Hawaii and the Future of White People



For every one illegal immigrant that I see, being surrounded by them wherever I go to live, there are 10 or more illegal minors.  Each of those illegal minors will have ten more by each of several wives, so that in about 10-20 years  it will be clear to everyone in America, exactly how much they despise us.  They are here to mess up our system.  They steal, squat land and shoot at anyone who tries to reclaim it.  A recent article in the Honolulu paper describes a situation where the police will not remove squatters because they are too violent.  Landowners have to hire professionals who charge up to $12,000, and even those are hard to find.  It’s a violent business.  It’s war.  The illegals cheat the system and drive brand new $50,000 vehicles, to be paid by our progeny.  They laugh at Americans for being such idiots to actually give money and privileges to an invading army. What a stupid system Democracy is. They will have none of it.  No one with any sense would.  They fully intend to tyrannize.  Only the strong survive, they say.


Here in Hawaii, white people get yelled at and insulted all the time just for being white. Even the bus drivers do it.  It’s continual.  I’ve seen Hawaiians try to run pedestrian white families off the road, all the while cursing them yelling out the truck window. Even a white man with his teenage children gets yelled at and abused by any Hawaiian who feels like doing it.  Though ironically these so-called Hawaiians look more negro than any traditional Hawaiian sculpture or old photograph of the Hawaiians that I’ve ever seen.  And why not, since King Kamahamea was not pure Hawaiian himself, of course his invading ancestors would be more negro than Hawaiian also.   Here, as everywhere there is a competition between the mafias of Japan, China, the Blacks who call themselves Hawaiian, whatever, everyone wants to rule and no one wants to serve.  The situation is dire.

This behavior is rooted in the false history being taught in the schools.  What I am saying is that the next generation of illegal immigrants will be treating the next generation of white people exactly the way some Hawaiians treat white people on the Big Island as I’ve witnessed it personally.  They think it is perfectly okay to abuse white people, even government workers do it.  One native White Hawaiian woman told me that their public school celebrated “Kill White People Day”.  White people here are called Haoli.  It’s “Kill Haoli Day”.  Everyone in school gets to abuse white kids all day long.  This is the pattern for the future.  Obama was born in Hawaii.

The Dreamer Act , not yet law, but trying to be, essentially spells the death of America as we know it. In one more generation this huge population of illegal immigrant children, will be adults with each 10 more children from several wives.  I see them everyday, staring me down.  The police protect them even when they are clearly guilty of crimes.  My local policeman told me that if I even report them for anything at all, that I could be arrested for harrassment.  This is in Ocean View, HI, Kau District.  They are squatting land next to my house, so I have to move because they are so filthy and they run loud generators all night.  They are allowed to do whatever they want.

For example, one family of them was overloading the washing machines at the only laudromat in town.  The owner came in and tried to tell them that they were messing things up for everyone else who needs to wash clothes.  Instead of talking to the man and apologizing, instead of saying, yes we understand how inconsiderate this is and we won’t do it again..instead of any reasonable response at all, they smiled and smiled and now the laundromat is closed due to fire.

Illegal immigrants will have American cites looking exactly like Syrian cities: Mounds of rubble.  This would be a fitting conclusion for the centers of filth and corruption that most inner cities have become thanks to that other population of Dreamers that we’ve had since the slave trade was forced on the Southern states with the illegal 1803 “La. Purchase”.  The true history actually has the South being populated by Catholics who ended the Slave Trade world-wide.  This one fraudulent sale brought the British Monarchy back full-force, the only difference being that the slaves would be black instead of white, as they had always been before.  The blacks would now dilute the white Catholics into non-existence.  Now the slave traders write the false history that will bring white people back into slavery, if there are any left.

I’m told, and I’m seeing that the take-over of America will be done the way Ocean View is being taken over.  When a tax sale is imminent, an insider calls a foreigner who buys the land for $5000.  This foreigner then hands it over to illegals and has them pay back the money monthly.  A crime network is thus set-up that includes welfare fraud, whereby the tax payer ends up funding luxurious lifestyles for criminals who don’t even know enough to remove the garbage from their yards.

So the Dreamers Act is simply the second invasion of American soil, both instigated by Jewish interests emanating out of the usurpers that have occupied the British ‘throne’ since the Elizabethan era began. We are, by the way, still in the Elizabethan era. Hopefully it now comes to a close, as the pedophile rings begin to get exposed.

Then maybe the Guise will return.






2 thoughts on “Hawaii and the Future of White People

  1. I lived in Hawaii 4 years. It was a ****hole then and this was 32 years ago. I was young and married. I gave my husband an ultimatum, leave with me or without me. It was a daily onslaught of non-white racism directed at me, a fair blond-haired white woman. I hated that rock. If you’re living in HI now, leave. There are plenty of white towns in the continental USA that are what I consider white enclaves of safety. Move while you can.


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