Sinners Will Be Called Saints


Is Mother Theresa a Saint?

Who is Satwinder Bitti?


The details of Theresa of Calcutta’s participation in world wide crimes are at, where Father Terry provides names and locations of all the higher ups involved.


When I reached the end of Father Terry’s draft article on Mother Theresa’s role in organized crime, I copied and pasted one really good line of what he wrote, and you’ll find it within this response to the subject of crimes against children, and the difficulty in writing about it.


Theresa of Calcutta,  in her Jewish shawl,  has promoted Jewish practices in the Catholic Church her whole life.   This she has done mainly by condoning and protecting the molestation of young boys, in the tradition of Jewish Yeshivas since the Talmud was first conceived.


The root of this problem is not in the Catholic Church.  The solution to the problem is in the Catholic Church.  The root of the problem is with the enemies of the Catholic Church, and these enemies can be eliminated.


The significance of the two triangles that make up the Star of David is that it represents the turning upside down of things.  The six pointed star represents badness that becomes goodness, and goodness that becomes badness. One triangle has the broad base at the bottom, and the other triangle has the small point at the bottom. It’s about flipping the script and blaming the victims, as a religion. Or it’s about ignoring the victim and glorifying the demon.


In this case, the victims of Mother Theresa of Calcutta are ignored, and she, the demon is glorified.  She is another non-saint, the opposite of a saint, like Popes John XXIII and John Paul II, all deeply involved with, and providing moral cover for the Clintons and their worldwide web of Jewish interests.  Theresa of Calcutta is Hillary’s favorite mascot, appropriate is it not?  Theresa of Calcutta’s “sacrifice” for the sake of the poor is a fraud, just like everything about the Clintons is a fraud.  When the perception is created that such sacrifice exists, then this perception fattens the accounts of that absurdity known as the Vatican Bank.


Considering that usury has always been prohibited in Catholicism, you’d think someone would have put a stop to this by now.  The Vatican itself is hardly a Catholic institution anyway, the Council of Trent wasn’t held there, and that was the last truly Catholic Council. Before that, Constantinople had long been the location considered to be the center of the Roman Catholic Empire.   It’s no big surprise then, that this Jewish monstrosity called the Vatican Bank ends up with all the donations that go to Mother Theresa’s fraudulent charity. What these donors support is the tossing of young innocence to the Jewish wolves that run the Catholic Church today.  Right minded people must practice discretion before they give to charities where pirates have taken refuge.



In true Jewish fashion, Mother Theresa begged to be allowed to break the rules.  She personally vouched-safe for the notorious child molester, Fr. Don McGuire after he was arrested by the Chicago Jesuit Provincial in the 1990’s.   This allowed “Fr. Don” to continue to conduct Ignatian Retreats for Theresa’s followers. Mother Theresa,  backed by Pope John Paul II, promised the Chicago Provincial that McGuire would not travel with minor boys while in her service again. This false promise made by Mother Theresa of Calcutta allowed “Fr. Don” almost another twenty years to harm many more innocent and defenseless children.  How far the harm went, one cannot say, but the problem is a worldwide problem that affects every institution we use.  This is not an issue that only affects the Catholic Church.


Father Terry recounts his personal experience with Father Don McGuire, who he describes as very “charismatic”:


Father Terry writes:  “I was fortunate to have “Fr. Don’s”  nephew Mark as my room mate.  Mark did not believe in Fr. Don as much as I did.  There was a young Jewish adolescent named Bobby that Fr. Don claimed he was bringing to conversion and who therefore must be accepted by his family, as one of the family.  I thought,  “how noble on the part of Fr. Don.”  I was disappointed in Mark that he seemed to resent the presence of this Jewish convert to Catholicism.”


In reality, there was nothing noble about Father Don, who was making no sacrifice at all.   He was demanding that others sacrifice their comfort in their own home so that Father Don could have what he wanted.  This is selfishness on the part of Father Don, but such is the misunderstanding of Christianity that has resulted from mis-translations of doctrine.


Father Terry goes on to describe how lay groups of devotees where being bewitched, “like I was, and they would let their children travel with McGuire on his financially very lucrative Spiritual Exercise circuit.”


Inviting a Jewish adolescent into a Catholic home and forcing this onto one’s family is a grave violation on many levels.   Jews pretending to convert, but not really, is a very old strategy, responsible for the fall of Catholic Spain, and every other Catholic Monarchy since then.  At the bottom of every infiltration of Jewish practice into Catholic life is some moral weakness on the part of Catholics.


We don’t all call ourselves Catholic anymore, but many of us still do sincerely try to live a good life and not hurt others.  On the other hand, there are those who sincerely love to hurt others, and there are a wide variety of possible weaknesses that can be played upon, so it’s important not to limit ourselves to the discussion of only one of them.  One thing is certain: all of these moral weaknesses can be consolidated into one fatal word, and it’s called the Mob, a group of people who cater to and encourage our selfishness and arrogance, with the goal of controlling every aspect of our lives through terror, ultimately to destroy us.  This is no small matter.


In terms of religion, the Talmud is the source of the problem, in that it provides instruction, motivation and reward.  Describing pornographic details of crimes only helps them in their destruction of Catholic doctrine, faith and practice.

Since the wolves are already inside the gates, we can begin to resist them by not using our words to create bad images in the minds of others, no matter how true they are.  Some things need not be spoken.  I’m afraid that the words used to describe the molestation of children is almost as bad a sin as the original betrayal of trust, which is what child molestation actually is.   This feeling of betrayal stays with the child a lifetime.

So let’s not get distracted.  The problem is a big one and we need to back away from it  to get a full picture.

The wolves now wear shepherd’s clothing, but oh my, what a big nose you have Mr. Wolf.  The nose is always a good indicator. People with similar noses are often related by blood, and Theresa looks so much like Ghandi, I’m wondering if this Faker Business is perhaps a family business.

I remember the story of the Sikhs in India and how one professional Faker Family, the Ranjit, sold out to the British by pretending to be the family of the true Sikh Nobility.  Of the true family, the Ranjit had some of them murdered for not accepting Islam, others escaped to Louisiana, as I understand it, and they still exists somewhere, and I’ve traced them to the last Mint that was truly American, the one in New Orleans that was shut down in 1803 by pirates pretending to be the American Government.

The event involving the murder of the family of the last Sikh Guru is still commemorated in Sikh music and literature of India.  All they know is that the last Guru and his army left to live in the jungles and never returned, but only after freeing all the slaves that the Muslims had captured, and bringing many of them with them, wherever they went.

Faking is a well practiced strategy in India, and now the Fakers have become so good at it that they have come to rule the world, pretending to be capable of it.

This is my favorite Sikh singer, linked below.  Though I don’t understand the language, I’m familiar with the stories she sings about. Her name is Satwinder Bitti.

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