God Given Rights

The very phrase “Amendment Rights” is a sacrilege and a worship of false gods.  The U.S. Constitution is set up as a false God, who dispenses and takes away rights that are necessary for our survival.  We make our children pledge allegiance, not to God, but to a damned piece of cloth that we call a flag.  It’s absurd to worship or even look to a piece of cloth or a paper written by pirates who assumed false identities.  How can anyone expect to extricate themselves from a Gordian Knot with such ridiculous beliefs as these?


Does anyone still know what a Gordian Knot is or how Alexander the Great untied it?  Well the actual spelling should be Gogian Knot, the knot made by the tribe of Gog, which we call the Khazarians or just plain Jews.  Alexander used his sword to slice through it.

Get the message?


We do not get our right to survive from a piece of paper called the Constitution. We are born with those rights and they are God-given.  Until we get this through our thick skulls, there can never be a release from slavery to the Jews.


















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