Reince Preibus One of Us?

Trump, as President, could repatriate for the public every social media platform whose development has been funded with our extorted tax money.  This is only fair, considering that the technology for it all has been obtained fraudulently.   Mandate ad-free social platforms at least, since it’s all paid for already, by us.

Reince Preibus:

On January 16, 2015, the election for the chairmanship of the Republican National Committee took place in San Diego, California.

Priebus was reelected to a third term on a near-unanimous vote, making him the first Chairman to lead the RNC for three consecutive terms with a Democrat in the White House.

You’ll see only accusations of Racism if you try to research the backgrounds of both Priebus and Steve Bannon, Trumps two top team members.  Someone needs to stand up and say, YES, I love my own race and I’m willing to do something to prevent this White Genocide, I’m willing to defend innocent children, women and families. Stop denying that you are racist, for God’s sake, there is nothing wrong with loving and appreciating your own White Race.  Celebrate it!  They want us all dead, doesn’t that put some sense of rebellion into anyone?

Read this Anti-White war mongering propaganda and ask yourself where this is meant to lead:

“And so for about 7 years, the promotion of “Take Our Country Back” as a veiled reference to white supremacy and its racist bigotry reigned in the halls of the RNC taking donations, going to events and applauding bumbling idiots like the birthers knowing darn well that there were no legs to stand on but hey, it rallies the peanut gallery so why not right?  Of course, the short-sidedness [sic] of the decision to partner up did NOT occur to RNC management

On October 2, 2014, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus laid out the RNC’s “Principles for American Renewal”, covering 11 goals of the Republican party in the lead up to the 2016 presidential election.

The principles included three economy-related proposals for the Senate:

  1. approval of construction on the Keystone XL Pipeline
  2.  federal healthcare law reform
  3. and a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. constitution.

Other goals included in the principles include job creation, care of veterans, immigration and government spending.”

The Keystone XL Pipeline has been protested by Soros’ army of mentally ill employees. The reason is that this pipeline will bring in Russian oil and eliminate all perceived need for giving our oil and gas leases in the Gulf of Mexico to British Petroleum and other Saudi Arabian oil companies.  This will destroy the Petro-Dollar, which is meaningless to America as it hurts us more than any other nation.  As if it would be so difficult to print a different picture on a little piece of paper and call it anything you want.  Leave those Pirates high and dry, holding worthless paper and gold hoards with no buyers.

Oh, and by the way, Putin has just managed to buy the right to drill in the Gulf of Mexico, and to purchase for the Russian people what looks like controlling interest in Marc Reich’s Glencore, among others. The XL Pipeline will be part of a world wide trading system, a Silk Road, that will free us from slavery to the Mouton Noir.

Along with the destruction of the Petro Dollar goes the destruction of the world wide assassination teams and Private Military Contractors.  Called PMC, these chaos armies have formed new nations of their own, with agents running every church and  institution that we have access to.  It’s come out that most of the employees at DHS are Muslims, but Jehovah’s Witnesses are not very different in their attitudes.  Many churches are fronts for  criminal activity. These chaos armies roam the world, enter our houses, grope us in airports, teach Satanist principles in our schools and dole out free public benefits to their evil minions.  Meanwhile they have systematically  denied regular people any public benefits at all.  What non-Pirates have the right to do is serve time in jail and “move forward” every time one of our family members is murdered by one of them.  That’s about it.

At over 1.4 trillion Rubles, Rosneft is:

  • 50.01% is retained in Russian State ownership, hopefully for the benefit of the Russian people;

  • 19.75% stake is owned by BP, which in effect gives Putin control of oil leases off the Southern coast of USA, from Florida to Texas.  This gives Putin the right to BE THERE off the coast of Louisiana.  So Putin in effect has kicked out the Arab-Jewish British Crown Thieves and Pedophiles that have invaded New Orleans. assassinated local opponents and polluted the Gulf Coast.

  • 19.5% of shares are held by a consortium of Glencore and QIA established on a parity basis (50/50);  This puts “Marc Reich” in a minor position.

  • 10.75% of shares are in free float at the global stock markets, in the possession of major international and Russian investors.

So Reince Preibus’ Republican Platform of 2015 included a pipeline that enables us to buy oil from Russia.   Preibus’ good for America is an attempt to bypassg the Middle East, which angered the Democratic National Committee.  They went so far as to issue a statement that Republicans are “out of step with the American public”.

Priebus had been praised for his fundraising skills and healing relations with major GOP donors, his ability to maintain “generally warm acceptance” by conservatives and moderates alike, among other accomplishments.

In an effort to discredit Preibus, his detractors published a photo of him with the Confederate Flag in the background.

I love it.


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