Benjamin Netai, Randy Whatley, Larry Nicholls, Lawrence Hargraves: All The Same Person as Bibi Netanyahu

What I see in this photo is a boy on the right whose feet are abnormally turned out when sitting.  An examination of films showing Bibi Netanyahu’s feet when seated could help to show that this is the same person.  These turned out feet are something that I remember well about Randy Whatley, my first husband.

Bibi Netanyahu’s Clinton Machine in Hawaii is alive and kicking.  A 9th Circuit Court Judge in Hawaii defies President Trump and continues to allow illegal  mercenaries to enter “his” state of Hawaii.  Locals tell me that foreign soldiers have taken control of the National Parks here and that anyone who dares to enter one of these Parks is followed, spied upon and monitored by “foreign” security personnel.  Park visitors are followed even after having left the gates.  Perhaps others on the Big Island would like to verify this for themselves and post films of this on Youtube.  I suspect that the “red planet Mars” photos are taken on Maunaloa, and the NASA money is funneled to foreign enemies.

The corruption that is allowed to operate daily in this occupied set of Pacific Islands needs to be watched closely.  Having lived here a bit more than a year, I can tell you that the Pirates are in full control here.  As a result, the sacrifice of abducted children on Maunaloa Volcano has flourished, the illegal drug business has operated openly with official protection, pillage of both natives and newcomers is a daily occurrence in the form of corrupt Real Estate agents, over-regulation of home building, and a giant hotel industry that have colluded to basically outlaw any small business competition, and that includes the effective prohibition against building of small affordable homes.

While the “white man” is blamed for this situation, the fact is that every government office is occupied by a person with a Chinese name, and after the third generation they claim native status and thus reap the benefits that should be going to people who’ve been here much longer.  Good luck getting anyone in government to answer a phone or email.  It is simply impossible, because it’s designed that way.  They have no intention of doing whatever job it is that they are hired to do.  A government job is a way to conduct a heist of the taxpayer funds and at the same time favor relatives and friends.  The Chinese Hawaiians say this is because “only the strong survive”.  As a result, the homelessness of regular working people and their families is on the rise.  Still, this Hawaiian 9th Circuit Court wants to let in more illegal mercenaries disguised as refugees.  No one has given American refugees like myself a free ride or a place to go yet.  I’m waiting for that, but meanwhile I’m thinking of lawsuits.

After reading the biographies of a number of Scarsdale Alumni, I realized that, besides having “invented” Prednizone, the memory erase drug which is nothing more than the date rape drug Scopolamine, (so say “invented” by a man named Gould) many of these Alumni have migrated to Real Estate since 1957.  I realize now how Prednizone and Real Estate Fraud go hand in hand, and it involves identity theft.

My experience with a completely corrupt Hawaii Real Estate business and their agents began when the house that was built by the mother and grandfather of Bibi Netanyahu was inherited by Bibi’s Aunt Myrna, the wife of the man we call “George Soros”.    When I tried to contact Myrna she and all of her family freaked.

Why?  I didn’t know at the time who they were because I hadn’t scrutinized the many photographs yet, but they must have known that I’m a family member of theirs.  I was once married to Bibi when he called himself Randy Whatley in Louisiana in the 1980’s.  He had lied to me about everything, but I remember his photographs, those of himself when young and his mother.  This “Soros” family were my in-laws, and I realized this when I tried to return Arlene Nicholl’s personal keepsakes to them.  They must have thought I was going to trick them when retrieving the items.  Now I realize that I have as much right to have them as they do.

Umbrella Man
The Umbrella man is more of a gangly Umbrella Boy, the age that Bibi would have been the year President Kennedy was killed.  These photos are from Dealey Plaza, taken the day of Kennedy’s assassination.
Here’s a photo taken at Coney Island.  In the driver’s seat is the man we would call “Lee Harvey Oswald”, but to Arlene, next to him, he was “Mike Carr”, later married to Kathy Kelly Flynn here on the Big Island.  Behind them is what looks like “Anne Frank” and “Al Capone” or some similar gangster.
The couple on the right are Myrna Nicholls Chatterton and James ‘Chet’ Chatterton, as they are described in photos and marriage certificates. The man on the far left could be  Marc Reich, Senator John McCain and/or Richard Nixon, but he’s called Buddy Rich in some photos.  It is the character Buddy Rich who hated Frank Sinatra, but they all look alike.   As it turns out, Myrna matches up with the Babushka Lady at Dealey Plaza, and Chet matches up with George Soros. No wonder they freaked out when I tried to contact them.
The ear of the young John McCain does not match the ear of the elder McCain.
The curly headed blond woman in front is Kathy Flynn Carr.  She is the one who married Mike Carr, aka Lee Harvey Oswald, after Arlene died.  This is obviously “Nancy Pelosi” next to her.  Is that the Turkoman “Fetullah Gulen” in the middle?  Not sure.  The woman is called Dottie Gough by her Scarsdale classmates.  This photograph was left behind on the Big Island after Mike Carr died this year.
This photo is of Brian Lourd’s (Creative Artists Agency) mother and beside her is the woman (?) who played the wife of Dean Martin in publicity photos.  This was taken on the day of a luncheon with Arlene, shortly before her death on the Big Island around 1998.
Close up of Arlene’s companion, Mike Carr when younger.  Is it Lee Oswald?  Mike’s father listed his occupation as “Actor” on his birth certificate.  His real surname was Carmichael.  His last wife was a Flynn, graduate of Scarsdale, 1957, occupant of Arlene’s house in Mark Twain Subdivision, Big Island, HI.
Randy Whatley aka Bibi Netanyahu, published this book while we were married and I did the illustrations.  His goal was to spread a false history of Louisiana and to introduce the word “Cajun” by pretending to be one.


Notice in this film of Ben Nitay aka Bibi Netanyahu that his hair is curly as if it were permed.  It was curly frizzy, but the same color brown as that of the young Larry Nicholls,  when I was married to him at this time, but he called himself Randy Whatley.  This film was made in Louisiana and I was waiting outside the studio, horrified that he would wear such an out-dated shirt around 1983-84.  It was to make it appear that Bibi is older than he actually is.



This is a photo found in Arlene Nicholl’s house of the man called “Spiderman” Guidry, of Lafayette, La. who fraudulently played the Dean Martin replacement.
Bibi’s Aunt Myrna with a babushka.


Mike Carr at Hookena Beach in the 1970’s.
Mike Carr aka Lee Harvey Oswald with the young Bibi Netanyahu at the Malama Mart in Ocean View, Big Island, HI on the left.  Mike on the right.  1970’s.



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