Hargraves the Umbrella Man, the Byrd and the Babushka Lady

Doing an aimless search on Robert Hargraves, I found many of them listed, one that was in the FBI, one with the whole family involved in defense contracting, and one with a slew of ultra-liberal, neo-Cohn legislature to his credit.
Maybe they are all the same person, but this last one was seen around 2010 as Representative Robert S. Hargraves – 1st Middlesex,  introducing a bill in the Massachusettes legislature that they believe will “combat climate change”.   This Robert Hargraves  also earned his salary by introducing “An Act to prohibit the use of Native American mascots by public schools in the Commonwealth.”  We can all breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the Massachusettes State Government has taken care of these two incredibly, and I do mean ‘not credibly’ important issues. 
Just when this woman gets a clear shot of Kennedy, he reacts to being shot.  A camera gun? A camera shooting darts like the umbrella?  Why is Kennedy’s shown prostrate in the back seat with his head not blown off in re-enactments?  Was the blood splattering added to the film in Larry Mizelle’s Dallas film processing business?

Did I mention that not one photograph of  State Representative Hargraves could be found, even on the official government website?
Delusions of legislative omnipotence aside, the ‘Hargraves’ that I found most interesting is the Umbrella Man, though I would call him the Umbrella Boy, because he looks to be very young and skinny like an 18 year old.  He is identified, interestingly enough, as Roy Hargraves or sometimes it’s written Hargreaves.  I’d say that he very much resembles the young Larry Hargraves (Nicholls), son of Arlene and Robert Hargraves.  Is the Umbrella Man actually Bibi Netanyahu, perhaps ?  He would have been only 16 years old, but I’m only wondering at this point.
Please do join with this speculation of mine.

A comment on the documentary video about the Umbrella Man reads:
Subsequent evidence indicates the distinct possibility that the two men in question were Felipe Vida Santiago (Dark complected man) and Roy Hargraves. Has anyone else heard of these two?  David Morales, however, was photographed in Dealey Plaza…closer to the TSBD (Texas School Book Dep0sitory).
The full documentary demonstrating the Umbrella as a dart-shooting weapon is here, it’s not very long:

A comment found below this documentary on the Umbrella Man that mentions a Mr. D.H. Byrd.  This caught my attention because the marriage certificate of Arlene Ruella Nicholls and Robert Hargraves is signed by a wedding chapel preacher named Byrd, and the man who owned the Texas Book Depository is also named Byrd, a friend of LBJ.
The comments under the Umbrella Man video include this information:
DH byrd another tidbit….. LBJ was a friend of a guy named Malcolm Wallace. Wallace killed a golf pro who was playing around with LBJs sister, and was caught and brought to trail. And was defended by a LBJ lawyer. He was found guilty anyways and sentenced to 5 year suspended sentenced and walked out of the court house for murder 1. Wallace went to work for Temco-Ling owned by a guy named DH Byrd. Byrd and was a close business associate of LBJ. Both were in the Club Suite 8f club. One other thing to know about Mr. D H Byrd. He was the owner of the Texas Book Depository building at the time. Even with a murder 1 rapp on him, Wallace was able to get security clearance to work at Temco for 10 years even though the Navy opposed it. Temco supplied airplane parts to the military. Temco most likely made a lot of money during the Vietnam war. Lady Bird Johnson own majority of stock in Bell Helicopter. You know all those 5000 plus helicopters that were busted up during the Vietnam war. The Johnsons profited from Brown and Root (Modern day Halliburton). I also have a photo of DH Byrd and Johnson together at a University of Texas football game in 1973. Things that make you go Hmmm? 

I’ll post that marriage certificate when and if I can find it, but my memory tells me the wedding took place in Yuma, AZ.  There’s also another funny-business similar to the Umbrella Man with the dart-shooting mechanism.  The Babushka Lady is pointing her camera directly at the President when the ‘bullet’ is shot.  That Zapruder Film is bogus in so many ways, but mainly it tries to cover up the fact that the car actually stopped.  There is a video demonstrating that fact out there somewhere.
Having familiarized myself with the legendary incompetence of Pirates, and having traced them to Scarsdale High School where the men dress like women and vice versa, it looks like not a single person  of that entire Pirate Batallion at Dealey Plaza could shoot a moving target, even from a half a street-width away.   All the hand signals were necessary so that the limousine would stop at the right moment so at least  one of the countless assassins aiming at him might hit the President.

Why are the people in that final segment of the Zapruder film not waving and cheering President Kennedy?   The parade watchers all look hostile.

Babushka Lady, whose nick-name has the word Bush within it, could be Myrna. Myrna and James Chatterton signed the marriage certificate that united Arlene and Robert, as witnesses. She also uses the name Myrna Bushman on real estate titles.  I only mention this because the Babushka lady actually looks a lot like Myrna.  It would only be logical that this event would have catapulted the entire family into power.

I wasn’t going to mention this, but I was thrown into this mess when my landlord died and his wife left behind a bunch of photos that no one wanted.   My landlord’s name was Mike Carmichael Carr and he surely does look like the Lee Harvey Oswald character in his old photos.  In fact, his birth certificate lists his father’s occupation as ‘actor’.  He went to the Scarsdale Class of ’57 Reunion with his wife, Cathy Kelly Flynn Carr, whose maiden adoptive name was Flynn, who graduated that year and was responsible for putting the Reunion booklet together.  See Yahoo Groups, SHS Class of ’57 for more information.


Cathy’s daughter looks like the one who calls herself Kelly Anne Conway, or maybe it’s her niece, or some other close relative, but I’ve seen enough photos of her to be certain it’s someone in the family.  It’s no wonder she’s looking miserable on interviews these days, she knows she’s next.  General Flynn a relative of Kelly Anne and the “Clintons”?


The Umbrella Man is clearly shooting a dart at President Kennedy in the film, and subsequent forensic evidence backs this up.  Umbrella Man’s  “Cuban” partner is giving hand signals and using a walkie-talkie.

ANYONE who knows anything about hand signals KNOWS the clinched fist MEANS STOP or at least SLOW DOWN

   Film Processing in Dallas                     

Having learned the art of photography in the 1970’s, I heard the name Mizelle’s mentioned repeatedly as the place where professional photographers would mail their color film cartridges to be processed.  Black and white film was much easier to process than color, of course.  Mizelle’s would mail back a ‘contact sheet’ of small images so that the photographer could choose which images he or she wanted printed.  The photographer could also request ‘burning and dodging’ of the print, which means adding or blocking light in order to highlight or obscure certain areas of the image.  Mizelle’s Photo Lab would then mail back the prints in nice large Kodak boxes designed especially for the purpose.  I actually still have a couple of those some place.
I may be spelling the name “Mizelle” wrong, but I’ve heard the name so many times and never imagined that the day would arrive when it would be censored.  I was very much immersed in photography during my high school days.  I’ve written before that I learned photography from my yearbook advisor at Mount Carmel Academy.  He calls himself James Edmunds and he taught me back in 1976-78.

In 1977 Mr. and Mrs. James Edmunds brought the yearbook staff, two of us actually, on a field trip to Dallas to see the yearbook printing plant.  We stayed with Phillip Gould, a friend of his who worked as a photographer for the Dallas Times Herald.  Phillip, recipient of a Life Magazine photography award, being as he was so well connected, took us into the dark room of that newspaper.  A dark room is where film is processed.  It was in that Dallas Times Herald darkroom that I was told and shown by Gould and his colleagues how newspaper photographers trick people by placing a ‘caption’ under the photograph that completely misleads the reader into believing something absolutely false about that photograph when it’s printed in the newspaper.

This same Phillip Gould is now the main documentarian for French Southern Louisiana.  There’s no way in hell I, as a native-born and bred in Louisiana would ever get the opportunity to have a book published about my own culture.  Phillip, a Wisconsin native, gets to ridicule us all he wants, portray us as he wishes, and he didn’t even get to Louisiana until after he’d worked in Dallas.  He’s not a bad guy, in fact, he’s very friendly, but it’s still not fair.

As for James Edmunds, I think he’s probably the one who played the David Ferrie character that is connected to the Kennedy assassination and the development of cancer assassination in New Orleans at Oschner Hospital in the 1960’s.   Ignore the fake eyebrows on photographs of David Ferrie.   In fact, it’s difficult to find any photograph of him at all, but photographs of James Edmunds can be found.  James worked with Steve and Cherry May to establish a tabloid newspaper in Lafayette, La. in the early 1980’s.  Steve May is also involved in the construction of cell phone towers.  The May family is of course associated with the Jewish ‘Royal’ Family of Britain.  The first May sisters arrived from Germany with King George III and his Negro wife, Charlotte.  They were called the May Poles because they were so tall and thin, and it is reported that they were his mistresses.

Odd though, when I type in the search term “Color film processing Dallas Texas” I get almost nothing but Viagra advertisements from companies in Canada.  Not a single search result that gives me a photography related business in Dallas except for this discussion which confirms the Dallas, Texas return address, and laments that the company representatives are acting very suspicious indeed.

The comment in its entirety reads:

“According to one of the websites, I think it was the B&H site, the Fuji mailers are good through the end of 2009. At 5 for $24.95 the price is still right but the mailers could be worthless the day after you buy them. I sent an e-mail to Dwayne’s to ask about both the expiration date and whether Dwayne’s would allow us to use the mailer for 120 slide film too. There is a difference of several dollars between the cost of a Fuji mailer at $4.95 and what any established lab will charge for processing a roll.

The envelope I got from Kodak Film Processing shows a Dallas, TX address but the postmark shows that it was mailed from Parsons, KS.

The local camera store owner here in NJ told me that he thought Kodak stopped honoring the mailers as soon as the last Qualex lab closed. What I don’t understand is how Qualex was even involved. The film I sent with PK mailers in January had nothing to do with Qualex.

Dwayne’s [photo lab] processed it.
The trend does not look good for anyone who wants to shoot slide film. As the number of labs running E6 gets smaller and smaller there will eventually be film which can no longer be processed commercially. When that happens you will be able to but E6 kits, probably not from Kodak, and when the kits are gone, shooting slides will also be gone.

I also like shooting color print film but shooting and projecting slide film is the one thing that is most difficult to approximate with digital equipment. Now I really have to wonder whether Kodachrome processing will make it into 2010. With the film at $8 or more per roll and $13 or $14 for the Pro film and another $14 + shipping for processing and mounting there just won’t be a big demand for it.

Another commenter adds:

This is an outrage. These are contracted services that the Eastman Kodak company is legally obligated to provide (at least those mailers which have no expiration date or have not yet expired). I personally might settle for the list price in CASH for this obligation, certainly not for a couple of single use cameras. In this Internet age it would be easy to spread this information and find a lawyer to initiate a class action lawsuit for the thousands of people who have these mailers (PK’s DP’s ESP-1’s). The publicity generated alone would not be favorable for EKC… Any lawyers out there? Someone in Rochester has not thought this out very well…. Adam Lang

What I learned from the high school field trip to Dallas was that the processing of color film and the printing of high school yearbooks were related businesses, and huge ones at that.
Mizelle’s is censored from the internet, probably due to the revelations of Stew Webb who was married to the daughter of Larry Mizelle.    Stew Webb presents himself as a whistleblower concerning the Savings and Loan scandals of the 1970’s that enriched so many gangsters like Mizelle. I can’t say what percentage, if any, of his testimony is disinformation.

The present day yearbook printing situation leads us to Kansas:

Taylor and Topeka-based Jostens, the nation’s largest producer, share two-thirds of the yearbook pie. Some 3.5 million books a year come pouring out of Taylor’s four plants, in Dallas, San Angelo and El Paso, Texas, and Chester County, Pa.

The company prints yearbooks for the U.S. Naval Academy (whose books must be assembled in two volumes because they are chock-full of defense contractors’ ads) and for rural school systems so small that one student could carry the entire order of books.

Fact is, control of high school yearbooks is essential to control of a nation.  The photographs, signatures and information, including the advertisements that these yearbooks provide would be of great usefulness to gangsters intent on destroying the American people.

Among the several interesting things about this grave marker in the Jewish cemetery in Lafayette, La. is that the grandmother of Larry Nicholl’s, the mother of Arlene, is called ‘Honey’ in family letters.

The true meaning of the phrase “Mouton Noir” is that is refers to the branch of the Mouton family in Lafayette that married into Negro race.  The best term to describe the present day New World Order proponents is the Mouton Noir, the black Moutons are people, not sheep.  ‘Mouton’ means sheep in French.  They would have been called “High Yellows” in local parlance, for being Mulatto.  The name Schwartz is the code name for this branch of negro Jews of French-German  Alsace Lorraine descent.  The first Schwartz in Lafayette that I can find on a grave marker was named August Schwartz.  This is the family of Benjamin Netanyahu.  Honey’s last name was Fink before she married Charles August Nicholls.  She was the Canadian, and she had a brother who was in the Navy, so there is always a Navy connection.

The name Zilia is a form of the name Celie.  This is the branch of the Mouton family that betrayed the South and opened the gates for the Union Thieves to enter Acadiana, that is, French Catholic South Louisiana.  This is when the Jewish Mouton Noir took over the salt mine at what is now called Jefferson Island.  There is no clear title to any of that property.  The Morton Salt mine is what it’s called today, and their sign is now on the front of my father’s business place in Loreauville.  Robin Rich, the daughter of Caroline Rich/Delores Hart, ended up with all of our family businesses.  It’s time to take all that back.  After all, as Mad Dog Mattis has said before, the war isn’t over just because someone says it’s over.  The other side has a vote on that.   If no other army exists, then St. Michael the Archangel steps in with the all-powerful army of angels.  There is no other explanation for much that is being revealed, and for my ability to now no longer need Jewish permission to publish what I write.

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