Nicholls: Judge and Jewry.

Lawrence Nichols is the fake name of the grandson of the Disney cartoon creator named Charles August ‘Nick’ Nicholls.  Larry was born in Pasadena at the Huntington Hospital to the daughter of Charles Nicholls.
This is Larry’s mother’s handwriting on the back of the cake photo.



This is Arlene, Larry’s mother,  as she looked in Hawaii in the late 1990’s while being poisoned with a deadly mixture of pharmaceuticals, under the mistaken notion that she had a brain tumor.  She left detailed accounts of her medications, and not one x-ray or any kind of proof of a tumor.  The smiling faces, like this one, of the people around her are very creepy and out of place considering how very close to death is this poor Arlene.  The woman to the right looks to me like the mother of Bryan Lourd, the grandmother of Billie.  Her name is Sharon, married to ‘Pufffa’ Lourd, all from New Iberia, La.  They live in a house on the Bayou Teche near the many new Caffery and Judice McMansions recently built on the inside loop of the Bayou Teche near Loreauville.  I make note of these homes being built on a piece of land that once was the Guy Shaw plantation, later purchased by my father, a point of land that is very low and prone to flooding.  The Vida Shaw sugar mill was near there, and this is where the castle interiors for the Douglas Fairbanks movies were filmed.  Also note the name Vida Shaw and it’s similarity to Vedas-Shah.


Larry August Hargrave, aka Lee Atwater, aka Benjamin Netanyahu, aka Larry Nicholls, aka Randy Whatley is shown here with the girl that played the role of Princess Leia of Starwars.  She is the (perhaps not) recently deceased Carrie  Fisher.  She later had a baby that they call Billie.  Billie’s father is another friend of mine named Bryan Lourd, whose mother we see in a photo as a “friend” of Larry’s mother.  Bryan Lourd heads the company in Hollywood called CCA, owned by Arnon Milcham who is now reportedly under investigation in Israel along with Bibi Netanyahu.  My conclusion is that Bibi Netanyahu is the same person as Larry Nicholls, who is also the same person as the man that I married in Louisiana way back in the early 1980’s and we are of course now divorced.  He married me under a false name, Randall Paul Whatley, and you can see him in the recently published video (embedded below) of Benjamin Netai, where he plays the character of the young Bibi Netanyahu.  I can vouch for the fact that the video of Benjamin Netai was actually filmed in Louisiana in the early 1980’s.  I was there and completely amazed that Randy, my husband at the time, would wear such an outdated shirt with the large 1960’s collar.  The reason, I realize now,  was to make him, as Benjamin Netanyahu, appear to be older than he actually is.  Of course, Randy didn’t want me near that filming, and I wasn’t allowed inside the studio, but that just made me much more curious.  Since I owned the car, he had no choice, so I waited outside a very long time.  Now I understand why he and Amanda Lafleur, who was there, didn’t want me there.  There are many interesting films from Baton Rouge that I’ll be discussing in the future, which will implicate the media mogul Doug Manship family as complicit in treason against the people of America.  Randy, or Bibi or whoever, actually cared for me once, very well in fact, when I had a severely infected leg wound.  All of these people, I once considered to be  good friends, and even loved some of them quite a lot.  However, the hatefulness, murder and mayhem are so out of control worldwide, that even at the risk of losing my life over this, I must speak out.


The following is a video of  my husband at the time, who called himself Randy Whatley to spread a false history of Louisiana.  He is shown here under another false identity in a film shot in the early 1980’s near Baton Rouge, La.





Since these are photos of my own in-laws,  I feel I have the right to share my personal experiences with anyone who is interested.  It’s not my fault that they all used fake names when I knew them.  The faces are so familiar, they’ve been my friends, family, co-workers, teachers…all fake of course, but I didn’t know that at the time.  I never once went looking for any of them.  They sought me out, and continue to do so, to this day.  My only chance of ever escaping them is to continue to publish information about them, even at the risk of getting a few things wrong. So forgive me for any errors, I just feel the need to share.



The girl I knew as Lisa had black hair, but her shoulders, true skin color and face are unmistakable.
Does this look like a younger George Soros to you?  Excuse the crummy camera work, my scanner was stolen along with everything else.  I’m taking photos of photos with a cheap computer camera.
The woman on the left appears to be the same as Trump’s spokeswoman named ‘Conway’. There’s my friend Lisa on the right and her father in the middle. Now I know why I wasn’t invited to that wedding.  I would have been the only one using the fake names.
I was told that this wedding had taken place in Minnesota.  The man on the left is probably Marc Reich, whose wife was a Carleone who died in the late 1970’s.
I’m not sure of the names of these two children, but they might be the two children of Lisa and Alvaro as identified in other photos. Lisa and Alvaro are not their real names, but the they are the names by which I knew them when I first met them in Costa Rica. If so, then these are the two children who tried to protect their mother from her new husband, about ten years later when they were more fully grown. It’s possible that the boy could play the role of Obama, but I don’t have enough photos to make a positive id.
Lisa introduced this man to me as her boyfriend, Alvaro Padilla, when we were all in Costa Rica. She told me he was the best damn chicken plucker in the chicken factory where he worked. This is their idea of a joke. Chicken plucker is another one of those pedophilia code words, which I only recently discovered. The woman must be his mother, but I can only comment that she looks alot like Susan Sarandon.
This is Arlene Nicholls and her sister Myrna, the two daughters of Charles Nicholls. Myrna is the wife of Chet. She is shown here with very little make up compared to her photos at the wedding.
Interesting photograph found amongst the others. I hardly need to identify these two, but for the record, I’ll call them Chelsea and Epstein.
Larry Nicholls and his wife, Gizi. Check out the mother of Jon Benet Ramsey and note the similarity. More on that later.
Could this be the one playing Barack Obama?


The photos reveal the probable relationships between these characters. The couple on the right are Myrna Nicholls Chatterton and James ‘Chet’ Chatterton, as they are signed on photos and on marriage certificates. The man on the far left could be several characters, from Marc Reich to Senator McCain and a few others in between. The woman with him is the mother of Lisa’s first husband, the man I knew as ‘Alvaro Padilla’ in Costa Rica.


The man in the center is the young James Chatterton, now playing the role of George Soros, when he’s not just another dude playing golf in Palm Springs.
These two girls are the daughters of James and Myrna Chatterton. Their names are Lori and Lisa.  My friend was the one named Lori.  The boy is the person known as Schraeder who is often seen around the Clintons.  There is a possibility that these two girls are the ones playing the roles of Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Chris Schrader is someone I met in New Iberia as a relative of Melissa Bonin.  Bonin and Bonano are the same name, and Melissa’s father was a butcher.  Her mother looked a lot like Arlene’s mother.  The butcher shop had a lounge next door called the Lazy Lounge.  Anyone can tell you that many deaths occurred around that place.  The tiled shower for draining blood from the carcasses of animals was between the Lazy Lounge and Bonin’s Meat Market.  Melissa Bonin is quite the successful  artist, just like Karl Rosenberg.
The boy in the center is Larry, the son of Arlene, nephew of Myrna and James. The man eating is someone I don’t know, but maybe someone else does.
James ‘Chet’ Chatterton and his two daughters. This is the man I believe is Soros.
Merry Christmas Mr. Soros.

This is all background to George Soros, if I’m correct about this, but I’ll just call him Chet, since that is how he is identified on the back of the photos.

I found this among Arlene’s keepsakes.
This is Arlene’s grandson, the son of Gizi and Larry. I believe that this is Ambassador Chris Stephens, the one who died at Ben Ghazi.
This is the man that Arlene really loved. He wrote to her and signed his name Gabor Szabo. I believe he played the role of the woman on Green Acres, Zsa Zsa Gabor.
This is the man who made money from weight lifting promotions and mail order “he-man” potions.
This, I believe, is the young “George Soros” in California.
This is the cover of the weight lifting magazine featuring Gabor Szabo on the cover.
Is this the same sign of the 666 that Trump makes? Or is it a code for a guitarist?  Gabor Zsabo is a talented Jazz guitarist with at least one album to his name.  Many of these  characters can also be found at the first Monterey Jazz Festival in California in the 1960’s.  As for Trump identities, take a look at an interview filmed for the Baton Rouge Jazz Festival, of a particular musician from Lafayette, La. named C.C. Adcock, and you’ll find a Donald Trump look-alike with black hair who plays guitar and has a group called the “Lafayette Marquise”.




Chet is Dave Draper, the steroid taking Mr. America.  He is the brother-in-law of Arlene Nicholls.  Chet was married to Arlene’s sister Myrna.  Since Myrna is the one who inherited Arlene’s house in Hawaii, the one in Mark Twain subdivision where I was renting, I am including photos of her also.  If I’m correct about all these identities, then I met her and Chet once in Detroit while picking up a Volvo that they were giving to their daughter, the girl I knew as Lisa Abrams, shortly before the wedding shown in the first photos above.  When Arlene died in the late 1990’s, Lisa returned to the USA from Costa Rica where we were both living at the time.  Arlene was the beloved Aunt of my friend Lisa.  In fact, Lisa told me that she was leaving Costa Rica to attend her Aunt’s funeral.  While in Costa Rica, I met a few other people that I recognize in these photos, only the names are all different.  I was in Costa Rica precisely to escape these very same people who had surrounded my mother and father and killed several siblings, but that’s another long story.  I believe they may have located me after I wrote a letter to Bryan Lourd when he was living in Los Angeles.




The event here, held in 1998 or late 1997, is the marriage between the girl I knew as Lisa Abrams, shown here with hair died blonde. This is her new husband, who I was told had the name Kleingarn. He is the one that she wrote about in a letter to someone else, not me, describing the way he and his grown children treated her terribly right after the marriage. She also stated that her two children were defending her. The two children might be the ones in the photo above, whose father would be the man I knew as Alvaro, also shown above.
This is Lisa, my friend, but her real name is Lori. She does have a sister named Lisa. The occassion is a wedding, and this is not a Catholic Church. The two men look familiar, and I want to say this is Bashar al Assad and James Comey characters, but I can’t say for certain.
Lisa introduced this man to me as her boyfriend, Alvaro Padilla, when we were all in Costa Rica. She told me he was the best damn chicken plucker in the chicken factory where he worked. This is their idea of a joke. Chicken plucker is another one of those pedophilia code words, which I only recently discovered. The woman must be his mother, but I can only comment that she looks alot like Susan Sarandon.


“Alvaro” and his son who I think has the look of Barack Obama.  It doesn’t take much effort to make a white man look like a black man on camera.


This is the only profile view of Myrna that I’ve seen. It’s in the mirror. Lisa sent that silk outfit to me in the mail after the wedding, since I wear the same size as her mother.
This is the real Lisa, sister of the one getting married.  The one getting married is actually named Lori.  The one here visited me in Costa Rica as the cousin of ‘Lisa’ named Kate.  She is a very, very unpleasant person to be around.  We all travelled to Equador together for a vacation.  I suspect that she is the one playing the Hillary character, and her sister is playing the Bill Clinton character.
The wedding that changed everything and created the factions that have destroyed several nations.


I found the grave marker of a Judge Nicholls in the cemetery in Lafayette, La. and we all know that bribed or black-mailed judges are critical to the success of any criminal enterprise.  The history books mention a particular judge who was friendly to the Jews in early Louisiana when slavery was prohibited and Pirates were legally shot on sight.  It was this Judge who remains unnamed by researchers, who was essential in stealing the land known as Algiers, La. across the river from New Orleans.  Algiers Louisiana, like Algiers, Africa, became the center of the Jewish/Arab slave trade, forced onto the Southern states after the fraudulent Louisiana Purchase of 1803.

Thomas Clagget Nicholls died in 1854 at the age of 31 years. This grave marker is in Louisiana, either in Lafayette or St. Martinville. The name Judice may possibly derive from this family, since Judice is a form of the word ‘Judge’. This may be the family which gave the Pirates their ability to force the slave business onto the Southern States which had been the only area to prohibit slavery, as all Catholic nations normally did.

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