The Flynns sell America for a Half Million Dollar Downpayment or: Why is This Better Than Feudalism?

Besides my own photo essay on Flynn and the Israeli-Turks, and why it’s very good that Flynn was fired, published here are excerpts from Catholic World, 1900-1901 concerning the re-writing of history by Marxist theorists intent on creating chaos in the present and inventing chaos in the past where none actually existed.

“…evolution to the evolutionary theorist means having cycles and cataclysms, revolutions and breakdowns, as in Marxist theology and Communism, whereas Christian and Catholic development does not require these things at all…”

“Have “cyclic changes” [Revolutions] taken place in Christian doctrine?  The evolutionary theorist says yes, and undertakes to prove his position – fails…For all the Fathers who have contributed to the voluminous records we still possess of early theological disputations…none warrant the term ‘cyclic change’.

There has been a process of development, not evolution. Nor is this a quibbling of words, since evolution to the evolutionary theorist means having cycles and cataclysms, revolutions and breakdowns, as in Marxist theology and Communism, whereas Christian and Catholic development does not require these things at all.

“It matters little to us whether or not “cyclic changes” have occurred in Protestant theology since the Reformation, and we challenge Mr. Paine [a pirate family] to produce facts which will support his theory of ‘cyclic change in early Christian doctrine.  His statement of the case is this: “The law of development began to work at once in the history of the dogma of Christ.  A new cycle began with the introduction of Greek philosophy, continuing to the Nicene-Athenasian period (A.D. 325-373), [until] a complete rent was made in the old order of faith and thought.”

“A Catholic, therefore, if he prays according to the mind of

the Church, knows that he is praying in the manner pleasing

to God. The Holy Mass, the Rosary, the Stations of the

Cross, the Angelus, the practice of meditation, the daily reading

of the Holy Scriptures, devotion to the Sacred Heart, and

endless thoughts of Mary, the shield of the Incarnation—in

these he knows he is walking humbly before his God, and

fencing himself lest he turn into the easy path of the self deluder,

or even of the hypocrite.”

Christianity was evidently intended by its Founder to be a universal religion, and as such it must have a determined body of doctrine.  All Christendom recognizes that the Bible as a font of belief is in an undeveloped state, and has gone on this presumption.  But for the first three centuries the canon of the Scriptures had not been definitely settled, and the rule of faith was Apostolic teaching preserved and handed down by tradition and in fragmentary writings or epistles.

When, twelve years after the Ascension, the Apostles went forth into the world to teach Christianity they must have had some uniformity at least in the fundamental, saving doctrines they were to communicate to mankind.  In reality they meted out to mankind the highest kind of theology, a theology which was equal to the greatest minds of subsequent centuries, though it was never meant to satisfy philosophical minds of future converts to Christianity.”

“We find the greatest minds like Justin, Origen, Tertullian and Athanasius, Augustine applying themselves to the Christian theology by discussing, analyzing, comparing, deducing, formulating.”

Our Pirate leaders have no clue of these great thinkers or their works. Catholic educators should not ignore 2000 years of history and civilization.   School curricula have given us the most barbaric Marxist materialism and atheism instead of the truth of Catholicism and Christianity and that it was meant to be universal laws for survival and prosperity.  It requires that everyone agree to it for it to work within a society.

Pirates use terms like ‘Evolution, Revolution, Methodist, Protestant, Democracy, all of which imply infiltration of heresy and Satanism into Catholicsm.  Beginning with the idea that Apes are the ancestors of all humans when perhaps they are only the ancestors of certain humans, the Satanists proceed from there to make arguments for the need to remove all trace of the Ten Commandments from public view, all ancient biblical texts from all schools: no Latin, no Greek, no practical skills are taught.  And from there the horrors of a culture that celebrates perversion is forced upon us, and we are helpless to defend ourselves from it, which is exactly the goal.  With Hollywood, News Outlets, Internet, all historical films and music of the past 150 years, including Disney, all controlled by Satanists, there is no escape from the vulgar, pagan themes and images that insult our every sense.

That’s why it’s very important for us all to understand exactly who stole all our media and who controls it.  I’ve written much about who is profiting from hijacked royalty payments for film and music, and all evidence points to the man who calls himself Netanyahu…

One Catholic writes in 1900 as if he were speaking to us today, in this far sighted commentary:

“The idea of “accommodation” … is understood as a substantial change that obliterates the original doctrine and reverses it to its opposite…When the original doctrine is sound, the world accommodates itself to the doctrine, not the other way around.

“…We do not change the laws to accommodate our sins, we stop sinning to accommodate the laws. The teaching of the Apostles remained one with the seed from which it sprang, though it is a complex seed and contrary to vile human nature and reason, on its surface, to accept a part is to accept the whole.

“Development is a greater acceptance of the doctrine in its entirety, as it was inherent in the original seed.  This is unity. Anything else is fragmentation into different sects which would result in the total disintegration of Christianity, which is precisely what the enemies of Christianity desire.

“The unrecognizable tangle of theology that is Protestantism and Buddhism and Islam and Judaism and Materialism, leads to discord and despair.”

“Is it any wonder that people are dissatisfied, lost and with no idea of history, their own or others, which makes it easy to manipulate with lies and calls to bigotry and violence?  Isn’t this precisely what Christ came to save us from, if only we would heed the call and forget the false idol of ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’.  Why put yourself in bondage to sin and the slavery of materialism or some other ‘new’ notion.”

Voluntary servitude to God’s law is a better way, but first we need to know what those laws are, precisely as they were given to us, and say no to censorship of those laws by anyone, including the Pirate Puritans that we have so willingly accommodated into our lives. We’ve let them fill our heads with tall tales that they call history.  It’s time to do our own research and find our own ancestors and learn what they actually did.

It’s time to take a close look at our own faces, our own tribe and to find those faces in history.

Hercules destroys Cacus, the source of the name Kike. Cacus used three mouths to trick his victims, but Hercules kicked his chaotic butt.  This statue is in Florence and the Jews don’t like it at all, as you’ll notice in reading about it.
Mediterranean area stone heads show the physiognomy of those who actually lived there.  These are Hellenes, defined as Israelite tribes, good examples of the descendants of Shem.  The Hellenes are alluded to in the Koran as having  descended from Joseph and Benjamin, the two brothers who were not afraid to take to the water.  The other tribes wandered with Moses in The Wilderness, which appears to be America, as I see it anyway.
Some very capable and organized force of people and government built these great walls around Constantinople, and it was called Rome, also spelled Rum.  The fall of these walls had repercussions around the world.  A re-Conquest of Constantinople would solve many problems that have resulted from its fall.  There are thousands of walled cities built during the 2000 year period that Catholicism ruled.   Home schoolers can learn about this by being skeptical of what Freemasons write on bronze plaques and in school textbooks.  There are reports and traces of ancient walled cities in America. Some are hidden in plain sight, with plaques claiming they were built much later than they actually were, especially along the border between Canada and the United States where a trail existed.  I’ve seen Roman ruins in Hawaii, with some ancient roads and waterways still used.  The key is to study the building methods.
The idea of Catholicism was to build a wall around those who chose to participate and follow the rules.  Several walled cities would cooperate in regular markets outside the gates.
Even my own family history, published by a cousin with a selfish agenda, is full of errors and important omissions.  Notice the author’s name is “David”, a name never before seen in the Broussard family.  The couple in the photograph are my great grand parents in Loreauville.


I promised April Rankin that I’d watch out for her son, Cameron, and this has been my intention all along for  publishing this blog.  Not only for her son, but for mine as well, and all of our children.  This is the real Nancy Sinatra, and as far as I know, she’s deceased.  She died in New Orleans thanks to New Orleans policemen and their habit of arresting a girl’s boyfriend and leaving her alone in the Quarter with no keys, no medicine, no purse or phone.  As far as I can tell, John McCain the Senator is her brother, the one identified as Frank Sinatra, Jr. in publicity photos.  He is responsible for the theft of the Frank Sinatra Estate and the delivery of it to our enemies.  This theft represents the artistic output of three generations of his family, and other families as well, including my own.  You’ll find this collection of films and other priceless documents referred to in the story of Marc Rich (who is probably also Frank Sinatra, Jr./John McCain) and a certain “trunk of documents” that I’m certain is rightfully my own, or at least it belonged to my father.  The photograph above is myself on the right, and April on the left: the daughters of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra having breakfast in New Orleans on Oak Street.  We didn’t have a word for Gang Stalking, but we were having a nice time anyway.
Brosac, the Pius Marshall. Brosac is another way of spelling Broussard.  “Marshall Law” is a term we hear alot, isn’t it?
This document shows the name Joseph Broussard de Beausoleil. The letter ‘t’ has been crudely added to change ‘De’ into ‘Dit’, in order to diminish the status of this man.  What it says is that he has arrived with a “corps de Feu” which is to say he arrived with an army, at least.  This was filed in 1796, just one year before the earthquake that shook all of North America and closed up sections of  the Red/Colorado/Vermilion River that once allowed rapid travel diagonally across America from the Pacific North West to the drainage basin of the Mississippi River.  The document talks about something named the “Beau Soleil”, perhaps a sloop that arrived at the Attakapas Region, which does extend to the Vermillion Bay where a large sailing boat could moor around Cypremort Point.  This is why the true ownership of South Louisiana needs to be looked at carefully.
Detail of the forged letter ‘t’ which does not match up with the other t’s on the page.
Born in Loreauville, not far from where the sloop Beau Soleil landed in 1797, this is Nancy Sinatra, or I should say Vicky Walet, or even April Rankin.  You’ll also see her in the film “Day in the Life” by the Beatles.  Is it too strange to say that the Beatles were from Loreauville!
What happened to the legitimate Russian Catholic Monarchy that lived when America was known to be Russian territory? This is Nicholas I Pavlovich Romanoff. In other words, the house of Paul, the Roman.  There is in this family a Prince Michael who probably is Michel Roman, the founding family of St. Francisville, La.  There are grave markers for members of this family in St. Martinville, and I also descend from this family called Roman.
Cosimo de Medici I, a true hero who should be studied.  His family owned what is called the Bardi Company, but the name is Berardi, or Berard in French or English.
A member of the Catholic Monarchy during the late 1500’s.  They mostly wrote books about hunting and fishing in America, follwowng the example Jacques de la Brosse.  There are great artists also among this family.
This is Claude of Lorraine, the father of Antoinette, the family that still has rightful ownership of the entire original Louisiana Purchase.  He was the first Duke de Guyse.
This is what’s left of the old Christian towns of Syria that were built during the early Roman era.  Palmyra was a market town, and like all markets, it was provided and maintained by the Roman Catholic government based in Constantinople, but with other large metropolitan areas that have also been destroyed by the Turks.

So with all this background, we can appreciate better an article that has been hidden on the VeteransToday website since March.  I’ve referred to it before in a past blog.

The subject is General Flynn, the former National Security Advisor of Trump who later also got fired.  On another level, it’s about everyone in the United States military and it’s tendency to reinforce our enemies and allow soldiers to be slaughtered.  Flynn’s former lobbying company was called FIG.

It is known that General Flynn was hired by an Israeli company to push the Turkish agenda, using America to pay the price.  For not quite a half million dollars, this U.S. Army General agreed to deliver the head of Fetullah Gulen to Erdogan the Turkish president, but most importantly, the American military would be delivered to the Turkish-Israeli extremist governments for use as their slaves in further destroying America, the planet and everyone on it so that Baby Eaters can practice their religion on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

The key word for us is “Israeli”.  That usually means Netanyahu, who is supposed to be on Trump’s side, and Trump is supposed to be on his side.  Flynn worked for a Jewish company that has a Jihadi CEO with a Turkish name….but who actually owns the company?    Who is never mentioned or criticized in the main stream media? Hmmm…let me think.

More on this photo taken in the ’90’s and given to me by Cathy Flynn, sitting front.  The others look like Nancy Pelosi and “Dorothy Gough” of Scarsdale Class of ’57.  I earlier published this photo and mistakenly identified the man as Gulen, when I meant to type Erdogan.  Gulen is the former friend that Erdogan wanted delivered to him by General Flynn of the U.S. military.  General Flynn was simply working for the Turks who are working for the Mossad or someone based out of Israel, I’d like to know who.  So what will Trump do about all that Embassy in Jerusalem stuff?  How many illegal foreigners are already in our military?  Cathy Flynn, I’m fairly certain is the sister of General Flynn because I’ve seen his military photo and she’s bragged about him.  I have no reason to lie about any of this.  Cathy Flynn is the woman who told me about the enormous arms stashes in the hills around Phoenix and Tempe Arizona where she and her friends go to target-practice. Phoenix is a very dangerous place for a Catholic priest to be.  Several have died in that  area in the last few years.  The Flynns use the Jehovah Witnesses as cover and have as their doctrine that they are forbidden from stopping warfare, or even warning the population about an imminent danger because they are “pacifists”.  I know that pacifists storing weapons and target-practicing sounds weird, but such is the pirate mentality.  They simply don’t want to admit that they are planning an invasion of America from the inside, using illegals as their barbaric hordes, and stocking up weapons in caverns and caves throughout the land.  Flynn’s firing possibly put a halt to this disaster.

Here’s the article in it’s entirety, including the very low number of reads:

by Moon of Alabama

What is really behind the deep-state infighting over the U.S. elections and the “wire tapping” of the Trump campaign? Why was the CIA-Neocon axis vehemently lobbying against Trump? What foreign interests and what money is involved in this? Answers to these questions are now emerging.

The former director of the CIA under Clinton, James Woolsey, went to the Wall Street Journal and offered some information (likely some true and some false) on the retired General Flynn and the lobbying businesses he was involved in. Woolsey is an arch-neoconservative. He had worked on the transition team of Trump but got fired over “growing tensions over Trump’s vision for intelligence agencies.” Flynn is the former National Security Advisor of Trump who later also got fired. Woolsey was a board member of Flynn’s former lobbying company FIG.

Woolsey claims: In September 2016 he took part in a meeting between Flynn and high level Turkish officials, including the Turkish foreign minister and the energy minister who is the son-in-law of the Turkish president Erdogan. During the meeting, Woolsey claims, a brainstorming took place over how the Turkish cult leader Fethullah Gülen could -probably by illegal means- be removed from the U.S. and handed over to Turkey.

Gülen is accused by the Erdogan mafia of initiating a coup attempt against it. The U.S. claims officially that there is no evidence for such an accusation and that Gülen can therefore not be rendered to Turkey. Gülen is an old CIA asset that helped the U.S. deep state to control Turkey.  Erdogan divorced from the Gülen organization after it became useless for his neo-Ottoman project.

Here is the WSJ report on the Woolsey claims and a video clip with parts of his WSJ interview. Woolsey also went on CNN where he repeated his WSJ story.

Flynn was accused by the anti-Trump campaign to have worked for Russia. He had taken several $10,000 for speeches he gave in Moscow. He also, at times, had argued for better U.S. relations with Russia. But Flynn’s pro-Russia stand was probably honest. (Or the bribes involved were just smaller than the ones paid by others.) The money he got on the speaker circus was rather small for a man in his position.

Flynn’s real corruption was on another issue.

After having been fired from the Trump administration, Flynn retroactively filed under the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA). His lobbying firm had a contract over $530,000 to work for a company near to the Turkish president Erdogan:

In its filing, Mr. Flynn’s firm said its work from August to November “could be construed to have principally benefited the Republic of Turkey.” The filing said his firm’s fee, $530,000, wasn’t paid by the government but by Inovo BV, a Dutch firm owned by a Turkish businessman, Ekim Alptekin.

This lobbying, not the alleged Flynn-Putin relation, is the real scandal and part of the Trump/CIA/Clinton deep-state in-fighting.

The meeting Woolsey described was under the “Turkish” Flynn contract. The Turkish business man, and owner of Inovo, Ekim Alptekin is a member of the Erdogan gang. But hidden at the very end of the WSJ story is the real key to understand the shady network:

Inovo hired Mr. Flynn on behalf of an Israeli company seeking to export natural gas to Turkey, the filing said, and Mr. Alptekin wanted information on the U.S.-Turkey political climate to advise the gas company about its Turkish investments.

It was the Israeli gas company, not the Alptekin outlet, that drove the issue.

The Leviatan (and Tamar) gas fields in the Mediterranean along the Israeli coast are a huge energy and profit resource IF the gas from them can be exported to Europe. Several companies are involved in the exploration and all are looking for ways to connect the fields to the European gas network. There are (likely true) rumors that huge bribes have been payed in Israel, Jordan and elsewhere to win exploration contracts and to sell the gas. Negotiations between Israel and Turkey over the pipeline have been on and off. They depend on a positive climate towards Israel in the Turkish government which again depends on the often changing political position of the Erdogan gang.

The picture evolving here (lots of sleuthing and sources) is this:

An Israeli company (or whoever is behind it) wants a gas pipeline to Turkey. It hires Flynn and Alptekin to arrange a positive climate for the Leviathan pipeline within the Turkish government. It offers Flynn more than half a million for a little (4-month long) influence work. His job is to create a “friendly atmosphere” for the deal by using his influence in the U.S. to accommodate Erdogan. A major point that is expected from Flynn is to arrange the handover of Gülen, by whatever means, from the U.S. to Erdogan.

After accepting the (lobbying) bribe Flynn-the-whore suddenly changes his former anti-Turkish, pro-Russian, pro-Kurdish political position into a pro-Turkish, neutral-Russian and anti-Kurdish one. (His lobbying firm also makes some smaller payments related to the Clinton email-server scandal. This may be related to links between the Clinton family and the Gülen school empire.) He has a meeting with the Turkish government/Erdogan officials part of which is a discussion of a removal of Gülen to Turkey. He pens a pro Erdogan anti-Gülen op-ed which is published on the day of the election and he denigrates the Pentagon plan to work with the Kurds in Syria.

The NSA, CIA and the FBI are listening to Flynn’s conversations with Turkish and Israeli interests. (For the old and long history of such “wiretapping” of Turkish and Israeli connections and various dirty and criminal deals they revealed read and ask Sibel Edmonds.)

The projects which Flynn is involved in, especially removing Gülen, are against the long term interests of the (neoconservative-driven) CIA. Selected tapes of his talks are transcribed and distributed within the anti-Trump campaign. This is the origin of the “wiretapping” of the Trump Tower the U.S. president lamented about. The stuff the CIA dug up about Flynn’s dealing was and is used against Trump.

Woolsey is caught up in this as he also worked for Flynn’s lobbying firm. (His neocon-pro-Zionist history suggests that he is the senior Israeli watchdog over Flynn in all this.) He is now engaged in damage control and is “coming clean” and selectively leaking his anti-Flynn stuff to exculpate himself. (There is probably also some new, better deal involved that will pay off from him.)

The Israeli-Turkish pipeline and the related deep-state fight are not the only issue involved in the campaign against Trump. There are also British interests and British intelligence involvement especially with the accusations against Russia of “hacking” of the DNC. If and how these fit in with above has not yet been revealed.

Source: Moon of Alabama

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