McCain the Serial Traitor

The website is the source for this important piece of news about John McCain.  It is my conclusion that he is actually the same person as Marc Reich, but perhaps I’m wrong on that.  Either way, here is the translation:

In the course of an official trip to the Middle East, during which he was received by the Turkish President and the King of Saudi Arabia, Senator John McCain secretly (and illegally) went to Syria. There he met with both the Kurdish and US military leaders.

The timing of the meeting coincides with the opening of the new peace talks in Geneva.

John McCain had come to Syria in May 2013, to meet with leaders of the armed groups, who would later become the leaders of what now is known as the Islamic Emirate.

In February 2011, he had co-chaired in Cairo the meeting for launching wars in Libya and Syria. Then he had gone to Libya and took the decision to set up an Islamist support base at Ersal.

Anoosha Boralessa

As the McCain persona, even before this, he had quite an openly treasonous record, which means he’s earned big points in the Pirate world.  He was personally responsible for the death of hundreds of his fellow American soldiers during the Vietnam War, in situations that could  be interpreted as “done on purpose”.   He was pardoned for TREASON by President Lyndon B. Johnson.

Meanwhile his father, the Navy Admiral McCain and President Lyndon B. Johnson were covering up the attack on the USS Liberty as it sat in international waters.  This attack by Israeli bombers was relentless, and it was done with warplanes and training that had been provided by Americans supporting Israel.   Many soldiers died and many were wounded. Here again, “done on purpose” because this is how the Jews were able to make their illegal entry into the all important Golan Heights.  From the Golan Heights they’ve been able to launch missiles into Syria and manage ISIS.

Trump de-funded McCain’s ISIS fighters, according to Reuters, February 21, 2017.

All CIA funding to ISIS is frozen. [1]

There’s Buddy Rich the drummer at the first Monterrey Jazz Festival in California, and before that he was at Scarsdale High School, Class of ’57.

All those photographs of all those people that look like the man on the left in the photograph with James Chatterton below.  Looks to me like the same man who continuously and openly wages war upon Americans.  There he is with Babushka Lady and “George Soros” in 1998, fellow soldiers in arms.

[1] “Exclusive : CIA-backed aid for Syrian rebels frozen after Islamist attack – sources”, Tom Perry, Suleiman Al-Khalidi and John Walcott.


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