2 thoughts on “Israel Becoming ‘Safe Haven for Pedophiles,’ Activists Claim

    1. I found myself in a pickle. I was living in a rental apartment where the owner died, just when everything that I was writing about had everything to do with the woman who built the house, the man she passed it to, and the woman who inherited it from him who happens to be the wife of the man we’d call George Soros, as I see it anyway. When they realized who I was, the fun began. They took my router, they tried to poison me, they sent the cops to harass me, they sent a realtor to harass me and steal my things. What was I to do? Then my computer fell and busted, and it was all God’s hand in the matter. Remember when I identified Larry Nicholls? Well suppose Larry Nicholls is also Bibi Netanyahu and suppose Bibi Netanyahu is the man I was first married to long ago named Randy Whatley, and supposed that “Bill Clinton” is his female cousin, the daughter of Soros/Chet Chatterton. She was my best friend in Costa Rica. Soros’ other daughter was Hillary, the one that was Secretary of State. Their real names are Lori and Lisa Chatterton or whatever. They keep changing names, but the faces stay just as recognizable. I’m not sure who has taken Hillary’s place recently, but it’s not the same one. There’s so much more, but basically Netanyahu is also Robert Hargraves, and a real identity enables the authorities to arrest the culprit. So, yes, Homer, you are right that the person playing Trump is a dyke in male clothing, but I believe there might have been a real Trump at one time, and this one isn’t he. The real Trump was most likely the son or nephew of a brother of Al Capone, Ralph Breaux who had more than one family, as I see it. The real Trump’s last name would have been Ferguson, which explains the Frog Meme, because a nickname for Ferguson is Froggy. I think the real Trump was Barry Ferguson and he played football for Catholic High New Iberia around 1977. He wasn’t a bad guy at all, as far as I knew, but this one isn’t he. This one is Robin Rich, whose mother is the one pretending to be a Catholic nun, Delores Hart. I knew her as Carolyn Rich when she was my evil step-mother. This fulfills the prophecy of Mother Marie Jehenny (see TradCatKnight on youtube) about the Anti-Christ being the son of a Hebrew nun who would be revered as a Saint. Barry Ferguson’s real twin sister would have been Sarah Ferguson, who also called herself Sarah Bush. These are my conclusions so far. Bear with me, the ride gets wild.


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