Benghazi rescue team which can be found here:


After considering the full Benghazi interview, a New York Times report about Abu Khatalla, and how Marc Rich makes his money, a distinct pattern emerges

For those of us who’ve been analyzing the various staged shootings, crisis actor fake terror attacks and Soros funded revolutions that pay protestors by the day,  it’s fairly easy to accept that Benghazi was supposed to be another of those.  Consider the possibility that Stevens, the ‘acting’ ambassador in the stage play of Benghazi was waiting to be ‘kidnapped’ by the acting terrorists, when the unexpected and unwanted American rescuers arrived.  This would lead to an embargo on Libya, which would open the way for the Marc Rich method of moneymaking: bypass the embargo through secret sales to Israel, and enjoy monopoly supplier status.  Of course, this would be just one level of the multi-tiered fraud that results from a false flag attack.

The media continues to portray the Benghazi ‘compound’ as if it were an official American Embassy, when it was actually an illegal arms warehouse and location for the training of ISIS soldiers in such a way that Americans wouldn’t know about it.  It was a trick played on the American people, to convince us that yet another war would be necessary to protect American lives, to enable an embargo, and to enable secret sales during that embargo. This is why it’s called an “annex” in the mainstream media, this word is key to understanding why the word ‘embassy’ is not used in the news reports or congressional hearings.  This is why rescuers were needed in the first place. This is why U.S military  had not already been stationed on site.


The rescuers were there simply because they had learned about the location, were aware that no American security personnel were assigned to it, and had offered assistance in securing the place but had been turned down by Stevens.  They knew about the danger and so this is why the security personnel decided to disobey orders to ‘stand down’.  This is made clear in the long version of the interview.

The only person with the authority to issue ‘stand down’ orders is the President.  This is a fact of U.S. government. The rescuers testify that they received three stand-down orders.  This is an order to not fire back, even though they were being fired upon, even though another American is being fired upon, even though American facilities are being bombed by the enemy. This is an order to soldiers telling them not to do the job they are paid by the taxpayer to do.  It is an order to cooperate with the enemy.

Only Obama had the authority to issue that order.  Minute 9 of the interview reveals that a Diplomatic Security agent, perhaps one who wasn’t in on the secret, called to report that the compound was being set afire, that they should send help immediately.  A gate left open by a Libyan guard enabled Jihadis to set the compound afire.  An American Embassy, almost by definition, always has Marine Corps guards, yet Stevens had none, and had refused earlier offers of security assistance by American security personnel.  Despite this desperate call from the ‘Annex’ in Benghazi, the American team was told to stand down.  For awhile the security men thought there might be a good reason for the stand down order.

After 15 minutes of agonized waiting for the go ahead, the Americans decided to go in anyway.  The arrival of these disobedient American rescuers was a problem for the staged event.  Stevens would have to get away from the rescuers in order to carry out the planned fake kidnapping with other State Department officials who were in on the hoax.

The interview describes three incidents where the staff did not follow the precise instructions from the rescuers, and thereby ‘got away’ from them.

Nancy Ruth Owens mentions that a Stevens family at Lake Okeechobee was the most powerful at that place and time, the real power behind the drug cartel of Pablo Escobar and his Jewish-Marano associates.   Is there any relationship between that family and this dead ‘Ambassador Stevens’, a gay man in Libya, secretly arming ISIS militants?  I’m not the first to ask this question.   It’s possible that Stevens was actually set up for a murder, in which case Benghazi could be nothing more than drug cartel in-fighting that was not meant to have involved any real American military, but it did, and that’s what went wrong. This is yet another possibility among many that all involve criminal behavior on the part of Obama and Hillary.

The Rescued Try to Escape From the Rescuers: An Odd Situation

On the way out of the burning building with his rescuer, Stevens did not follow the rescuer and instead appears to have ducked into another room.  Whatever happened, he could no longer be found.  In fact, the rescuer had already escaped out a window when he realized that Stevens wasn’t there, and so had to return to the extremely dangerous building to look for Stevens, not once, but several times, and with additional help.


I suggest that Stevens was not found because he did not want to be found by the rescuer.  I suggest that Stevens was looking for the planned pick-up that was to bring him to the planned kidnapping location, all staged, all phony, according to the script. This action is described around minutes 11-15 on the interview, though the rescuers are not realizing, and maybe still don’t realize, that the whole thing was only meant to be a hoax in the first place.


In another example of non-cooperation with the rescuers, the rescue team describes how the State Department staff were leaving in an armored vehicle, took a left turn instead of a right turn as they were told to do.


This is the second time State Department employees disappear and disobey rescuer instructions as if there really weren’t any danger, as if they had their own script to follow.  In this case, the armored vehicle receives heavy arms fire outside the gate.  The rescue team, at this point follows orders to also begin leaving the ‘annex’.  Before they are able to leave, the State Department officials quickly return in the armored car that’s now been all shot up and has flat tires.


I would guess that they weren’t expecting to be shot upon.


This is where the renegade local Benghazi General enters the picture, every bit as unwanted as the hero rescuers who were disobeying Obama’s stand-down orders.

The American rescuers, Global Response Staff as they are called, at this point conclude that absolutely no help would be coming their way, despite repeated calls for air and ground back-up, despite the fact that this air and ground back-up was ready and waiting for orders from the White House to move in.  Those orders never came. The foreign-born Muslim U.S. president opted to protect his Jihadi soldiers rather than the Americans.

The Libyan gate keeper at the Annex disobeyed explicit rescuer instructions to keep the gate closed and locked. Embassy gates left open by Steven’s Libyan security team enabled Jihadi’s to enter the compound.  Jihadis then stream into the compound with real bombs and automatic weapons, killing and wounding the Americans still at the compound, who then had to shoot their way out.

It appears that the hoax is going even more seriously wrong at this point, and the unwanted rescuers are now being really appreciated by the annex hoaxers.  There are two possibilities at this point:  Either Obama and Hillary are sacrificing the hoax players at this point, giving orders to the Jihadis to attack for real, or else another heavily armed militia group, a renegade group in other words, has entered the scene.  Or both…

Did The Renegade General of Benghazi Foil the Hillary Hoax?


The New York Times reported that a “local Benghazi General” captured the leader of the Benghazi attack, a man named Khattala.  Hillary’s Jihadi General is this ISIS man named Khattala.


Of course these Jihadis could all be Mossad agents, it’s impossible to have a hoax without them, but we’ll call them Libyans for now.  Some reports make it appear that Khatala and the renegade general were in cahoots, and this is possible.  However, the Jews have a history of never printing the name of their enemies, so the fact that the general is unnamed in the reports lends to the enemy hi-jacking scenario.

The obvious treason committed by Stevens removes all responsibility for worrying over who killed him.  Did one Cartel leader take out another, the Clintons removing the Stevens, then someone else removing the Clintons?  I’m not too worried about it.  What matters is that this Jihadi warehouse and training camp is the source of the Migrant-Jihadi invasion of Europe, which is an event of historic proportions.


When Stevens and his co-conspirator jumped into the get-away car, I suspect that what they found as a driver was not their own guy, but a Renegade, or else Khatalla was paid off by the Renegade.  This is how Stevens was killed.  The Renegade General with no name would be Steven’s enemy because the renegade general is the enemy of Stevens’ ISIS militia.  The Renegade General is not happy about the ISIS militia being trained and armed by Stevens in his hometown, and so the Renegade, above all, has the most right to defend his home territory against these invaders.  This is precisely what he did, according to this theoretical scenario based on available evidence.

The New York Times reported that “A renegade general has been waging a local campaign against Islamist militants such as those in Ansar al-Shariah and Mr. Abu Khattala.”  In other words, the renegade general with no name is the good guy for America, but he’s the bad guy for Stevens, Obama, Hillary, or whoever set these three up.  Anwar Al Dos is mentioned as the name of a local official who was in the pickup with Khattala.  We’ve heard rumors that Hillary and Obama were completely unaware of the Benghazi affair, that they were off partying with friends, and I’ve heard that somehow Mitt Romney and Dick Cheney were behind it.  If true, then this is called in-fighting among the enemy and should be encouraged by all right minded people.

Two Benghazi residents said they had last seen Mr. Abu Khattala on Sunday leaving his house alone in an Afghan-style jallabiya, with a Kalashnikov rifle slung over one shoulder and a Belgian FN rifle over the other.

“Then he walked deep into el-Leithi,” the neighbor said. “We haven’t seen him since.”

Suliman Ali Zway reported from Tripoli, Libya and a version of his report appears in print on June 18, 2014, on page A1 of the New York edition with the headline:

Brazen Figure May Hold Key To Mysteries

“Although widely seen at the attack, Mr. Abu Khattala made no attempt to flee.

Spotting him as the central figure in the attack, a local official, Anwar el-Dos, approached Mr. Abu Khattala for help in entering the compound. The two men drove into the mission together in Mr. Abu Khattala’s pickup truck, witnesses said. As the men moved forward, the fighters parted to let them pass.

At 27: of the interview, the rescuers mention seeing someone talking on a cell phone and walking around the ‘annex’ even during the most dangerous moments.  From that point on, the American Global Response team, begin to be fired upon.  Some are hit, some are killed, some survived to talk about it in this interview, to try to explain a very weird situation from their point of view.

The article goes on to say that:

“On the day of the attack, Hillary’s Islamists in Cairo had staged a demonstration outside the United States Embassy there to protest a supposedly American-made [actually Israeli-made]online video mocking Islam.  The protest supposedly prompted Khatalla’s breach of the embassy’s walls — images that immediately flashed through the controlled news around the Arab world.”

The offensive video used footage from a film that was originally made to warn Americans about how a Zionist Controlled Government (ZOG) operates and why it is a danger to all nations.  The maker of that original film was put in prison in Egypt.  His movie’s message was that, in any terrorist equation, if you remove the Jew, the terror is removed also.  This is the message of the original film.  This original footage was later combined with ridiculous and vulgar footage shot by Hillary’s people in order to create a different film that would incite Muslim violence against Americans.

This video was then blamed for the staged demonstration in Cairo that was part of Hillary’s plan.  Hillary and Obama’s plans always sacrifice America for the Zionist World Take-Over.


When the ‘renegade’ general appeared on the scene at Benghazi, either they captured Stevens, or Stevens had already been captured. This was where Hillary and Obama’s plan went awry in every way except that Khatalla escaped and ended up in America.    As far as Stevens knew, their plan involved Stevens being kidnapped and held for ransom, not beaten to death.   The hoax was also probably meant to be a ruse to institute a trade embargo on Libya which would enable lucrative secret oil sales by Marc Rich relatives and other Jewish insiders associated with Glencore, whose goal it is to take control of all food production and mineral deposits world-wide.



This is where the cover-up is, because if we knew the truth then Hillary would be a known traitor. The slanderous lies that Muslims are told about Americans to incite violence against us, can be seen on the video so essential to Hillary’s plan.  I couldn’t watch it more than 20 seconds it’s so stupid and vulgar, typical Mossad style.

A reporter from Cairo reports that the captured “ringleader, named Abu Khattala was always open about his animosity toward the United States.” This explains why he has been protected by Obama, who also has great open animosity toward Americans.   The Cairo reporter for the New York Times seems to know a great deal about Khatalla.


Khatalla had previously been released from Guantanamo and sent to Libya by then President George W. Bush.

Abu Khattala, while in custody, complained that he wasn’t read his Miranda Rights when captured.  He is reported to be “thoroughly contemptuous of America,” where the concept of the Miranda Rights was invented in the first place.

“He also said he opposed democracy as contrary to Islamic law.”

Not only is Hillary and Obama, in the name Eretz Israel, stealing American weapons to arm enemy Jihadis, they are also showing provocative videos in Egypt and Libya to incite hatred of America.  Abu Khattala stated that the video motivated him to attack what he called an “arms warehouse in his territory”.  However he also reports that all of the weapons used by Khattala were found inside the compound gates, and this is an important detail.

The New York Times reported that Khattala was later captured by a local Benghazi General.

“A renegade general has been waging a local campaign against Islamist militants such as those in Ansar al-Shariah and Mr. Abu Khattala.”

Two Benghazi residents said they had last seen Mr. Abu Khattala on Sunday leaving his house alone in an Afghan-style jallabiya, with a Kalashnikov rifle slung over one shoulder and a Belgian FN rifle over the other.

“Then he walked deep into el-Leithi,” the neighbor said. “We haven’t seen him since.”

Suliman Ali Zway reporting from Tripoli, Libya.

A version of this article appears in print on June 18, 2014, on page A1 of the New York edition with the headline: Brazen Figure May Hold Key To Mysteries.

Although widely seen at the attack, Mr. Abu Khattala made no attempt to flee.

Spotting him as the central figure in the attack, a local official, Anwar el-Dos, approached Mr. Abu Khattala for help in entering the compound. The two men drove into the mission together in Mr. Abu Khattala’s pickup truck, witnesses said.

As the men moved forward, the fighters parted to let them pass, giving clear evidence that Khattala was the leader of the attack and an agent working for Obama.

Eyewitnesses place him at the scene “directing the swarming attackers who ultimately killed Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans,” says the New York Times.

As part of his protection by Obama and Hillary, Khattala was tried in a civilian court in which the rules of evidence prohibit introducing valuable intelligence that would reveal methods and operations that are “highly classified”, a nice way of saying “methods and operations that are treasonous”.

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2014/06/benghazi_attack_suspect_mastermind_or_crackpot.html#ixzz4FivS1dQA

In an article entitled “Government won’t seek death penalty in Benghazi case”, Evan Perez, CNN Justice Reporter writes in 2013 that:



Washington (CNN)The Justice Department said Tuesday it won’t seek the death penalty for Ahmed Abu Khatallah, the Libyan militia leader accused of helping to carry out the attacks on the U.S. diplomatic and CIA facilities in Benghazi in 2012.

Federal prosecutors made the notification in a filing with federal court in Washington, where Khatallah faces trial related to the attacks that killed four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

He was captured in a raid by U.S. commandos in Libya in 2014 and brought to United States on a U.S. Navy ship that allowed for an FBI-led team of interrogators to question him. He has pleaded not guilty.

Unlike the majority of terrorism defendants who agree to plea deals to avoid trial, Khatallah has insisted on pursuing a court trial.  The filing Tuesday did not indicate a reason for the decision to not seek the death penalty.


The case for treason could easily be made against Obama, Hillary and George Bush, so why would they prosecute their own employees?



The founding Pirates of USA create a loophole for Treason:


“But under the Constitution of the United States the power of punishing the crime of treason against the United States is exclusive in Congress; and the trial of the offence belongs exclusively to the Federal tribunals. A State cannot take cognizance or punish the offence, whatever it may do in relation to the offence of treason committed exclusively against itself.”

Mr. Justice Story, in his Commentaries on the Constitution asks whether it is proper to give Federal Government the exclusive authority to punish itself for the crime of treason against the people.  This led him to ask whether such a National Government is even worthy of creation or preservation. To eliminate all punishment for treason is to remove all protection from the people and to decree lawlessness henceforth legal by force of law.   Only a pirate could conceive of such a thing.

The known rule of common law demanded “death and all the barbarous accompaniments” as the standard punishment for treason.

“It is well known,” says FOSTER, from the report made by Lord Coke et al regarding the crime of treason.

” that in the language of the law there are no accessories in high treason — all are principals. Every instance of incitement, aid, or protection, which in case of felony will render a man an accessory before or after the fact, in the case of high treason, whether it be treason at common law or by statute, will make him a principal in treason.”

Lord COKE says: “If many conspire to levy war, and some of them do levy the same, according to the conspiracy this is high treason in all.” “Why? Because all were legally present when the war was levied? No. “For in treason,” continues Lord COKE, “all be principals and war is levied.” This doctrine of Lord COKE has been adopted by all subsequent writers; and it is generally laid down in the English books that whatever will make a man an accessory in felony will make him a principal in treason:




But Obama and Hillary’s government leaves punishment for treason to the discretion of their Congressional minions, which of course means that there will be no punishment.

“Treason has ever been deemed the highest crime which can be committed in civil society, punishable by forfeiture of life for the guilty and forfeiture of property for the heirs and associates who’ve profited by that treason.”  Lord Coke




The original reason for the guillotine in France was to punish those government minions who were guilty of treason against the people, not treason against the government.


Obama has often set up American soldiers for death by Jihadi.  The Seal Team 6 is very similar in many ways to the Benghazi incident in that Obama aided and abetted the enemy, and in fact wages war against America on a regular basis. This on-going war upon the American fighting men has been building up a steady resistance within the military and their families:


Obama’s military officers are brainwashing our soldiers into believing that they have to sacrifice themselves, so they follow Obama’s orders to stand down and not shoot back.  Admiral Lyons has been speaking against this. Obama is waging Jihad against the Americans who are also forced to pay for his Jihad against themselves.  This should be called slavery, but since the slaves are white and the slave drivers are black and Jewish, a different set of rules have applied until now.  Now people have an option by voting for Trump, and Trump, once in office, will apply the same set of rules to everyone.  Lots of people are facing the very real possibility of being cut off from the pipeline of free tax dollars that describes the flow of money straight from the Federal Reserve printing presses into their pockets of relatives.  The long list of criminals being protected by the Clinton Crime Cartel will certainly become a long list of homeless bums, shunned and mocked by all.  They might end up wishing they had left the death penalty for treason in that Constitution of theirs.

This entire network is tied into the doings of the godfather thief and murderer, Marc Rich, because it involves the family of Marc Rich. What difference does it make whether Marc Rich is actually dead or not, or who he actually is, because his relatives remain in office, they are still alive and we know who they are.   They control the Federal Reserve money hoax and are at the root of all evils, and it’s easy to find them.  Their days are numbered and they know it, as they print dollars daily by the ton in an effort to put off the day when they’ll have to deliver the gold that they’ve sold and don’t have.  The foreign-owned dollar is going down no matter who wins the election.  Americans may finally get a taste of true freedom, but first we must deal with what I noticed at the Democratic National Convention.

What did I notice about some of the speakers at the DNC?  Could the entire Democratic Party be made up of Mossad Agents?  Some of them look like professional assassins, have murder in their eyes and make no secret of it.  They want to kill Donald Trump, and hint at it often.  But maybe just as many Republicans want Obama dead. Are assassins being rewarded with public office?  Wouldn’t surprise me.

Which brings us to the next question:  What good is a nation, a democracy or even a Republic if our best leaders are ALWAYS killed?  Remember that Democracy was founded on the massacres of Catholic ruling families around the world, so it should be no surprise that this fundamental strategy would remain systemic.  But why have we suddenly turned into a Democracy instead of a Republic?  No one has the right to speak for me as a woman or to define me as an American, and I resent it when those who control the media display this kind of arrogance.  Every speech at the Democratic National Convention was telling Americans that we have lost, that newly arrived and privileged immigrants have won, and that we’ll have to pay for whatever it will take to make them comfortable, safe and prosperous.

What really makes me laugh is that foreigners who hate America think that the fall of the dollar is a much deserved disaster for Americans.  The fact is that there are so few dollars in America, most of the dollars are held by foreigners at this point.   The dollar itself has always been a foreign imposition on Americans. The only holders of huge amounts of dollars are the anti-American cabal that steals it from us through their industrial strength crime syndicate.  When the dollar crashes, Americans will be the least affected by it, as I see it.  The dollar has been the worst enemy that Americans have ever had to deal with, and it’s finally about to meet its demise.  No one will benefit more from that demise than real Americans.  The foreigners, the immigrants, the welfare tribes, the Chosenites, the hordes of government workers, the holders of stolen foreign aid and other perpetrators of frauds against the American people will look for their money and all they’ll find is some worthless paper.  Productive people the world over will rejoice, continue to produce and will no longer have to turn over the fruits of their productivity to that enormous horde of lazy and stupid America-haters that the Mossad has created for us.



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