Our Lady of Fatima meets the Babushka Lady

The Venerable Bishop Fulton J. Sheen may have been a real Bishop or he may have been a very good actor.  He might have been only a humble church deacon, in charge of opening and closing the church buildings, carrying around a big ring of keys.  Maybe he didn’t even write the words that he spoke. Maybe the script was written by an equally brilliant and equally humble catechism teacher.


Does it matter, when we get such results as this where he explains why World War III does not have to happen.  He describes his own experience at Fatima, Portugal when Our Lady demonstrated her presence to a million people.   War, says Sheen, is the result of our own wrong-headed thinking.





Babushka Lady in Dealey Plaza, very pleased with herself, certain that she did a good thing.



Could he be the father of “George Soros”?  They certainly look alike, in youth and now in old age as well, if this Lester W. Nelson, Sr. is actually Nelson Rockefeller, Sr.  He most certainly thought that his CIA high school was a good thing, and that his CIA plan was a good plan.  Ah, but God is the best planner of all.



James Chatterton aka George Soros and his wife, Myrna Nichols Chatterton, in Las Vegas at the Riviera Club, with Arlene Nichols and Joseph Baratta. one of her husbands.  Dean Martin was performing that night.



Arlene Nicholls with the man whose name is on a famous hand gun.  The Dean Martin advertising card is behind them.



The Babushka Lady’s camera shot coincided with one of the “gun” shots that hit President Kennedy.  Kind of looks like Myrna, does it not?  Is this why she uses the name Bushman?  No one calls this a babushka in America.  It’s a kerchief.  Why does everyone call this a babushka on the ultra censored internet?  A secret reference to the Bush family perhaps?



Nelson Rockefeller, Sr. in his youth.  Could this be Myrna’s father in law or some other Rockefeller relative of her husband?





David Rockefeller shows a family resemblance to Soros.  Or is it just that vileness to the core that they share?


Chatterton aka Soros.  How many other identities does he have?  Don Gigante is a likely disguise.



Tony Podesta has that John D. Rockefeller to look him as he gets older.  John D. Rockefeller has to be about the creepiest person I’ve ever seen, and so is Tony Podesta aka Karl Rosenberg.



Now that we are on the subject of Tony Podesta and blood running in the streets, I’m thinking of how the blood is taken from the abducted children so that it can be transfused into these creepy ghouls.  That’s what Tony Podesta’s paintings are all about.


I’ve heard the question asked, “How has it gone this far?” in regards to the corruption of our political establishment.  Luckily, Kathleen Kelly Flynn Carr did me the favor of printing out all the Scarsdale High School email correspondence from 2004.  Here is one from Karl Rosenberg aka Tony Podesta, that has someone from Cavalry Church fascinated by his discussion of alternative health remedies recommended by psychics.  Notice his use of the capitalized “Small world”.    This is how the evil s introduced, and how it spreads:



The title of this email thread is “Spirit World”.   SHS57 refers to Scarsdale High School Class of ’57.  The maiden name of Kathleen Kelly Carr is ‘Flynn’.




The most fascinated person here is from the “Calvary Cathedral”.


He uses the term “Small world” which gives me the creeps because I feel it refers to the use of children’s blood infusions and organ transplants as an alternative medicine.   These alternative medicine recommendations he says are from psychics.
There’s always the Canadian connection.  That’s the country where they pledge allegiance to the Jewish “Royal” family of England.  Don’t underestimate the significance of the first name “Roy”, as in Roy Cohn aka Roy Carlin, or Roy Breaux.  And don’t underestimate the use of New York City as a generic place for anything that happens anyplace.




High school yearbook description reads “Karl Moses Rosenberg, Master Painter…Thinks in Circles and Squares…Karl with a K, Confederate Runaway.”
Shiloh is another word for King Saul.
Catholic cemetery, remembering a traitor.
Jewish Cemetery.
The construction of this type of phallic symbol tower is an abomination to the Lord, according to scripture.
These grave markers demonstrate the infiltration of the Jews into the old Catholic families.  That symbol within the circle is a disguised Star of David.



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