The Newly Appointed Queen of France



This video shows one of the best things that Trump has ever done…

What inspired him to give the longest handshake in the world:


Poor France.


Pay attention to the face of Brigitte Macron, the new French “First Lady”.  Watch Melania’s face also.  You’re watching a war being declared.


Mrs. Macron realizes that Trump is aggressively holding her husband’s hand, so she tries the same thing with Melania in this video:



This should give a clue as to Brigitte’s personality.  She can be seen circling around, creeping like a nun.   She immediately realizes the full intent of Trump’s handshake.  She does the same forced handshake on Melania.   Both women are in this game of life and death.

This is Mrs. Macron, one half of the Macron couple who just appeared out of nowhere to rule France.  Their first pronouncement?  That all French babies must have mandatory vaccinations.  Muslims and Jews are exempt.  I could almost swear I saw President Macron using various disguises on a Netflix documentary called “It’s a Weird World” or something like that.  Sorry I can’t verify that name, but I don’t have Netflix, an anti-Christian propaganda platform if ever there was one. 


I would say that Mrs. Macron is Carolyn Gillis Rich, my stepmother.  I last wrote of her when she was passing herself off as a nun called “Delores Hart”.  Her natural buck teeth, which are carefully concealed in her studio photos as Delores Hart, are now replaced by a dental fixture, and she’s had breast enhancement.  As I wrote previously, I was told by my father that her place of birth was Waterproof, La., and she attended Ruston High School.  She was previously married to a man named Robert Rich, and they had a daughter named Robin who now owns all of our family property and businesses.

Anyone who knew this woman as “Caro” can take a look at Brigitte Tongereaux, now Mrs. Emmanuel Macron, and see the same woman.  But who could verify, other than those who are working with her?  Well, there are plenty of those.

Just go to Loreauville and see who’s still alive.

A careful examination of the photos of Delores Hart and Brigitte Macron will show them to be the same.  Whether or not she is also my stepmother Carolyn Gillis Rich, well that is something I can’t prove because I have no photographs of her.  But I know plenty of people who do, since we all snow-skiied together.    Those old snow skiing buddies and good friends will not share photos with me, nor speak to me:


The lady on the right is Lana Breaux.  She’s the daughter-in-law of “Al Capone” Roy Breaux.  They were made royalty by the FBI back during the gangster era.  Her daughter on the left is Claudine.  They accompanied us on snow skiing trips with Carolyn and my father.  It was all planned so well to use the friendship for destroying us.  Lana’s husband is Vance Breaux, one of the son’s of Al Capone/Roy Breaux/ Roy de Mayo.  Lance and Vana’s son, Vic Breaux signed as a witness on the photo copy of my fathers last will and testament that I was given by the “lawyers” in New Orleans.   I always assumed the document to be bogus but had no one to turn to for justice.  This woman’s son, a witness to my father’s will would not return my phone calls after the funeral.


I don’t know who all of these people are, except for Lana Breaux and Julie Oubre, though I recognize some faces from Loreauville.  The important one is the lady in black, Julie Oubre, who is the one who sequestered my mother, turned her against her own children and so my mother is basically their slave, if she’s even still alive.  Someone might want to examine these other faces and see if there’s an ‘acting’ politician or two among them.  Isn’t that Pocahontas in the tan shirt?


The Breaux Brothers, Vance and Ward with their sister who uses the name Joan Herring.
Joan with her two sons.  I focus on Joan Herring because she has played so many dirty tricks on me throughout my life.  She was complicit in getting me married to Randy Whatley aka Bibi Netanyahu, who was already married at the time.  These are the “friends” who killed us.

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