Golan Heights: El-Isa and Gabriel


This “aborted” Israeli bombing run is not the first.   The first one destroyed the Mosque of Omar in the city of Damascus, as it is reported by the Syrians.

These bombing runs by Israeli military are to assist the terrorists mercenaries that the Israelis have succeeded in migrating en masse from further East. Israel also provides these soldiers with medical care in the Golan Heights, though this report informs us that the Jews have already fled the Golan Heights.

What this aggressive Syrian countermeasure of March 17, 2017 signals is Russia’s willingness to destroy the Zionists in the region.   This would tell us also that the meeting between Bibi Netanyahu and Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin a few days prior, did not go very well.

The Syrian government has never before defended itself against the Muslim-Jewish coalition that is established in the Golan Heights.   Before this, any challenge to Israel was a challenge to the US military.    Since the U.S. military is completely run by Muslims and Jews, or has been until recently, the Syrians have seen no resistance to these mercenary invaders and their local recurits who lob home-made bombs from one neighborhood to another until there’s nothing left but a heap of rubble.  Then the Jews and Arabs who control the media tell the world that the United States did it.   Even more important is that Bashar al Assad himself was an ally of this Muslim-Jewish coalition, and the factions within that coalition represent a split within the family.  Since we are dealing with family in-fighting, these posers are betraying their government responsibilities to the nations, and this is happening world-wide.  The illusion has been that a secular government is a government capable of anything but corruption, when the word secular is from a Latin root meaning “corruption”.

So when we send our children to SECULAR schools, we can understand why El-Isa and Gabriel speak of Sex Day in school on Wednesdays being very, very busy, in this important interview.  This was reported in 2014.  Since then, every government agency, police force and judicial functionary has conspired to protect the guilty and allow the children to be given to the abusers, while destroying the Mother’s life.  This is the result of tolerating a government that does not tolerate the old Cato-like Roman way of life.  This is the result of rejecting Catholicism.  This is what happens when we tolerate Jewish infiltration of Catholic buildings and thereby neglect reverence for the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Mary’s eyes are always looking downward at the children, her arms spread in a protective gesture, her tummy swollen with another child.  The Talmud allows grown men to have sex with them.  The Satanic Bible, a best seller in recent years, also permits other horrors spoken of here by children (kids) describing their days at Christ Church School in Hampstead:







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