Trump and Bibi

Trump chose to brag about his close relationship to the leader of the smallest, meanest, most paranoid, racist, religiously fanatic and violent nation in the world, and he made it worse by calling this widely despised leader by his affectionate nickname.  Bibi  is a known slaughterer of Christians in Palestine, not so well known but equally slaughterous in America.  Trump is being very clear about his support for Netanyahoo, and since Netanyahoo is the main support for ISIS terrorists, we have a huge contradiction here.

So Trump chooses to support the one nation on earth that was illegally established in the first place, a nation whose main purpose has always been to provide a safe haven (no extradition) for crime bosses the world over.  This nation has stolen the name that rightfully belongs to those who truly uphold the Ten Basic Laws that are America’s heritage and culture.  The synagogue of Satan picks and chooses parts of the bible that justify theft of land from an entire planet full of people.  They ignore such basic and essential laws as those found in Leviticus, which clearly and repeatedly prohibit absolutely everything that the Jewish State promotes.

Would Trump support a Catholic State as he does a Jewish State?  If the number of members of a religious group who are massacred qualifies that group for their own State, then surely Catholics win that prize.  The fact is that without our own state, there will simply be no more Catholics alive by the time the next Presidential race comes around, even with Trump as President.  I’m talking about traditional Catholics, not the new Masonic One World Religion kind.

On the economy, Trump has guaranteed that America will continue to support the Jewish State of Israel and that means a continued drain of our resources toward the establishment of Israel’s worldwide union of Church and State. This is a very expensive endeavor, and the sacrifice to pay for it is that the next generation of Christians won’t be able to afford to have children.  They make no secret that Christians will not be welcomed in that new Jewish world, because we aren’t welcome to live in Jewish Israel today, and Jewish Israel doesn’t intend to leave space for us.


Trump is either not aware of this, which is equal to Gary Johnson not knowing what Allepo is, or he doesn’t care because he thinks he is immune.


What Trump is saying between the lines is that with Trump as President and friend of Bibi, Mossad death squads will continue to operate in America; the Justice system will continue to exempt dual citizens and other Jews from all laws;  media censorship in favor of Jewish culture and rule will continue; America will continue to have a Jewish propaganda ministry that teaches our white children to hate themselves over a falsified history; media lies that enrage low IQ inbreds to violence against us will continue to be spread by Anti-Christian Jewish Media Lords; our labor will continue to be taxed by the IRS and the money sent to our enemies;  our great grand children will continue to be held accountable for the interest payments on World War I, though there is a high probability that there will be no great grand children for any of us.


It seems to me that Trump is promising the Jews that he’ll be able to deliver live American slaves to them in coming generations.   Factory work allows the Jews to continue to milk us of a large percentage of our earnings through automatic payroll deductions.


No one came to America to work in factories anyway.  That’s what they left Europe to escape.  Independent farms and free enterprise are what we want, but no one is talking about anything that can’t be taxed by the Jews.


Of course the payment of all that interest, falsely claimed that WE owe, is mathematically impossible for anyone other than slaves who are starved to death slowly.  That worked out so well in Communist Russia and China, that the Jews look forward I’m sure to a repeat and Trump will make the final delivery of victims.  Meanwhile, what of those who make their money on hedge funds that raise the cost of basic food, and those who practice manipulation of the currency to deflate our savings: will they be made to pay taxes? Trump has mentioned the problem, but what will he do?


I do not see that Trump is threatening the establishment. In fact, it is a well known strategy to introduce a candidate as an underdog in order to gain votes by pretending to be ‘anti-establishment’.  The notorious assassin for the Clintons, Larry Nichols, another good friend of Bibi, describes how this strategy has worked in the past.  The crooks in charge are certainly aware that Americans hate them, after all they are the ones doing the censorship.  They realize that their only chance for survival is through this precise strategy as it is managed by Trump’s Jewish advisors.  Guilty people are well practiced in methods for getting away with crimes.

Trump repeatedly assures us that he will continue to support Jewish Israel and that necessarily includes support for the massacre of their neighbors, massacres that the Israelis brag about and commemorate.  Each massacre has a name and a commemoration date.  It should be noted that a high percentage of Palestinians are Christians, and that this one particular massacre event, named Sabra-Shatila, occurred 15 years after the Israeli army pulled another massacre when they attacked, killed and wounded many American Servicemen on the USS Liberty.  This massacre of American allies was done in order to secretly pull off yet another massacre in the Golan Heights in 1967.  Do not think for one moment that they wouldn’t do the same thing to Americans.  Remember Waco?  Well the place was actually named Mt. Carmel and that is significant.

The deal is that Israel is not our ally, but we are theirs.  Is this Trump’s idea of a good deal?

The following includes excerpts from an article recently published, entitled


34 Years After the Sabra-Shatila Massacre.

Posted: 30 Sep 2016.   In this article Dr. Lamb has the nerve to make the patently false claim that a Christian militia was responsible for the massacre at Shatila, or more likely, the false statements were added by someone else.  Sure you can give any false name to hired mercenaries, why not call them Christians, why not call them the Mickey Mouse Club, what difference does it make to a bunch of liars.  Dr. Lamb is a liar, but here is what the witnesses described:


September 15, 1982.

Following the 9/14/1982 assassination of President-elect Bachir Gemayel, leader of the Lebanese Forces militia and senior Kataeb Party official, Israeli forces closed in with their tanks and blockaded the Shatila refugee camp and the adjacent Sabra neighborhood.

The Israeli invaders led a militia from Beirut airport north two miles to inside the camp, in violation of their agreement with the US Reagan administration.

The militia’s intent was to slaughter Palestinians but anyone they encountered became targets. What followed were three days of slaughter, rape and dismemberment of the civilian population, men, women and children as the Jews penetrated the camp and conducted a frenzied, drug-fueled, killing spree slaughtering an estimated 1,800 to 3,500 civilians.

The carnage was aided by Israeli forces that surrounded Shatila, lighted the night sky with flares turning the night into day, provided heavy equipment to bury and hide bodies, communicated with the inside militia and blocked camp residents from fleeing Shatila during this hellstorm, while ushering more reinforcement killer militia inside.

Jewish immunity from Justice transformed the killers into “political lords”, several of whom still hold political “leadership”, a couple of them running for Lebanon’s next Presidency. Their past crimes are sure to continue.

This type of war being waged by Israelis in secret did not begin in 1982 or in even in 1967 with the attack on the USS Liberty.  It began long before the 1948 Nakba, a horrible massacre in which people were literally chased out of their homes and driven to the water’s edge.  The attack on the USS Liberty enabled the June 5, 1967 Naksa Massacre which forced more than 100,000 Palestinians to flee for their lives from the Golan Heights.


The beginning of all this can go back to Genesis if you consider the story of Cain and Able.  Cain just cain’t do nuffin so he kills the one who is Able.


The Jews proudly name their massacres.


As with American targets, Palestinians are pursued relentlessly from generation to generation, while the criminals thrive from generation to generation, and it’s just a matter of time before all but the Jews are dead, unless a higher power intervenes.

Besides occasional major massacres, armed clashes in Ain el Hilweh camp go on continuously.  Ain el Hilweh is the largest refugee camp in Lebanon and located 40 miles south of Beirut.


The Mossad creates warring factions and arms both sides, certainly with the help of the massive amount of foreign aid that is bled from over-worked and asset-stripped American taxpayers slaves.  Trump has just assured Bibi that this will continue.


The victorious Massacre Experts take control of the post-massacre government and then outlaw the right to work and own a home by anyone but Jews.   Clinton has promised that Americans will have no right to work either, unless you join a labor union and give a big portion of your salary to Jewish Labor Lords.   If you want separation of Christian Church and State, at the same time that Jewish Church and State are allowed to be united, this is the kind of thing you can expect.


Tension fueled by Mossad agent infiltration stokes the flames of resentment all around the world, but within the refugee camps the strategy is concentrated.  The removal of a person’s right to work by law places a person in a status that is literally below that of a slave.  The only result can be the kind of mass starvational genocide as the one conducted by the Jews in Ukraine when they called themselves Communists.


Being deprived of the right to work and to own a home: Such is what laws are made of when you give the Holy Land to the Jews.


Would anyone be surprised at the sacrificial offering of babies on the Holy Mount by Satanic Priests?


Outlawing the right to work is the kind of thing they did to destroy the productivity of Europe by creating monopoly patents on all home based survival skills.  These survival skills were called cottage industry and the outlawing of it started the emigration to America.  The Jews will be Jews and genocide will always be their main goal.  They will say it is for their own self-protection, they will blame the victim, they will know no bounds and they will always have many non-Jews willing to support them.



With one Massacre after another and no protection for the people, few if any Christians have much confidence in current politicians anywhere, Arabs, Iranians, Turks, Jews.


Christians in the Middle East continue to be ignored.


Thirty four years after the 1982 Massacre at Sabra-Shatila, the requirement that Palestinians pick up and leave and also give up their right to return to their homes is ever more vehemently insisted upon by the Jews.  Anything but this complete and utter humiliation and surrender to the Jews is called terrorism, even by Donald Trump.   The Jews will repeat this pattern around the world.


How can you support this Mr. Trump?  Do you understand that you are sentencing American Christians to the same fate as the Palestinians?  You can continue to ignore Catholics, but the Jews will find us and kill us, do you realize this?



From an interesting article by John Chuckman:

“Clinton will be Clinton no matter the debating points, and Clinton represents the very darkest heart of a governing establishment many Americans and most of the world are simply sick of, an unresponsive group of privileged people who lie consistently and squander resources doing horrible things. They bomb and destroy and support tyrants in a dozen places, always lying about what they are doing, and they take no interest in the sheer lack of justice and decency at home, unless you count their token words at election time.

There is no more perfect representative of this pattern of behavior than Hillary Clinton.”


But is Trump the same?

“Clinton said things which opened her to the most devastating responses… but the responses never came.”

Is Trump being careful so as to lure her supporters into his camp?

Cheating Hillary…a photo of Hillary after the last Presidential Candidate Debate shows her wearing a communications device. In addition, analysis of the post-debate film of the stage shows several characters retrieving what can only be audio equipment from Hillary’s podium and handing it off to accomplices, quite obvious in slow motion.  It is clear to see that Trump’s podium did not have the same equipment. (See footnote)

The one quality that Trump has, his ability to negotiate deals, is the one quality that America needs most urgently.  If people would accept the fact that the United States of America is a Jewish owned slave colony and that the owners are merely voting for a CEO, then at least we’d be closer to the truth.  It’s a giant money-making machine and we don’t own it, never will, as long as it exists.  We are nameless, faceless worker drones for the Jews.  They are free to steal from us, blame us, poison us, lie to our children and promote the killing of babies.  Trump is promising the Jews that he will increase the dividends that they get from our hard work and ingenuity.  He is not promising Americans that we will have to stop sending them our hard earned money, or that Jews will ever have to start being productive parts of our economy, rather than being the part that destroys us.  He is not promising Americans that we will be allowed to emigrate to Israel and live there as Christians, no matter how destroyed America becomes.  And the Jews do intend to destroy us, they are all over the internet bragging about it, salivating over it, impatiently waiting.

Hillary’s connection to and support by the Ultra Orthodox Hasidic Jews is well known to the Jews and written about in Jewish media.  These are the men who cannot touch their wives because they interpret their scripture to mean that women are dirty.  The Rabbis molest their little students and there’s nothing anyone can or will do about it, they consider it to be part of their culture.  Oprah did an interesting interview with some of their wives, and when she brought up the possibility that their husbands might be gay, they clammed up.


The illegal settlement activity in Israel and the violence they do is largely attributed to this Ultra Orthodox group, who use a variety of methods to steal people’s homes, most notoriously the custom-made Caterpillar Palestinian House Demolisher and sometime crusher of Righteous Irish Lasses.

The author puts it well when he writes:

“Government’s real role is to maintain a national environment favorable to economic activity with fair regulation and taxation and avoidance of frivolous or vexatious legislation, and it must avoid totally counterproductive burdens like wars. It must also avoid favoritism and special interests. It must do what is necessary maintain the nation’s essential infrastructure from roads and bridges to broadband and airports. And it must assure that education and justice flourish. But the American government for years has done none of these things, and that is what exhausts the American people and much of the world.”

We should note that this is not just a problem in America. This is worldwide problem.

“Endless, unbelievably costly wars, crumbling infrastructure, injustices to be seen in every corner of the land, poor schools in ten thousand places, poor drinking water, the dominance of special interests and favoritism in government, and more. These are built-in weaknesses, not only impairing the lives of millions of citizens but leading to decline.”

The fact is that these are planned events, designed to happen by the aliens who “hold office” in our land.  They can put a bullet through our heads and get away with it, and somehow they believe that the same can’t just as easily happen to them.

Trump might have said just enough in generalities to attract some of Hillary’s supporters, and his own people who are filled with the lies and propaganda told in schools and the media.  To oppose Bibi might be disastrous, but did Trump have to go so far as to call this psychopath by the familiar name, ‘Bibi’ and proclaim their long-term friendship?

“Not good, folks, not good. We’re not gonna have this anymore…”

The fact that Trump loves Bibi has convinced me to vote for Putin.


America is at the mercy of a massive unelected security and military establishment controlled by Bibi’s people, the Mossad with a network that is as tight as a noose around our necks.  It’s taken a great deal of assassinations, bribes and betrayals to accomplish this.  Controlling American military and filling our armed forces with illegal immigrants is what gives this crime syndicate its power.  Using our military, and leaving us with no one to protect American interests gives the Jews cover.  This enables them to eliminate millions of potential enemies of all ages, both sexes and all nationalities, in countries who blame their destruction on Obama and Clinton, two people who are nothing more than very good liars.  The Jews use our hi-jacked media  to constantly throw the blame on Americans.


While it is illegal to make pro-American propaganda, it is not illegal to make anti-American propaganda.  Look at any youtube comment column to see the flood of anti-American lies and propaganda, in which every military massacre and bombing done by the Israelis is blamed, not on America, but on Americans.  You’ll notice this careful choice of words if you look.  This is preparation for the Muslimization of America.


Certainly our aid to Israel helps pay the salaries of these professional internet trolls and liars and Trump hasn’t mentioned this at all.  In fact, he repeats the mantra that Americans are the Stupid People and only he is smart and that without him in office we will continue to be the Stupid People. In this he participates in a devastating propaganda campaign against Americans.  Does Trump realize that the Jewish propaganda machine wants to enrage the world against us to the point that random people will simply come over here and kill us all.


Oh, but not all Jews are bad.  Yeah, well not all Americans are bad either, so when we start to throw the blame back on the guilty, where it belongs, don’t be surprised that all the Jews get lumped together the way Jewish trolls blame all Americans.


And if that kind of  justice is not possible under the Jewish political system, then the “ immensely well-armed bully and thief who lies about every act, is what we are all fated to suffer”, and this bully is as mean and hateful to non-Jewish Americans as it is to everyone else.


The article states:  “Obamas and Clintons – pretending to liberalism while expending their total energy on killing and destabilizing and pushing others around in hopes of custom-molding the lives of the planet’s many peoples, an activity much resembling the way a psychopath toys with victims before killing them – that quite possibly will bring us to a nuclear holocaust with Russia and/or China.”

Nuclear holocaust?  Are you serious?  When will people get over that fairy tale?  Can’t people see what a scam it is and how fake the videos are and that these stupid mobsters don’t have any secret bombs or higher intelligence or super duper capabilities to get to Mars or create super colliders or any other Wizard of Oz trillion dollar frauds.  All they know how to do is lie and steal and maybe cook and eat babies.  Other than that, the only thing that allows them to continue in power is our false belief that a bullet through a few psychopathic heads is terrible, but their bullets through ours can continue unpunished.


Meanwhile, Trump supporters, which describes most Americans in general, continue to be portrayed as losers by the Jewish media.  As a writer who pays attention to propaganda strategy, this infuriates me.  I know how vulnerable young children are to what these Christian-hating Jews have to say about us.  I can see how these young adults around me believe the lies that paint them as stupid, incompetent Americans who need Jews to tell them what to do. I can see how many young people don’t want to have children because they are convinced that white people need to be eliminated.


Thomas Donlan, writing in Barron’s no less, tries to convince himself that Americans lack education and skills, even as Israelis and Chinese steal our intellectual property wholesale and turn their own countries into unlivable hellholes.  The economy is rigged in favor of Jews and Freemasons, so these Jews and Freemasons have come to believe that this makes them superior intellectually.


This is how Americans are described in our own media:


“Trump voters … are angry about being losers in the modern economy. It’s harder than ever to make their way forward without the advanced education or skills that are in demand. … They blame elites and the establishment for casting them loose.” …


Ironic isn’t it, that Americans have been diligently preparing to cut loose the Jews, who wouldn’t survive two weeks if they couldn’t steal from Americans.  Those traitors who are enjoying the suffering of millions of Americans are about to see the tables turn and it won’t be Trump who turns the tables, it will be Putin.  Putin in turn gets his support from God, the righteous God of Armies who stands by those who obey his laws.   Meanwhile, most Americans have gotten to the point where they need less and less of anything the Jews have to sell them.  The plummeting demand for oil is evidence of that trend.

The only person I would vote for in the coming Presidential election is Vladimir Putin.


Please take us back, Mother Russia.  Rescue us from the Evil Jews.


Articles that insult Trump supporters are all over the place.  These insults actually describe Hillary supporters, but lying is what the controlled media does best.

What do you think, does this describe a Hillary supporter, or a Trump supporter:

— They consider the social conditions under which they live hopelessly corrupt and alienating.  Not financial status, but social status is sought by these people with deep seated self-esteem issues.  They seek more than acceptance of the demolition of tradition, culture and custom, they seek privileged status as a reward for this destruction and they seek positive recognition for their practice and promotion of the most anti-social behavior ever conceived, as if it were a great accomplishment. 

— They feel that  social conditions rob them of self-esteem and render their lives worthless.  They are sometimes called Dindus, which is what guilty people always say:

“I didn’t do nothing”, when they refuse to take responsibility, even when the evidence points clearly to them as the perpetrator of the crime.

— Only by submerging themselves in a larger movement demanding radical change can they regain self-worth.  The pattern for this mentality is set by those who have taken power illegitimately.  They strive to overcome their own resulting feelings of inadequacy as they observe the chaos that they’ve unleashed and attempt to control it in ever more violent and irritating ways.  It does not occur to them that their self worth is not dependent on any outsider giving it to them.  Some people are born capable of ruling and some aren’t.  Since the Incapable can only rule by killing the Capable, they are stuck.  They won’t hand over control to the Capable, or even let them so much as live. 

The above description  is the description of a loser, someone haunted by fear, and it has nothing to do with social status or bank account.  Clinton is an example of a woman who has desperately tried to overcome her loser qualities.  These qualities are difficult to describe, but we all know what it is.  She’s not cool, and she makes things worse by trying to be.


The belief system of the Government God Religion is whatever  Cointelpro tells them to believe, and it changes according to the particular theft and massacre planned at the moment.  I don’t see Trump challenging this and being Netanyahoo’s best buddy at the same time.


The following is a pro-Israel self-congratulatory video in which they use the Imaginary Nuclear Bomb to fuel their paranoia and provide them with an excuse to perform a Massacre of their closest neighbors.


No one is safe from these freaks:




















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