Our Taxes Pay For Our Murderers

Larry Nichols has gained attention increasingly lately, now that Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee for President of the USA.

He claims, in a 2012 interview with Pete Santilli, that he was there at the murder of the two boys on the railroad track in Mena, Arkansas, and that he worked for President Clinton as the family hit-man, murdering for money.  Like Nancy Ruth Owens, another Clinton assassin, Nichols cannot be prosecuted under our present system because he was under orders of the Commander in Chief, President Bill Clinton.

Thus they are both deputized assassins, like an Army Ranger or Special Ops team, only our families are the targets.  Since the Clintons are one and the same with the Mossad, these confessions demonstrate the immunity with which the Mossad operates in America.  Their connection to Marc Rich/Reich demonstrates that. The Clinton body count merges with the Mossad body count, and so a vote for Clinton is a vote for continued Mossad Death Squad operations.  A vote for Clinton is a vote for the continued Mossad culling of the best and brightest from our population, and this includes our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and children, anyone who shows exceptional talent and ability.


Beginning in the early 1980’s a spike in car accidents that smack of GKN Drivetrain remote control technology occurred in my community, just after my high school graduation. The percentage is high, of these accident victims who were friends of my family and who were also set to become leaders of our communities, but they were still in their early twenties.  Two of my brothers were among those.  If your community experienced this, you might look for Clinton connections, though I doubt they used these names while they did their dirty work.  The wiping out of our best and brightest was necessary to make room for the Clintons and the Bushes.  They must kill, because they can’t compete.

3 thoughts on “Our Taxes Pay For Our Murderers

    1. I found myself getting more and more curious about Larry Nichols, who worked as a professional assassin in the place and time that I lost so many loved ones under suspicious circumstances. I haven’t found any published information about his background and family connections though. Perhaps he really does have a change of heart, who knows? Maybe he had a good Mother whose heart was broken by what he chose to do.

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